Alternatives to Flowers for your Girlfriend 2022

Are you thinking of a better alternatives to flowers to give to your lovely, beautiful, charming, and caring girlfriend on her forthcoming birthday? Or you are yet to decide the gift to give her on a special day?

Having a so caring and beautiful girlfriend leaves you with no option but to go out there and find a gift that will make her see you as the most romantic and caring young man who deserves her caring heart.

Have you finally come up with something better for your lady? If yes, what’s it? Don’t tell me you are going for a Rose, Sunflowers, or other kinds of attractive flowers! 

If going for one of those gorgeous and beautiful flowers is your choice, there’s nothing wrong with it. Statistically, 80% of all ladies love receiving flowers as gifts from the man they chose to be the king of their hearts.

Most of them see flowers as a symbol of a romantic affection their man has for them. They believe it takes only a caring man to go all-out in search of a beautiful and attractive flower for them. Hence they tend to appreciate it.

Another characteristic of a flower that attracts ladies’ attention remains the romantic and pleasant smell it possesses. Women appreciate and love a man who will navigate through open markets or online stores searching for a gift that will help provide a fresh aroma of hope and joy.

Giving your girlfriend an expensive flower won’t just increase her love for you but will also make her respect and value you more than ever.

In the same vein, many women believe flowers reflect who they are in reality. Hence, giving your lady expensive and gorgeous flowers means you see her as valuable possession that shouldn’t be treated badly.

The desire to keep remembering important events in her delightful journey with her partner is another reason why your girlfriend loves receiving flowers from you.

Getting flowers as a gift isn’t a common scenario. It happens during special days. So, your woman would want to remember such events by setting her eyes on your flowers.

You might like to hear this — 92% of young ladies always remember they received flowers from their spouse every occasion. You can now see why giving her sets of beautiful and attractive flowers isn’t a bad idea.

But do you know that there are other gifts more valuable and highly appreciated than flowers? Yes, you heard me right. The healthiest flowers can last only a week, making it a gift that won’t last for a long time.

As much as giving your girlfriend a flower looks romantic. Many gifts are more valuable and more romantic than a rose or any other kind of flower. We will be sharing with you the top 20 alternatives to flowers for your girlfriend.

Top 20 Alternatives to Flowers for your Girlfriend

  1. Gift Cards
Gift Card Alternative to Flowers for Girlfriend
Gift Cards

Occupying the first position in the list is no other than the very well-known gift cards. We go for this because it allows you to express your love to your girlfriend in diverse templates and designs.

It’s so easy to get that you don’t need to step out of your living room to get the most beautiful and gorgeous ones that will impress your love. All you need do is visit Amazon or any other e-commerce store, place your order, and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

  1. Flower Seeds
Flower Seeds
Flower Seeds

Instead of giving her a flower bouquet that won’t last long, why not give her flower seeds? However, this is not for you if your lady doesn’t have a garden bed or a windowsill to grow the seeds.

If she does, you can be sure she would cherish your gift because the seeds will grow up to become one of the things she appreciates most. After all, she’s getting them at a very special moment of her life, and from the person she loves. 

  1. Wine
Wine Bottles
Wine Bottles

Wine is highly recommended if you are looking forward to having a romantic night with your lovebird. Don’t get it twisted. You are not going for alcoholic wine that could affect her in the long run.

Go for simple, non-alcoholic wine; package it in a very attractive and multi-colored wrap and present it to her in a very gentleman’s manner. Trust me; she will be thrilled and forced to give you a warm, appreciative hug (if not a kiss).

Just like gift cards, you can get different types of wines from e-commerce stores. However, knowing her favorite will make the whole thing more interesting and romantic.

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  1. Yarn and Knitting Needles
Yarn and Knitting Needles
Yarn and Knitting Needles

Here is a gift that only a knitting or crocheting girlfriend will appreciate and cherish. Giving her a knitting needle means one thing, which is, “I love you and your chosen profession.”

This will further strengthen the love, affection, and respect she has for you because she can now count on you for help whenever the need arises.

  1. Books
Alternative to Flowers for Girlfriend: Books
Alternative to Flowers for Girlfriend: Books

Is your lady an author or a blogger? Does she love reading so much? Then, don’t think twice before getting one of the best-selling books for her on her birthday.

If she’s in love with romantic books, you should go for “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover. If she loves motivational writings, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho or “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz should be good for her.

Again, knowing her preferences would help simplify the task. Nonetheless, locate the closest bookshops around you and get her what she loves so that her love for you will increase.

  1. Painting Kits
Painting Kits
Painting Kits

This gift is the best alternative to flowers if you have a drawing artist as a girlfriend. Show her how much you support and respect her passion for drawing by gifting her a painting kit consisting of diverse quality colored pencils. 

You should know the specific one she loves the most. This isn’t only romantic and lovely. It also shows that you are creative enough to distinguish yourself by giving her a distinguished gift that no one else can use.

  1. Bouquet of Lollipops
Bouquet of Lollipops
Bouquet of Lollipops

Average lady loves sweets, especially if given to them by someone they cherish. Go for a well-packaged bouquet of taste candy, give it to her on her birthday or any special day’s night. However, it would be best if you went for some classic lollipops that she truly deserves.

  1. Meat and Cheese
Meat and Cheese
Meat and Cheese

Here is a good option for a girlfriend who doesn’t love sweets. Get her a fully-packed basket of meat and cheese that will last for two or three days. You can be sure she would love having a taste of the meat with you later in the day. 

  1. Adult Colouring Book
Adult Colouring Book
Adult Colouring Book

An adult Coloring Book is a gift that would make her feel relaxed in a more comfortable style whenever she is stressed out.

A coloring book consists of different themes. You only need to add different colors of crayons to set your girlfriend up. However, this option is recommended if your girlfriend loves painting or drawing.

  1. A journal

A journal is another attractive option because an average person loves keeping records of unforgettable experiences. It is a gift your girlfriend will love as it will provide her with the template to record every happy moment with you.

You can be a little more romantic by creating a special journal using her best picture as the back cover. Anything is possible.

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  1. Luxurious Bath Set
Luxurious Bath Set
Bath Set

Nothing makes bathing more interesting than taking your bath in a conducive bath set. Alternatively, you can give her any bath products that will make her think of you whenever she steps into her bathroom. The more she uses your gift, her affection and care towards you get better.

  1. A Fruit Slicer
Fruit Slicer
Fruit Slicer

I’m sure your special someone loves cooking, right?  So, it won’t be out of place to give her a lovely kitchen utensil that will make her a better cook.

If she isn’t the kind of person who loves cooking a lot, you should give her a fruit slicer to make nutritious fruit salad. A fruit slicer is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to giving her flowers.

  1. Baker’s Gift Basket
Gift Basket
Gift Basket

Nothing can quantify the love a baker has for her baking materials. Her love for you is expected to grow more if you give her complete baking utensils, including a mixing bowl, mixer, measuring cup, cooling rack etc.

To step it up a bit, endeavor to be by her side when she uses the equipment for the first time. You can be sure you’ve finally captured every portion of her heart through your gift and your lovely gesture.

  1. Electronic Organizer

Though this isn’t the most romantic present to give your charming queen, it remains a quality gift capable of increasing her love for you.

However, you might need to tell her your intentions for choosing the gift afterward. Let her know that your gift is aimed at helping her have a neat and organized apartment. It is impossible not to see her increase her love for as she would know how much you value neatness and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Personalized Homesick Candle
Homesick Candle
Homesick Candle

You can also go for a personalized Homesick Candlestick consisting of a great scent. Though it’s a bit expensive, your lovely girlfriend is equally a very attractive woman who deserves expensive materials (perfect match).

The price tag is enough to make her feel how much you value her, but don’t just end it there. Reiterate your love for her by customizing a short ‘I love you’ message at the side of the homesick candle.

  1. A Framed Photo
Framed Photo
Framed Photo

Have you ever received a framed photo as a gift from you? What was your reaction? You certainly loved the present, and seeing it on the wall every day is fulfilling.

You should expect your girlfriend to do the same if you put her best photo in a very attractive frame. Please find the best frame, place her favorite photo in it and hand it over to her. The more she sees the gift, the more she loves you.

  1. A Houseplant

You aren’t giving her a flower but a houseplant that will last longer while adding more to her room’s overall beauty.

The quantity of the plant depends on the size of her room, so you might decide to go for a small, medium, or a large one. You can rest assured she will love this idea because it looks more valuable than flowers.

  1. Well-packed Snack

Do you have a girl who can’t stop demanding snacks and beverages? Then, this is the chance to give her what she loves. Pretzels, nuts, crackers, condiments are some available options that will create a lasting impression on her.

She won’t only love your gift but would also appreciate that you were all-out searching for what will satisfy her tastes.

  1. Tea and a teapot

There is a great feeling attached to having warm tea on a very cold morning before going to the office. Luckily, this gift will help your girl achieve such a lovely mood without any stress.

Get her a basket full of the tea products she loves, add a teapot to it. She will truly love the idea of drinking from it every day.

  1. A Coffee Basket
Coffee Basket
Coffee Basket

Just like tea, a basket full of coffee won’t be a bad gift, especially if she loves taking coffee before work. Make it a bit romantic by adding a customized mug with a short “I love you Mary (her name)” message on it.


Having gone through the list, we are confident you now know what to give your girlfriend apart from flowers. The most important aspect of it all is knowing what she wants and going for it. 

Spend quality time together to develop a very strong and intimate bond with her. Gifting can be a symbol of your love for her, but it’s essential you spend time with her.

Call her when necessary, text her during work hours, visit her when needed, and don’t forget to cuddle and comfort her whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on. All of these help to strengthen relationships.

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