3 Best Advice for Women to Enjoy Singlehood

I still remember my first summer in Florida, when I was trying to get over a relationship that ended after four years. My sister gave me the best dating advice I have ever heard in my whole life. Do what you want, hang out with whoever you want to hang out with, and do not feel obligated to see anyone or do something you don’t want to do.

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And I did exactly what she had said. And instead of moping about the end of one of my life chapters or trying to go out on many dates as possible, I reveled in this new life I was creating. All I needed was a little encouragement to begin.

And since her advice helped me a lot, I have made up my mind to share this advice with single women out there struggling with singlehood. It is important to note that, you will definitely meet a potential partner, but try not to be too desperate about it. Being single is a time to relish and celebrate, and not to avoid. Below are some of the best ways single women can enjoy singlehood.

  1. Stop Trying So Hard to Not Be Single
The best thing you can do is being completely honest about what you want. It is something I have learned through having too many dates where I always tried to change in order to please someone. Doing such a thing can never lead to a fulfilling or satisfying relationship. So quit trying not to be single and start finding someone who you really want to spend your life with.

  1. Start Doing Those Things You Love
I called my mom after breaking up with my long-term boyfriend and cried for several hours. This was because I was sad after the breakup, and also because I knew that with him gone, I had no other close friends. So, my mom encouraged me to go out there and do those things I love. So I decided to join different groups, such as gay nerds, knitters, and writers. That was how I met both my next boyfriend and best friend. Breaking up is one thing, forgetting about how your life will be without your ex-partner is another. By doing those things you love, you will be amazed how you can easily get over your past relationship.

  1. Find a Hobby You Love
Whether it is cycling, knitting, book club, or rock climbing, looking for a niche outside your work is a good way to stay healthy and happy. For once in your life, you are not tied down to anyone’s expectations or schedule. And who knows, you may end up meeting someone who is also very passionate about your hobby, thus leaving you with a better “how we met” story, rather than ‘we met on Tinder’ kind of story.

Singlehood can be the best time of your life if you decide to make the best out of it. Any single women who understand the benefits that come with being single can never be too desperate in finding a partner. Even if your relationship has ended, your life hasn’t. Go out and live your life to the fullest and be happy no matter what.

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