40 Best Love Quotes for Her – Best Love Quotes Ever

Best Love Quotes

Best Love Quotes for Her
1. We should always be together because what we share cannot be enjoyed when we are apart. I love you so much.

2. Funny how time flies, I remember when I admire you from afar.
Now you’re one of the ingredients of my life. I’m not kidding each time I say ‘I love you’, because I do.

3. We sleep and dream.
You remain in my dream and reality.
You brought light into my world, you should be called an angel.

4. I’ve tasted your lips. They are the sweetest thing ever.
I’ve felt your skin and concur on its softness.
I’ve seen your love, its the most exciting thing anyone can feel in the world.

5. I’ll take you around the world in seconds.
You lit up my world with a candle in the morning, keep it bubbling with love in the afternoon and wrap it up by blowing me good wishes at night.
I love you.

6. Like a terrorist, I’m going to bomb your heart and blew up beautiful and sweet things all around.

7. I have a confession; I swear, you make me the ‘ME’ that I am today.
You’re the love of my life.

8. I’ll get you the best things in life.
I’ll give you love that you never experience my special one.

9. When I think of all the years I’ll spend with you, my heart beam with happiness and fulfillment.
You are my purpose.

Best Love Quotes for Girlfriend
11. You’re my flashlight; even at the darkest tunnel, you show up and show me the step out to the Open and Beautiful world.

12. A life without you would look like a desert grass without water.
You remain the love of my life and will forever be.

13. I am happy to go through every day. I am proud to have you by my side. The world might not appreciate, but I admire the most beautiful and strongest woman in the world.

14. Amazing people are rare to come by and I was fortunate enough to have you when you came by. I am the luckiest person on earth. I am glad you are mine.

15. You are bound to make great things. All around me, there lies enough reasons to be happy. You transformed my life totally and made my world a paradise.

16. You have been with me in my sadness and pains. You have constantly assured me of your undivided love. I have no doubt that our future will be brighter than the sun.

17. Your presence sweeps me off my feet. Your simplicity and elegance are incomparable to anything on earth. When I hold your arm, I feel like I have got the greatest asset on earth.

18. Nothing beats the feeling of having the person you love and respect love you back. The feeling can shoot you to space and bring you back in a matter of seconds.

19. Hands in hand, soul to soul, we have connected and nothing is coming in between us. You have taught me a lot about life and I can’t get over your love.

Best love quotes ever
20. I am the happiest when you smile because I get to see your beautiful face and get infected with your smile. Keep smiling baby. It’s the only thing I wish to see every day.

21. For all the times I have doubted you, I’m sorry. It’s not easy loving someone like me. I have been difficult sometimes but all weren’t for selfish reasons.

22. While my insecurities had a better part of me, you still showered me with love. For loving me with all my flaws, I am grateful to be in love with you. The best in the world.

23. I can go on and on how special and amazing you are but it doesn’t change the fact that all my promises will go unfulfilled. I will love, care and wish you well every day.

24. I can break all the rules just to be with you. I will love to do this again in my next life with you without changing anything. My love for you is till eternity.

25. My name has never sounded this nice till I heard it from your lips, my life has never been this fun till you became my girl, I have never had this happiness till I held you in my arms.

26. I have never loved another so deep and so well like this. I have never felt the need to give my all to someone until I met you. Life is sweet if you will spend the rest of it with me.

27. You are the magic I have been looking for. Just a little love spake, my whole world is lightened up. You were closer to me than I ever imagined. I love you.

28. When I saw you, I knew I have seen the first thing I truly love. You are so adorable and all roundly beautiful. There is no other you and you will be in my life forever. (Best love quote for my girlfriend)

29. I am bounded to you with a strong attachment. I have never felt this bound all through my past love life. It’s just like everything is starting all over again. I can’t let you go. (Romantic love quotes for her)

30. You good to go, you are gifted and you are simply everything a man will ever wish for. In my heart will my love for you boil. My existence is wrapped around you.

Best Quotes About Love
31. I could see through her hazel eyes that she’s the one for me. The main purpose of my existence. Her smile was enough to give me butterflies. She’s everything I need.

32. You are all I wanted, all I desire in life. I can’t let go of your love for anything in the world. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wanted happiness and you gave me a lot of it.

33. I knew my life was transforming into something better the very day I met you. I came closer to you and I felt how good it is to be close to you. This feeling is forever.

34. I am in love and the feeling is just wonderful. I never imagined that loving someone would be this amazing. I know that if love is a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.

35. I have given my heart to no one, I have cared so deeply about no one, I have committed to love no one but you. That’s the biggest decision I have ever made in life.

36. I ask for nothing than to love you and be loved back. I ask for no silver or gold but just your heart because it is worth way more than silver and gold. It is the best thing life has to offer.

37. There is no other dark pearl to be found in the dark folds of life. There is nothing in my life other than your love. It’s either I live with you or die off because life loses its meaning without you.

38. Without you, I am a common man, with a common life and a thought. I have nothing to offer you than my heart with the love inside of it. I am happy if you are happy.

39. My name might fade off but never my love. I want to love you more than Romeo did to Juliet. I will love you with all my heart and soul as long as you see me worthy of your love.

40. Your love is like a friendship that has no end. I will hide your love in my heart till it ripens into a beautiful feeling. From beautiful feelings, things are born. I love you dearly.

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