The Best Messages to Clear Your Mind or Get Rid of Self-Defeating Thoughts

Good morning, readers. If you want to have a productive, fruitful day, you sometimes need to clear your mind. Clear it of any worries about the future or regrets about the past. Clear it from the destructive and self-defeating thoughts you may have about yourself. Fewer thoughts about negativity and more ideas about love. One way you can do this is to think positive thoughts and to read some motivational messages. Here are some good words to help you get by with your day and make sure that you’re as bright as the prettiest pond.

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1. I can’t change the past. Therefore, these thoughts need to disappear from my mind and never return.

2. I also can’t change the future. While some concern is proper in moderation, extreme worry is just going to make everything worse.

3. This self-defeating thought is just that, a thought. Instead, I should discard it and think of something that’s much more productive.

4. I’m floating across a river, the sound of it sweeping me away. It drowns away any other thoughts I have and lulls me into a pure, meditative slumber that gives me the strength I need.

5. My mind is a wastebasket, and I’m here to take everything unneeded thought and throw it out. Watch my random thoughts as the garbageman takes them away never to be seen again.

6. These thoughts bring me down. They are not my friend. Instead, I should say goodbye to them and let them disappear.

7. Every worry I have is just that. Instead, I need to look at my fears logically. If there are worries that have some truth to them, I should tackle them with care instead of letting them overwhelm me. Allowing them to overcome me is the key to failure. I should not be having these thoughts. I have friends who care for me, a family who loves me and wishes me the best.

8. I am someone who can take care of myself and don’t need anyone telling me that I’m not good enough.

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9. This distraction is just that, a distraction. Instead, I need to focus on finishing my work. Then, I can enjoy myself. The faster I get it done, the faster I can have fun. That is the best way to look at it.

10. My mind needs cleaning. I’m going to scrub it clean and make sure that there is no one around to make it messy again. Let’s take some cleaner and scrub away any distracting or self-defeating thoughts. There we go. Nice and clean.

11. I am going to take my worries and catapult them to the sun. Watch them fly into the horizon, only to burn up as they touch the big, bright ball in the sky. Doesn’t that feel great? It’s fun watching everything burn into a crisp.

12. Remember, I am valued. No one can bring me down, not even the thoughts in my head.

Seek Help!

If you’re having trouble defeating your thoughts, sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy may help you. Many therapists can teach you how to discard the thoughts you believed you couldn’t control. Websites such as Regain allow you to take the ideas in your head and make some good use out of them. A therapist can also look for the root causes of your negative thoughts and find out why you’re feeling the way you do. You can then improve and get better, then show those thoughts they were wrong all along. You can also go here if you want help with developing your relationships between yourself and your family

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