12 Birthday Surprises for Boyfriend 2022

Check out 12 Birthday Surprises for Boyfriend.

Are you so excited to celebrate the birth of your boyfriend? Excellent idea! But then, how best can you make him feel so special on his birthday? This matters the most! And this will depend on whether your boyfriend loves his birthday or otherwise. 

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It is no longer news that we all hold the birthdays of our loved ones in high regard, and we all seek the best means of making it a red-lettered experience. In this regard, I have comprehensively curated a list of unique birthday surprises for boyfriend ideas that you can do. And these are options that you can try in 2022! 

Without further ado, let’s set down to business! But you can check out these Birthday Wishes to a Brother.

Birthday Surprises for Boyfriend

1. Having Him Caricatured


On your boyfriend’s next birthday, you can help him reimagine himself by presenting him with a caricatured version of himself, and to do this is quite simple.

You may either ask that a caricature designer make one for you, or you do so yourself via the use of some famous and efficient caricature making applications. Then, you can set out to get a plastic or wooden piece that has been carved out for this purpose, to fix the caricatured image of your boyfriend in. 

For me, I would advise that you patronize a professional caricature maker to save yourself from avoidable stresses.

The thing is, his caricature can genuinely make him realize that he too can become a famous carton character just like those that he loved and fancied during his childhood days. Making a caricature version of him is one cute and lovely way to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday–you should try it out in his next celebration. 

2. Surprise Him with a Video

Smiling man

For me, this isn’t only awesome, but it is also simple and excellently efficient to pass as a surprise. To do this, all you have to do is to call the friends, relatives, family members of your boyfriend, or any other person who you know is close to your boyfriend. 

Ask them to make a short video of themselves wishing your boyfriend on his birthday and collect as much video as possible. After that, combine all the videos you must have compiled into one video. To do this, you can make use of video editing software that is available either on the phone or on the system. And in case you aren’t sure of your proficiency in this regard, you can, of course, hire a freelance video editor to help you in this regard. 

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Having done everything necessary and tidied all edges, you can forward the video to him on the morning of his birthday via WhatsApp, or any other social media platform that he is active in. You can even mail him!

Now, imagine how lovely and surprised your boyfriend will see all his close ones wishing him a happy birthday all in a single video. Cool, right? Why not try this on your boyfriend’s next birthday! It is one awesome surprise among our list of birthday surprises for boyfriend.

3. Work With Posters

Birthday billboard

This is one creepy way to get your boyfriend’s unawares! 

Now, let me break it down this way; imagine you on your birthday, not getting any morning call or texts from your boyfriend. But as you step out of your apartment to set out for the day’s activity, you find yourself on the poster(s) on the street saying something about your birthday. Won’t you be surprised and caught off-guard? You will definitely be surprised! 

So, this is something you can also do on your boyfriend’s birthday if you genuinely want to surprise him in such a way that he will remember even in several years to come or perhaps for a lifetime.

I am sure that if you try this kind of surprise for your boyfriend on his birthday, not only will he be caught unaware, but he will definitely be impressed and feel exquisitely special for the rest of the day. 

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4. Surprise Him with the Thread


 This is one unique and unpopular idea to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. And this works wonders, especially if you are living together. 

What you need to do is to find a place in your house to decorate with all the stuff that is needed for a surprise birthday, including music, balloons, ribbons, and so on. You can do this at night when you are sure he’s fast asleep. 

After setting things up, you may go back to sleep or stay awake. Anyone you choose, ensure that you aren’t asleep when he wakes up. You need to wake well before him, then tie one end of a thread on one of his hands, and the other should be at the already designed place. The next would be memorable, trust me! 

5. Pranky Cop For the Day

Female cop

He is your man, so know a few more things about him. For instance, see if he fears being interrogated by the cops or being dragged to the police station. If the response to that is yes, then it may be a high chance of surprising him on his birthday! 

To do this, you can ring his phone and disguise as a weird cop requesting that he open the door for some intense interrogation with regards to a case. You need to be as real as possible. Remember, the main goal is to scare him till he falls for the prank.

Once he opens the door for the supposed interrogation, there you are with arms wide open, wishing him the best on his birthday! Imagine the surprise! 

Otherwise, you can also use your friends if you really want to make it big. Make your friends, those that he does not recognize, act like cops and make to drag him to the police station. However, en route, the change path only to head towards the venue of the celebration, where you must have been waiting with tons of birthday kisses. 

Any-which-way you may go around it, just ensure that you are creative, not going overboard, and not raising any form of suspicion before the D-day. 

6. Bake Him a Special Cake

Birthday Cake

No matter what or the century we are in, I doubt if cakes can ever be out of birthday scenes. Technology and modernization have also aided the introduction of a few more new methods of baking modes, such that you can attempt to bake his style of cake, and the one that befits his temperament or profession. And, of course, ensuring that the toppings are ready for the best of decorations. 

For example, if he is a painter, you can design his surprise cake such that it defines his painter’s temperament. Here, include the brush, paint buckets, and so on. The aim is to get the vibe of such a profession. 

This, although common, is one unique yet easy way of surprising your boyfriend on his birthday. You should try it out too. If it wasn’t among the best surprises, it wouldn’t make our list of best birthday surprises for your boyfriend.

7. Get your Wardrobes Swapped


Sometimes ago, I remember attending a surprise birthday party for a friend, organized by his girlfriend, and they made us swap the wardrobe thingy.

It, at first, looked embarrassing, but trust me, it was worthwhile. And the exciting thing here was that we also made the boyfriend do the same! Reading the expressions on his face, it depicted wholesomely that it caught him off his guards. 

You can try the same thing out on your man’s next birthday. What you need to do is to invite your friends to his birthday party, informing them to be cross-dressed. And in the same vein, force him to swap clothes with you. This is jovial, surprising, and only fun-filled! 

8. Be the Day’s Masseur

Massage kit

What about helping your boyfriend remove all his stresses on his birthday? Well, nothing has proven to be more relaxing than a hot massage and, undoubtedly, your boyfriend deserves one too, from you!

The thing here is that many individuals are used to getting massages, whereas a better percentage of them haven’t tried giving. 

You can practice how to massage before the date, such that you allow him to enjoy the best of hot massages on his birthday from his loving girlfriend. Yes, you can be his masseur for the day!

As regular and straightforward as it may sound, it is memorable and very relaxing, trust me. And then, you too will also enjoy the process, as it is a situation of shared pleasure. On your boyfriend’s next birthday, you too can change the narrative; instead of receiving a message from him, you also can give him one! 

9. A Walk by the Beach at Midnight

Beach walk

What about taking your boyfriend for a walk beside the beach! At midnight! Bliss and excellent display of emotions! 

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It works more when where you or your boyfriend (in case you both aren’t living together) are staying isn’t too far from the beach. Ask him out the midnight before, and trust me, it drives chill down the spines of men. Plus, you grant yourself the chance of being the first person to wish him on his birthday. 

10. Give Him a Naughty Present

Gift birthday surprises for boyfriend

A naughty present? What exactly can that be? I got this birthday surprise during my days as an undergraduate. I once had a friend whose girlfriend sent a present on his birthday. I was there when he was unwrapping the gift, and trust me, the content and message therein the package was naughty.

Like, real naughtiness. And, of course, no doubt. My friend was embarrassed that I was there when he got the present, but trust me, he was stunned. Like, remarkably, he never saw that coming. 

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Both the gift and message made us smile, and of course, put a call through to his girlfriend, who, on the other end, was laughing hard. Now, I do not expect you to ask me what the content was, because it was personal.

So, what else are you waiting for? Why not try a naughty birthday surprise for your boyfriend on his birthday too! Gift him a nasty item plus naughty and funny messages attached. He will like it! That’s the reason it’s a birthday surprise.

11. Join a Dance Studio

Dance Studio

As I have mentioned earlier, as his girlfriend, know a few things about him. For example, is he the type that enjoys grooving to the music in almost every gathering that he finds himself but doesn’t have the time to take some dance classes?

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Does he love dancing? If yes, then you may as well surprise him on his next birthday by grooving and diving alongside him to some alluring dance moves. 

At the moment, several dance studios invite couples, wherein salsa and bachata can’t be missed out in any case. This, over time, has proven to be one best birthday surprises for boyfriend.

Take him to a dance studio, especially those that are specialized in couple dances such as salsa and bachata. After his birthday, you may continue with the classes, and you may not. It all boils down to preferences and time. 

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12. The Surprise Party

Birthday surprises for boyfriend party

This is very common and already conventional. Nevertheless, it is still something that you can try. 

Call his friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, and others close to him, you, or both of you to a party. You may arrange for the party at his house or any other place.

If not at his home, you can call him to meet you at a particular location with an urgent tone. The plan is to mesmerize him by seeing a crowd of those he holds dear to his heart, wishing him all the best on his birthday. And, of course, his girlfriend being the brain behind the party!

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It has been quite interesting serving you with the best birthday surprises for your boyfriend ideas. I hope you found my 12-point list helpful in deciding how best to surprise your boyfriend on his next birthday. Make use of the ideas served in this content, and you will see for yourself how surprised your boyfriend can be.

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