8 Cheap Medical Schools In Australia For International Students

Are you searching for a comprehensive list of cheap medical schools in Australia for international students? Search no more because these are the best alternatives to expensive medical schools.

Australia is rated among the best countries to get academic certification right after Canada. Both countries are open to international students who are willing to get a quality education. These Australian universities listed here are cheaper and also good for running a medical program.

A medical degree from Australia is recognized globally and other degrees like business, engineering, arts, and others are part of the programs you can also get in Australian universities. 

Studying in Australia is quite competitive for international students and there are several academic requirements to be met if you are to be admitted.

However, these requirements depend on your choice of academic program and level of study. Thé compétition has led to universities in Australia going for the best and outstanding international students. 

Programs like a medical degree are among the toughest in the world and their requirements are strict. You’ve got to be outstanding to be admitted to study for a medical degree.  

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While the requirements to get a medical degree in Australia are high with the tuition fees and cost of living, you can plan to get financial help and apply to these cheapest medical schools listed in this article.

Cheap Medical Schools In Australia For International Students

A general requirement is that all students are however required to provide proof of English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL and a student permit or visa. A GAMSAT or MCAT is usually required when applying for a medical program.

Do Australian cheap universities offer scholarships?

Yes. You can secure a scholarship with any of the cheap Australian universities. Most Australian universities offer both partly and fully funded scholarship programs to both domestic and international students.

Cheap Medical Schools in Australia for International Students

Let’s get started.

1. ANU Faculty of Medicine (ANUMS)

The Australian National University is a graduate school of medicine and among the most affordable medical schools, you will find in Australia. International students are open to register for undergraduate and medical degrees.

ANUMS was founded in 2003 and offers Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Master of Medicine and Health, Bachelor of Philosophy, and Ph.D. courses. The tuition fees for undergraduate students are $56,736 each year and $30,096 for graduate programs.

There are scholarship offers for international students which makes it among the cheapest universities in Australia to offer scholarships for international students. With the scholarship, you can offset the tuition fees for your medical studies at the ANU.

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2. Curtin School of Medicine

The Curtin University School of Medicine is among the newest school in the Health Sciences Faculty, which enrolled its first students in 2017. The Faculty of Medicine offers both undergraduate and graduate programs that complete MBBS, Health Sciences, Health Technologies, Paramedicals, and the Humanities, and therapeutic courses.

Curtin Medical School made the list of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students because its fees are considerably low when compared to many schools. Tuition is $112,134 per year, excluding textbook fees. Here students are given a variety of resources to develop their medical skills.

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3. Monash School of Medicine

The Monash School of Medicine is the medical school of Monash University that offers world-class education with an emphasis on patient safety and professional practice. Medicine programs are offered in both undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students to transform lives in communities in Australia and around the world.

You can apply to Monash School of Medicine because they accept international students with its tuition fees being among the affordable fees in Australia. The unit point fee at Monash Medical School is $ 4,937.50 and for a postgraduate course, the unit fee is $29,625, excluding textbooks.

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4. Bond University

The School of Health Sciences and Medicine is Bond University’s medical school and one of the most affordable medical schools in Australia for international students. The Faculty of Medicine is known for offering innovative degree programs in health-related disciplines.

These degree programs are offered at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level and include a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate Diploma in Innovations in Health, a Master of Science by Research, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and others.

You can consider applying for a medicine program. This is one of the most affordable medical schools in Australia for international students with a total tuition fee of $ 317,114 for the undergraduate degree and $47,676 per year for graduate students.

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5. Medical School in Sydney

This is the University of Sydney’s School of Medicine, founded in 1856 and is Australia’s first medical school. It ranks 19th among the best medical schools in the world, the first in Australia, and one of the cheapest medical schools in Australia.

Medical programs are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students for national and international students. The teaching and research activities cover a wide range of specialist areas such as dermatology, medicine, psychiatry, surgery, anesthesia, child and adolescent health, intensive care medicine, etc.

Sydney Medical School is one of the most affordable medical schools in Australia due to its low tuition fees for international students. The total tuition fee for the program is $251,520.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Medical Schools in Australia

Which medical school is easiest in Australia?

The University of Queensland is among the easiest university to gent because the school doesn’t have an interview process. The exclusion of interviews removes a bit from the burden you have to face while applying.

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Is it cheap to study medicine in Australia?

It is not cheap to study medicine in Australia. Australian medical study costs are probably the higher than UK or USA. The tuition fees for medical undergraduate programs are around 57,760 to 71,488 Australian Dollars (approximately 40.000 to 49,100Euros/year) and this may increase every year.

Can I study for free in Australia?

You can study for free in Australia if you have a scholarship. There are amazing scholarship opportunities both for home and international students. This scholarship can eliminate or reduce the cost to study in Australia. 

Can a 3.0 get into medical school?

Yes, you can enter medical school with a 3.0, but the odds are very low, you should have an excellent score on the MCAT. You can of course easily get into med school with a 3.3 and of course a 3.4 GPA.


These universities are the cheapest medical schools in Australia for international students and we hope you get admitted. While they are the cheapest in Australia, the country isn’t a cheap place to get a degree, let alone studying medicine, especially for international students.

You should study the requirements of your desired institution because each institution has a different requirement from the other. Also, requirements vary from one country to another.

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