Books: Conversations in Your Head by Best Udo

Have you ever thought of the dialogues and conversations that go on in the minds of the major characters in a story?


Leave what you’re doing right now, grab a chair, and follow carefully as these conversations travel from these pages to your mind.

The journey of publishing this anthology began as a leap of faith. It’s much like the uncertainty of a result that surrounds the fate of an unhatched egg.

However, I am glad that I took the giant steps leading to the creation of this Anthology, which is an expression of truths, pain, depression, melancholy, hurt – different parts of the ordinary people that have remained hidden for so long.

Bringing this collection of short stories to you has made me realize that being free of depression and melancholy comes with letting go. The exciting encounters we crave in life don’t always come by chance but by being true to oneself.

So, this collection comes as a mix of various emotions painted with words.

All parts blend into a unique masterpiece leading to a chain reaction of pleasure and ecstasy.

⏤ Best Okechukwu

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