100 Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

Do you want some cute goodnight texts for her to make her happy? You are close to getting the sweetest goodnight text messages for your woman.

We have the complete texts that will make your girlfriend or wife smile all in this post. Browse through our table of contents which will help you scroll down to the section of the article that appeals to you.

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Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

If there is anywhere to find romantic goodnight texts for her, then it should be here.

1. Goodnight My Love
I’ll tell you how much I love you every night and work all day to prove it to you. You are everything to me and I wish you a good night, dear. Sweet dreams.

2. Read With Smiles
I won’t sleep well if I don’t send these sweet night wishes. My night isn’t good till you read this text with smiles. I love you, baby.

3. When I Close My Eyes
I spent all day thinking of you. It’s night already and I’m saying goodnight. I know I will see you when I close my eyes and I can’t wait to have you in dreamland.

4. As You Close Your Eyes
I am saying a little prayer to God, asking for one favor. For you to have a good night’s rest as you close your eyes tonight and see the beautiful ray of the sun when you wake in the morning.

5. May My Thought Fill Your Mind
As you hug your pillow with those cute eyes closed. I hope I am the last thing you think of before you go to bed? You mean the world to me.

Cute Goodnight Texts for Her
Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

6. Rest Well For Tomorrow
The events of the day are the motivation to well tomorrow. Goodnight to one fantastic person in my world. Rest well for tomorrow’s challenge.

7. A Wish That Will Come True
I wish I could fall asleep beside you and wake up with you. It’s a wish that will undoubtedly come true someday, and I can’t wait. Goodnight, sweetheart.

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8. If You Don’t Dream Of Me
The night won’t be complete if you don’t think about me before you sleep. Sleep isn’t total if you don’t dream of me.

9. If I Wish Hard Enough
The sky has all the stars; they all shine so brightly. If I wish so hard enough, my dreams may come true, and I’ll wake up right next to you.

10. Goodnight Dear
The reasons I fell in love with you are infinite. Even if I count one star for each reason I want you in my life forever, I will still run out of stars. Goodnight dear, I love you.

Cute Goodnight Texts to Her

11. I Will Be Waiting For You
It’s romantic in dreamland, and I wish you a good night, my love. Dream of me as you close your eyes because I will wait for you on the other side.

12. Beyond the Moon and Stars
You don’t compete with the moon, the stars, or the earth because you mean everything to me. You mean everything beyond the moon, stars, and the universe combined.

13. Thinking Of You
I can’t sleep tonight because the thoughts of you just flooded my mind, and I stayed longer and longer awake. Thinking of what life with you will be like. I can feel the beauty that awaits us.

14. Goodnight My Princess
Closing my eyes to sleep is unbearable because I spent the whole day without seeing you. Goodnight, my charming princess. I know I will see your beautiful face in dreamland,

15. Far From Me
Nights are longer than the day because you will sleep away from me. I want you to know that I miss and love you. Nothing can beat that.

16. Forever In My Heart
You’ll forever stay in my heart, especially tonight. With the shining stars and bright moon, I wish you the best of the night as you sleep.

17. All I Think Of Tonight
Even if my message is to say goodnight, I will still let you know that you’re all I think of tonight. I love you, bunny. Goodnight.

18. As I Lay Down To Sleep
My love is for you in the morning, afternoon, and night. It’s even stronger at night because you’re all I can think of as I lay down on this bed.

19. The King (Queen) Of My Heart
Your love has attacked my mind and won my heart. You remain the queen of my heart because you control my emotions tonight and forever.

20. I’m In Love With You.
Every night as I hold my chest, I noticed that what I feel for you is untouchable. The cool breeze beat my face, and I know that my love for you keeps expanding every day.

21. When You Are On My Mind
The night is golden when I text you goodnight, enticing when I think of you and beautiful when you are all on my mind. Goodnight love.

22. The Love Of My Life
Feel the breeze and enjoy the calmness of the night. That’s how my world is when you became the love of my life. Have a goodnight, darling.

Sweet Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

23. Keep Our Love Growing
Your love is all I need tonight. The night won’t end if I don’t confess how much I love you. Have a good night’s rest and keep our love growing.

24. Nothing Competes With You
Nothing competes with what I feel for you in the morning, afternoon, night. I will always show you, my love, at every point in time. Goodnight lovely.

25. Saying Goodnight Isn’t Enough
Saying goodnight isn’t enough for a precious angel like you. Look out of your window and hear me telling the moon and stars to stand right on your roof.

26. Allow Me Love You Tonight
Relax and listen to me singing for you. Observe and see me lying right next to you. Relax and allow me to love you tonight and forever.

27. My Love Is True & Deep
Each time I say goodnight and sweet dreams, it signifies that my love for you is accurate and sincere. Baby close your eyes and enjoy this love to dreamland.

28. Wishes Of An Angel
Just say ‘Sweet dreams’ before you sleep every night because the hopes of an angel come true faster. I will keep loving you from here as you make our wishes come true.

29. Weight Of Love
Our love weighs a ton, but the thought of you on my mind weighs nothing. You will always be on my mind as I love you from the night to the bright morning.

30. Whisper My Name
In your dreams, I will stand next to you. If you ever need anything, whisper my name and see me coming. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

31. Its Impossible Not Loving U
During the day, I think of you. When I sleep, I dream of you. It’s impossible not loving you. Have a good night, my priceless diamond.

32. My Love Will Reach You
You fit me entirely right, but I can’t hold you tight. Because you’re lying down miles away. But my love will reach you. I love you, darling.

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Best Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

33. From The World
Our love is on the rise, Day and Night. Sweet dreams are my wishes for you tonight when you shut your eyes from the world. I cherish you in my heart all day and night.

34. Sweet Dreams
For your touch, I will hold a press conference. For your love, I will build a replica of the White House. To tell you Goodnight, I’ll send this text.
I am sending sweet dreams your way. Make sure you catch some as they fly around you.

35. Our Love Is Awake.
Even when you sleep, our love is awake. That romantic feeling will never fade because the thought of you makes my world come alive. Have a good night, my dear.

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Cute Goodnight Texts for Girlfriend
Cute Goodnight Texts for Girlfriend

36. I Feel You In My Heart.
As long as time doesn’t stand still, my love for you will increase with no decrease. Even when we are miles apart, I can still feel you in my heart. That’s what matters. Goodnight, my girl.

37. The One For Me
I will love you till the rain turns to Ice cream. I will be there with you until the ocean water tastes like coke and honey tastes like salt. You will remain the one for me forever. I wish you a good night as you sleep.

38. The Best Thing You Want
I will instead be the messenger who brings all your sweet dreams than the king of your nightmares. I will be the best thing you keep wishing to have.

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39. The Thought Of You
I feel hot in the winter and cold during the summer. That’s because the thought of you does more than magic to my body and soul.

40. Most Beautiful Girl
I want to end the day by telling you how beautiful you are and how much your presence lights up my body. You are the prettiest girl of my heart. Goodnight and sleep tight.

41. As Long As I Breathe
My nights are longer, my dreams sweeter, and my days beautiful. You remain the best thing that happened to me as long as I breathe. I have you in my heart for as long as I live on earth. I want you to know that every day.

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42. You’ve Got What I Want
I want you forever, dear because you’ve got ten times of what I want in a woman. But for now, close your eyes and sleep. I hope to see you in dreamland.

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43. Before You Sleep
My heart is in your custody because the thought of you fills it up. But before you sleep, I want you to know that I wish you the best of the night.

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Perfect Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

44. My Heart Is Jumping
The thoughts of you seem real. You seem to be beside me. I imagine feeling your warmth, and my heart is jumping out tonight. Baby, I’m feeling your love.

45. I will Love You Tonight
You showed me the shades of love. Is it red or white? Baby, I’m so into you. I will love you tonight and forever.

46. As Your Head Hits The Pillow
Open your heart tonight. Enjoy the feeling the night brings and have sweet dreams as your head hits the pillow and your soul wanders off to dreamland.


47. For The Best Love
Baby! Your thought bangs on my heart every second. I hope you’re ready for the best love ever? Ours will be higher than Romeo and Juliet. Good night, my queen.

48. Like I’m In Heaven
When I’m around you, I feel like I’m in heaven. When I’m far from you, the memories take me back to heaven. You are all I can think of right now. I love you.

49. Three Wishes For You
I will wish you three things tonight. Goodnight, Nice Dreams, Love, and Peace.

50. Close To Me
If you are miles away, I will still have you close to my thoughts because you’re in my mind at all times. Have a good night, my princess.

51. You, Will, Be Cool & Right
The moon will always be full and bright as the stars shine on. You will be calm and right. I will still wish you the best of the night.

52. Hear Me Saying Goodnight
Switch off the light, rest your head on the pillow and hear me saying have a good night, my angel.

53. I Can’t Wait
I can’t wait for another morning to spend a new day with you. Have a good night, my darling.

54. Wake Up Tomorrow
May tomorrow be sunny and brighter than yesterday. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams. Wake up tomorrow and let’s continue loving.

55. Always On My Mind
Love is the more straightforward feeling I get when I’m with you. When I’m without you, I feel warm because your thought is always on my heart.

56. It’s Me & You Forever
I’m so lucky. Just so lucky to have you in my life. It’s you and me forever.

57. Sleeping With Your Thought
The moon is smiling tonight because it will be with you all night. I’m happy because I will sleep with your thought on my mind.

58. Let’s Sleep & Dream Tonight
For your love, I will be a heart hunter because I will hunt your heart for your care and affection. Let’s sleep and dream of the fantastic things we wish for tonight.

59. My Love For You Will Grow
Your tomorrow will be lovely than yesterday. As you close your eyes to sleep, my love for you will grow by sunrise. Sleep tight, my girl.

Beautiful Goodnight Texts for Her

60. Thanks For Making My Day
As the day darkens to night. Let me thank you for making the day great. May all the angels guard you tonight as you sleep because you are a rare gem. Sweet dreams.

61. I Will Miss You Till Morning
I can’t wait for the sunrise. Tonight will be unique, but I will miss you till morning when you close your eyes to sleep.

62. You Hang On My Heart
Since it’s impossible to fall asleep without thinking about you, I want to lie down here and imagine what life with you will look like forever. Just like a calendar, you hang on my heart.

Beautiful Goodnight Texts for Her
Beautiful Goodnight Texts for Her

63. Keep You In My Dreams
It’s dark already, and I will try to sleep to keep you in my dreams. I love you beyond words can explain.

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64. My Shooting Star
You are so bright like a shooting star, can I make a wish? I love you and everything about you, darling.

65. We Have A Future.
I will only kiss you goodnight and not goodbye because we have a beautiful future waiting for us ahead. Sweet dreams, honey.

66. That Point
I’m close to that point where my fears end and sweet dreams begin. The moment starts when I say goodnight to one angel on earth.

67. About Me & You.
Your fantasies will come true as you sleep because they are about you and me. I never stop praying for an everlasting relationship of bliss with you.

68. That Cool Romantic Night Breeze
As you enjoy your night, I only wish to be that cool romantic night breeze which gives you goosebumps as you rest your head to sleep.

69. The Sweetest & Romantic Hug
Open the attachment of this text to receive the sweetest kiss and romantic hug, the softest cuddle and the best wishes anybody can wish for in life.

70. Best Thing On The Universe
The sun is mad at me, and the moon isn’t smiling with me just because they heard me saying that you’re the best thing in the universe.

Romantic Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

71. The Cutest & Sweetest Words
My heart is the source of my words because the cutest and sweetest of words cannot be found on google or bing.

72. Can’t-Wait For A New Day
That the sun rises every day means I will always love you every day. I can’t wait for a new day to show you how much I love you.

73. How Much I Think Of You
This text is to show you how much I think of you every night, drive away nightmares by reading this text every few hours. Goodnight, my love.

74. If Wishes Come To Pass
If wishes come to pass every night, I would cuddle you all night, and fall asleep after watching the moon tonight. Goodnight.

75. My Dreams Come True.
Counting all the blessing in my life since you stepped in is a clear attestation that all my dreams are coming true. I will let you know how much you mean to me.

76. Can’t Love You Enough
I can’t miss you enough, and I can’t love you enough. I have never felt so lonely and wished for a kiss this badly. Even if I can’t kiss you, I will send you my lips tonight. Goodnight dear.

77. One Special Person
Even when I’m tired and half sleepy, I can’t sleep comfortably without sending a goodnight wish to one unique person in the world tonight.

78. Let’s Share Love
Dreaming of you is a passive way of thinking of you. Come and join me, let’s share love in dreamland. Have a lovely night, baby.

79. Know That I Love You
I wish to have you in my arms.  I want to kiss you. I hope to cuddle you tonight, and I pray that the day never breaks when all I ask for comes true. As you sleep tonight, know that I love you with every part of my heart.

80. Invitation To Dreamland
This text is an official invitation to join me in dreamland. Don’t waste time because I will wait for you ahead. Goodnight love.

Thanks for The Day Goodnight Texts for Her

81. Life is at its best when you are in my life. Thank you for making today memorable. Have a good night’s rest. Never forget how much I love you.

82. Today is among the unforgettable days of my life and to thank you for being so sweet. I can’t ask for a better partner than you, baby. Goodnight.

83. When I remember how sweet you are to me, nothing compares to the joy that engulfs my heart. I love you with all of my heart. Have a good night’s rest.

84. Every moment with you is worth it. You make my world come alive and there is nothing like that in the world. Goodnight, love of my life.

85. You give my life a sense of direction. I’m thankful for the sweet moment and the unforgettable memories. They remain my best companion when you are not around.

86. The night is brightened by the moon and your love makes my world glow. I spend every day thanking God for bringing you into my life. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

87. I want to close my eyes knowing that the most awesome person in the world knows how much I adore her. The love I have for you comes from the deepest corner of my heart.

88. When the thought of you comes to my mind, I can’t help but smile because it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

89. I want to remind you that someday I wouldn’t send you goodnight text any longer because you will sleep on my chest.

90. Before I sleep off and end the day, I want you to know that you are special in every way. My heart comes alive with the thought of you.

91. Thank you for always being there for me. Your presence means everything to me all the time. Have a good night, darling.

92. I can’t go to bed without letting you know that you are the light in my life. You are everything to me and I can’t thank you enough.

93. My heart will always beat for you because you are the best out of the rest. Having you in my life is every man’s dream, but I won your love. Good night, love.

94. You are one beautiful thing in my life and nothing comes close in taking your place. Have a good night that will be filled with lovely dreams.

95. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face in dreamland. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and I can’t get tired of seeing it. Enjoy the night rest.

96. As the windy air of the night beats your face remember that someone somewhere is missing you. I love you, darling.

97.  It’s dark outside but I see your face each time I look at the window. I can’t stop myself from missing you because I love you with my heart.

98. Nothing comes close because the love you give to me is the best. As you lay down to sleep, may the angel guide you until the dawn.

99. Have a goodnight, my princess. You are one thing that brings fulfillment to my soul. When I found you, I found the key to happiness.

100. You are my gold. From the start, I have always loved you with every strength in me. I wish you a good night. Wake up tomorrow strong.

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