80 Cute Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend While He’s Sleeping

You Want cute messages to send to your boyfriend while he’s sleeping? We have compiled the cutest and sweetest messages that will melt his heart.

With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to send a cute text to your boyfriend while he’s sleeping. Whether you want to make sure he gets the message, or you’re hoping he’ll wake up to it, it’s always a good idea to send him something romantic while he’s in dreamland.

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This list of long and short texts will inspire you to write a meaningful message that will make your guy smile in the morning.

Whether you’re looking to send a message to your guy while he’s asleep or an excuse to wake him up, these cute paragraphs will always be the perfect way to say I love you. A romantic note like this will make him feel loved and remind him of how lucky he is to have you in his life.

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 Cute Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend While He’s Sleeping

1. Forever, we shall be together. I’m apart from you physically, but you are with me in my heart. I fell in love with you even more with the ticking of each second.

2. You burst my bubbles, you make me nervous, and you stir up tension. This all happens because I love you much than you ever imagined.

3. I shall pray for your happiness with the truest sincerity, and I’ll ask the heavens to send you the dearest blessings. I love you.

4. All I want to do is come home to your breath-taking presence. Being with you makes every moment memorable. I can’t wish for anything less than a moment with you. I miss you love.

5. If a hug will pass the message that ‘I don’t want to lose you’ I will hug you forever, if a kiss represents a raindrop, I will send you a downpour, and if love is someone, I will send you me. You’re my King.

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6. My soul and heart were made to love you, my lips and tongue were made to kiss you, my two eyes were made to see your beauty, my hands were made to hold and feel you. My existence was made just for you.

7. Until a day after forever, my love will be for you because you give me that special kind of love my heart desires. I love you, darling.

8. Your love is the song my heart dances to because you’re my daily motivation. I’ll love you forever because you mean the world to me.

9. Baby! I won’t promise to be the best girl you’ve ever met, but I’ll give you the best of me. I promise to respect and love you no matter what comes up.

10. Your beauty inspires me, your soft kissable lips, your huggable body. I want to have them all because, without you, it’s discomfort.

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11. Your love is more like a dream than wishes. I drift off thinking about you, I feel peace and my heart longs for you the more. The thought of you remains in my heart as I love you every day.

12. You’re the best for me. You showed up right when my world needed you most and gave me the comfort my world can’t do without. Thanks, my love.

13. Your love is so strong. It came with inspiration like I am a superhero, I can sing and write poems. My heart is filled with gladness because you are mine.

14. You make my heart keep beating, you make my thoughts drift, and you make my body whole. Baby, you make me feel good by just doing nothing. I love you.

15. Your presence fixes everything, and every missing part of me has felt the completion of your love. My love for you is my reason to live. I love you forever.

16. My love for you carries no doubt. The way you smile. Your good and shortcomings are all the wonderful attributes that made me fell in love with you.

17. I lose my breath when I think of you, and I can’t sleep when I miss you. I do nothing when you’re not by my side. I’ll love you till the end.

18. My love for you waxes stronger with the passing of each day. I get stuck in the head thinking about life without you. You are my angel and I love you.

19. Your love is bright and warm, a special kind of beauty for a special person. Your love shone in the darkest part of my world and brightens everything. You’re my diamond forever.

20. Your world is my world, my heart will always beat for you, and your arms is where I belong. You’re my everything, and I will love you with all my heart darling.

21. Inside out, you fill me with happiness and love. Like an amazing and beautiful flower, my love will not wither. My love will always be for you and you alone.

22. You point my way to the sun because your love gives me direction. Everything you do makes me happy and spices my day with bliss. You will forever be my sweetheart.

23. You’ve been with me through my troubles so I call you my guardian angel. You’ve loved me through thick and thin, so I call you my love. I’m grateful for how beautiful you make my world.

24. Your love is powerful, it enlightens my soul, gave me support and courage. With your love, I’m ready to live another day on earth. I love you.

25. You’ve been my best friend, my special lover, and my one and only. You’ve been the backbone of all accomplishments I’ve made so far.

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26. Your warmth is unforgettable, your tight embrace is memorable. The thought of you is always on my mind. I love you and will always do.

27. I can’t forget how much sweetness you bring into my life. You’ve always been there for me every moment. All my love, I offer you today, tomorrow, and forever.

28. My untapped love will I share with you forever. Count on me to be always there for you all through your hard moments because my special moments will be spent with you.

29. I think of you while lying on my bed, I smile. The wonderful memories you make me feel integrates all the happiness hormones in my body. I’m happy to be in love with you.

30. If my love is not for you, then it’s for no one. I’ll love you with every of me, and I’ll love you till the end. You’re my better half.

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31. Your love is sweet. The beauty of your love can never be expressed with words. I keep loving you all the time, when I’m alone and when I’m with you in my thought.

32. With you in my thought, I’m never lonely, and I’m never afraid. Every moment is golden because I take each breath with a smile.

33. I take each breath with a smile ever since you came into my life and turned the table around. I’m not scared of dying now for I have felt how beautiful true love can be.

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34. My love for you weighs a fortune, my heart beats like a bank, and my face glows with a smile at the mention of your name. Baby, I’m forever yours.

35. I look forward to every day, and I look forward to a future with you. I’ll love you every minute. If the love I feel for you is measured, it will weigh a fortune.

36. Life is a jungle of explorative opportunities, I can’t do it alone, and I can’t do it if you are not by my side. I love you, dear.

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37. You’re worth a million that words can’t describe. You mean a lot I can’t explain. With you, I’m the richest human. I love you.

38. The world is the stage, it’s for me and you to stay on forever. My love is for you and the world is out there to watch the perfect combination of hearts.

39. Your love is magical because it stole my heart, and your love is pure because I feel happy all day with you. I love you and won’t stop till my very last breathe.

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40. True love is uplifting and inspiring. It’s divine because it is blessed in heaven. True love is sweet, that’s why I carve for your love every day.

41. With you I can do three things; Live, Laugh, and Love. These are the things my heart and world desire every day. Thanks for giving them to me.

42. You’re the source of every good that happens in my world, you’re the source of my happiness and bliss that decorates my life, and you’re the best I ever had.

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43. Behind everything I do is your love, and behind the great personality I am is you. I love you blue and black and I’ll love you forever.

44. You came into my life like an angel. I know the heavens must be watching to see how much I treat this lovely angel. I love you with my whole self.

45. You’re the most amazing person that has ever graced my life. You remain that important person I think of when I wake in the morning and the precious one that stays on my heart till I sleep off.


46. Magical is what I call your love. Fantastic is what I call your charm. Wonderful is what you make my world like. I love you my darling.

47. Our love is forever. My life is the representation of your love. You have made my life a blessing. Thanks for being that special person in my life.

48. I’m astonished at the happiness you bring into my life. I’m grateful for having you in my life because you mean so much to me and I love you.

49. With your unconditional love, I melt like honey. This relationship will be the most beautiful thing the world will watch out for because it will last forever.

50. Your love is like a thread that bonds every part of me together. I need you at all times because your presence changes everything in my life. I heart you sweet.

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51. You’re the man of my dreams because you’ve been in my heart since the day we met. Everything about you pleases me, and I appreciate everything you’ve done to make my life better. Good morning.

52. You have my heart in your hands. Take care of them the same way you take care of the things that matters to you. My love is always for you because no other person deserves it.

53. You’re my morning alarm because the thought of you wakes me every single day of my life. You make my heart keep beating faster, and you make my world feel magical.

54. The happiest moments I’ve had were with you. The special place I’ve been to has been your arms, and the most beautiful feeling I desire is to be in your world.

55. When you choose to love me, I felt heaven on earth. I felt the best of happiness. That was the best moment of my life. You’re my man forever, and I love you with all my heart.

56. You give me reasons to love you, and the reasons you give me differs every day. I love you for being there despite how tough the situation has been. You’re my superman without wings. **Winks**

57. I thank you for being the best in my life. I thank God for giving me the chance to have you by my side forever. I love you, King. Have a wonderful day ahead.

58. Without you by my side, my life would have been shattered. In between smiles, tears, and breath, I will love and respect you with of me forever.

59. Ever since you came into my life. I began to understand the real meaning of perfection. You brought peace, happiness, and loads of care to my world. You’re simply the epitome of perfection. I adore the thought of you whenever it crosses my mind.

60. You’ve shown me how wonderful being in a relationship with you can be. You remain the best caring and passionate partner, and I can’t exchange you or your love for anything. I’ve grown to love you and cannot live without your sweet love.

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61. I can’t thank you enough for being in my life. I keep wondering what’s more captivating than looking into your cute eyes every day. The boundless love you have shown me within a short span of time has made me the happiest person on earth. I now live every day, hoping not to see the morning sunset but to see you smile.
Of everything I promise you, I pledge to love you forever as long as I keep breathing.

62. Without your affection, my world will be cold. You’ve touched me in several ways I can’t explain.
My heart keeps beating for you non-stop because you mean the world to me. I wake up every morning, hoping to share a wonderful day with you, preparing to have more awesome memories added to my gallery of thoughts you have given me. You deserve my care, affection, attention, and every single thing your love and world asks for till eternity.

63. I live because you exist. Without you, that sweet feeling I get when I wake up won’t be there anymore. The sky will be empty without the sun, and the night will be dark without its moon and stars. Without you, baby, my heart will be empty because you are in my heart and everything. All I feel for you comes from my heart, and it grows unconditionally, reaching out to every part of you. I want to be by your side forever. I want to be the one you call on. I want to be your superstar, and I want to be your Superman. I love you.

64. No matter how hard my heart is, no matter how tough the troubles of the day were, no matter how disturbed I am about tomorrow, seeing you smile gives me the confidence to keep living. Holding you close to me encourages me that the future holds much more than I can imagine. When you smile at me, all my troubles seem to disappear, and my hard heart melts away. You are my everything because my life, love, world all revolves around you.

65. I keep imagining what a future with you will hold. Just merely spending time with you is awesome, compared to when I wake to your warm body and sleep off with your goodnight kiss. You’ve given me what I long prayed for all my life. Our future will be bright, with lots of lovely kids that we will have. The future will be perfect because we will be entwined with the bonds of love. When I met you, I knew I’d found a treasure which I will guard jealously all through my entire earthly life and till eternity.

66. You make sense of my world, and you add beautiful shades to color my life. You’re awesome, and you make every day of my life with you beautiful. I never knew I’d have such a cute lover who will fight my wars and encourage me to reach greater heights. You’re the miracle my world had waited long for all my life. I can’t lose you to anything. I’ll fight anything to keep you. I’ll do anything to show you how much I love and appreciate you. My man.

67. My sweetheart, and my happiness. You’re my dream come true. A sensual, caring, and cute partner. Nobody takes your spot in my heart, and nobody can replace you in my world. My heart, body, and soul will always appreciate you because I’m now living rather than existing like I was before your love. I can do anything, including kissing the whole world for this wonderful being it has given to me. I love you with my whole heart.

68. The most beautiful flowers are pale when it compares to how colorful you make my life. Your beautifully dazzling eyes are so cute that even the brilliant stars can’t stand the match. To show my deep love for you, I’m offering you my world. Be my King and rule my world. You already own my heart, and there is no safer place for it than your domain. You’re the most precious thing in my life right now. I love you, baby.

69. Loving you has shown me happiness every second, every minute, and every day. Your love has been the most awesome feeling I’ve ever had. You’re a lover and a friend. Nothing can beat the love I will give to you today, tomorrow, and forever. You’ve decorated my heart with your love and made me better with your care. I will live a million years for you, baby.

70. The moments that can’t get off my heart are those I spent in your arms. That huge flesh hugged my body like I was meant to fit in right there. In your arms, I feel a sense of security and warmth. You’ve always had my best interest at heart and have worked so hard to see my happiness. I love you, my man. I adore every single feeling of happiness and security you have made me feel. My world is colorful, all thanks to you.

71. When my world was crumbling, you offered to save my world and my heart. You healed my broken heart and made me believe in love again. Every day of my life is a testimony of the great effort you put in just to love me despite my flaws. Your love for me is out of the world. It’s a pure kind of love that has no contamination of any impurity. You’ve healed my world and my heart. You mean everything to me as long as I breathe.

72. You’re the sweetest thing in my world. There are only two of us but unmeasurable bliss around us. I’m madly in love with you for all the good things you decorated my life with every day. I can’t seem to love you enough because the more I love you, the more I feel like loving you more. A future with you is perfect for consuming the great feeling that’s boiling inside of me. I want to love you like no other.

73. I hear your name whenever I close my eyes because your love has been imprinted on my heart. With you, I want to live life to the fullest because I know you will catch me if I slip and fall. You made me enjoy every inch of my day and every breath that comes from inside of me. I can’t stop thinking of your cute face. That’s the best part I always imagine when I miss you. I love you, baby. Much more than you think. I value you more than you can imagine.

74. If declaring my love for you will make me appear crazy, I don’t mind because there is nothing cuter than having you as my one and only. The one I hug before I set off for the day and the one I come home to meet after the day’s stress. I can’t live without your love. I need nothing in this world other than your heart because, with your heart, I’ll be the happiest person in the world.

75. Meeting you opened my eyes to the goodness of the world. You are my love, the bone of my bones and my missing rib. You complete me, baby. With you, I feel like the happiest person in existence. Your love has made me strong and courageous. I live every day of my life with smiles because I’ve found the one thing everyone is looking for in life. I’ve found my happiness, the one for me and my better half. You are my diamond, and nothing beats the thought of you.

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