100 Depressing Love Quotes

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Walking through life with a smile on your face doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re happy. Many people go through life in a catatonic state, completely numb to their surroundings and people. They move through the world like zombies, feeling nothing at all.

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These quotes epitomize the unquenchable human desire for love while also making it painfully clear how very difficult love can be.

From these depressing quotes, you will understand that life is a mixture of pain and love. You can’t totally avoid pain as long as you are breathing. In as much as you feel pain, channel this pain to create something positive and don’t grief forever.

Depressing Love Quotes

1. Pain builds us up while happiness leaves us to relax way too much. No matter how the heart bleeds, the better person is formed.

2. Being too strong breaks one down. I don’t wish to feel this way, but your love has given me something to remember forever.

3. While your love shattered my heart and crumbled my world, I will try my best to keep smiling even if I’m dying inside.

4. My heart is wounded, and my life is struggling to find its feet. While you might never see my tears, my heart still bleeds.

5. No matter what happened. No matter what we have been through, life is good, and I won’t forget the wonderful moments we once shared.

6. That heaviness that makes everything loses its excitement. That feeling that makes life seem useless. That’s the feeling of depression.

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7. Depression kills your soul, then your mind, and finally, your body. I feel like I no longer have a body any longer because I can’t feel it.

8. I felt like dying, and I feel like vanishing. All because you played with the one precious thing that meant the world to me.

9. It hurts, it hurts deeply that I can’t have your love. I can no longer connect to your heart. You left and took a part of me along.

10. When breathing becomes stressful, smiling becomes a war, and passing through every second seems like hell. It is because there is no you.

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11. Life is nothing. Death is everywhere. We don’t realize this till we end up killing ourselves. I can’t explain how I feel right now.

12. I am heartbroken and frustrated. I am depressed with the loss of someone I love so much. I wish things could go back the way they were before.

13. You see a million smiles, but there is no sign of how my heart hurts. I am just existing and not truly living.

14. Though I am still living, I can’t feel my heart. You just damaged someone beyond repair. My heart has been crushed.

15. You met me with a big heart, but you left me with its pieces. Saying goodbye was like jumping over the edge.

16. You left me in the air where I had no other option than to let go. It was like a time bomb that broke me more than it made me.

17. I can’t explain how it feels to be broken. From the inside to the outside, nothing makes sense. It feels like you are floating.

18. You left me wandering in my own world. This is never the future we planned together, nor the today we expect to see together.

19. Like an astronaut forgotten in the moon, so am I in your world. I can’t figure out how things work here anymore. Everything changed.

20. Everything seems normal; the sun is still shining, and the breeze still gentle, but my heart is shattered. Everything is normal aside from me.

Depression Quotes About Love & Life

21. With the rise of the morning sun, I feel nothing but pain. Is there a better way to deal with a broken heart that only wanted to love?

22. The pain has eaten deep into me. I have done things I will probably spend my whole life regretting. I can’t forgive myself for my actions.

23. I want to be happy, and I want to feel that joy of freedom. Deep down me, I also want to be your happiness. I want our lives to revolve around each other.

24. Step by step, breathe by breathing; grief is gradually taking over my soul. The thoughts, the memories, and everything hit on me.

25. While grieving might seem like the only option to stick with. Look ahead to see “hope” waving and beckoning you to cross over and have a better life.

26. It hurts when we are hurt, but it is more painful when we try to let go of the lives we had, the friends we have built, and the relationships we have grown. It’s more painful to move from the obvious into something different.

27. We never attain the great heights we all aim for if we are not stretched. We are wounded and pushed to the edge to get stronger and handle life.

28. You don’t master life because there is no room for a second chance, but you can toughen your heart and brace up for the challenges that are ahead. Those you are facing and those you will face in the future.

29. Sometimes it’s difficult to live, but we can always live when our heart has been made up to wade off any attack presented before us. We can live forever if we can prepare our minds always.

30. Life isn’t life if everything we want comes easily. Life is fun, and life is sweet because we fight for things we need. Getting it comes with that joy. Just keep pushing.

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31. “While you pretend like everything in your life is okay, remember that bad days don’t last forever.”
Know that nothing lasts forever. So whatever you are facing in life, brighter days awaits us.

32. “Sometimes, I get torn inside with things that life throws at me. I am human too.”
We are all human beings, so we will definitely feel pain when we encounter challenges.

33. “A lot happens on the inside. A lot happens in my heart, but nobody sees it but me.”
People do not see what happens in the lives of others. They judge with the outer appearance.

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34. “My heart is so large that you might end up being swallowed without a trace of you ever.”
A human’s man is big. Deep inside there, a lot of thought goes on and on.

35. “I have learned a lot. I have realized that a lot of people are not meant to be in our lives.”
Situations make us realize and observe the kind of people we give a chance to our life.

36. “When you see my tears, it is not because I am weak but because I have been strong all my life.”
Crying is never a sign of weakness. A crying heart is a soul that has been through a lot.

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37. “Before you judge my actions and my life, try to put yourself in my shoe and see if you can survive all I have lived through.”
People tend to judge other people easily without considering what these people they judge have been through.

38. “I feel tired of breathing, and there is no cure to make my breathing normal anymore.”
Sometimes we can’t find the enticement to keep breathing.

39. “No matter how hard the past tap on my back, I have made up my mind never to turn back.”
Focus on the future and the past will just mere memories.

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40. “I keep it all to myself because the strength of explaining all the time how I feel is too cumbersome.”
People tend to keep their worries to themselves because of being judged.

41. “I feel empty deep inside of me, but I know that I can always pull through whatever life gives to me.”
Nothing in life can ever be handled; even Jesus raised the dead in the bible.

42. “Sometimes, I wonder how much happiness is missing in my life right now. My heart is totally cold.”
Your heart can be cold today and filled with sadness. Believe that it will get better.

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43. “I have been through a lot. I have seen a lot, but you will never see the scar on my body. You won’t see it because it is hidden deep inside.”
Many pain is not seen physically because they are internally and felt by the victim.

44. “The pain grows every single day. It hurts every second. It’s becoming unbearable. It’s killing my soul.”
The pain grows if they are not treated.

45. “Keep away the people who caused you a drop of tear rather than wiping the tear.”
Maintain distance from persons who have, in one way or the other, contributed to your painful state.


46. “ ‘How are you’ is the easiest way to remind me that I am not fine,”
Some questions remind you of your hidden problems.

47. “Gradually, it is eating me. Slowly, it is consuming me. I really need a break from this loneliness.”
Depression eats up the soul if not controlled.

48. “It’s hard forgetting the very things you wish not to remember.”
Forgetting things that caused you pain is the hardest thing ever. It keeps coming back no matter how hard you try.

49. “The hardest thing in the world remains forgetting something that once made you smile.”
If something makes you smile, it’s magnets, and our minds keep reflecting on it.

50. “Everything reminds me of you, including looking at myself in the mirror.”
Pain is a hurtful friend that sticks around.

Sad and Depressing Love Quotes

51. “My heart bleeds, and I feel nothing but pain. I wonder why it always rains on me.”
Sometimes life problems rain on us. It’s important to hold steadfast to survive.

52. “Sometimes, it’s as if the whole monsters in existence are right beside me. They seem to be screaming straight into my ears.”
Depression can stir up voices in your head. Be strong when this happens.

53. “This is pure torture. I keep hearing voices in my heart, and I can’t seem to figure out whose voice it is.”
Voices can torture our life when we are in pain.

54. “Happiness is a mirage. Whenever something good happens, there is something bad at the corner waiting to strike.”
People now get scared of being happy because of being surprised by a painful experience.

55. “I can’t even save myself now, but I was busy saving someone else.”
We all have that human part of us that wishes to save someone else when we are not safe ourselves.

56. “If I can make one wish to come true, it would be to be happy again.”
Pain can make happiness seem like a luxury.

57. “I lost my mind when I was busy searching for happiness. Deep down me, I only wanted to feel normal for once.”
You can feel normal by shutting off what your critics think of you.

58. “In those happy moments, that’s when the most painful memories spring up.”
We remember our sad moments when we are happy.

59. “The world seems to hate my existence because it seems like being happy is luxury.”
So many times, nature seems to be against us in whatever we do.

60. Sometimes, I wish I could say I’m fine and truly mean it.
Saying I am fine comes with a lot of emotions.

61. Sometimes, I wonder why we should live to be suffering. I wish I could find something bigger and better than life.

62. It’s the smile you see, not the hurt. On the outside, I am living, but on the inside, I am gradually dying with nothing to hold on to than the painful memories of you and me.

63. When the sweetest of sleep is separated, life is lost. You have quenched the light in my life and left me in the dark. What my heart is too deep to explain.

64. I want to see beyond the lights, and I want to see what it is to be in heaven. I want to die knowing that I meant something to someone. I want to know that I mean the world to you.

65. I am broken more than glue can fix. I am broken that I can feel it. I feel so empty, and I wish it weren’t so anymore. So I keep up faith?

66. Everything without you has no meaning. I feel this pain because my heart lacks what it needs.

67. It is hard to let it go. Even when everything is cold, I cannot still be me.

68. I never knew I was walking alone. It is so painful to know that you are no longer in my life.

69. You taught me so many lessons about life, but the problem is that I am no longer stable to put it into practice.

70. You broke me. That’s one big thing that happened in my life. It is one thing I can never forget.

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