50 Don’t Chase People Quotes and Sayings

Millions of people in the world do not see the success, happiness, and fulfillment they deserve. They’re always trying to impress people by doing all kinds of deeds. Not because they want to help, but because they want validation.

It has also happened to all of us at one time or another. Someone you thought was into you was never interested in you. It can be a blow to the ego to realize that the person you were personally investing so much time and effort into wasn’t feeling it. Here are some don’t chase people quotes that might make your day a little bit better.

Don’t Chase People Quotes

Don't Chase People Quotes
Don’t Chase People Quotes

If you know how to attract people with the right attitude, you don’t need to chase them.

1. I won’t chase you; I’m not a dog. I’m a man with responsibilities and priorities. I may love you, but I will not chase you.

2. I won’t chase you even if you’re worth waiting for, but it will be if it’s meant to be! And if not, it’s not the end of the world!

3. I won’t force you to love me, and I won’t make you hold my hand. I won’t make you stay with me. I won’t even ask you to see my worth.

4. Even if you are the sun, you are the moon, and you are the stars, I’m not chasing.

5. I won’t chase you, I won’t beg for your love, and I won’t be your second choice. I know I can be good to you, and I’ll wait patiently until you come around.

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6. I’m not chasing, nor am I running away. I’m not hiding, not afraid to stay on my own.

7. I won’t chase you, but whenever you need me, I’ll be there. I’ll be with you to protect you and to comfort you. I’m here to remind you.

8. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Don’t live in the past or forget the past. Don’t be bitter, but forgive and forget.

9. I won’t chase you or force you to love me. I won’t hold on to you or make you stay with me.

10. I won’t force you to succumb to my desires of a love that’s forbidden. I won’t chase you to see me beyond what your mind thinks. I won’t force you to love me back because love shouldn’t be forced.

11. You don’t have to love me; I won’t chase you for your love. I won’t force you to be with me if you don’t want to, and I won’t force you to want me if you don’t see the need.

12. My love and my world, I can’t chase you down, nor can I keep you here. I hope my love will bring you back to me, and in your absence, I will be fine.

13. I want to be free, and I won’t force you to be with me no matter how much I love you.

14. I won’t force you, I won’t push you, I can’t make you love me, and I can’t change you. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are of your own accord.

15. No matter how beautiful you may be, I won’t chase you. No matter how good things between us may get, I won’t force things.

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16. I won’t chase you around to accept my affections, and I won’t force you to be with me. It’s already a cold world out there, and I won’t force you to love me.

17. My heart has been at peace ever since I stopped chasing. I will not want you, I will not hate you, and I feel no pain about you.

18. I promise to remain faithful, but I’ll never force you and never leave you. That’s my love for you will remain silent and strong.

19. I will not chase you if you decide to stay away from me. I will not be upset, nor will I get mad. I will be happy, and I will live my life with a smile on my face knowing you want to be left alone.

20. I will not chase you, but I will be here when you need me. I’m not going anywhere, but I won’t try to force things anymore.

21. I won’t chase you if you don’t chase me. I won’t be here forever, so respect me while I am here.

22. I’m not chasing you. All I want is your hearts and to be your friend. But if I can’t get that, I’m good.

23. I’m not chasing; I’m waiting because you have the key to open my heart. Please use it wisely.

24. I won’t force you, and I won’t push you to say that you love me. I’ll know when you do, and I won’t force you to say that you want me to stay at your side because I will see your actions.

25. I’m not chasing perfection, and it’s not that I’m perfect. It’s just that I know perfection is an illusion.

It’s not always easy to let people go. It’s tempting to keep chasing and keep that relationship alive in whatever form you can, but you’re simply delaying the inevitable if you do that. Instead, let people go. Wish them well. Accept what is happening. Move on with your life. And no matter what happens or how many times your paths cross again, only love them for who they are, not for the memories you made with them.”

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26. I value you, but I won’t force you. My love is unconditional, and like the sun, it shines without fail. I will be here if you need me.

27. I love you and all, but I won’t keep chasing you. You will always be my friend even when we keep our distance.

28. I will not chase you, I will not lust for you, I will not try to change you, and I will accept you as you are.

29. Roses are red, violets are blue, and my love is like an eternal flame that cannot be forced. I won’t chase you, and I won’t control or make you love me.

30. We are all so different, yet at times, so similar. To feel this way is that no chasing is ever needed. I love you, but I don’t have to chase you to prove that point.

31. I’ll be here waiting even though you’ll never be back. I won’t chase you, and I’ll be fine without you.

32. Everyone in this world will one day go away. I will not chase you, for I know one day. I will be gone too.

33. Sometimes, I wonder if you know how much I love you. I won’t chase you; I’m not that guy. I sit here with my heart aching and watch you make your decision.

34. I’m not chasing rainbows. I’m not even chasing you. I’m not chasing butterflies. I am cool with being alone.

35. I’m not chasing you; I’m chasing myself, I’m chasing my own shadow, dreams, and goals, and I need to be with myself to be happy with myself.

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36. I might seem cold and callous, but this isn’t what I set out to be. I’m not chasing you, and I won’t chase you.

37. I’m not chasing, and I’m not forcing. I’m only letting you know that I’m letting you go.

38. I won’t chase you, and I will let you go if I have to. I might not say it, but I’ll always be there if you need me.

39. I won’t chase you; even if you leave, I will wait for you as you work out your problems.

40. I will not force you to love me, and I won’t force you to be with me. No, I will not force you at all.

41. Don’t chase love. Let it chase you. Don’t search for love. Let it find you. Don’t obsess over love; let it flow naturally. And don’t complicate love; let it breathe.

42. I won’t chase you, I won’t push you, and I won’t make you either. I’ll accept you as you are.

43. I won’t chase you. I won’t run after you. I won’t lure you. I won’t persuade you. I won’t plead with you. I won’t pout or cry.

44. I’m not chasing; I’ve got no need to be. I love life, living each day as it will be the last. – Abraham Hicks

45. I won’t force you to love me or like me. I don’t even care if you don’t. Chasing you is like forcing you to live or to breathe.

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46. I’m not chasing because I’m not in need, I’m not a slave, I am not possessed, I am awake, and I am at peace with myself.

47. You should know that I have put you first, and it’s time I put myself first. I will not chase you, love you, and never chase you again.

48. I’m not chasing rainbows, and I don’t have time to chase rainbows. I am in love with life, and I love you.

49. I won’t force you to love me because I know you won’t. I won’t chase you around to be with you because I know you won’t stay. I won’t force you to notice how I want you in my world.

50. I will let you be, and I won’t interfere when you don’t want me to. I will leave you alone, and I will not meddle.

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Final thought

You should never need to keep chasing someone or beg anybody to love you. Some people aren’t capable of loving others, so you shouldn’t waste your time on them. 

Sure, there’s a chance that they’ll come around someday, but in the meantime, why not focus your energy on someone who returns your affection? That said, let people go when it’s necessary. 

People change, and this goes for people who also claim to love you. If they are unhappy with the person you are now and always have been, then maybe it’s time to move on. We are all free to find our true loves or friends. And we deserve that. Don’t hang on too tight because you might miss out on something awesome.

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