50 Easter in Heaven Quotes 2022

Easter is a time for remembering loved ones we’ve lost. This can be an emotional time for people who have lost someone, but sharing quotes and words of comfort help provide peace and closure during this season.

Remembering our loved ones who have gone to heaven helps us celebrate the resurrection and new beginnings. These quotes are beautiful and comforting.

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Here we have a thoughtful, comforting, and heartfelt collection of Easter in Heaven Quotes for all people who have lost any of their loved ones.

Easter in Heaven Quotes

Easter in Heaven Quotes
Easter in Heaven Quotes

1. Easter is a time of remembrance of loved ones in heaven. It’s a time to think of them and all that we missed them for. It is a time to think of them and feel a loving heartache because we would bring them here if we can.

2. There is a rose for you every day, a rose for you whenever I think of you, and a rose for you to know that we never forget how much you mean to us. You are always within my thoughts.

3. I will always love you, and I will always miss you. Easter is a time to celebrate that you live on in my heart.

4. Easter morning is a fantastic time when all the loved ones who passed away come to visit and give all their love. What a joy it is.

5. Easter presents another year and another opportunity to remember those who have gone to heaven. I know they are not gone; they are merely on a trip that will end in god’s heavenly abode.

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6. Heaven’s not far away when you’re in my heart. Heaven is closer than we know because a piece of it is with me wherever I go. You’re forever in my heart.

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7. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and God’s love is with us. I can smell the fragrance of heaven as I think about loved ones in heaven.

8. We will all be together again. We will all be together again happily when we meet on that beautiful shore in God’s divine care.

9. Easter is a time to rejoice for loved ones who have gone before us. We should celebrate this memorable holiday.

10. You were loved by many, but most of all by me. Though you’re gone, you’ll never be forgotten. You live rent-free in my mind.

11. I hope you are happy, where you are, and that you know how much we miss you. Sometimes, my heart aches from missing you, and the days seem like years. It’s another Easter, and we are celebrating alone.

12. I do not know how to say I miss you today. I wish I could say I’m happy you’re not here, but that’s a lie.

13. To my loved ones in heaven, your memories are so dear. We will meet again someday, and nothing will ever keep us apart.

14. Easter bunny is a memorable holiday, but it will never be without you. I miss you more each day, and I long for your presence. You have gone to be with Jesus, and all I have is your memories.

15. All we have is love that never ends. Love is what we were, love is what we are, and love will always be. We will never forget you in our prayers.

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16. Good Friday and Easter are at the corner. Christ is risen! Happy Easter to loved ones who have risen to the lord above.

17. Headed to the garden to pick some flowers, and the one that I love most has gone to the garden in the clouds. Will I see them on the other side? Time will tell!

18. Jesus rose on Easter Sunday! I know my loved ones are in heaven. They are in a better place and watching us celebrate the season of love. So please smile, and don’t cry.

19. Easter is another chance to celebrate with loved ones and time to remember those no longer here. It’s that opportunity to reflect on everything.

20. I can picture in my head the beautiful scenery above. The angels have the most beautiful smiles upon their faces as they watch you and your loved ones celebrate the resurrection of Christ, their savior.

Happy Easter to Loved Ones in Heaven

21. Easter’s a particular time of year when we remember our loved ones. You won’t be dead forever as we will all be in heaven someday.

22. Spring has sprung, leaves are popping from the ground to across the land, signaling the arrival of spring while birds are singing. Our loved ones are smiling down on us.

23. Dear loved ones in heaven, we miss you so much during this holiday. The feeling one gets on easter is like what you gave us every day. Thank you for that feeling, but more importantly, thank you for your love from heaven.

24. I will meet you one day, we’ll walk by the sea, and we’ll play by as the rain keeps dropping. We will hug & love like we always did together forever as it was meant to be.

25. You are in our hearts and minds always until we meet again. We love you always.

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26. As we walk this life in pain, never forget our lost ones. They’re looking down upon us while we’re up here on earth. Looking down on you is the one who loved you the most.

27. Our loved ones are in heaven, watching over us from above. Happy Easter to you.

28. Easter is a time for family, and you’re family, even if you’re not here. We miss you, and we love you.

29. We remember those we love who’ve gone to heaven. They are one yet are not forgotten. Loved ones mean so much to us and remain in our hearts.

30. If I could wish upon a star, I’d wish for your return to us, as I would for world peace and freedom for all. We miss you.

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31. Today is Easter Sunday. It’s a day of worship and celebration. Feeling the pain of heartache and loneliness, I picture your faces and remember our shared times. I know that you’re with me in spirit always.

32. While you are away, we still remember you today. Please know we love you.

33. Spring represents the rebirth of the cycle of life. Flowers and trees will bring beauty to all surrounding them while shedding off dried leaves. You’re always on our minds to all that is loved by and all the loved ones who have passed.

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34. We miss you at Easter but know you’re there, always in our hearts. Our love for you will never die, and every thought of you will be cherished.

35. As the easter bunny hops and eggs are boiled, it is a time to remember loved ones passed on. They have gone to a better place, and we still grieve their loss but know they are watching over us.

Happy Easter in Heaven Mom

36. I will see you again when the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. I will see you again when the birds sing, and the flowers bloom. I will see you again when the world is no more. I miss you, mom.

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37. There is no space in my heart, dear grandmother. All that I am was because of you. I miss you endlessly.

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38. This easter, remember the loved ones who have passed. God’s gift is eternal life, which is a gift, you can’t beat. We will wait to fulfill god’s gift and be with the people we love.

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39. Chocolate bunnies symbolize love, a gift of easter, a particular sign of grace. It another and another reminder to wish you well in heaven, mom.

40. The flowers you sent us are all in bloom.  We miss your bright face and your warm embrace. It’s another easter without you. mom.

41. Spring is here, and life is in bloom. Heaven’s also keeping score by sending a rainbow after the storm. Reminding us of loved ones who have gone. God knows I miss you so much.

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42. I hope you have a safe and happy Easter in heaven, mom. If I had my way, I would help you get back to me.

43. It’s another easter, and I miss you so much. I cherish our memories, but I wish you were here to celebrate today.

44. Easter is a happy time knowing all loved ones who died are in heaven. I can’t wait until we all meet again in heaven and be united.


45. Easter is a day of love with friends and loved ones. My love for my family remains unshakable, including those gone forever.

46. “Spring is here” our loved ones are where? The saying goes, “spring is here,” but our loved ones are nowhere near.

47. Happy Easter, loved ones in heaven. Easter is a day of rebirth, and the resurrection of Jesus will bring hope, peace, and love. Even if you’re not on earth, we love you as always.

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48. While you are in my heart, mom. I will love you always, and I will never forget the ones who died, that we may live.

49. Many happy returns of easter to those who have gone before us. May the warmth of a spring day unfold from heaven to those who are no more.

50. Easter is a spectacular time to remember loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. We know that they are in a better place, but we still need to keep them in our hearts.

We shall meet again on that beautiful shore, and joy will turn grief. When I clasp a loved one in my arms, we shall weep no more, mom.

Happy Easter in Heaven Dad

Dad, you’re my hero, and you died too soon. We miss you every day. You left this earth too soon, but heaven is our final home.

Dad, I sit here and wonder where you are because I know you’re somewhere above. You passed away on Easter, but I believe you’re watching over us.

Happy Easter, dad. We’ll always think of you with love from all of us down here. Oh, I don’t understand why you had to go up there. But I know you are in a better place, where you feel happy.

Dad, the words can’t be said, how I long to be with you. Yet you’re never far because I feel you around me at all times.

Dad, you are so welcome in heaven. Home is where your heart is, and the pictures here won’t ever seem the same.

Dad, happy easter in heaven, with all of Jesus’s angels and god’s angels.

Hi dad! I’m missing you dearly today. Happy Easter in heaven with mom.

Dad, I know you are in heaven with Jesus. But I miss you so much today and always.

Happy Easter, dad. I miss you more than I ever could. But I know you are celebrating with Jesus.

Dad, on this beautiful Easter morning, I’m thinking of you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you’d tell me your jokes, I feel your hugs and kisses. So, where are we? Up above the clouds? We miss you.

Dad, I’m so happy to have a father like you. A dad who’s always strong and never gives up. You’re the best dad ever and always there. I love you.

One of the best joys of life is having a dad. We miss you, dad.

Dad, you were my hero in life, and now you are my hero in death. Your memories are forever in my heart.

Dad, in heaven, I feel your presence. I miss your hugs, kisses, and your embrace. But most of all, your comforting smile.

Final thought

Easter is a time of year that can be particularly hard for those who have lost loved ones, especially if they died unexpectedly. 

Regardless of your beliefs, it can still be very nice to find a bit of spiritual inspiration while celebrating the holiday and making sure we never forget the people we love who are no longer with us in our physical lives. Hopefully, these quotes help you do just that.

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