50 Easter Quotes for My Daughter 2022

We all have much to be thankful for and the ability to spend time with our loved ones or see a beautiful sunrise; both are gifts that we sometimes take for granted. 

Easter is a time for children, family, and sharing chocolate eggs. There is something special about Easter, with its promise of new life. It’s also a time when we remember those dear to us – and who don’t have the chance to be with us on this special day.

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Here are some easter quotes for my daughter to make her smile.

Happy Easter Quotes for My Daughter

1. Easter is a period to remember the past and look to our future. Hope is a powerful thing, and I hope for a better tomorrow, a peaceful world, and a happier you and me. Have a happy Easter.

2. My love for you is like the flowers that bloom in the spring, and your smile is like the sun that shines in the sky. I love you, dear. Enjoy your Easter.

Easter Quotes for My Daughter
Easter Quotes for My Daughter

3. How I love you, you’ve brought me so much joy. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. Happy Easter, darling.

4. Happy Easter! What do I have to offer? I can only give you love, and I hope that’s enough.

5. Easter bunny came early this year strapped with chocolate. I feel blessed knowing you’re delighted to spend this Easter with love and tenderness.

6. She’s so precious, innocent, and my daughter; I love you so much. Have a memorable Easter.

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7. My daughter is a perfect human in this world, and there is no other person like her. I love her, and even though she makes mistakes, I will always love her no matter what. I wish you a colorful easter celebration, baby.

8. A bond that can never be broken and can’t be sold is what I have for my sweet child. You’re my daughter, and I wish you the best of this season.

9. To my daughter, you are my reason for living. A smile from you makes my day. A hug from you makes my night brighter. A kiss from you makes my heart full. A gift from you makes my world better. Have a lovely Easter.

10. My dear child, the day you were born, the angels above were singing with joy. They said we’d never seen such a beautiful child. We’re confident she’ll grow to be a loving mother and wife.

11. Easter is such a special day, and it’s filled with hope and joy. I love all the fun it brings, but I enjoy it because it brings me opportunities to share time with you, my daughter.

12. Where do I begin? This paragraph is for my special girl, who lights up my life. I wish you the best of this colorful easter.

13. My daughter, my love for you is eternal. I love to sit beside you as we share food and laughter once again.

14. My daughter, you’ve been away for far too long, this is a day for family, but I still hope you come home.

15. Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m so very proud of you as a mother, and I love you dearly. I hope your day is filled with bliss, my sweet child.

16. I always think of you as a baby by morning, an adult by night. Speak not a word to me, point to the sky, and I’ll know immediately that you are thinking of me. I love you.

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17. Often I wonder, as Easter approaches, how you’ve grown so much and how we’ve come this far. You’re a blessing, and I wish you happiness and joy.

18. My darling, I wonder what your thoughts are. How much do you know that I love you? Do you feel it, do you understand it? I hope you do. Happy Easter, baby!

19. God gave you to me, a child with a sweet smile, always happy to be with me, with loving grace. I love you more and more. 

20. Your smile is like the dew, just as beautiful and new, and when you’re happy, I’m so glad too! Happy Easter, darling.

21. Can you imagine how I felt when you were born? The way I felt when I saw your tiny little body? The love I felt inside was like the sun on a spring day. I wish you a happy Easter.

22. The kids have grown up and have moved away, but I still have that joyful spring in my heart, a feeling of love and family, this wonderful time of year, my children are my pride and joy. I miss you. Happy Easter.

23. Eggs, chocolate, candy, bunnies, thank you for the fun and laughs, have a good easter, don’t overeat candy.

24. Daffodils are yellow, and the grass is green. I love you to the moon and back again, baby.

25. My beautiful daughter, you’re a shining star. I love you as my life is for you. See my mind as a daily diary of thoughts. As a staple part of my life, you’re always on my mind.

Happy Easter Daughter Quotes

26. When you were born, I was the happiest person. I loved you before you figured out what your name is. And many years later, I love you more than I thought was possible. I wish you a beautiful Easter.

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27. Easter is approaching, and our family will be in full bloom. You’re the sunshine in our home, and we’ll be making your favorite meal and eating it together. We love you.

28. My darling daughter, how I wanted you, how I wanted to hold you when you were born. It’s a blessing to experience another easter with you.

29. No matter how old you get, I love you, and you’ll always be mommy’s little girl and always have a special place in mommy’s heart.

30. Easter day is here already, and I know you grew up long ago, but I hope you’re with me to enjoy this special day. I wish you happiness and fulfilment in all you do.

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31. Dear (Daughter), Easter reminds me of our walk through the meadow, we passed, and you found some eggs. You threw them, but it’s ok. I still love you.

32. “I love you, and this is why. I love how you say “hi,” how you sing and dance, your little nose, and your eyes—happy Easter, baby.

33. Dear daughter, I love you, I think of you every day, I hope you know that you’re my world, I pray your life will always be bright, and I wish you a happy easter with loads of love.

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34. I do not talk to you much, but you’re on my mind. Happy Easter, baby girl.

35. Even though I am not physically with you, the thoughts of your beautiful smile will always be with me. Have a lovely Easter.

36. My love, you make my life complete. Happy Easter, my beautiful girl. I hope it’ll be a splendid one.

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37. Becka, my love, I hope you have the best easter ever. I’m so proud to call you mine because you’re the best kid anyone can have.

38. Easter brings many happy memories, and it’s a great time to be with family and friends.

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39. Spring is here so is the sun. You and I are the only ones. We are a mother and daughter, and we are so blessed to have each other, understand, love, and support.

40. On Easter Sunday, I think of you at times. I hope your life is grand and that it all comes together in your life someday.

41. Easters are the happiest time of the year. I get to share it with my daughter each year, and I love you more than I can say. Happy Easter, honey

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42. Daughter of my heart, my thoughts are now with you, while, in your Easter dress, your bunny ears will soon be donned.

43. Like a bumblebee, it buzzes around the hive like a horse; it neighs and prances around, like a cat, it romps and rolls around. You are the only thing I can’t appreciate enough for being a sweetheart. Happy Easter.

44. Daughter, you’re my angel, and you’re my only girl. Never a day goes by that I am not grateful for you.


45. Easter is a time of year when all my thoughts are with my daughter. With love, her father.

46. When I look at the sky, it reminds me of her smile. The sun, the moon, and stars shining for her, for we are blessed.

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47. Thoughts of my daughter fill my heart with joy. She’s the light of my life, and I’m the luckiest man alive.

48. Easter is a time to reflect on how special you are and how much I love you. That’s why I want you to know I love you more and more. Happy Easter.

49. Easter is near, and I love you so dear. You’ve made me so happy, and I want to tell you.

50. Thoughts of my daughter (Your name) Run through my head daily. She has grown into a fine lady. We have shared so many years, and we’ve grown together. Happy Easter, baby girl.

Final thought

I hope this list of Easter quotes is helpful to you and that it helps make your Easter celebrations a little brighter. I also hope they help you enjoy the abundant blessings you have in your life, especially your children and loved ones. And lastly, I hope you see the unique role you play in your daughter’s life—one that no one else could play.

Please don’t forget to share these nice quotes with your friends and family if you like them. Have fun!

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