Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships for 2022

If you’re interested in studying in Canada on scholarship this article might be all you need to get started. Canada is among the best countries for foreigners looking to settle or study abroad. You can check out these scholarship opportunities available for you.

Aside from the socio-economic benefits, Canada is among the best academic countries in the world, and they offer scholarships for citizens of African countries.

You have a chance to school in Canada because there are several fully-funded government-sponsored, partnership-based, and private scholarships for international students looking to study in Canada, and we have listed a few of them with details below.’

Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships for Africans

Here are some of the fully funded Canadian Government Scholarships you might be interested to check out.

You will be able to access these scholarships right away and apply if they are open for admission. But, before we list them, there are some of the requirements you should be aware of if you wish to get a scholarship.

Requirements for Canadian Government Scholarships Application

  1. You need a student visa if you’re applying from Africa
  2. A completed scholarship application form
  3. International or National Passport or any other original means of identification
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Curriculum vitae or Resume
  6. Standardized test scores (IELTS/TOEFL) to prove your knowledge of English or French
  7. A letter of recommendation
  8. Copies of transcripts or Diplomas

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You will need these documents and having them around before applying for any of the scholarships we will be listing should be the proper way to start.

Do not forget to contact your school of choice directly for more details about the documents they might ask for.

How To Apply For The Canadian Government Scholarship

  1. Do your research which include finding direct contacts to the proper officials concerning the scholarship programs
  2. Understand and prepare all necessary requirements and documentation
  3. Choose your course and institution
  4. Take the language proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)
  5. Begin scholarship application
  6. Apply to universities
  7. Meet up with the scholarship application deadline.

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It’s important to point out that most of these scholarships are fully funded by the government of Canada, private bodies, or a collaboration between the government and private organizations.

Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships 


The MasterCard Foundation and University of British Columbia partners to provide fully-funded scholarships to international students from Sub-Saharan Africa. Applicants who can select any discipline of study at the University of Colombia.  

The scholarship is aimed to provide education to academically talented, yet economically marginalized young people. 

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The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is a fully-funded Canadian Government Scholarships that offers around 40 scholarships for students who want to study at the University of Toronto. This scholarship also allows you to choose any course of study provided it’s available at the University of Toronto.

While the Lester B Scholarship is primarily intended for international students which include Africans, Canadian students can obtain free loans and scholarships through the Canadian government at the university.

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The University offers a Masters’ or Ph.D. scholarship assistance in any field of your choice. It’s a fully-funded scholarship valued at $ 14,000 per year for 12 or 24 months up to a total of $ 28,000 and is awarded only to approved Masters or Ph.D. students.

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The Global Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships is in partnership with York University to offer a fully-funded scholarship program for international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree from York University and allowing students to choose their field of study provided the school has the course.

There are many scholarships available for Canadian and international students looking to study at York University. These scholarship options are so extensive that almost all students applying to college have a category to apply for with ease.

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The Canadian Partner for International Justice (CPIJ) awards three fully funded scholarships for students mainly from developing countries of Africa and Latin America to attend the Summer School on International Justice and Victims’ Rights at the University of Montreal.

CPIJ offers 3 scholarships of about $ 2,000 each to a graduate student from an affiliated university to attend this school. You can find out all the details from the official website.

Apply Here

Here are the top 5 fully-funded scholarships in Canada for international students. You can make more research to find the one that qualifies for here. 


Canada provides several scholarship opportunities to international students and the country’s academic growth is praised globally. I hope this article assists you to find the right scholarship for you in Canada.

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