God Is My Everything Quotes 2022  

It’s a struggle to believe in God in today’s world. It seems many don’t believe in anything anymore. Even religion seems to be fading away. But the answer to that struggle is more straightforward than many expect.

God has blessed you with a remarkable life. Never lose sight of how wonderful your life is. Since you are alive, you have a reason to be thankful. When you face challenges, remember: God is by your side. Let Him guide you down the path that is right for you.

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God is my everything quotes to motivate you to live life to the fullest. These quotes will help you reflect and inspire you to become the best you could be. Check out these God is everything to me quotes.

God Is My Everything Quotes

God Is My Everything Quotes
God Is My Everything Quotes

“You’ve been my strength in my weakest moments, my shield from the troubles of this world. Because God is with me, I have no reason to freight”.

“There is absolutely nothing in this world I have achieved outside God. He is my inheritance here on earth. His light shines through my path and shows me the way.”

” God is the greatest, and I have no regrets trusting him. He has consistently upheld me so I don’t slip. God kept me as the apple of his eyes. He answers and shows me his loving-kindness.”

” Through the trials and tribulations of the world, he showed up for me. He protected me from those against me. He has been my help from ages past and is my hope for tomorrow”.

” God is amazing, and he always looks down from heaven upon me. In my distress, I called his name, and he heard me. God grants me all my heart desires, and my soul delights in praising him. He is my king, and he is my everything”.

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” There is nobody like you, God. You do mighty things in ways humans can’t comprehend. You give me strength and make my ways perfect. All my life, you’ve never disappointed me. You always keep to your words concerning me”.

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” With God, I have experienced another dimension of love, and there’s no love greater than the love of God. His love is kind, patient, and true. He has been faithful to me even in my most unfaithful state. You have been my God from my mother’s womb, and forever you will be my God”.

” God is good and upright, I trust him, and he has never put me to shame. Even when the whole world is against me, God is always with me. With his help, I’ve overcome situations that ordinarily should have consumed me”.

” God is good and kind to me. He orders my step and has never forsaken me. Because of God, I’m no longer a slave to fear. My paths shine brighter by the day because of his presence in my life. Wonderful are all his works”.

” My heart is filled with joy because there is fullness of joy in the presence of God. God has been so thoughtful and mindful of me, he has proven to be dependable in all circumstances, and I’m blessed to be able to call on him at all times”.

” He always keeps to his promise, and he makes a way where there seems to be no way. He has been my defense and my refuge amid chaos. God is the preserver of my life, and he always protects me from the plots of the wicked. He is awesome in his doings towards me, and he is the God of everything no one like him”.

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” He is a faithful God, the entirety of his word is truth, and there’s no word of his that doesn’t come to fulfillment. There’s absolutely nothing too difficult for him to do, and he makes the impossible possible. You don’t truly know what love is until you know God because he loves genuinely and completely without expecting anything in return”.

” He is merciful and loving. His good deeds and marvelous works are all evident in my life. He blesses me, and I multiply greatly. When it seems like I am threading the wrong path, he leads me back to the right way”.

” The works of God are great, honorable, and full of compassion. God never fails. I have great confidence in him because he has never failed me. Only God blesses without requesting anything in return, and his blessings make me rich and add no sorry”.

” God is my help and my shield. I was pushed violently to fall by the world’s challenges, and God helped me. He is a good God, and all that he does is good. He is my keeper, and he preserves me from all evil schemes”.

” I don’t think I can survive the turbulence of life without God by my side. I’m living in the embrace of heaven, enjoying the goodness of God in my life. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that God is my everything”.

” Words are not enough to explain God’s goodness in my life. He is my life-giver, dream maker, and my help at all times. His love is immeasurable and too deep to comprehend. I walk a new walk with God in my life, and my life is not the same again”.

” Nothing and no one is as important as God in my life. All that I am and have achieved is because of God’s existence. I am what he made me. His light illuminates my paths and makes the crooked ways straight”.

” Every part of my life reflects your amazing work in my life, your love for me is unconditional, and you have never let me down. Counting my blessings day by day and my faith in you expands. God is always faithful and kind. I am never alone because he is always with me”.

” With God by my side, I’m living a happy life filled with pleasure and delight. He has brought endless peace and comfort to my life. His love forever surrounds me. His thoughts towards me are good, and he has consistently helped me fulfill all the dreams my heart cherishes”.

” You’re my strength when I a weak, and when I am down, you pick me up. All my life, you provided all that I ever needed. You give me a new reason to live, and I experience different dimensions of your love each day. I receive more help from you even when I don’t deserve it. You are my all in all”.

” You’ve poured your love on me since I was an infant, and you’ve always been there. It is such an honor to be regarded as yours. You changed my life for good, you set me up from falling, and now my life is brand new. I’m eternally grateful for you, God”.

” I’ve known him as a father and a friend. He has been so kind and loving to me. Even on the darkest nights, he is close like no other. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Whatever he says he will do, that is what he’ll do. Nobody as consistent and dependable as God”.

” You’re an amazing God, and you fill my heart with so much peace and joy. You always come through for me even when I expect it, and you’re always by my side. Even when my heart is racing, I look up to you, and you come through for me. Through the pressures of life, you remain God”.

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” I’m in awe of your love for me, and I’m lost for words to say how much I’m grateful for your love. Because of you, nothing in this world matters. You’re all I need to have a beautiful life, and everything revolves around you”.

” You’re a powerful God, and none can be compared to you. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve your love and kindness, your love is consistent, and it keeps coming after me. You bless the works of my hands and make my little efforts seem like a big deal. I love how you love me, God”.

” He watches over me at all times and treats me like I’m the only one who matters. God is so gracious and merciful to me. He loads me with benefits daily. Time after time, you have proven to be amazing with your jaw-dropping deeds”.

” God is so intentional about me, and he orders his angels to protect me wherever I go. I was in my lowest moments, but God stood beside me and gave me strength. In my pain, he is my strength. In my trial, he is my guide, and in trouble, he is my helper”.

” God is the only one that has never left me, and whenever my hope is lost, I am reminded that he has more beautiful plans for me. Even when I am perplexed, I’m not driven to despair. For every situation that stresses me, he fixes”.

” God is my source, the only answer to everything and all mysteries around me. He is the divine immortal power I rely on to get me through all my activities in this world. In him, I live, move, and have my being”.

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” Words are not sufficient to fully capture God’s importance to me. To capture it in a sentence will be to underrate the power of his supreme love and provision over me. He is love, and he is my lifeline, my life support, the only one that loves me more in my imperfections. He is my all in all”.

“God is my everything because He is the only one who gives meaning to my existence.” He’s my everything because His Presence is with me all the time. God is the source of my strength, and He’s my everything when I feel lonely and afraid. I trust in Him.

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Final thought

In summary, “God Is My Everything Quotes” are short but worth remembering wihile life treats you either good or bad. These are quotes to appreciate God in your life.

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