50 Good Evening Messages for Her – Quotes and Images

There are many ways to make this night an unforgettable one for the one you love, but one of them is sending some good evening messages for her. There are quotes and images also available to make your girlfriend smile.

It feels like it was just yesterday that you were sending her good morning messages. Now that it’s evening and the sun is about to set, you should send her a message or quote to let her know you are thinking of her. Good evening messages for her should be thoughtful and sincere.

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To make her feel special, you shouldn’t send her a message that could make her feel like you are trying to get something from her. For instance, a message that begins with “I love you” isn’t ideal. It would be best if you focus on what you appreciate about her.

Night is the time when you can relish your time to be with your love. It’s time to text your girlfriend or wife, thanking her for being there with you all through the day. No matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, night is a time to reflect on all the good things that have happened during the day and appreciate them. It’s a time to put aside all the day’s problems and think about all the good things that happened in the day.

Good Evening Messages for Her

1. You have been on my heart
All through the day, I feel several kinds of feelings. Sometimes I feel like screaming, and the other time I only smile to myself. You’ve been on my heart all day. Good evening.

2. Rays of the setting sun
The evening will fill up your glass of life and make your worries and fears of the day disappear. I wish you the best out of this tantalizing rays of the setting sun.

3. Much more than a feeling
You’ve always been my number one, morning,  afternoon, and evening. My love for you isn’t just a feeling. It’s much more than a feeling and will stay forever.

4. The sweetest of wishes
The evening prepares you for the beauty of the night. So pull your daily troubles aside as the best is about to come. I will send the sweetest of wishes to you as soon as I see the stars.

5. How wonderful my day was
Evenings may mean little or nothing to some people, but not for me because it’s that beautifully cute spot between the harsh light of the day and the darkness of the night. The spot to reminisce on how wonderful my day was with you.

6. Remember, I love you
Enjoy your evening with an open heart because this particular moment may not come again. Share love and show care to those that matter. And always remember, I love you.

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7. Perfect moment to relax
Evenings are the best moment of the day only if you observe. The morning is filled with hurries and afternoon, slow and dull. But the evening? Perfect moment to relax.

8. You’re the balance
I love you like the evening sun, mild more than the moon that brings the cold breeze. My love is on a balance level, and you’re the balance in my life. I love you.

9. Closer to you this evening
Evenings are the perfect explanation of one being closer to her dreams. I’m closer to you this evening because I can’t think of anything else.

10. Like the evening
You are there for me as the sun rises and sets. When the stars appear and disappear, you will still be there for me when the clouds gather and wither. You have always been for me like the evenings. I love you.

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11. You are among the few
Many started the day with joy, and a few ended with a smile. I’m sure you’re among the few because all I prayed for was that beautiful smile not to leave your face. Good evening.

12. My love for you
The day is closed to being over, but my love for you is just getting started. All day, you have been on my heart, and you will remain there forever.

13. You have been on my heart
Do I live in your heart? Because you have been on my heart yesterday, today, and forever. You’re forever, my darling. Hope you had a great day.

14. All through the day
Hope you enjoyed the goodness of the day because I prayed for every good thing you met all through the day.

15. My angel this evening
You have been a special boo in the morning, my sweetheart in the afternoon, and my angel this evening. I love you, baby.

16. I want to know
While the day winds up, you remain the only thing I think about at the moment. How did your day go? I want to be sure it was your best.

17. Good evening dear
All through the day, I know you glitters like gold, smiling and making everything beautiful. Nothing compares to your beauty. Good evening, dear.

18. Hope your day was great
With you by my side, I’m sure of better days ahead. Let the evening sunshine remind you of my eternal love for you always. Good evening, cute face. I hope your day was great.

19. My feelings for you
All through my stay on earth, I will strive like the tree, not only to grow but to give you the fulfillment you deserve. My feelings for you remain yet untouched. Good evening, my love. I believe you are doing great.

20. How great tomorrow will be
Enjoy the cool breeze the evening brings, forget about the day’s worries, and focus on plans of how great tomorrow will be. Remember that every lost opportunity is a ladder upwards to achieve your goals. Good evening, baby.

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21. Precious thing in my life
The deep silent darkness of the night is coming. Can you please be my sunshine? You’ve been the precious thing in my life, and I will keep loving you. You mean so much to me, baby.

22. I will always be here
Smile and celebrate the evening with openness and gladness. I’ll always be here for you as well as be your only Superman. Keep smiling and make your evening from just an ordinary day to a fun-filled day. You remain the light in my world. Shine on.

23. How much I love you
May your evening be so special that you doubt no more, and may my love for you remain visible to show the world how much I love you. Have a nice evening, my dear.

24. My love is here for you
When you feel like giving up, bear in mind that everything comes and goes. The sun, the rain and others, never stay forever, but my love is here for you, and nothing will make me leave you. Ever.

25. Good evening baby
Every evening is now amazing. Thanks to you for the love that has always been with me. May the evening breeze never depart from your life as long as we keep loving each other. Good evening, baby.

Good Evening Quotes and Images for Her

26. You changed my life
My evenings are filled with expectations ever since we met.
It has become the moment I continuously look out of the window, waiting to get a knock from the door.
You change my evening, and you change my life for the better.

27. Be motivated with this ray
Look up to the sky and see the beauty that the evening sun has created with its rays.
Be motivated with this ray. See it as a ray of hope that comes up to console and ginger you up for a greater tomorrow.
Good evening, dear. I know today was fantastic.

28. During the evening
May you feel the joy in the air. I’m happy because I have someone I look up to see during the evening.
You’ve given a different meaning to my evenings, and I must confess, I have never felt such a thing before.
Good evening.

29. My world forever
Every evening should be good and happiness-filled when you have an angel to text.
You’ve been my world forever. Hope you had an amazing day. I can’t wait to be there with you.
Have fun, darling.

30. Someone somewhere thinks of you
May the presence of the evening sun materialize all your wishes.
Keep glowing in whatever you do and always know that someone, somewhere, always thinks of you.
Good evening, sweetheart.

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31. The thought of you
The evening is a perfect moment to share with the ones we love and reflect on how the next day’s activities will be.
I hope your day was smile-filled because just the thought of your smiling face kept bubbling on my heart all day. Good evening.

32. All evening
My love for you springs up in the morning, remains evergreen for you in the afternoon, and is completely yours all evening.
Baby, I’m all yours. Have a pleasant evening. I love you.

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33. The magic behind my successful days
All through the day, these three sets of words, “I love you,” have been on my lips because I do love you.
I want to show you how my love for you burns, even during the winter.
You’ve been the magic behind my successful days.
Thank you, baby, for being the best. Good evening.

34. The wonderful feeling
If there is nothing spectacular this evening, go out into the garden or on the balcony and enjoy the awesome feeling the evening breeze brings.
There is no feeling that beats enjoying this breeze and thinking of all our sweet moments.

35. My love is forever yours
How are you this evening, my love? Let’s use this moment on this beautiful evening to forget the worries riddled pasts and enjoy the present.
Pray for the future, build on hope and optimism, for my love is forever yours.

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36. Evenings are the best
Every moment shared with you, morning, afternoon, or evening is the best.
Thank you for making my day a wonderful one.
Have a good evening, my dearest one. We will be together forever.

37. Enjoy the moment
When it’s evening, the cool breeze and a little drink are enough to lead to a great night.
Hope you will be coming to join me this evening, let’s enjoy this moment because it’s not going to come again. Be good, baby.

38. You add spice to my life
My plans for the evening with you is to grab a couple of bites and have the most unforgettable laughs with you as always.
You’ve always added spice to my life.
Let’s have a swell evening, baby.

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39. Good evening, my dear
The ray from the evening sun discloses just one thing, the fore coming dawn of new dreams and ambitions of great persons like you.
Good evening, my dear. Have a blissful night’s rest in advance.

40. An amazing evening
Your daily track record states that, since you had the most awesome morning ever and an excellent afternoon, get ready for an amazing evening.
It’s going to be a memorable one, baby. Hope the day was fantastic. Good evening, my love.

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41. The beautiful twilight
I love the evening because I have enough time to relax and think of you.
Take a deep breath, and make sure the day’s worries are cleared from your mind.
Now, focus your gaze on the beautiful twilight. Enjoy soul-searching, baby. Good evening.

42. Spend my evening with you
The evening is perfect for romantic dates, fun night outs, beautiful sunsets, and candle-lit dinners.
Which out of the following do you wish for this evening?
I will love to spend my evenings with you.

43. The sun is my witness
You’re my number one in the morning, afternoon, and all evenings.
I’ll always remind you because my love for you is here to stay.
The tantalizing ray of the evening sun is my witness.


44. An evening with you
May the worries and fears that come with the day disappear this evening.
Let’s get prepared for the sweet dreams the night will bring.
An evening with you is all my day needs to feel alive. I love you, baby.

45. Be your best
Let out the bitter worries of the day.
Enjoy the cute spot between the afternoon’s hot sun and the dead darkness of a cold night.
Be your best because the evening is always there to be enjoyed. Have a wonderful evening.

46. Everything to you
Share your evening coffee with that special one who means everything to you.
The evening has everything to make a love life glow. I wish I’m sharing a cup of coffee with you right now.

47. It will rise tomorrow
There is the evening sun shining and letting out a promise that if it goes down, it will rise again tomorrow.
There is always a better tomorrow, so keep your stress at bay and enjoy the evening feeling.
You are my darling.

48. I love you so much
Today has been an awesome day, and a blissful evening sets in.
I want to wish you the best of the evening. I know your day was great. The morning and afternoon were not enough for me to say, “I love you so much.”
Have a good evening.

49. Kiss you good evening
The evenings are the most romantic part of the day.
I’ll spend all of it with you, because you are the most awesome person to be with.
I may not be there to say good morning or good night, but I will come to kiss you good evening.

50. Looking forward
Evenings are best for unwinding and chilling.
I’m looking forward to spending the greater part of this evening with you.
I look forward to having you in my arms again.
Good evening, love.

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