50 Happy Easter Quotes and Pics 2022

Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Sunday to Christians, is a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion. The holiday has its roots in pagan traditions dating back to the ancient spring festival. Naturally, there’s much Christian symbolism involved with Easter Sunday. Knowing these symbols and their significance when planning an Easter celebration is essential.

We’ve all seen quotes about everything – quotes on love, family, life, and faith but today we will talk about the time of year when the grass is green and flowers are in bloom — Easter. I have gathered some happy easter quotes to share with your loved ones.

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Easter Quotes and Pics

Happy Easter Quotes and Pics
Happy Easter Quotes and Pics

The easter is here, the sun is shining, and the whole world around us has cheered up. Do you have something to cheer up your friends or family? Here are some of the best happy Easter quotes and pics to spread the love.

1. It’s Easter time! Spring is in the air, the bunny is on the loose, but more than anything, I wish you lots of love and a happy Easter day.

2. Love is like the wind, it’s unpredictable and wild, and it whispers words of kindness. It’s another easter to spread love and care.

3. Easter is a time for family and love. The bunny symbolizes rebirth and a new beginning for every new life.

4. It was his love for humanity that saved us all from sin. I wish you a lovely Easter.

5. Jesus died on the cross to save us all from our sins because our sins separate us from the love we all share with Jesus. Hallelujah!

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6. Happiness is our true nature, and love is how we keep it. – C. Joybell C.

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7. Love from God, love to your neighbor, love for those you know, and love for those you don’t know. Happy easter!

8. Happy Easter to you, no matter your belief. Have a lovely day!

9. Everyone should be happy this easter. Rejoice with your family, for we’ll all move on to a much better place one day.

10. Jesus has risen! He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to everyone! May his love be with you, guide you and protect you, and bring you into his heavenly kingdom.

11. Easter is a time of love and affection. The perfect time to tell everyone you love them.

12. Jesus is the reason for the season he rose from the dead and makes us new; on Easter, we celebrate him.

13. Spring is in the air, and holidays are near, love is all I feel, and the Lord’s spirit has filled me. Happy Easter to everyone.

Happy Easter Quotes
Happy Easter Quotes

14. There is no east or west in Christ, nor enslaver, nor enslaved person, but brothers in one family, and sisters. Happy easter

15. Easter is my favorite holiday. It’s the day of the year when Jesus rose from the dead, resurrected, flew up to heaven, and he is still alive today.

16. Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you have a great day. Enjoy your chocolate eggs and your easter ham.

17. Spring has arrived, the grass has turned green, frogs are croaking, birds are singing, everywhere I look, I see happiness, and I wish you a happy Easter.

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18. Easter is my favorite holiday, its so full of cheer. While we’re waiting for the bunny, let’s all eat a chocolate egg.

19. I appreciate you all and happy Easter to you all. Let’s hope this day goes well.

20. Happy Easter, everyone; I hope you all have a great day. Easter is a special day because Christ died for you, and your sins are forgiven.

21. Happy Easter to all my friends, family, and niece; I love you guys; may God bless you and keep you safe.

22. Everyone is special. Everyone deserves to be loved, and everyone has a purpose. May we all be blessed and happy this Easter.

23. Happy Easter, everyone! Rejoice our christ has risen, with hope, peace, and love within, this blessed day, heaven’s light, is now upon us, and may it never fade.

24. Easter is a time to give love in many ways, whether a greeting, smile or a simple “I love you today.” Happy easter!

25. I wish you a happy easter. Rejoice, for we have our lord, Jesus Christ, back from the dead.

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26. I love you all, beautiful people! Thank you for sharing this day with me. I love you all.

27. A basket full of easter eggs, a bunny, a basket full of treats, a flower, a bird, a basket full of affection, a beautiful day full of hope. I wish you a lovely Easter celebration.

28. Jesus is the reason for the season. His death on the cross will forever be remembered as the love and sacrifice for all of us.

29. Easter’s here, and it’s time to rejoice! It’s a time for all to have an egg-citing day!

Happy Easter Quotes Images
Happy Easter Quotes Images

30. Easter is a time for love, new beginnings, hope, and life. Remember your loved ones that have passed, the ones that we cherish and love, and love yourself instead of hurting yourself.

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31. The Easter bunny has brought so much joy to this Easter day. I hope the death and resurrection of Christ bring you something you will never forget. Happy easter!

32. Easter bunny, hoppy easter, we love you, we hope you had a good one.

33. Happy Easter to you, filled with happiness, love, and peace.

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34. Love is the key, and love will get us through. Let us remember where we have come from. It’s a beautiful Easter.

35. Happy Easter to all. I hope you have a great one. Enjoy the bright sunny days and the warmth from the sun’s rays.

Easter Quotes and Pics
Easter Quotes and Pics

36. The sun’s warmth, the smell of the grass, the colors of the rainbow, and the beauty of life all make today a beautiful day. 

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37. As we all gather to celebrate what Easter is all about, I want to say happy Easter to each of you, my friend.

38. Happy Easter, everyone. May today bring you eternal joy. May the love of Christ last for you year long and year after year.

39. Easter is a day of love and caring. May god’s grace be with you on this particular day and every other day of your life.

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40. There are many big and small beings, happy easter to you all, may you have a year full of happiness and love, and may your day be filled with joy and peace.

41. “Life is short, and there is no time to waste. There’s no time to hate or cause anyone pain. So live each day, as if it’s your last for tomorrow may never come.”

42. Today is a day of celebration. Let us all remember the reason for this day of joy. It’s not about the Easter egg hunt; it’s about Jesus’s resurrection.

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43. Chickens are walking, chicks are pecking, hens are cackling, bunnies are running, eggs are hatching, baskets are gathering, happy Easter!

44. It’s the holiday season; let me be the one that says happy easter to all. May this holiday be a time of love and peace.

Happy Easter Pics
Happy Easter Pics

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45. It’s a happy Easter, a day of love and happiness, a day of hope and happiness, a day of living and happiness, a day of peace and happiness, a day of sharing and happiness, a day of joy and happiness, and a day of awesomeness.

46. For all who read this verse and those who love and care. Whether you’re young or old, love is a gift you must cherish and hold.

47. Every bunny, easter egg, rainbow, sing a happy day, happy easter to everyone.

48. Happy Easter, love is in the air for all to share, from our families to friends.

49. Jesus walked upon the water; he walked upon the sand, and he’ll walk through our lives someday and take away our sins.

50. I’m thankful to be alive, with lovely people in my life who are giving and kind, loving and caring. It’s a beautiful Easter.

51. Easter is a time of new beginnings for people all around the world. With new life, and new experiences, to spread our love and peace.

52. A time of kindness, a time of happiness, a time of family, and a time of love and joy. It is Easter, and I wish you a time of happiness and fulfilment.

53. To all, I wish you a pleased Easter. And, may you all have a very blessed day.

54. “Happy Easter to you” Easter is a particular time to remember the day when Christ died for our sins; what a unique way to thank him for coming to earth.

Final thought

Whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not, this is a great reminder to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Let’s take a moment to say: happy easter!

Easter is all about celebrating life and joy, being with the people we love, sharing our blessings, etc. So, this Easter, don’t forget to celebrate and cherish the ones you love by making them feel special with your warm wishes and quotes.

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