50 Happy New Year Prayers for Friends and Family 2023

Happy New Year Prayers: The year is coming to an end, so it’s time to start thinking about what the new year will bring. Some people plan to go on holiday, while others plan to travel to new places. Some want to spend more time with loved ones. But for many, the best way to celebrate the new year is to see friends and family. It’s a time to reminisce about past events, enjoy a meal together, or even exchange gifts. But for people to enjoy these things to the fullest, they need to be happy and healthy.

It’s that time of year again! The time when we reflect on what a year has meant to us, and – if you’re anything like me – spend most of the time worrying about what will happen next. If you’re here reading this, I probably don’t have to tell you that the year ahead looks pretty good. If you are looking for Happy New Year Prayers for friends and family, you’ve come to the right place.

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Happy New Year Prayers for Friends and Family

1. It’s a new year, and one you should begin on the promises of God. It will be a beautiful year that will make every day of your life much better than it used to be. Have a wonderful next 365 days.

2. Start the year with a heart full of faith and courage because that’s an incredible way to start this beautiful year. The remaining days of this year will be memorable for you and your loved ones.

Happy New Year Prayers for Friends and Family
Happy New Year Prayers for Friends and Family

3. Thank God for such a beautiful beginning. It’s a blessing to witness such a sunny first day of the year. It will be a year of opportunities and awesomeness. 

4. God is the reason things have gone this far, and every new day is an opportunity to thank him for loving us beyond our understandings. Have a lovely brand new year of bliss.

5. It’s a year of divine breakthrough, and every area of your life will be touched by the awesomeness of God. May every new day in the next 365 days bring us closer to our heart desires. Amen.

6. It will be another year of unprecedented blessings, and the faithfulness of God will be present every day of our lives. Have an incredible new year, dear.

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7. Here are my prayers for you in this colorful year; open doors, unending favor, and beautiful unforgettable memories for you and those that matter to you. Happy new year, friend.

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8. Every year comes with its challenges, but you and those dear to you will find the wisdom to navigate through the twists and turns life presents to you. The grace of God will forever abide with you in everything you do.

9. Journeying through the new year will bring your heartfelt desires to reality. You will be a blessing to everyone you come across, and every day of your life will glow in God’s faithfulness. Have a lovely year ahead.

10. Let’s celebrate the feat of making it into another year because it has been one hell of a journey. But despite all the uncertainties, the mercy and love of God have always been sufficient for us. Happy new year and month to you.

11. There are things I am forever grateful for, and one of them is the grace of God in our lives. It’s unexplainable, but I am glad to wish you a happy new year. Have a lovely year of peace, love, and good memories.

12. We will begin this year with love because God’s love for us is never-ending. You’re a terrific friend, and I wish you the best of the year. Enjoy the year in good health and never stop appreciating God for his mercies.

13. There’s nothing more refreshing than knowing how much God has been there for us in the past years. Every new day of this year is an opportunity to appreciate him for never forsaking us. Have a blissful new year.

14. I wish you the best health, love, and peace as you grace every other day of this year. It’s a beautiful year, and the goodness of God will always be there for us.

15. Every new day is a testament to God’s glory and the new year is yet another opportunity to appreciate how far he has brought us. I wish you a joyous year of love and lights. 

Short Prayer for 2023

16. Here comes the year of the total overflow of blessings. Your life is getting uplifted. You’re a child of grace, and amazing things are bound to happen to you for the rest of the year. I wish you a problem-free year.

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17. Looking back on how far we’ve gone has shown how much love God has for you. Being alive today is enough motivation to appreciate Him for his never-ending love and devotion towards us. Have a wonderful new year.

18. I have seen it, and God has ordained this new year to be a blessing. Every day will unlock the gate to an exciting life ahead. Let’s have a year that will be fulfilling in every sense.

19. Be open with your desires because it’s a year of multiple breakthroughs. Last year might not be your best year, but this year will be better. Expect the downpour of blessings both today and forever.

20. The grace of God has been holding us when challenges present themselves. Having faith and being hopeful has kept us alive to witness another year. I wish you bountiful health and a heart filled with joy all year round. 

21. Being able to breathe today is among the things money can’t buy. And to see those that we cherish smile at us is the best thing in the world. I care for you, and I wish you the best year of your life.

I pray that this new day, month, and year starts right and blesses you richly. Every day of this new year will favor you bountifully. It’s a year of wholesomeness and love. You will always get the things you desire. Amen.

23. The rest of the year has been designed by God to uplift and endow your life with blessings. It’s going to be the best year ever, and you will complete it in good health and peace. Happy new year, dear.

24. Begin the year with all the positivity you can find because positive energy attracts good things. Show kindness to everyone you meet on your quest to actualize your goals because God has shown love to us without relenting. Have a fantastic new year.

25. Today is the first day of the year and will be your first step into elevation. The goodness and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ will always place you higher than human comprehension. Happy new year, dear.

26. Dear God, bless the person reading this text on the first day of the year. Make the rest of this person’s life better than it already was. Do all these, and may your name be magnified always. Amen.

27. We saw the awesomeness of God last year, and we will see more this year. It’s going to be the beginning of your best life, and I hope you’re expecting the best of peace, love, and fulfillment? Happy new year, dear.

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28. The grace of God has always been visible to us all through the blessings we experience daily. Let’s be thankful for the privilege to be alive and appreciate God for always being there for us. Have a memorable new year.

29. May the blessings and guidance of God be visible in your life as we step into a new year. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will always abide with you in all your dealings. Happy new year, dear.

30. While we might want to count the things we lost, it’s vital to recall that what’s behind cannot compare with the promises of God. It will be a memory-filled new year, and I am happy to have you on board.

Prayer for the Past Year

Since we cannot know what the future holds, it is helpful to focus on what we have now. This year, I want to focus on family, friends, and the people I cherish. I want to pray for those I love and want to help them during this new year. I will ask God for good health, happiness, and prosperity for the people around me. Prayer for my loved ones is a great way to start the year.

31. It has been a wonderful previous year. The challenges the past year threw at us made it worthwhile. I am happy to be alive today, and it’s incredible to share the beginning of this new year with you.

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Prayer for the start of a new year
Prayer for the start of a new year

32. The previous year brought many shades of colors to our lives, but amid every challenge is an opportunity to grow. I am glad we made it over to another year, and we pray that God blesses us with the strength to keep living.

33. Thank God for a year like 2021 and thank God for being there for us during the ups and downs. Looking back to everything the previous year brought to us is enough to appreciate God for the rest of our lives. Thank God for everything.

34. There are so many lessons we learned from the previous year, and we had many reasons not to doubt the love of God in our lives. It was a beautiful year, and I am happy you’re alive to agree with me⏤Happy new year.

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35. For all the wins we had in the previous year, we are grateful to God, and we hope that the new year will present us with the chance to make the rest of our lives the best of our lives. Cheers to another brand new year.

Happy New Year Prayer Points

Prayer Point One: Prayer for Wisdom

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Short Prayer: My Father in heaven, I worship your name because there’s none like you in all of the earth. You are the God above all gods, and may your name be highly exalted, amen⏤As you’ve granted Solomon his wishes for wisdom. I ask you for the wisdom to navigate through this new year. I’m aware that knowledge comes with understanding, and I know you will provide me with both. Thank you for answering my prayers. Amen.

Prayer Point Two: Prayer for Protection

Short Prayer: Lord Jesus, from the beginning of this year to its end, let your eyes of protection be always on me and my entire household. It is said in the holy book that if God does watch over a city, the watchmen stay out in the night in vain. You’re the King of heaven that sees everything. We call on you to watch our paths as we journey through life today and every other day of the year. It is a year of divine protection for me and my entire household.

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Prayer Point Three: Prayer for Success

Short Prayer: Behold! I shall do a new thing this year; the work of my hands shall be celebrated all over the world because I believe in Christ, and I know he will bless me. The poverty of any sort will not be my portion because I am stepping into a brand new year of progress. I will harvest the reward for my works that will make me smile. You are King forever, and I know this year will leave me better than it found me. Amen.

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What is a good prayer for the new year?

A good prayer for the new year is one you start with appreciation for the things you have and end with good wishes of health, love, peace, prosperity, and wisdom to navigate through the challenges the new year will present to you and your loved ones.


In summary, it is a time for new beginnings and the start of a year in which we strive to make our dreams a reality. I hope that this year brings happiness to your family, peace to your heart, and fulfillment of your dreams. We may not have total control over our destiny, but we can certainly take responsibility for our happiness. Share with us some of your new year prayers.

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