100 Happy Sunday Wishes for Her – Texts for Girlfriend

Here are the sweet Happy Sunday wishes for her and all the Sunday text messages to send to your girlfriend. This content is regularly updated because we know how much it means to make your girl feel loved on a Sunday.

Hurray! It’s Sunday again, and you need the sweetest happy Sunday wishes messages for your girl. Scroll down to get all the Sunday wishes, messages, and quotes.

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Happy Sunday Wishes for Her

1. I feel the love in my heart, and I have joy in my world. I’m fulfilled having you by my side. Happy Sunday, baby, and I wish you the best of this awesome day.

2. All the good things in the world you deserve and more for giving me the best love ever. I can’t love you enough, and I wish you a beautiful Sunday.

Sweet Sunday Wishes for Her
Sweet Happy Sunday Wishes for Her

3. You’re the perfect one for me. No mistaking, you’re the most adoring girl I wished for long ago. Thank you for being my girl. Happy Sunday, girl.

4. Today is Sunday. I pray for all your wishes to come true, and may your life be complete with goodies. I love you every day, my sweetheart.

5. I mean all I say when I tell you how much you mean to me. You’re special, and you know that. Happy Sunday, love. Welcome to another wonderful day.

6. I can’t do much without you because I miss you badly. Today won’t be promising if I don’t say “Happy Sunday” to one important person in the world. Have a lovely day.

7. All your prayers for today have been answered because you’re here in my world. Thank you for being special. I will love you for the rest of my life.

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8. For loving me this much, I will write your name on my heart forever. For being the best and still the best, I will let the world know that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Sunday, my love.

9. My love will forever be for you. You own a spot in my heart that no one can fit in, and forever, I will cherish the days I share with you. Happy Sunday, dear.

10. I’m looking forward to sharing a wonderful future with you. You will be my wife, and I will be your husband. Together we will be forever. Happy Sunday.

11. On a beautiful sunny day like this, I wish you nothing less than the best. Have a gracious Sunday, my sweetie.

12. Open your eyes to happiness and good health of the day, for you’re special to someone. May the Sunday be better than the ones you had in the past. Cheers to a beautiful day.

13. This Sunday comes with no worries, no fears, and joy. So relax and enjoy every bit of it because you deserve every good thing, baby. Happy Sunday.

14. Sunday is a great gift of rest for every human, so be grateful to God for making today stand out of other days. Good morning.

15. Have the sweetest and perfect Sunday, my dear. It’s always fun having a lovely person to text on a perfect Sunday. You’re a diamond, and I love you forever.

16. I wish you bundles of joy as you step into this Sunday morning. You will always have reasons to keep smiling all through the day. Good morning and happy Sunday.

17. State your expectations from this beautiful Sunday morning because expectations lead to experience. Enjoy the adventure that faces you ahead.

18. Let this Sunday morning be brighter than your past. Remember that the future holds more than you can imagine. Welcome to a day of possibilities. Happy Sunday.

19. I am missing you today and wishing you a happy Sunday morning. Here’s another day to create more unforgettable memories. Have the most fantastic day.

20. May you experience so many special memories. This beautiful day will never go to waste because it’s going to be a great day.

Happy Sunday Wishes to My Love

21. Every day is beautiful, but Sundays are more special because I reflect on how much God’s blessings and your love have made my life the best thing on earth.

Happy Sunday Wishes to My Love
Happy Sunday Wishes to My Love

23. Here is a gift from nature. A beautiful day to relax because we have been having the rest of the week as workdays. Happy Sunday to you.

24. Welcome to a brand new Sunday morning as beautiful as your smile. You’re the one for me anytime and every day because you’re the one for me.

24. Happy Sunday to the girl with the cutest smile as beautiful as the morning sun. May you learn and do new things today to have a productive day. Good morning.

25. May the rise of the morning sun usher in the blessings and goodness of God in your life. You will have so many good reasons to smile always.

26. Today is your day. A day of possibilities and goodwill. As you step out to have an awesome moment with friends and family, wear the most beautiful smile in the world.

27. Do you have prayers? Create one now and ask God for anything because he is ready to grant all your heart desires. Have an amazing day.

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28. We thanked God for all the wonderful days we had, and he decided to bless us with this bright day. Opening your eyes to see today is your first achievement for the day. Step out and achieve other awesome feats.

29. May today give you three things, love, happiness, and peace. Whoever you have in contact with today, make sure you share these gifts with them because you don’t know whose life you will be a blessing.

30. Have a delightful Sunday that will prepare you for the events that will unfold in the coming week. Have a relaxing Sunday morning, my angel.

31. Put God first, then relax and watch him handle today and every day of your life. Today is specially made to relieve you of your stress.

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32. Your happiness is my priority, and your health is my concern. You’re the best thing I wouldn’t want my heart to stop thinking about. Have a beautiful happy Sunday morning.

33. Have fun with those who mean the world to you because Sunday mornings unlock the gates of happiness, love, and wellbeing. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

34. I wish you an amazing Sunday celebration. Every day is worth celebrating, but today is more worthy because it is the most awesome day of the week. Happy Sunday morning, my dear.

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35. It’s another Sunday morning to reach out to those who ain’t regular in our lives and let them know that they are remembered. Here is a warm good morning greeting for you, my princess.

36. Happy Sunday morning to my baby. It doesn’t matter what today is because every day is beautiful when you’re by my side. Happy Sunday, my love.

37. My assurance covers you. I promise to love you as much as God loves you. I’m not replacing God’s love, but I am making sure that you don’t lack sweet doses of love every day.

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38. My love is for you, Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday. I love you much more because you’re the best human that I have ever had in my life. Have a beautiful happy Sunday morning.

39. Welcome to an amazing happy Sunday morning that is devoid of worries and filled with the assurance of blessings. You’re sure going to have a memorable day.

40. Whatever the day brings, feel proud to have gone through the day because the experiences we gather with each day’s passing make the rest of our lives more enjoyable. Have a happy Sunday morning.

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Sunday Morning Wishes for Her

41. Your presence in my life has brought so much peace and happiness to me. My love for you gets stronger each passing day, and I can’t stop thinking of you. Happy Sunday, my love, may this day usher you into a great and fruitful week.

42. To the woman who has my heart now and forever, happy Sunday. May this day fill you with the motivation to start the week. Have a Wonderful Sunday, my love.

43. On this Sunday morning, there’s one person on my mind, and it’s you, honey. I can’t stop thinking of you, and I wish you were right here with me, clinging onto my arms like you always do. Do have a blissful Sunday, my love.

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44. Happy Sunday, my love. May this Sunday be as beautiful as you’ve made my life and as happy as you have made me. You’re a sweetheart I don’t deserve, yet I’m blessed with you for the rest of my life. I love you, baby.

45. Happy Sunday, darling. May this Sunday bring brightness and happiness to your life. As you keep making my life the best thing in the world, every day of your life will remain colorful until eternity. Have a wonderful time today, and a great week ahead.

46. You are my God sent because you complete my life. My Sunday can’t be complete without me sending my sincerest wishes to you, my love. May this Sunday be a great one that ushers you into a wonderful week. Happy Sunday, my love.


47. You are one reason I wake up every day with a grateful heart. Your presence in my life has brought love, happiness, and peace of mind. On this day, I wish you a joy-filled adventure and a wonderful week ahead of you. Happy Sunday, my love.

48. Happy Sunny day, my love. May the angels pay attention to your heart’s desires on this day. I hope you are blessed with the love and blessings you have brought into my life. Do have a beautiful day and a wonderful week ahead of you.

49. Thought of you fills my mind every morning, and your love fills my heart. I can’t stop thinking of you, my love. I wish you the best of this Sunday. Your day will be as beautiful as you are, and your week will be a blessed one.

50. Here is another day to look forward to a beautiful week. May your Sunday be as beautiful as you make my life. Happy Sunday, my love.

51. Happy Sunday, my lady. May good and wonderful things come your way this day and follow you into the new week ahead. Have a blissful day and forever.

52. I woke up this Sunday morning, and you are the first thing on my mind. Do have a blessed day and a week as beautiful as you are, my dear. Happy Sunday, my love.

53. How lucky I am to have met a soul like yours. Your presence in my life has transformed me in many ways you can’t imagine. Here is me wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a blessed week ahead of you.

54. Happy Sunday, my love. May this day bring the beauty and happiness you have brought into my life. You will remain in my heart now and always. Do have a blissful day that ushers you into a great week.

Sunday Morning Wishes for Her
Sunday Morning Wishes for Her

55. My life has been blessed with your presence, I don’t deserve it, but I have it. May this day be a blessing to you as you have been to me. Happy Sunday, my love. Do have a wonderful week ahead of you.

56. The thought of you was the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning. May this day be a blessing to you and usher you into a week of greatness. Happy Sunday, dear.

57. When I thought I couldn’t love, you came into my life and showed me how to love with every corner of my heart. Now I can’t stop thinking of you because you have been good to my soul, and you have blessed my life with your presence. Happy Sunday, dear.

58. When counting my blessings, I count you twice and more. How you’ve blessed my life, I can’t begin to say or can I explain in words. May this day bless you in every way that you have blessed me. Happy Sunday, my love.

59. There’s no mountain I won’t climb, coming after you. You alone complete my life, and my day would not be complete if I don’t send my deepest wishes to you. This day will bring good tidings and joy into your life. Happy Sunday, my dear.

60. I might be looking okay, but my day wouldn’t be complete or make any sense if I don’t start it by wishing you a wonderful day ahead. May this day bring into your life the beauty you have brought into my life. Have a beautiful week ahead of you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Wishes to My Girlfriend

61. As the sun shines this morning, I hope it brings brightness and sunshine into your life. Happy Sunday, my Angel. I wish you a blissful day and a great week ahead of you.

62. We have dreams in our sleep, and we wake up to see them come true. May this day take you closer to achieving your dream. Happy Sunday, my love. Have a beautiful day that ushers you into a great week.

63. Spending my time with you blesses me so much. Thank you for always being with me when I need you. Happy Sunday, my love. Do have a wonderful day and a great week ahead of you.

64. I hope you start and end your day on a good note. There is a beautiful week waiting for you, and I know that it will be a memorable one. Happy Sunday, my dear.

65. Happy Sunday, my love. As you start the day, do not forget to bless mother earth with your adorable smile and spread warmth to the people you come across, like you always do. I hope you have a great day and a wonderful week ahead of you.

66. Bless today with your presence, and take your sunshine with you to brighten the days of those around. Happy Sunday, my sunshine. I hope you have a sunny Sunday.

67. I can’t stop thinking of you and how you’ve blessed my life with your love. May this day be a blessing to you, like you’ve been a source of happiness to me. Happy Sunday, my love.

68. I’m reminding you how you’re constantly in my thoughts and my heart every day. I hope you feel the same way about me. I’ve missed you, and I can’t wait to see you soon. Happy Sunday, honey.

69. Dear lover of my life. I wish you a happy Sunday. God hears all your prayers today and rewards all of your efforts from the previous week. May the upcoming be a blessed one for you, darling. Happy Sunday.

70. Every Sunday, I give thanks to God for finding physical, mental, and spiritual compatibility, love, care, selflessness, and patience in one human. You are a constant reminder that miracles are no fiction. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you, honey! Happy Sunday.

71. We do make an excellent pair; you and me with matching clothes on Sunday mornings! Thank you for everything, and I appreciate you for building your support system around me. You’re the best for always praying for me. I love you now and always. Happy Sunday, cutie!

72. On this beautiful Sunday, I choose to extend my love, appreciation, and prayers to you, my lover. You made last week super amazing, and I can’t appreciate you enough. I pray all goes well with you today and onwards. Happy Sunday, baby.

73. I sit to reflect on a Sunday like this on how terrible and boring my life would have been if you hadn’t been a part of it. But since I already have you, I can only walk proudly, cherish and pamper my baby girl with kind wishes. Happy Sunday, sweetie.

74. The first time we met, it was on a warm Sunday evening, just like this one. Everything was perfect. The sun had the perfect glow, like your beautiful skin. Honey, I know the week has been hectic for you, but Sundays are for relaxing. Have a lovely day.

75. Thank you for always making my Sundays remarkable. With You, Sundays are never boring. You are such a darling, and I can’t appreciate you enough! Let’s look forward to the best week ever.

76. I never had to find out how challenging it would’ve been without seeing you for seven days in a week. Waking up every day and thinking of you is priceless! You make this journey of life worthwhile, and I love you, my darling.

77. Dear sweetheart, I wish every day was Sunday, so I could have you all to myself. No work, no calls, no interruptions. The world will be silent and held at a standstill while we have the time of our lives.

78. May this Sunday be as bright as my lover’s smile! Sundays are never the same without you in the picture, and I’m blessed to have you around. Happy Sunday, my sweetness!

79. The day is blessed already because of you. The candles are lit, and the table is set with your favorite dish. Your presence is all I need. You’re my answered prayers?

80. May the blessings of the Lord enrich you today and fill your heart with love. Happy Sunday, love! Have a wonderful week ahead.

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