50 Heavy Heart Quotes and Sayings

A collection of heavy heart quotes to show you that it is okay to feel heartbroken and, at the same time, be reminded that not all is lost. 

There is hope after a breakup or heartbreak. This collection of heavy heart quotes reminds you of this fact and comforts you when grieving over your lost love.

I’m sure you know the feeling. We all have heavy hearts sometimes. These heavy heart quotes can help you to get through difficult times.

Heavy Heart Quotes

There is no better inspiration than a heavy heart to find peace and happiness in simple things.

Heavy Heart Quotes
Heavy Heart Quotes

1. So I sit here with a heavy heart, thinking of how everything could be if we didn’t meet.

2. My tear streams flowing like a river because it’s the most sadness I have ever felt. My life and heart are broken in two, and I don’t know if it can be undone.

3. My heart is heavy as I count all the reasons I love you. Sitting here alone thinking of you.

4. It’s sad to say, but some people spend every day of their lives with heavy hearts.

5. Love is a pain, and love is heartache. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, yet sometimes it hits you in your guts when you least expect it.

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6. The darkness is deep, and I sink deeper than ever. I can’t cry anymore, and I can’t smile either. My eyes filled with tears, and it was hard to breathe. When will this all end?

7. I have a heavy heart today. My heart aches, and my tears fall. Just know my heart is beating for you.

8. I love you all because depression isn’t so easy. Love is from a higher high that only heaven can know.

9. When a heavy heart loves another, only another can lighten it with the flames of bliss.

10. What’s the use of hate? What is the use of love? What is the use of life? And what is the point of trying?

11. Baby, you’re there when no one else is around, lifting me so that I won’t fall. Xoxo

12. My heart feels so heavy today. Misfortune hits the one I love, and once again, my heart is sad.

13. I carry around the heaviest heart by far. For me, mine is the heaviest and only weighs in at 2.5 pounds, but for you, it’s “karma” for the heartless things you did.

14. I’m sorry for not being what you wanted and not telling you how I felt.

15. It’s always been that way. But my heart is heavy, and time seems slow. It’s a lonely world.

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16. I feel like crying out my pains to ease this heaviness. I need someone to talk to, listen to my pain, and tell me it will be okay.

17. Stars shone in the darkness, a tear fell on the pillow, a breath was taken away, and a heart was broken.

18. My heart is filled with wild thoughts, but life goes on. I’m living without you. I hope you’re happy over there, but I wish I were with you in your life.

19. A heavy heart is a heavy burden to bear. Always think of me, but don’t tell anyone.

20. You were always there to pick me up when my wings of happiness grew weak. I can’t feel your presence now, and my heart is getting heavier.

21. I weep because I’m alone, and everyone is gone. I’m trying to go by my heavy heart’s desire, but it hurts like there’s a knife right in my heart.

22. My heart is heavy from memories of love lost, and I can’t help myself.

23. I am with a heart that’s heavier than a bag of sands. My heart is broken and crushed beyond imagination. I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. You touched my heart with a bright flame, and I hope you’ll read this.

24. It’s all about heartache, broken hearts, broken minds and souls, broken promises, broken trust, and broken relationships.

25. I wish you the best in life, and I truly do because I know that life is tough with many hardships. But I want you to be strong and never give up on life.

We need to realize that it’s okay to feel sad and hurt in life. That’s human nature. Yes, be strong when you need to be strong and embrace being comfortable with your emotions! Have a place where you can cry because you’re always going to have days where there’s something or someone that will make you feel sad or hurt. 

You are not weird or crazy if you feel every emotion. You are beautiful just so long as you let those emotions out in healthy ways and know when to pull yourself out of the battlefield of the heart.

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26. My heart is heavy and sad. Tears are falling like rain. I don’t know how to fix my heavy heart.

27. Last night I cried myself to sleep thinking I was alone, but I woke up with a light heart and a feeling, not of sadness but love.

28. My heart is heavy today. Perhaps tomorrow will be brighter. I wish it could be but not today. My heart is filled with grief, and I don’t know what to say or how to feel.

29. The day has come. This heart and soul feel heavy because of someone I shouldn’t miss.

30. I’ll list everyone who loves me and everything they have ever done. Maybe it will make me feel good.

31. Some things may be said, but they mean much more than they sound in our hearts.

32. It breaks my heart to know that I’ll never see you again. No more loving and sharing. I will miss your love and its tenderness. Your smile is so bright and such a charm. Your eyes are so blue and beautiful.

33. I think I’m falling in love with you all over again. But then again, I think I’m falling in love with you for the first time. I guess it’s a good thing because I’m about to have my heart broken again.

34. The heaviest heart is one that misses you. The saddest heart is one that goes through unexplainable pains.

35. I dropped a tear that glistened slowly. A tear I shed, for you, my love.

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36. “Your heart is so heavy and burdened, you’re afraid now you’ll drown, but if you try, you’ll float with a smile.”

37. Even with a heavy heart comes a heart of gratitude. Make each day count, and never lose faith in what tomorrow has.

38. My heart is heavy, and I can’t explain it with words. It’s a cold world without someone to share worries with.

39. My heart feels heavy like my chest is about to burst open. No one seems to care, but it’s the heaviest my heart has ever felt.

40. My heart is so heavy, and I can’t bear to imagine what life would look like without you.

41. Life can bring so many sorrows, and the pain we carry is too heavy to bear. We all need a shoulder to cry on and a friend to count on when our heavy hearts begin to break.

42. Heartaches are all I’ve ever known, yet I grow stronger and stronger every time it hurts.

43. Love hurts because you only love one person, then suddenly, you find out that you’re not getting the love you’re putting out.

44. Seen a heavy heart so heavy and bad that it wanders so black and lonely in this world?

45. My heart is ready to break because it’s aching already I wish someone is here to hold me because I am falling apart.

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46. Take my heavy heart, and patch a hundred pieces into one piece so it can also beat for you again.

47. Heartbreak hurts, but love always wins.

48. My heart is broken. Everything hurts and breaks. My emotions are running wild in different directions.

49. A heavy heart is like a heavy stone. The harder you lift it, the heavier it is.

50. I lay in my bed with sadness in my heart. A heavy heart sighs that I’m alone.

My heavy heart beats for you every day, and even when we are apart, my heart knows you’re there, and it feels everything.

Final thought

Heavy Heart Quotes express our feelings sometimes when we are depressed or sad. These quotes make us feel better, and it makes us realize that these emotions are universal. We all feel unhappy sometimes, but heavy heart quotes can help you in many ways.

Thanks for reading the collection of heavy heart quotes. We hope you liked it. What do you think about the Heavy Heart Quotes? Did you get all the motivation from the posts?

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