How the Pandemic Fueled the Rise of Online Relationships

Online Relationships
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The COVID-19 crisis has impacted so many areas of our lives, but one demographic particularly affected has been singletons. The widespread closing of socializing venues has given rise to feelings of isolation and anxiety. At least the ongoing vaccine rollout is giving people across the globe a sense of a light appearing at the tunnel’s end. Another ‘silver lining’ in these difficult times has been the growth of Internet dating. For singles denied access to their usual meeting places, digital matchmaking is booming. Here we’ll take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Choice of relationships

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Before the advent of social distancing and lockdowns, singles often hung around in venues like clubs or bars where there was a likelihood of bumping into like-minded individuals. But the restrictions of the past couple of years have prompted a major rethink. Anyone keen to indulge in one-night stand dating can now tap their introductory details into a dating site. Algorithms will assess this information, and compare this with other members, suggesting the likeliest candidates for a romance. Newcomers have also become amazed at the wide range of niche subjects catered for, from outlets specializing in LGBTQ relationships to the senior dating scene.

Taking control

In these uncertain times, another plus for joining an online dating service is the power it puts at your disposal. Many people have had to change working or studying schedules to hotdesking from home. But registering with a matchmaking service can be empowering. Singles taking this step are instantly in charge of their destiny. It’s up to you which of the other members you’d like to reach out to first, and those you’d prefer to ignore. You can decide how frequently you wish to engage with the other users.

Easy background checking

This will remain an important consideration, an equally pertinent health aspect will be another single’s Covid status. However, the discreet communication channels offered online are conducive to open and honest dialogue. Singles can feel encouraged to discuss their experience in terms of whether or not they’ve succumbed to the virus or to admit their vaccination status. At the very least, their location can be an indication of whether or not they’re living in a Covid hotspot.

Streamlined communication

Another reason for thriving online dating communities is the straightforward communication systems on offer. If people have become jaded about being introduced to strangers in offline locations where mask-wearing has had to be observed, going online can be like a breath of fresh air. There are so many flexible methods for touching base with other site users, from texting and emailing to joining WhatsApp groups. Video chatting is another technology that has been embraced throughout the Covid crisis.

Preparing for offline liaisons

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Finally, singles who have connected with kindred spirits in the digital environment will appreciate how easy it is to establish a rapport. As messages are exchanged, you can find out all about someone’s hobbies and interests. Chemistry can be kindled, and in no time you’ll feel like taking your burgeoning romance into the real world. Have some fun making suggestions about potential date destinations. You might feel like avoiding large gatherings. But that’s no great hardship. Snuggling in the corner of a delightful little bar or restaurant by candlelight can be appealing. Just make sure this venue is following all the guidelines!

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