How to Become a Minimalist at Home 2022

The minimalist ideology is growing every day, and people are wondering how to become a minimalist at home in 2022.

I took an interest in minimalism recently, and I decided to create a section of the blog where I will share some of my ideas about minimalism.

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This category covers everything I am learning about the minimalist way of living for new minimalists. I guess they will gain a few insights from my experience.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

What is minimalism

The concept of minimalism has been traced back to the ’90s, but the perspective of minimalism as a lifestyle gained popularity decades ago. Around 2005 till date.

In understanding the concept, it’s essential to declare that minimalism means different things to different people.

As a minimalist, I see it as a lifestyle of “living with less.” You do away with things that bring you no VALUE

That’s my definition and also the principle that guides my daily living as a minimalist.

I am a Minimalist

The idea of minimalism has been my natural way of life right from my early teenage years because I tend to focus on things that are useful to me and give out the excess. (Although, I used to be over-generous then.)

I can’t argue that my free giving entails full minimalist status for me, but I was the type that never wants to have too many things I won’t be using.

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Over the years, things have changed, and seeing minimalism videos on YouTube and subsequently reading Theminimalists blog post brought me into practicing minimalism with full consciousness. 

It has encouraged me to do away with things that do not bring me VALUE. I started with arranging my work desk and putting away all the books scattered on it.

Aside from my work desk, I’ve extended my decluttering activity to my closet and also, my phone (digital minimalism).

Important Notice: Minimalism is a lifestyle and not a trend. It is a practical and gradual way of life, and you shouldn’t be in a rush to throw away things, unless they don’t bring you value anymore.

There are essential questions you should ask yourself while decluttering. Keep reading to find out.

How to become a minimalist at home

become a minimalist
Minimalist Man – Pixabay

You become a minimalist at home by decluttering the things you are housing that doesn’t give you meaning or give you fulfillment. 

Before you throw away things, ask yourself if the item you are holding gives you any meaning, or does it create a sense of fulfillment in your life.

 In my case, I am a lover of technology, so having two smartphones isn’t a waste for me because each phone has specific functions. In that vein, the two phones give me both meaning and fulfillment. 

 You should also be careful not to throw away things you will need just for the fun of decluttering. 

Since you already know the basis on which to do away with things you don’t need, here are the ways on how to become a minimalist at home.

Make a note

The first step to becoming a minimalist here is to make a note.

In the notes, affirm the reasons you desire to become a minimalist. You can skip this step if you already have some knowledge of the concept. But if the whole idea is new to you, its important to write down the reasons why you wish to become a minimalist.

This note will be your guide and remind you always on things you hope to achieve as a minimalist.

Time to say goodbye

Becoming a minimalist at home means you will say goodbye to some things that have no meaning and doesn’t bring you for fulfillment or value.

Say your silent goodbye then pack them up for sale. If they have no value,  you can give them out to people who need them. 

Look at your cupboard, wardrobe, store, or garage and do away with things you haven’t used in the last six months. 

De-cluttering creates space, which in turn brings clarity.  I can’t overemphasize enough on the need to have space at home.

 Give out or sell

Gather the things you do not need as instructed above and sell them. 

If they are not sell-worthy, give them out to people who you feel will need them. A couple of people might want the things you don’t need. They will be happy to have them, and you’d be glad to have space.

Buy only essentials

Doing away with things is the first step, but making sure the new stuff you spend your money on are the things you need. You can’t spend money buying something that wouldn’t have value in a couple of months.

Being intentional with the stuff you buy will also save you some money to invest in things that give you value.

Don’t jump into the “SALES” rush and end up buying the things you don’t need. Buy during the “Sales” which you have always wanted to buy. That’s because you wish to buy it. Not because it is on sales. 

This tip will save you a lot of money because minimalism doesn’t support impulsive buying, and again, it’s vital that when buying things, you do the next step of how to become a minimalist at home.

Buy quality over cheap.

When buying, you must consider the long term instead of cheapness. That, in a way, saves you money because you buy not only things you need but also the things that will last you a long term.

This point is essential if you desire to become a minimalist because buying cheap things will lead you to purchase many unneeded items that will cover up spaces in your home.


Minimalism is a way of life and not just a trend that will fade away with time. And to become a minimalist at home, buy things that give you value, give out things that do not give you meaning, fulfillment or value, and get quality over cheap. 

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