How To Create The Perfect Facebook Video With Free Online Tools

Video is still the most effective medium, just a bit short of face-to-face interactions for getting your message through. This medium’s power is no secret and businesses who are serious about being heard are increasingly adopting videos for achieving this goal.

Regardless of your company goals, investing in video advertising may be a big step in a number of areas – such as selling or showing a product, clarifying your services, or persuading people to visit your website.

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Facebook Video ads
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Anything is possible if you know how to create a compelling video ad that your audience wants to watch and how to place it on Facebook effectively.

Free tools like InVideo can help you in creating high-quality Facebook ads that perform well on the platform and garner valuable conversions. Even if you are new to the video editing game, these free tools can help you make the most out of your video creation and editing efforts.

These tools can help you in crafting a well-articulated Facebook Ad that instantly captures the viewer’s attention. Once you’ve finalized the right tool, you can follow the below-mentioned ideas to create a compelling ad copy that performs well on the platform.

6 Ideas to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad

In a perfect world, all you need to do is create a video ad, post it on Facebook, and garner valuable conversions. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. For achieving your targets you need to have a unique approach towards video creation that promises greater returns and higher conversion rates.

Here are the top 6 Facebook ad ideas that you can deploy using a free online video editor such as InVideo.

1. Deploy Videos that don’t Require Sound

No sound may seem odd until you take the time to think about watching Facebook videos. While it may be in your own house from time to time, individuals frequently browse their feeds to waste time in their airport transfers, while at a restaurant or a public area, or while taking a break at work.

More often than not, having audio in your videos isn’t suitable for these situations and because people are naturally lazy, they are unlikely to listen to video ads on Facebook.

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Isn’t your video meaningless without sound? Add subtitles! Facebook just stated that marketers may automatically add subtitles to their videos because they are aware that sound may be a problem for many individuals.

Internal studies conducted by Facebook indicate that subtitled video advertisements propel average video viewing duration by more than 12%.

2. Bid on CPM for Auto-playing Ads

Advertisers may be afraid of auto-playing in certain settings, but that’s not where things stand at Facebook. Why?

Because Facebook in itself is a good enough distraction and you want to attract multi-tasking newsfeed scrollers as quickly as possible, and the simplest way to accomplish so is to play your video automatically.

In order to be qualified for autopayment, you have to apply by cost per impression (CPM) instead of cost per click (CPC).

3. Establish the Ad’s aim Quickly

Facebook video advertisements might last up to 120 minutes. This is crazy, and it seems very improbable that someone would complete a 2-hour movie on a social network. Video duration is immensely crucial as it directly affects audience retention rates.

Following the analysis of millions of videos, Wistia figures revealed that more than eighty percent of a video is less than 30 seconds on average.

As you can see in the graph below, the fewer people watch the longer the video. Keep your advertisements brief, cute and attractive so that they can reach the major points quicker.

4. Analyze High Performing Videos and Build Ads around Them

Which videos performed best on Facebook organically? What are the greatest videos on your website? Which webinars have led the most audience? What’s your audience looking for?

These are just a few of the questions that you should consider before you begin to create your video advertisements. You should consider metrics such as interaction and playback of your video content across channels before you decide whether videos are worth spending.

5. Deploy Targeted Ads

This is an important lesson in Facebook Advertising, and you must remember it when you run video advertisements.

Facebook adverts cost money for the advertiser therefore you must make sure that your ads are relevant and targeted towards your audience. This can help you in maximizing the efficiency of your Facebook video ad campaign.

6. Analyze your Video Stats and take Actions

Once your Facebook video advertisements get a large number of views you must take a step back and evaluate whether the money spent is paid back in the form of conversions or cash. It is crucial to ask these questions: How many people saw your video ads?

Did they click on your ads? After viewing, did they visit your website? Understanding how your video marketing affects your target audience can assist enhance your video production and advertising plan to guarantee a positive impact on your company.


When you watch the professionally produced commercial of a major company, it may seem like videos are out of reach if you don’t have a significant marketing budget and great video graphic skills.

The fact is that consumers adore advertisements that portray honesty. You can take a video from your mobile phone and edit it, or build an animation using free online software that needs little or no expertise and generate a compelling ad.

So go out and record a chat with your greatest client or share your brand’s story. This is what the public wants

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