How to Deal with Freeloaders in a Relationship or Among Friends

What does freeloader mean? A freeloader is a type of ape-man, which, nowadays, successfully blends in. What are the signs of a freeloader? This person makes attempts to seem amiable, understanding and unhappy, to gain your trust, and then to use your knowledge, authority, money or your fridge. It’s quite difficult to deal with such a person because they can generate a good vibe until the very moment when you, at last, understand that you have been used. Nonetheless, you can still use the following tips on how to get rid of a freeloader and do that properly, gracefully and witty. Also, note that there are close to none of the freeloaders among young brides online, so don’t hesitate to look for them.

1. Specify the deadline.
A sad story about the relationship with a freeloader begins, as a rule, with a borrowing of some amount of money. At this stage, you may think that to lend money to a friend is a good, charitable deed that will add 10 points to your karma. However, you just do not imagine how badly money can change a person, even when it comes to a few thousand. Freeloaders don’t care about the work you’ve done to earn this money. These people try to forget about their borrowing as soon as possible, and tomorrow, they will start communicating as if nothing has happened.
Be wiser. Specify the deadline and remind them of the debt with a message several days before paying it. In general, mention the fact that this money is important for you too, for example, “I’ll give you money until Monday, but I should get this amount back to pay my rent on Wednesday.” The key point is to be sure that they perfectly understand the deadline for the debt, otherwise, they will tell you that you’ve said nothing about a specific time frame.

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2. Do a loyalty check.
It’s quite easy to notice the most obvious freeloader characteristics. Usually, their fame precedes them, so if you’ve heard that, “These men like to use other people for their own benefit,” then they are probably right. However, not every call for help determines a freeloader. You can do a loyalty check. For example, an acquaintance asks you to pay for their lunch, and then they borrow your bicycle. What can you do?
As an option, you can call and offer to buy a bottle of wine to relax on a Friday night. You can mention that you’ll be quits with them for lunch. That’s all. If the person starts humming and hawing, “Sorry, I’m too busy, and I don’t actually want to drink wine,” then the test isn’t passed. The bottom line is that you should ask for something and get it at no cost, as a fee for your previously services rendered. That is, you shouldn’t do charity work.

3. Do not meet the expectations.
How to get rid of a freeloader family member? Freeloaders use not only your bank account, things, and resources, they also encroach on your energy, using you as a source of goodness towards their “sufferings.” Everyone might have a family member who always turns the family’s attention to their troubles, which happen at work, private life and health. Such people are happy when they are listened to and are patted on the back. In fact, they just use your energy to make up for a shortfall of their own one. Some people do that constantly. The awful thing is when even your serious troubles turn into “problems” of the companion during your talk. In such case, you should understand that this type of freeloaders uses a well-designed system that quickly falls apart when you do not meet their expectations. These people think they see clear about you, but they do not. You can just change the subject or react a little aggressively, they are afraid of aggression. Don’t let anyone use you for their personal gain. They need to be put in their place from time to time, and you will see how easy it is to live without freeloaders.

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