50 I Love You Quotes for Him

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In case you don’t know yet, love is an indescribable feeling or emotion that intoxicates the human mind. That does not make love terrible because it comes with a lot of sweet sensations.
The truth is that love is a beautiful and precious feeling that breeds or brings out the best in someone.

Have you been in love and lack the words to communicate with the one you love?
That’s why you have these I love you quotes for him. Often, getting the right words to express what we feel inside seems to be a bit of a problem.

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It’s normal especially when you are in love newly. So don’t worry.

The I love you quotes were written to save you the stress of thinking all day and night before coming up with something beautiful for your sweetheart.

Cheers to your happy relationship.

***You can also recite these love quotes for him if your man is with always with you. It’s a perfect way to show love***

I Love You Quotes for Him

1. When I say I Love you, I mean every inch of it because life without you is all I pray not to have.
Every good thing I wish for is for both of us.
Without doubts, I love you.

I Love You Quotes for Him Image
I Love You Quotes for Him Image

2. Every day I see you, my heart races faster than a Ferrari.
You are my heartbeat because I mean every inch of it when I say, I love you.

3. You are complicated, and I love you.
You do things that please my heart, and I love you.
You are my lover, and I love you much more sweetheart.

4. Don’t doubt me each time I tell you ‘I love you’ because I do. My heart flutters with joy at the sight of you. I feel alive being close to you. I love you, baby.

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5. My love for you is beyond words. I’ve lost my mind, lost control and can’t concentrate anymore.
Whenever I say I love you, it comes from the depth of my heart.

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6. There may be someone better than me, but may not give you care and affection than I do.
Each time I say I love you, my whole body agrees to it. Please believe me.

7. Right now, all I need is to be held in your arms because I can’t get the warmth I’d feel there anywhere else. I want to feel your love baby.

8. Nothing beats the moments we spend together because they are the best.
It’s the wish of everyone to have their best friend become their lover. I love you, baby and you know it.

9. You fill me in when everyone stood out. You were there when I couldn’t find help.
You gave the best of you and each time  I say those words,  “I love you” it comes from my heart.

10. Sometimes I feel I’m not better. Every day I strive to be the best you have ever met.
I do all these things because your love is a goldmine that I can’t afford to lose.
So if I say I love you, I f**king do.

I Love You More Quotes for Him

11. You know me, and you help me, you love me.
What more am I looking for in life than these things you give to me at no cost. I love you, baby.

12. I want to share my experience with you, and I want to be part of you.
I want to partake in all your ups and downs, the challenges and uncertainties.
I want to be here for you.

13. Allow me to be the partner you needed,  the imperfect one that wants to get better.
I want to be the one who will understand, support and shower you love and care.
Allow me to love you, my man.

14. I call you my joy because nothing and nobody makes me happy as you do.
I call you the center of my world because everything I do tends to reflect and revolve around you.
I call you the whole of my heart because, without you, I feel empty.

15. The easiest way to remind you that you mean everything to me is by saying, I love you.
Your love has been the paradise I wish to get lost in and the dream that always come true.
You have taken my heart away, and I love you endlessly.

16. Love has taught me things I never knew.
I just learned that someone could be the last thought on my mind and the first thing I think of when I wake.
I’ve learned that the only smile on my face is the ones bore out of love.
You make me go crazy all day.

17. Everything i do reminds me of you, and everything you do makes me love you more.
I can’t live without you because you are the air I breathe. I call you my world because I’d be homeless without you.

18. I finally knew what love is, all thanks to you.
My life has changed with the wonderful loving I get daily from you.
For all through the time I have to live, I wish to love you more. I pledge my heart to beat at your service. I love you, baby.

19. Nothing will take me away from you.
Nothing beats the love you give to me.
Nothing can replace the spot you created in my heart.
I can’t stop thinking about you, baby even if I try to.
You are the best I’ve ever had.

20. From your eyes, I see everything I wish to see.
The beauty you have is without a doubt, pure from heaven.
You are the mirror of my soul because each time I look at you, all I see is me.
Keep being the best for me as I keep loving you unconditionally.

Cute I Love You Quotes for Him

21. Every single day is an opportunity to share with you how right my love is and how pure my heart has been for you.
It’s not about how long we have been together, but how much love we have shared.
You made me want to love you every day.

22. You have proven over and over to be the perfect match for me.
Thinking about my life and recalling my mistakes, you have been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
Thank you for always being that rainbow after the storm.

23. I was asked, how much I love you, and I replied, that I am completely overwhelmed and eye-popping in love with you.
I have never given a perfect answer to any question all my life till that day.
But honestly, I am spectacularly, passionately and deliciously in love with you sweetheart.

24. You have kept me in love and have always guided my heart.
Your love has shone on me like the morning sun, and I’m happy to share my future with you.
You give me the best of the best feelings when I’m with you.
I never for a second knew that love would be this fun.

25. When I count the things, I need.
Aside from the air, I need you more because life without you would be a living hell.
You have been more than a friend to me, my angel of last resort and my entire world.
I love you because you mean everything to me.

26. You have been my need every morning when I wake up to the morning sun and the one I want to lie next to when I sleep.
Life is precious and worth living if you are with me. I wonder if it’s possible to survive without you and your love.

27. You always assured me of your love.
That was the sweetest thing ever in my world. You are the most important thing I want to see every day.
Just like a beautiful flower, you make my garden the best in the world.

28. You did everything for me when you stepped into my life.
You had made my dreams come true when you gave me your love.
It was the most memorable moment of my life.
One that I will never forget. Ever, as long as I live.

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29. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done because you did things beyond my expectations and imaginations.
I can’t hold back anything from you. I love you In every step of the way because you are everything I need.

30. On the journey of life, all I need is you.
On the journey of love, all that’s required is your heart.
If I have those two things, I am the wealthiest and most successful person on earth, because you and your heart mean everything to me.

Why I Love You Quotes for Him

31. Let me love you like myself.
Let me give up myself to show you how beautiful being in love can be.
I want to show you how lucky I am to have you in my life.
I want to be your everything because you are already my world.

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Why I Love You Quotes for Him Image
Why I Love You Quotes for Him Image

32. The best feeling in the world is one I get when you stare at me.
The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard is ‘I love you’ from your lips.
You have always been the reason for me not giving up.
I will love you like today is my last day on earth.

33. When I found you, I knew I’d reached the end of my search. I realized that my dream just came true.
Every moment we spent will serve as a reminder in our memory that love is the best thing in the world.

34. My favorite spot is beside you, the ideal place to be is in your heart, and a unique position to live is in your world.
With you in my life, my happiness knows no boundary and my world has found its groove back.
I love you.

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35. When you became mine.
For the first time in my life, I felt our hearts beat as one, and my body fit perfect to yours.
I will never leave your side, not even for a moment.
With you, I find bliss and fulfillment. I love you.

36. Even as we stay together, I still find myself falling in love with you over and over again.
Meeting you was a life-changing experience that turned my life for the better.
You are my favorite in everything I do.

37. I love the bright sun and a perfectly blue sky.
Today is beautiful, and you are beautifully amazing as always.
My best spot for today is right beside you because I don’t seem to get tired of being with you.
I love you.

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38. You make me feel special. You make me feel appreciated, and you make me feel like the only thing in the world.
Thank you for always looking out for me. Thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

39. You picked me up when someone threw me away.
You gave me everything I needed and the ones I never deserved.
You gave me confidence and assurance to be there when I need you, and you kept to it.
Thank you for being so kind.
I love you, baby.

40. All I want to do forever is:
1. Stay with you all day
2. Kiss you good morning
3. Kiss you goodnight
I want to be the only thing you think about and the main thing you talk about for the rest of our lives.
I want to make our story more significance than that of Romeo and Juliet.

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Short I Love You Quotes for Him

41. I love you so much my sweetheart because you are the sunshine in my world and the beat in my heart. I know that my life is perfect with just you in it and I am done searching for another. I want to be inside your arms when I’m cold, and I want to hold your hands when I’m scared. I want to love you forever.

42. Why won’t I fall in love with you when everything you do is exceptional? You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul and brightens my day with your shining love. I am giving you my heart to take and my soul to use, but you will promise not to break my heart when I give it to you. If you take care of my heart, we will be together forever.

43. Take my hand when you are confused. Even if the whole world leaves you disorganized, my love is here for you to hold on to, while you sort out your problems.
I love you so much always to make you smile more than you did yesterday and wipe your tears if you ever break down. I want you so much in my life because, with you, I am complete. I love you, everyday baby.


44. I understand that love is more than the ordinary seen with the eyes or understood with common sense. It is deeper with steps, which need to be followed. Love creates memories in the journey; pain and sweetness.
I know all this, and I am promising to love you with my whole heart and make your heart my own home. I want you to know that I care for you and I will never stop caring till the very end.

45. I love you more than anything in the world. I care for you because you are the most important thing I have left in the world. Just because of you, I’ve learned how to care so that you will receive it in abundance.
You remain my passion that I will never give up on because nothing on earth can replace the spot you hold in my heart. I love you, everyday baby.

46. I want you so much to be with me, not because I only love you but cos, I love and need you the same way I need the air and food every day. The memories of you and I is engraved in my heart; meaning that I will never forget you.
My love, if I had just the two option of telling you I love you and breathing, I would use my last breathe to tell you how much I have fallen in love with you.

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47. If I could ask you to do one thing for me, it will be accepting that I love you and never to ask me why because I continuously run out of words trying to explain how it’s impossible loving you when you exist. I promise to love you all through the while my heart still beats and I will love you more even in the great beyond because you are unique and too precious to me. I love you, sweetheart.

48. I call you my sun during the day because seeing your beautiful face makes my day complete and my heart jumps with joy. You are the wind during the night because the mere thought of you keeps my mind daydreaming and fantasizing till I drift off to dreamland. I love you forever baby because you have given me enough reasons to love you as nobody have ever done.

I Will Always Love You Quotes for Him

49. I must be out of my mind not to admit that you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Each time I tell you I love you, I am not saying it to make you happy, I only want you to know that you are my life and the source of my joy I can’t survive without in life.
You came into my life and gradually became the center of my world that everything revolves around. I love you with the whole of my heart.

50. When I found you, I found paradise. I felt I am in heaven and everything felt good with you. I don’t need anything again in the world if you are mine because you are everything. The thought of you Is the last thing that comes to my heart before I sleep and the first thing that comes up when I wake. You are my world, and I love you even more.

51. When I look into your eyes, I see beyond it, and everything inside reminds me of your love. You brought heaven to me on earth and took away my fears and pains.
With you, I have understood that love is not about how many days, weeks or months we have spent together but how significant is the activity we have together.

52. Every little thing you do means a lot to me, and I know it was bored out of love. For the sake of love, I would love to be lost in you if you were a wilderness. I want to love you much more than you can imagine and for the rest of my life that you can’t quantify. I can’t stop loving you today, tomorrow and forever.

53. You are my sweetness because each time a single thought of you crosses my mind, my heart flutters.
All I want for in life is to be by your side through thick and thin, through rough and smooth. I want to be that rainbow you long to see after the storm.
I don’t want to say anything else other than I am entirely, overwhelmingly and passionately in love with you and it grows more profound with the passing of each day.

I WIll Always Love You Quotes for Him Image
I Will Always Love You Quotes for Him Image

54. After God, you are the most precious thing I reverend because God is merciful in keeping me alive while you have done so well in keeping me in love. You will remain the darling angel that I will love with every part of me no matter what happens.

55. Wish to know how much I love you? Try counting the sand at the beach
If you want to know how much deep my love runs for you? Try swimming the ocean.
Wish to know how long we will be together? Try to count the numerical to infinity.
That’s to show you that I will love you deeply forever no matter what comes our way.

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