100 I Miss You Quotes for Him

I Miss You Quotes for Him

Do you miss him? Do you want some I miss you quotes for him (Boyfriend or Husband)? You are right on the spot.

Show your man that the distance between you two never killed the love, but it made it stronger. Send the right quote to him and make him happy. You can also post these quotes on social network status like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc.

I Miss You Quotes for Him

I Miss You Quotes
I Miss You Quotes

1. “When you miss someone, it is not because they are not there with you but because they mean so much to your heart.”

2. “I don’t wish to set my eyes off you because I miss every second my eyes are not on you.”

3. “There is no doubt that my heart misses you more than anything in the world. To my heart, nothing compares to you any time, any day.”

4. “I can’t explain the way my heart is right now, but I know that I miss you more than you can imagine.”

5. “Is there any right way to let you know that my heart beats for you? I can’t explain why my heart keeps beating each time I mention your name.”

100 Missing You Quotes: Missing You Love Quotes for Him or Her

6. “Missing you gives me the opportunity to think of the beautiful times we have in the past and Imagine what the future has for us.”

7. “Let the bright sun reminds me of my love for you and lets the calm breeze of the day let you know that I can’t wait to set my eyes on you.”

8. “I approach every new day with enthusiasm and faith because I get to see you soon. I miss you at all time.”

9. “Nothing beats the pain of missing someone you can’t do a thing with remembering. I want to be with you at all time because I miss you when I am alone.”

10. “I am hungry, not for food but your presence. I want to see you because it is the only thing that makes me happy.”

11. “The thought of you gives me the comfort that money can’t give me. You are the reason for my smile in the morning and the thoughts at night, you represent the good things in my life. I miss you.”

12. “I miss your voice, and I miss your touch. If there is anything that comes from you, I miss it as well, and I want you back to me.”

13. “You can’t do much when your most significant motivation is far away. There is no strength in this body because I want you back.”

14. “I can throw away everything in my life right now, just to create space for you to be here with me.”

15. “I got you at all time because my heart is big enough to be your home. I miss you a lot, and my body feels weak with the thought of you.”

16. “My hands are tied up, my heart is made up, and it is all because I miss the man that rules my world.”

17. “Your thought is my ringtone because every single thing around me reminds me that the most amazing person in the world isn’t here with me.”

18. “There is no faking that my heart misses you so badly. I want you to know that the beautiful memories we have created will last forever.”

19. “You are one dominant thing on my mind when I wake in the morning. You are my daily dose of inspiration.”

20. “There is no enjoyment if I am not doing it with you. There is no fun if I am not in your arms.”

I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance

21. “I lost myself while thinking about the special kind love you have given to me. I miss you dearly.”

22. “If time is money, I want to spend all of my time with you. The day is the only witness I have that can tell how much I miss you.”

23. “I know that I miss you a lot because my heart aches when I remember that you are not around me.”

24. “I love you flaws and imperfections. I am attracted to your gentle care and affection. I only miss you right now.”

25. “My heart beats once in a while. That’s because you are not here with me to make it beat round the clock.”

26. “No moment passes by without a fleeting thought of you on my mind. I can’t sort the whole thing out.”

27. “It is easier to say “I love you,” but it is much harder to say I miss you” when you do.”

28. “I can withstand a whole lot of pressure in life, but I can’t control it when I miss you.”

29. “I don’t feel complete when I can’t find you around. I need you close to me at all times.”

30. “Telling you, “I miss you” all morning and night is the hardest thing in the world right now for me.”

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31. “The distance before us can’t kill the feelings I have for you, but I do miss everything about you.”

32. “From the depth of my heart, I miss the man whole makes me feel on top of the world.”

33. “I can’t seem to find anything worse than missing you. It is a painful thing in the world.”

34. “I can’t explain how much I miss you right now, but I know that my heart is lonely at the moment.”

35. “I close my eyes when the thought of you flashes through my mind because I want to have a better view of your face.”

36. “I miss you beyond the normal way. I miss your presence in my life, and I can’t wait to have you back here.”

37. “My heart is having problems trying to adjust to the reality that you will be far away from me for a while. It misses you badly.”

38. “I would love to hold you right now, whisper to your ear and laugh all night but you are just on my mind.”

39. “My heart has burnt a lot of energy fighting through every second that you are not here with me.”

40. “No matter how busy the day might be, there is always a moment that reminds me how much I miss your presence.”

Cute I Miss You Quotes for Him

I Miss You Quotes for Him
I Miss You Quotes for Him

41. “My heart is full when you are around with me, and when I can’t set my eyes on you, my heart feels empty.”

42. “All these while, I never knew the depth of my love for you, but I know better now because I miss you.”

43. “If there is anything you should know right now is that I love and miss you all day long.”

44. “My heart aches from missing you way too much and my body feels weak, seeing you right now would be the biggest motivation in my life.”

45. “I wish I could deal with the way I miss you; its just too much for my heart to handle at the moment.”

46. “You remain the best magic that happened to me in the form of love, and I miss you.”

47. “If you care to know how much I miss you, remember that I breathe all day and every of my breath lets my heart know how much I miss you.”

48. “Missing you comes with loneliness because you get to spend several hours not talking to one person who knows you too well.”

49. “The thought of you never leaves my mind. I am sure that my memory misses you as much as my heart.”

50. “I miss you every day, but I miss more the fun things we do all the time we are together.”

51. “I miss your presence because I don’t get that reassuring smile that everything is going to be okay.”

52. “You know that my best spot is not just your heart but also your arms. I can’t wait to be in there once more.”

53. “I love the way you do things. It is the things that I badly miss about you.”

54. “I miss you when I sleep, and I miss you more when I am awake. No second pass by without remembering that I am alone here.”

55. “I know that everything will be okay, but I want to look into your eyes while you say it to me that everything will work out fine.”

56. “Missing you every day tears me into a thousand piece. I want to be with you, that is all I want. Is that too much to ask from life?”

57. “I know that I miss you a lot because each time I close my eyes, your face is the only thing I see.”

58. “If I had the power, I would stop the pain of missing you all day long. It is a lot for me to bear.”

59. “I wish you are missing me the same way I am missing you. That’s the only way you will know how much I miss you.”

60. “I miss you with my body and soul.”

I Miss You Quotes for Him from The Heart

61. “I miss you so much because I feel it in my heart that you are far away from me.”

62. “My heart skips a beat several times when you come close to me, but these days, my heart hardly beat because I miss you.”

63. “Is there a best way to let you know that I am lonely without your presence in my life?”

64. “I wish to see you when I open my eyes tomorrow. I wish I could turn around and see your handsome face once more.”

65. “Seconds turn to minutes and then to hours. Days turn to week and then to months, and I hope you know that I will always love you no matter how much I miss you.

66. “I know that I miss you badly when every piece of me aches for you. I will wait as long as it takes.”

67. I keep wishing as the day goes by that we are together. Life is beautiful when you are with the person who makes your word magical.”

68. “I miss those moments, and I am here with the memories. I miss the fun, and I wish to have them over and over again.”

69. “You are not here right now, I might not see you tomorrow either, but I know that I will see you soon.”

70. “The days I spent with you are the best days of my life. I love you, and I want the world to know about it.”

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71. “I miss someone that is dear to my heart, and nothing seems to come close in easing the pain I feel.”

72. “You are one important thing in my life that is unexchangable. I miss you with everything in me.

73. “My days are lonely and all I do all day is miss you and miss you over again. Your thought never leaves my mind.”

74. “I don’t want to break anything, but I want you to know that I can’t stop my mind from thinking about you at all time.

75. “I know that I miss you a lot when I found that some part of my body doesn’t function properly. Sometimes, my heart goes still, and my finger becomes stiff, I know I will be normal in your arms.”

76. “I only hear about the word loneliness but have never felt it. Since you left, everywhere feels like hell because I miss you badly.”

77. “It is terrible trying not to miss someone but end up thinking about the same person all day. I wish there is a way to have you here with me.”

78. “I am missing you, that’s the only song my heart sings all day. ‘I am missing you,’ that’s what you should know.”

79. “Nothing hurts more than missing someone and having nothing to do about it. I want to be wherever you are right now.”

80. “I want you to know that your absence has kept things on a standstill in my life. I need you here with me.”

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I Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend

81. “We should be together now, but I am here fighting this loneliness alone. I miss you, a lot,  dearly.”

82. “You and I should be together at all time. I wish we are cuddling and kissing while watching Netflix, but I am here missing you with everything in me.”

83. “I miss our night talks, and I miss your soft touches. I miss the love we share, and I want you back into my life.”

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84. “I miss very often and all day long. Do I need to tell you how much you mean to me? I love you dearly.”

85. “I might not always show it, but I miss you. I might not always cry about it, but I love you. You have no idea how much I need you.”

86. “I miss you, and I miss the shine because when you left, you left with the shine. Now I am alone in my dark world.”

87. “There is only one person in the world that knows what I want. You are the person, and I miss you every day.”

88. I miss you so much as the drops of rain that hit the soil during the winter. They are much, and that’s how much i want you here.”

89. “There is no sun, just broken dry here waiting to see your lovely face once more. I miss you.”

90. “I carry you on my mind for as long as it will take because you are the right man for me despite the distance.”

91. “I wait for the day I won’t have to miss you as much as I do right now until that day arrives, you are the most cherished thing on my mind.”

92. “The thought of you lights up my mind. You became my man, and the joy I feel knew no bound. I miss your presence every day.”

93. “I thank God for giving me the strength to keep missing you. I wish to see your handsome face.”

94. According to Richard Wilbur, the opposite of two is a lonely you and a lonely me. I miss you.

95. “Is there any antidote to reduce the way I miss you. My heart is breaking apart with the consistent way I miss you.”

96. “When you are not here with me, the entire world seems to reduce. I need you back.”

97. “I would do anything to bring you into my world, but it is sad that nothing seems to work.”

98. “Sometimes I am happy, and the next second, I am sad. I Miss You, and that is all that matters.”

99. “Time moves slower when you are not here with me. You are the magic in my life.”

100. “I know that I miss you because everything feels different when you are not here with me.”

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