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25+ I Pray for You Quotes

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Here are the finest I pray for you quotes you can find around. You can send these quotes to your loved ones. Let the people you care about know that you pray and wish them well.

I Pray for You Quotes

1. I think and pray for you daily. You mean so much for me, so I pray we find fulfilment in each other.

2. I kept thinking and praying for you to become mine. Now you are mine, and I want to keep you forever.

3. Think and pray for what we share. What we share is so unique that everyone wishes for a taste of it.

4. I think and pray for you every moment because your happiness is my happiness and your dome Is my dome. I love you.

5. We were meant to be together for eternity. Sometimes I think and pray for the blissfulness of our future.

6. I can’t stop thinking and praying for the one Angel on earth. An angel who is worth more than gold.

7. I pray for you every day, and I think of you every night. They both go together because after prayer comes to your thought.

8. You are my lover, so I shall pray for your goodness. You are my everything, so I shall have you on my mind every day.

I’m Praying for You Quotes

9. It’s never comfortable spending a whole day without your thought. It’s never possible for me not to pray for your wellbeing. I love you, my angel.

10. You make my world come alive because you’re unique. I will pray for you and have you In my heart forever because I love you.

I Pray for You Quotes
I’m Praying for You Quotes

11. A prayer follows every moment your thought crosses my heart. I wish you the very best of life, my dear.

12. I think about you because I miss you. Praying for your complete well being has been one of my frequent practice.

13. I will always pray for you whenever your thought crosses my heart. I call you the phenomenal one because you still stand out in everything you do. You are reading this text because I am thinking and praying for you.

14. You entered my life like a flash of thunder and touched every part of my world. I love you, there is no doubt, and I can’t stop thinking of the beautiful things you have done. I pray for your safety wherever you are.

15. I pray that all your wishes and desires come true. You have been the only thing on my heart. There is confusion about who my heart belongs to, and I won’t be thinking and praying for you. If you don’t mean the whole world to me.

I Pray for You Quotes for Lovers

16. Even if I can’t see you when my eyes itches, I will think of you when my heart feels lonely. I miss you dearly with the love and happiness you gave to me, and I can’t stop praying for you to return to me, baby. I can’t just wait.

17. I hope you get the best of the day. I pray that God crowns your efforts today. Enjoy the best of the day.

18. Just as the sunrise signifies hope. I want you to never give up on the things that will make your day memorable.

19. Life is better when we realise and accept that we will die someday. The realisation will make us live life to the fullest.

20. As you wake up to face your dreams and aspirations, I pray for you to find the future your heart yearns for in life.

21. You have always given your 100% and more in everything you do. I pray for God’s favour and guidance over you. Amen.

Lovely I Pray for You Quotes
I Pray for You Quotes

22. May all you silently wish and pray for, come true. I pray for your fulfilment in everything you do.

23. When we pray and send good wishes to the people we love, beautiful things begin to happen in our lives.

24. Here is another morning for you to arise and face the day. I pray for you, and I hope you make the best of the day.

25. Welcome to the brighter part of life. I have never stopped praying for you all day and night.

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