I Was Thinking About You Quotes And Messages 2023

We all have that special someone in our life who is always on our minds. Whether a good friend or a long-term partner, it’s important to let them know how you feel about them. This person could be your spouse or partner, your mom or dad, or even your best friend. Now imagine how good it feels when someone tells you, “I was thinking about you,” because what they are saying is that they care enough about your well-being. “I was thinking about you quotes and messages” are the best way to let someone know you care about them. We have tons of amazing messages that will make anyone smile and feel loved. You can use them for your friends, family, or loved ones also perfect for sending them to your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.

I Was Thinking About You Quotes And Messages

1. You’re my favorite person to think about because you’re so nice. I am always thinking about you. But it’s not in a creepy stalker kind of way; it’s more like breathing. It’s just part of me. You are such a huge part of me that sometimes it feels like there isn’t anything else in my mind except thoughts of you.

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2. Thinking of you is my favorite hobby. You are the reason why I smile every day. I love thinking about you, especially when I’m with someone else. You are always on my mind, even if we’re not together. I always think about our next date, and it excites me.

3. I thought about you today and realized that I have never felt this way. I’m not sure what it is about you that makes me happy, but whatever it is, it’s worth hanging on to. I want to let you know how much you mean to me and how important our relationship is to me.

4. I was thinking about you and how much I love you. I hope everything is going well for you. Remember that I love you and will always be there for you. I want to be with you forever. You mean a lot to me, and I hope this message makes its way into your heart.

5. I always think of you when I look up at the night sky. It makes me feel closer to you, knowing there’s a part of you somewhere in the vast space. You should know that no matter what happens in life or where it takes us, we will always have each other.

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6. I was thinking about you today, and I thought about all the people who have ever been in my life. I am so grateful for each of you. Your friendship is special to me, and I appreciate you more than you know. You are an amazing person and a wonderful friend. You have helped me through many hard times, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

7. I love the way you think and the way you look at life. You’re like a warm blanket on a cool day. I think about what life would be like without having met you, but then I realize it would be boring without your presence in my life. I’m glad to have you in my thoughts and my life.s

8. Thinking of you is like breathing; I don’t know what to do without it. I hope life’ challenges don’t take away memories of our good times together, no matter how bad things get. You are loved. You are important. You have a purpose in this world, even if it’s not clear yet.

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9. I love how your smile lights up the room, how your laugh can make me feel ten feet tall, and how your hugs make everything better. I was thinking about you. I thought about how great life would be if you were here. I thought about how much more beautiful this world has been because you are in it. I thought about how empty my life feels without you here and how much you mean to me. I love you, sweetie.

10. I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I’m glad it happened. When I’m thinking about you, my mind is filled with everything I love about you; the way you make me laugh, how you make me smile, and everything else in between. I think of how much I appreciate your presence in my life and how lucky I am to have someone like you by my side.

11. I don’t know what it is about you that makes me want to be with you all the time, but it’s there, and it’s real. You’re real. You’re here in every way that matters to me, and I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend and partner. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I hope that never changes.

12. The thought of you can make the world seem a little less cold, making me realize that I’m not alone. When I think about how much I care about you, it makes me feel good. It’s hard to explain how much I love thinking about our relationship. Everything we’ve been through together is so special! Ultimately, all that matters is that we are together now because of the love we share for each other.

13. I know we’re not always able to see each other as often as we’d like, but I always want you to know how much I love you and how much your friendship means to me. You are one of the most important people in my life, and it would be impossible for me to imagine what my life would be like without your friendship.

14. You’re the one who makes me feel whole when all else feels broken. You’re the one who makes me feel strong when all else feels weak. Thank you for being there for me when I need someone the most. I don’t care if we’re together; I want you to remember that my love for you has no limits and will never fade away. Wherever you are at this moment, you can feel my love for you.

15. My thoughts turned to you, and I started thinking about how pretty your face is, and suddenly, I felt everything was going to be okay. The things that you do make me smile even when it’s been a long day. You make me feel like there is so much more out there in this world than just what I see with my own eyes.

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16. You are the one person who can make me feel like nothing else matters. I wish I could put into words how you make me feel. You’re always on my mind, even if it’s just for a second—and that is enough to get me through the day.

17.  I was thinking about you and realized I don’t know what’s happening in your life. Sometimes that happens. So, if you’re okay and everything is going well, I want to say hello. If things are not going well, I’m here for you. It’s hard to be alone when things aren’t going well. People often think they must face their problems alone, but this isn’t true! You can talk to me about anything.

18. I’ve been thinking about you lately. I hope all is well and you’re doing well. I want to take some time out of my day to ensure that you know how important you are to me. I wish you were here now, but I know my thoughts will reach you soon.

19. I thought about the strength and extent of my love for you, how much you mean to me, and how wonderful it is to be in love with someone as amazing as you. I can’t wait to see you again! You make me so happy, and it’s a pleasure to spend time with you!

20. This past week has been tough without hearing from you or seeing your face in person, but it made me realize how much I need to be with you again soon. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person. You are constantly on my mind, even when we aren’t talking or texting.

21. I was thinking about you today and everything we’ve been through together. I know it’s been hard, but I’m grateful you’re in my life! You’ve made my life so much better, and I can’t imagine what it would be like without you. You are always on my mind, and I know this is going to sound silly, but all I want is for you to be happy.

22. Thinking of you is the best way to get through the day. It’s not hard to be with you because your love surrounds me. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever find someone who would make me feel as safe and cared for as you do. I am so grateful for all we have together and happy that you chose me to spend your life with.

23. We may be miles apart, but we’re still connected because we have each other in our hearts. I’m sure you’re busy, and I don’t want to distract you, but I want to say hi and let you know I’m thinking of you! Don’t worry about me too much. You have a lot on your plate, but remember that I’m here for you whenever you need me. Take care.

24. Thinking of you gives my day meaning. I couldn’t get through today without remembering your smile, the sound of your voice, or just how much fun it is to be around you! And I hope this little message finds its way to you and reminds you how much I care about you, too.

25. I woke up and thought about you; I went to work and thought about you; I came home and thought about you. I’m going to bed tonight and will think about you until my eyes close. You’ve been on my mind; I’ve needed you for so long. You’re the only one I think about; it’s all I do when I’m not with you.

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26. I think of your smile every day. It’s still so clear in my mind and always will be. It’s a beautiful reminder of what we have together and how special that is. Your smile reminds me of how much joy and happiness there is in this world, even when times are hard. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

27. Like a song, I can’t get out of my head. I keep hearing your voice and your laughter, and your smile. I think about you all the time. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate your friendship. You’ve been so good to me over the years, and I can’t imagine having anyone else in my life right now. I’m lucky to have you!

28. You’ve been on my mind. I have to tell you: I love you. No matter what happens in life, I love and appreciate you for who you are as a human being. I want you to know how happy your friendship brings me and how thankful I am for our connection. I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember that I love you.

29. I’ve been thinking about you all day today, so it was only appropriate for me to send you this message. When you are not around me, the only thing that comes to mind is how much I miss being with you. No matter how far away from each other our bodies may be, my heart will always be with yours.

30. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while, but I can’t find the right words. I know you’re not perfect, but I love all of your imperfections. I don’t know what it is about you, but I can’t get enough of you. I didn’t realize it until now, but I love being with you. The more I think of you, the more I realize how amazing our relationship is.

31. I know that life can get busy, and it’s easy to forget about the people who love you most in this world, but I want you to know that you’re always on my mind. Whether we see each other every day or only once a year, I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and missing you like crazy – because it hurts me more than words can say when we’re apart.

32. You are the reason I have no regrets in life. Because of you, I will always find a way to smile. I hope this message finds its way into your hands and heart because no matter how far away I am from where you are, you always find a way back into my thoughts and dreams at some point during the day.

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33. It’s been so long since I got to hold your hand and walk down the street with you, and it’s been forever since I got to kiss you goodnight. But if there’s one thing that will never change, it’s how much I love you. You’re always on my mind and heart, no matter where life takes us or what happens next.

34. You enrich my life in ways that can’t be quantified or counted, but they’re felt. You’re the one who keeps me going when times get tough, inspires me when I’m feeling down, and lifts my spirits when things get rough. You always make me smile when I think about you, even if I don’t see you often enough! You are truly one of my favorite things in life.

35. When you’re not around, everything reminds me of you. You’ve been on my mind since the moment we met. I wish you were here so we could talk about how much I miss you because right now, it seems like the only thing that makes sense. Your thoughts keep me awake at night, so I’ll also think about you while I’m sleeping.

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36. The days go by so slowly when I don’t have your beautiful face to look at, but the nights go by so fast because all I can think about is seeing you again soon! I don’t know what it is about you that makes me think of you so much. There’s something about you that draws me in and makes me want to get to know more about you.


You can send the above quotes and messages to anyone in your life, especially those far away. There are many occasions when we may want to say something to someone we love that is important to us, but not necessarily a holiday or birthday. You can use these quotes and messages for loved ones can be used for any occasion. The most important thing is that they are sincere. They should come from the heart, so make sure you spend some time finding the right one for your situation.

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