50 I’ve Changed Quotes and Sayings (2022)

“I’ve changed quotes and sayings” – It’s now time to share some of the best change quotes sourced from multiple sources. To all of you that says we don’t change or mature, stop saying such a thing because every one of us changes in different area/s in life.

There is real value in change. It can improve your life and relationships, but it helps you to let go of the baggage of the old you. Check out these quotes about changing below.

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I’ve Changed Quotes and Sayings

Things change. People change. Sometimes, the people who don’t want to change eventually do because they have no choice. The world forces it on them. 

I've Changed Quotes and Sayings
I’ve Changed Quotes and Sayings

1. I was scared of love, I was scared of life, I was scared of trust, but then I met you. You changed my world, and you changed my heart. You changed my views for the better.

2. They said I changed. I said, “I’m just growing up.” no longer a young girl, but a woman now.

3. I’m not the same because I’m changed by love. I’m changed by you and all you’ve shown me. You’ve shown me love that I can’t explain.

4. I used to be blue, but now I am green. My life was a bore, and now I am green with envy.

5. Everyone tells me I’ve changed, but I only changed for the better. I changed for the better to make her happy and make her my wife. – anonymous

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6. My heart was broken, but now I’m happily in love. The reason for my change is because of you.

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7. I used to think that only humans had hearts. Now I realize that all life has souls.

8. I’ve changed my outlook, priorities, whole disposition, and whole perspective. I have changed a great deal.

9. They said I changed, but I was the same. They said I was different, but I was the same. They said my lyrics were different, but they were the same.

10. They said I was a changed man. I only let life take me for a spin, and now I’m in a new zone.

11. Everyone said I changed, but I haven’t. It’s the people who don’t see me as I am. I’ve always been like this, but I never showed it.

12. I’ve changed, I’ve learned, and I’ve grown more than I ever thought possible. I’ve gone from being a shy little boy to a gentleman. I am no longer afraid to let my feelings show.

13. I’ve changed, and I’m a new man ready to be, feel, love, care, live, and give.

14. The change was within me, but change, I was unaware until everyone told me that I had changed.

15. I was jaded with a cold heart, I was in despair, and I was lost. I changed, and my heart is now filled with love, Love for everyone.

Change is beautiful. Change is needed. If you don’t like something, or if there’s something wrong with it, change it as long as the change is good.

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16. People always talk, but they don’t see. That I’m not myself, I’m just beside myself. I’m still the same but in a different frame of mind.

17. I’ve changed. I used to be all about me, looking out for no one but me until I met you.

18. Everyone said I changed, and I am longer the young man I used to be. I’ve grown old and wise from all the lessons I have learned.

19. Four years ago, I was lost, not knowing what to do. I felt like a leaf being tossed around in a storm. I was lost, scared, and alone. I wanted to die, but I knew it wasn’t time to die.

20. I used to be mean and nasty, but then one day, I came up with the idea that I should change, and now I’m nicer than I ever was before.

21. I was once a bad person, and I thought I could get away with it. Until I met the Lord, and he opened my eyes. He taught me to love, and he saved me from myself. I thank god every day.

22. I’ve changed for the better. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I haven’t made a new one. I’ve learned how to love, and I’ve learned how to forgive.

23. I’ve changed for the better in the darkest of days, and the light has been my guide.

24. How many times have you picked me up when I was down? How many times have you dried my tears when I was sad? How many times have you loved me? How many times have you hated me? Thank god for everything.

25. I’ve changed so much, and I’ve realized that there is no one I’d rather be other than you. I love you, and I wish to hug you, talk to you, and be with you.

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26. I’ve changed so much that I used to be a caring, loving, and compassionate young person. I used to care about the environment and the world’s opinion, but I no longer care.

27. I’ve changed, I’m a different man, I’m not the man that I used to be.

28. They said I changed after heartache and pain. I didn’t, I’m still the same, but now I have a heart of gold. – AA

29. I’ve changed, and I’ve grown. No more will I be the person you once knew.

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30. I changed because of the love and support I’ve received from everyone. I’ve grown as a person and matured to understand how much everyone needs everyone through the years.

Everyone said I changed. The shock was evident in their voices: lost, hurt, betrayed. None of them would understand. I changed I had to because the pain and anxiety were unbearable. That’s the thing about change – you can’t always see it or understand it, but sometimes it’s the only way to let someone take back control of their life.

31. “They said I changed, I was different, and they were right, I am different because of you.”

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32. They said at the start, I’d change, and I would not last, I’d leave her, she’d be sad, and I’d break her heart. But I stayed with my bride, and we overcame.

33. I’ve changed, and I’m not the same. My eyes have seen, and my heart has felt things in ways I can’t explain.

34. I’m not that person I once was. I’m a new person with new goals and a better person than I used to be, for I have grown and changed because I have learned how life works.

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35. I changed the life I live to be with you. I stopped being mean and started to be kind.

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36. I used to do mean things and be a mean person. But then it hit me that being not good is never good one day. I had to change.

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37. I was different and strange. Little did they know what I was. I was also shy and couldn’t talk to anyone until that person came did I find a way to fly.

38. Many moons ago, I was a different person. I was a monster, with a heart of ice, but then I saw you, and it all changed.

39. I’ve changed for the better, and I don’t want to be the person I was. I want to be someone who thinks before they act and doesn’t dwell in the past.

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40. They said I changed, that’s not true. I haven’t changed; it’s them who’ve changed. I’m still the same, and I’m still me.

41. I used to be a kid running around at the park. I used to be a young man living in the suburbs. Now I’m an old man stuck. No, wait, I’m free! I am free at last!

42. I changed from being a bitter and sad man to a happy one because I found you.


43. Since I met you, I’ve changed so much, and it’s been a great change. My heart doesn’t hurt anymore, and my mind is more at peace.

44. I changed because I saw the light, learned how, and found that it’s true! I’m no longer lost! I have found my way! Yes, I have changed!

45. I used to be so mean, I used to be so cold, and I thought of everyone as enemies.

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46. I’ve changed from a cold-hearted man to a heart filled with love and care.

47. Everyone said I changed, said I wasn’t the same as before. Now I know that I am still me, only a better version.

48. I used to be a quick-minded/Stingy creature, but now I give love freely to all, for it’s the only thing that matters and the only thing real. For it is love that binds us all.

49. Everyone said I changed so did the world around me. I am the same person I was then; I only got older.

50. They said I changed because I found love. My family is no longer the center of my world, and I am happy to be in love.

Final thought

I hope you enjoy these. I’ve Changed quotes and sayings as much as I do. Sure, change scares some people. But it’s truly exciting to see what happens when we allow ourselves to evolve and grow. 

Stay true to yourself, and you won’t lose sight of what is important in your life. Everyone has a past, but that does not define who you are today or what you will become tomorrow. You are never too old to change for the better.

Thank you for stopping by, and please come again soon!

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