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Checking up on your loved ones and family shouldn’t be stressful. You can send a thoughtful just checking up on you text messages or quotes to let them know you care about their wellbeing.

We’ve complied these messages and quotes to help you check up on the people that matter to you without mixing up words. All the best.

Just Checking Up On You Text Messages for Lovers

1. Most beautiful girl of my life
Your thought on my mind and smiles on my lips, I’m just checking up on the most beautiful girl in the world.
I miss you, and I hope you’re good.

2. Missing you more and more
When you are not around, I get disturbed because my heart keeps missing you more and more. I can’t wait to have you here with me. Call it obsession, but I miss seeing your face.

3. All I carve for everyday
Your love is my strength, and I carve for it every day.
I missed you and decided to check up on you. I hope you are well.

4. Only your sweet love
I need you more when I think of you, and I feel this emptiness that needs to be filled with only your sweet love. It’s been a while. I’m only checking up on you.

5. With your cute love
My whole heart yearns for you every day because you make my desires come true with your cute love.
I’m just checking on you, sweet.

6. To be sure
I’ll check on you in the morning, afternoon, and night to be sure you’re fine.
Even if I’m the busiest person, I will make sure you never lack my attention.

7. I hope you are fine
My honey bunny, all my veins stood still when I didn’t see any sign of you all day. I decided to check on you to be sure you are fine.

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8. Best out of the day
Your day will surely be beautiful because you’re beautiful. Make the best out of the day as you step out.
I love you.

9. Around you
You remain the love of my life because everything about me revolves around you.
I’m just checking up on you to ensure your comfort.

10. To check up on you
I want to always be there for you; that’s why I’m sending this text to check up on you. I hope you’re fine over there.

11. The day has started without a glimpse of you, and I can’t get my thoughts from picturing your face. I’m only checking on you.

12. You’re dear to me, and I pray you’re safe at the other end. Have a great time. Just checking on you.

13. The thought of you keeps popping up on my mind, and I’m reminded that I should know how the love of my life is doing today.

14. Hey, cutie. I wondered what’s going on around you, and I decided to send a text letting you know that you’re amazing at all times.

15. I hope the day is treating much better than you imagined this morning. Have a wonderful day, baby.

Just Checking Up On You Text Messages for Friends

16. Everything might seem hard right now, but I’m here for you regardless. I miss you, and I’m just checking up on you.

17. You know that I always care. That’s why you’re reading this text right now. I wish you the best of the day. xoxo

18. It doesn’t matter how busy I get, you know, I always think of you, and I will always check up on you to be sure everything is well.

19. The more I think of you, the more I realize I miss you so much. Have a lovely day.

20. It’s amazing how I can’t stop thinking of you. The heavens know that I miss your presence, and I wish you are here with me. I’m checking up on you. 

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21. The thought of you crossed my mind today, and I realized that it had been a while we said hellos. I’m just checking up on you, dear.

22. I wondered how your day has been, and I decided to let you know that I think about you. I wish you all the best of the day.

23. The distance is nothing close to how much I miss your company. I miss you dearly.

24. It’s probably difficult admitting how much I miss you being around me. Thank you for being a lovely friend. I’m just checking on you.

25. I hope you’re facing your day and making the best use of it? Be good. See you around.

26.  You’re reading this text because I was thoughtful enough to care about how you’re doing today. I’m only checking on you, and I hope you’re well.

27. We always have that one friend we care deeply about. You come on top of the list for me, and I am just checking up on you.

28. The day started pretty fast, and I hope you’re winning your daily tasks over there? 

29. Hello, I hope you’re good today, and you’re making every second count? Have a wonderful day.

30. There is only one way to let you know that I miss you. That’s by letting you know that you mean a lot to me. 


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