10 Most Mysterious Women of All Times

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Mysterious women make the world love them and talk about them, and they change the course of history. According to Pablo Picasso, there are only two types of women: goddesses and rags for wiping the legs.

Women whose life was full of secrets have always been absolute beauties and hard manipulators. Using their beauty, intelligence, and sexuality, they turn people around them into regular means to achieve their goals and never showed signs of a clingy girlfriend. Femme Fatales makes those who love them suffer, but isn’t it because they are hurt and unhappy deeply inside? What secrets did they hold? Guess the history will never tell that. Here is the list of top 10 most mysterious and strong females that have changed the course of history.

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Sir Thomas Malory initially wrote the legend about beautiful Guinea in The Death of Arthur (1485), describing her as the wife of the legendary King Arthur. Naturally, King Arthur was not the only one to be conquered by her beauty. Lancelot, one of Arthur’s knights, was insanely in love with her. Did she really exist, and are all the events described in the book real historical events? No one knows for sure.

Helen of Troy
The story of Helen of Troy is being told by Homer in the poem Iliad. Known as the “girl of 1,000 ships,” she is considered one of the most beautiful female images in the literature. Paris, the son of King of Troy Priam, fell in love with Helen and stole her.

“Blue Angel” Marlene Dietrich
“Every man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than in a woman who has beautiful legs,” Marlene Dietrich thought. Marlene married the producer Rudolf Ziber who fell in love with her from the second meeting and remained in love for many years. For many years, Dietrich corresponded with another talented writer, Ernest Hemingway.

Queen Cleopatra was a smart, powerful, strong, charming, cunning, ambitious, and fatal woman. A brilliant politician and strategist, she skillfully used her beauty and charm to achieve her goals. For example, it is believed that Caesar, having fallen in love with Cleopatra, signed his death sentence.

Valerie Messalina
Valerie Messalina was born in 25 AD and belonged to the highest patrician authorities. At the age of 14, she married the uncle of Emperor Caligula, Claudius. In 41, Caligula was killed, and Claudius became the Emperor, so Valerie became the Emperor’s woman. What came next, after such a power appeared in the hands of an extremely cunning woman, we all know…

Elizabeth Taylor
She’s the actress who “has been collecting men and diamonds.” She had married eight times. Among her men were actors Michael Wilding and Richard Burton, producer Michael Todd, politician John Warner, heiress of the Hilton hotel chain, Conor Hilton, and truck driver Larry Fortensi.

Anna Boleyn
Anna Boleyn is the second wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Queen of England Elizabeth I. Since childhood, Anna’s parents had planned for her daughter a high position at the court. She was fluent at French and Italian and composed poetry and music. The girl who never wanted to be just a concubine wanted to become the Queen of England. Her wise and confident path to this position, however, was full of struggles and secrets.

Mata Hari
The Dutch who set the origins of the European striptease. She got married just for the sake of becoming independent. But she managed to make all Paris talk about her beautiful art of striptease. Italian composer Puccini sent her flowers, the French composer Jules Massune admitted that he felt happy only when he was watching her dancing. Accused of being a spy, this sexy woman was a mystery.

Catherine Deneuve
The truth about her was always hidden behind the doors. She was always keeping all her heartfelt secrets from strangers, but we do know about some of her love affairs. She always wore makeup, and she even slept with patches. Success and hundreds of masks did not really open the true Catherine to the world, but her beauty can stay an object for admiration to this day because, at her 68, she still looks stunning.

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Lola Montes
The life of this fatal woman was short and lasted for only forty years. During these years, she managed to make Ferenc Liszt, Honore de Balzac, and Alexander Dumas fall in love with her, as well as was able to become a favorite of Bavarian King Ludwig I, and it was Lola for the sake of whom he gave up the throne.

“The Victory Goddess” Gala
The wife, muse, and model of Salvador Dali, Gala has lived with him for 53 years. Dali was afraid of women and ran away from them. On the contrary, his muse adored men and was constantly cheating. So they lived in peace and harmony.

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