50 My King Quotes: Love Poems for Him

My King Quotes: Love Poems for Him 
If you want the best My king quotes, then you are at the right spot. How else can you let your lover know that you love him? Other than with some I love my king quotes, good night my king and good morning my king quotes.
My King Quotes
My King Quotes

My King Quotes

1. Even the thought of not being with you for a single day is not in my heart.
This is due to my growing love for you my king.
How am I going to survive if you are not around me? I love you so much.

2. No word can explain how on earth you mean to me. Because your love is the source of my strength.
How you became so important to me, I can’t still explain. But all I can say is that I need you close to my side every moment.
I love you, my king.

3. I keep you in my thought as I look forward to seeing you today, while we wait to be in each other’s arm. I want you to know that I love you so much.
You are the only one allowed to rule my heart as my king.

4. I never knew how sweet life was till you came knocking at the door to my heart.
You have been the satisfaction that keeps me going in life.
I’ve made you my king, and nobody can dethrone nor take your place in my heart.

5. I call you my thought because I think of you every day.
You have over and over, gave me certainty and swept me off my feet as the case may be with your never-ending love.
You have given me so many experiences that I don’t wish to forget as long as you keep breathing.
I love you, my king.

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6. Just like a puzzle, some part of me was missing before you came running, till you ran into my heart.
I feel complete. I feel like a queen, having you in there (my heart).
If I’m your queen, then you are my king. I love you.

7. What I feel for you is pure love and what you give to me cannot be compared to anything.
That particular kind of love that is rare to find anywhere.
I never wish to let go of you because letting go of you is like letting go of your love forever.
I love you, my king.

8. I want to be in your arms because I feel safe in there, all I want is to look into your eyes till the sun comes up because in there, I find sincerity.
I want our bodies close to each other because our hearts will beat as one. I love you, my king.

9. We may go through fights and win each other, but that doesn’t change your position in my heart.
We will be together because we are never better apart and nobody will come between us.
I thank you for being the best so far. You will forever be my king.

10. I will give up everything to be your queen because you have given a lot more to be my king.
Ever since we met, you have changed my life. There are no more regrets because you made them go away.
I appreciate all you are and will be because you are my king.

I Love My King

11. You are my everything. You mean the world to me.
I was recounting how you came into my life like a superhero, with the big “S” on your chest and changed everything.
I am happy to find someone who connects to me emotionally. I’m lucky to have you.

12. Whatever it cost to stay with you, I will pay.
Whatever I got to do, to keep you, I will do because you are worth the world.
You add meaning to my life. You make me happy. You are my king.
I love you.

13. My love for you comes like wildfire and ice, and nobody can stop it.
My big squish, you mean so much to me.
Recalling all the memories we had, I won’t leave you, even for a room filled with gold. You’re worth more than gold.
I love you, my king.

14. You have always been more than a partner. You are my best friend.
You are the only one I’d wish to spend my whole life with over again if I am to
Thanks for the sweet memories that will never leave my heart, and thanks for the laughter that would never leave my face. I love you.

15. My daily life is worth spending again because of the love, never-ending care and undying attention you give to me every day.
You remain, my boyfriend, my solid rock and my king forever.

16. All through the years (months or days), we have been together, you have been the force behind my achievements.
You have helped me through many things.
You are just super sweet, kind and funny that anyone can wish to have you, but only your queen can keep you like I’m doing my best to,
I love you, my King.

17. I am beyond blessed to have you in my life, and a future with you is the only thing I wish for every day.
You are a fantastic human that compares to nothing in the world.
The biggest surprise you gave me, was being so special within a short period in my life.
I love you, my King.

18. Kings like you are rare.
I guess I’m not just fortunate, I’m lucky.
Everything you do makes me so happy that all I want to do is spend the rest of my life loving you forever.
I love you, my King.

19. All the sun do is brighten the day and the moon at night. But your love is different because it brightens my life and makes my life beautiful.

20. Wherever you go my king, never forget that you’ve got a queen who prays and care for you.
Remember that someone somewhere loves you completely.

I Love You My King

21. You are my king, my world.
I can be your second wing so that we can fly around the world together.
You bring everything in me back to life.

22. You set my heart on fire with your never-ending love. You love me way beyond my expectation.
You make up everything nature deprived me.
That’s why you will be forever my king.

23. The thought of you in my heart is real.
Your cute love is divine.
The anxiety to say “I love you” to me makes my body tremble. I love you, my king.

24. My King, My King,
I promise to love you forever with all my heart.
I promise to be right by your side as your queen when things changes.
You are the love of my life.

25. You rule my world, so I call you my world.
Never in a thousand years have I thought of having this joy you bring to my heart.
You remain my definition of perfection.

I Love You My King
I Love You My King

26. My king my love, you’ve touched my heart with your care and attention. Now all my heart do is to beat for you.
I dedicate every beat to you.

27. Only my king completes my life with tender love.
Only the one my heart beats for and fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. I love you.

28. All I do every day is, search for a more better way to love you.
My king, I’m happy having you in my life because, without you, my world would have been empty.

My King Poems

29. You’re rare for the love you bring into my life is unique.
You are wonderful for my heart has felt a sweet kind of love since you became my king.

30. Without you, my day is not complete.
You became my sun that I can’t do without during the day and the soft breeze I can’t do without at night. You give me direction. You define my purpose.

31. You became my king and my gloomy and shady days became a past. I love you, Darling.

32. My love for you has no restriction because each day I live, my love for you grows.
You illuminate my world. I can now see how precious you worth.

33. Thank you for adding color to my life.
Thank you for being that Superman that I needed.
Thank you for being that king my world needed.

34. My love is for you and no one else, for you are my king.
The energy you give me daily fuels my feelings for you. I love you, king.

35. I will wait all my life for you because you’re my king.
I will love you forever because I am your queen. Our love will last till eternity. I love you.

50 I Love You Quotes for Him

36. Loving you is beautiful because knowing that I have found my soul mate makes my life complete.
Knowing that you will remain the king of my heart makes me eager to live another day

37. Every second I spend, every day I share with you is worth the wait because you’re the most fantastic person I have ever met and will forever love.

38. My king, my heartbeat. We are in this together because you are the one I look up to
I want to spend the rest of my life is the one you give your love and attention.

He’s my King Quotes

39. The love I have for you could is known without a word from me.
It can be felt even if we are thousand miles apart.
It can be shared for its a rare kind of love made for you alone, my king.

40. When your hands hug me, I feel loved, when your lips touch mine, I think that spark that makes me call you my king.

41. Each of my love has its meaning. You’re my king, so every of my feeling is for you and you alone.
I won’t get tired of hearing ‘I love you’ so far it’s from your lips.

42. You’re one special thing in my life. If I die today, I will be happy that I’ve felt a beautiful kind of love from someone special like you. I love you, my king.

43. My desire for you burns like the candle, its flames bright like the sun but unlike the wax, my love for you will burn forever lasting without going off.

44. Your love is all I need today. Falling in love with you is one beautiful thing that happened in my life.
I cherish every memory we share together.

45. You shine in my world like a star.
You are the sun, and every other thing revolves around you.
You are my king, and I’m happy to be your queen.

Good Morning My King Quotes

46. Good morning my king, the goodness in my life.
I love you from the depth of my heart, and you will forever be the king of my heart. Good morning.

47. Good is attached to a morning made out of love. What I feel is a perfect explanation of what true love is all about. I can’t wait to see you, my king.

Good Morning My King Quotes
Good Morning My King Quotes

48. Kings rule kingdoms and empires but you order my heart, and I’m always at your service today and forever. I heart you, sweety.

49. You remain the double blessing in my life. You have created in me what nobody has done.
I will love you with all of me because you mean the world to me.

50. You are my world, my love, my king. How can I show you how much you have made my world glow? I can’t live without your love. Not even for a second. Good morning darling.

Good Night My King

51. I still appreciate your presence in my life.
You have done more than I actually imagined.
All day, all I do is think of how lucky I am to have you, and at night, all I see is you in my dreams.
Have a Good night my King. I hope to see you in dreamland.

52. I reminisce on the many memories we had when I lie on my bed.
How sweet you have been to me. Only you deserve to be called my king because the position suits you.
I wish you a Good night my king. I love you.

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53. I can’t wait for you to be mine forever. I can’t wait to share your bed with you. I can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you.
You are indeed my king.
Goodnight dear.

54. The day you asked me to be yours was the happiest day of my life. Because finally, someone in the whole world has seen my beauty and appreciated it.
You are special because you will be my king as long as you live. I hope you have a Good night my king.

55. When i needed you, you were there for me.
When my world crumbled, you helped me build it.
You are the only thing I care about in life.
Without you, there will be no me.
Thanks for being my king. Goodnight.

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