5 Reasons Not to Have an Academic Affair: Dangers of Romantic Relationships Between Classmates

Student life is meant primarily for studying. And it’s not supposed to be about love, but how can you do without it? When else to fall in love and learn to build a relationship? 

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At first glance, it might seem like a great idea to combine business with pleasure and have an affair with someone from the group. You can always ask for help to “write my college paper for me” from professional writers and go on fun and unforgettable dates; enjoy your youth. But it is worth considering the disadvantages that imply such a layout. Perhaps, after reading them, you will decide not to fall in love with someone who flashes before your eyes every day.

The disadvantages of college affairs

It’s not precisely a workplace romance, of course, but something along those lines. Despite the beautiful ending of everyone’s famous movie, workplace romances, like study romances, can be a big problem.

No opportunity to distract yourself from difficulties

When all areas of life are boiled in the same cauldron, there is absolute chaos in the head and reality.

In a situation where your relationship develops outside of the classroom, you always have the opportunity to take a little break from the twists and turns of love. Suppose your personal life suddenly ceases to please you, and this, unfortunately, happens to everyone. In that case, you always have the opportunity to shift attention to the educational process and communication with classmates.

To maintain harmony in a person’s life should be a lot of diverse activities, not related to each other. Failures happen. They cannot be avoided. And imagine if your whole life is enclosed in the university’s walls, any loss automatically acquires the status of total failure.

Therefore! If you happen to fall in love with someone from the group and you have reciprocated, urgently look for something to do other than study and love. Let these hobbies will be your escape hatch in case of failure.

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The study falls through the cracks

There is no way to study when in front of the eyes revolves an object of adoration.

The writers of the best writing services say that hormones completely disable all abilities in the thinking process. And, as a consequence, at the lecture, all information passes by your ears, and in practical classes completely fails the parts of the brain responsible for analyzing incoming data and finding the only correct solution. And all because your brain in love can find only one answer: sitting next to you or smiling from the next desk. 

To combine business with pleasure, in this case, will not work. Our mind is set up so we can think only one thought at a time. And the course of this thought is under the direct influence of chemical processes occurring in the organism. It is difficult to argue with these processes, especially if their cause is in sight. The only thing that can be done here is to remove this very cause from view.

Therefore! If you build a relationship at college, try to sit far away from each other in the classroom.

Gossip among classmates

Gossip mainly revolves around love stories. Of course, you’re not in the fifth grade in middle school anymore, and no one will shout teasers like “teeny-weeny bride and groom,” but this reaction to someone else’s love will take on a different format. A little later, everyone will accept this state of affairs, but it cannot be easy at first.

If the class is overly cheerful, you can expect “warm” friendly banter, which is likely to be somewhat embarrassing and prevent feelings from developing. This is especially true when your object of adoration does not fit into the generally accepted framework of normality. For example, somehow dressed in a peculiar way, too modest and silent, has an unfashionable hobby, and annoys typically everyone except you.

Well, if you’re lucky and your classmates will treat your feelings with respect. However, this is not necessary and, quite possible, with you, it will not happen. Here it all depends on the group. 

Therefore! If feelings are ignited in the classroom, be prepared for any reaction from classmates. Do not break off relations just because public opinion did not approve of it – it’s a manifestation of weakness. Remember that over time, gossipers will get tired of discussing you, and they will find a new victim. And, in general, of course, it’s all out of jealousy. 

Double hard parting

Student love does not always lead to marriage, even if it seems that this is the one person who will last a lifetime, remember that reality often deceives our expectations.

Everything about love and feelings is highly unreliable. If a breakup occurs, removing the former love from view is the best thing to do. Unfortunately, this is impossible if you are studying together. Every day there will be someone who didn’t work out in front of your eyes, keeping the trauma of the breakup from lingering.

Therefore! If the college relationship comes to a close, do everything possible to see each other as little as possible. At the very least, you will have to give up on joint rest in the company of classmates.

Double burden

Your soulmate may start using the relationship to solve problems with studies. 

“Do for me the lab,” “write an essay,” “help with the term paper” – all this will not escape, and the one who studies better will have to pull a double load constantly. Well, how can you say no to the person you love?

It is understood that it is one-time help, but it happens that the person depends on your service. This quickly gets sick of, and conflicts, in this case, are inevitable. Who owes what to whom – an eternal theme of interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to respect other people’s boundaries.

Therefore! Initially agree that a relationship is a relationship, and service is service. Offer help in studies only as a last resort if the person tried but did not have time or asks to explain something to them.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of, even those closest to you! If a person loves you, they will treat this rule with understanding and will not hang their academic assignments on you as well. Especially since there always is the best essay writing service for you that can help you or your lover with paper assignments and leave you some time for a date.

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