Short Love Letters for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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Short love letter for girlfriend Or for boyfriend
This is the best collection of love letters for your girlfriend and some really sweet love letters for boyfriend.

You never can’t tell how fun your love life will increase with the sending of love letters to your lover.
This short love letters were written to boost your relationship, so scroll to your desired short letter and send it to Your sweetheart.

Short Love Letters for Him
Sweet Love Letter for Her

1. Hello baby,
I hope you are doing great today. This is an opportunity for me to appreciate you on this special day.
You have done so much for me that I can’t tell. I have been loving you since we met like I can’t explain.
Even when people acknowledge the power of words, saying the right and sweet ones all the time still doesn’t explain the gladness your love makes me feel inside.
Your love makes me feel on top of the world at every point in time. You are the motivation I need everyday.
If there are more appreciating words, other than ‘thank you’, I’d be saying it to you everyday because you lighten up my world when it was covered with darkness.

2. Seconds turns to minute, minutes to hour. From hours to day then to weeks. All in close successions.
You make time fly when you are around. I keep wishing to let you know what a wonder you have been to my world, but you know that words isn’t my friend.
You have been the best for me in all times and in all things. You are an Angel who is more than a friend and a lover.
You made my dreams come true when you gave me your tantalizing love that can’t be found on earth.
You deserve the best of me and I am promising to love you today, tomorrow and a day after it.
I will love you forever because you have been my happiness.

3. I will love you till the end because you have been the reason for my constant strive to reach great heights.
On a platter of golds and diamonds, your love brought happiness and peace of mind to me.
I keep wondering how much love is left in your heart because everything you do, leaves me in admirations.
This relationship is going to work. I am devoting my time and energy to ensure that.
I can’t afford to lose this good life you have given to me. I now believe that meeting you was more than a miracle.
Be rest assured that I will be here with you till eternity. My love for you won’t reduce nor be forgotten.
I will be your best friend and your lover. Only you will my love be channelled to, for you are my Queen. I love you sweety.

4. This is so sweet to be true. It is so amazing to mess with. I can’t thank you enough for your untold love.
My heart is buried in the ocean of love for you. The more I try to set it lose, the more I love you much more.
Its very hard not falling in love with someone so charming and adorable like you.
I know I am in the prison of your love. And the only food my heart asks for, is your undivided attention and your uncontested love.
You have opened my heart to love, which has never happened. I’ve never felt my heart betray me. Falling for you shows that you are special among the crowd.
I know we will be perfect together. I am hoping for a wonderful future where we will share everything including our lives. I love you.

5. Your love is a gang up with nature against my heart. How come you are the only one who commands my feelings and I can’t seem to break lose.
Every moment you step in, my heart races with joy of having to be with you one more time.
How come only seeing you gives me comfort and happiness. I can’t really answer why you are the one I think of at the lonely hours.
Why can’t I just spend a whole day not wishing to see you.
You act like you designed my world because it has never been this beautiful from inception.
I can’t really tell what my body wants, but I perfectly know that my heart belongs to you and it won’t stop till we are officially together till the end.
You are my sweetheart.

6. I knew I was in love with you when my heart began giving in to many palpitations with just a single thought of you.
With your love, my world has changed in everything.
There is now a new path, and I can’t walk on it without you.
There is no doubt that I am into you because not only do people say that to me, but my heart also agrees to it.
Watching you from a far spot never really showed how amazing you are.
Being close to you right now made me realize that I really struck a goldmine.
You are really special. The thought of a future with you makes my heart skip a beat and push my body into anxiousness. I can’t wait for that day you will be mine forever and I will never contest with anyone to win your love. You are mine forever baby.

7. The impact of your love cannot be listed in just a book because they are too many.
Only the sound of your cute voice when talking to me, sends chills down my spine and makes me seem like I’m dreaming.
I can’t just believe you are mine because it still seems like a dream.
I never believed that i would end up with someone so special and awesome, someone who takes my breathe away.
I thought, I would find anyone who will be with me in future, but I found more than I searched for.
I found a pack of awesomeness. You are more than my dreams. I am so happy to finally have what so many people pray and wish for, I’m so happy to have a perfect better half. I love you baby.

8. Being with you still seems to me like a fairly tale. Will there be a happy ever after, I bet there will be, because ever since you came into my life, my world has been filled with happiness.
I know it will continue this way as long as I have you to my self.
I am anxious about the future i’ll be sharing with you because I know it will be perfect just like you.
Why won’t I fall in love with you when you are smart, beautiful and amazing.
Why won’t I pray to spend the rest of my life with you when you are loving, caring and above all, understanding.
With you in my life, I am complete. with your presence in my world, my life is perfect.
Let’s show the world how sweet, being in love can be sweety.

9. Falling I’m love with you had been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done, because the passing of each day with you seems like seconds.
I can’t forget to remember the amazing and sweet memories we had together, they remind me of more mind blowing moments awaiting us in the future.
I keep falling in love you everyday when the morning sun comes out, down to the evening, when the sun goes off.
You make me feel so so lucky to have you. To the very last,
I appreciate the wonderful things you did for me in the name of love. I’m in love with you and I don’t think anything can make me stop loving you.

Short Love Letter 2

10. You gave me all the happiness In the world when you said ‘Yes, I do’.
You made me the better person you address me as today. I can’t give you anything valuable enough to cover for all your sweetness in my life.
I’d go broke if I aim to buy things that is worth the love you have given to me. It is the most expensive gift I’ve ever received.
To show you my appreciation, I am offering myself, my heart and my soul. I will lose myself, just to love you sincerely. I will walk through every bump and rough road in life, just to make sure we have an amazing future together as one.
Words can’t explain anymore, gifts can’t determine its depth, only your heart can feel what’s inside of my heart and know that I love you very much, more than you can imagine.
I am confident to say I am in love with an angel.

11. I Pray To Be With You
The life I wish for, that’s what you give to me.
All my dreams you bring to reality.
All through my whole life, I pray to be with you forever.
I will keep my eyes open all night because I don’t wish to miss you.
No star can shine brighter than you.

12. I thank God everyday
I spend everyday in bliss, I handle the day’s task with happiness.
I also thank God for giving me you.
You’re the most wonderful destination I have ever embarked on.
You’re the perfect definition of goodness that have spiced up my life.

13. The light I walk with
I can’t thank you enough for being my shooting stars that makes my dream come true. For being the light I walk with through life’s darkest path and for being my courage in all battle life presents to me. I love you my baby.
When I’m with you I’m, high up on the clouds.
Happiness is all that’s on my mind as I spend the day.
The best moments of my life are the ones with you.

14. We will have a beautiful forever
I can’t help my love for you. It grows faster than a virus.
You might not be mine now but I hope that in the near future, we will have a beautiful forever together.
I can’t get enough of you because I miss you every single second you’re off my sight.
I wish to spend all the moments of my life with you.

15. The puzzle that completes me
I will give you all the happiness in the world if I can.
I will feed you with all of my love everyday. You are just the missing part of the puzzle that completes me.
My love is always for you because I can’t love anyone else.
I will give you all within my control. I will give you my last breath if I have to.

16. You make up for everything
You know you’re my angel, my heartbeat. You make up for everything life deprives me because you’re a diamond.
I love you from the start but I fell in love with you over again. Your softness melts my heart. Your smile gives me confidence. My love is forever yours my darling.

17. Thank you
I get lost in my thoughts, day dreaming about how wonderful you have been to me.
Thanks for being special in every moment we spent. Thanks for being my boo.
You have been a darling in every little way, everything you do gladdens my heart.
I now Goto bed with a smile and wake up with joy in my heart. I love you baby.

18. I don’t need the world
I love you with all of me. All my love is for you alone.
You do to me, only my heart desire. You know all my world needs. If you are with me, I don’t need the world.
I dreamt of an Angel but my dream came true when you showed up into my life.
I had no idea that angels go around without their wings but their love and care is indisputably visible. I love you my angel.

19. One thing that changed me
Sometimes I ponder why I received such unmerited favour.
I can’t compare myself to the love I get from you everyday.
You gave me one thing that changed my life forever.
You are special to my heart, special to my world, special to everything that relates to me.
You give me good vibes baby. I forgot all my worries by just starring into your eyes. I’m in love with you special.

20. I will forever love you
Your impact to my life during my difficulties is undeniably the best impact in my life. The courage and motivation is unprecedented. I will forever love you because nobody can replace you.
I knew I was in love when It felt good, holding your hands. I enjoyed those moments I place my body next to yours.
Each time I see your face, I know the feeling all over me, its a feeling of love. You rock.

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