80 Short Love Messages for Lovers Long Distance

Here are some short love messages and short love words for him or her. You can also send these short love messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend and your husband or wife. There are messages for everyone.

Relationship nowadays suffers due to neglect. That is where love messages help in relationships. You can spice up your lover’s mood with some cute short love messages and keep the fire burning.

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Check out some of our short messages below;

Short Love Messages for Lovers

1. I’ve always known the definition of love right from the first moment we shared together. Instantly I knew that you are my true love. My feelings for you is eternal. I miss you.

2. Like you’re my rainbow, I want to be your flower that will freshen your morning with my scent and keep a smile on your lips.

short love messages
Short Love Messages

3. Memories of the two of us together make me breathless. Loving you made me realize that I am not living for anybody other than you.

4. I’ve always searched for the best in you without knowing that I should wish the best for you. I’m sorry and loving you much more to make it up to you.

5. I know my feelings are so right because I keep feeling your love even when I’m far from you. I love you, my precious boo.

6. Everything feels right when you’re around. You seem to keep my world glowing. Thanks for making every day memorable and my world beautiful.

7. It’s uncontrollable trying to keep your thought out of my head even for a second. That’s why I’m texting to say I love you.

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8. I can’t comprehend how my little heart forced its way to develop affection for someone as sweet as you. It’s confusing. But yet an enjoyable experience I’ll cherish forever.

9. The only thing that suits your love is the word ‘Magical’ because I seem not to understand why I’m so into you. You’re a bundle of awesomeness, and I can’t get enough of you.

10. Even without saying anything, I still hear your heart yelling ‘I love you’ and I promise you that my love is for you forever. Thank you for being a darling

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11. Every hour I spend away from you seems like ages. If there is one place I want to be, then it will be right beside you. I love you.

12. Falling in love with you is the best thing that happened to me, and I can’t find any explanation for it. The experience is one of a kind, and I’m ready to feel it forever.

13. I never knew that you lived in my heart until we went apart. I’m never letting you go far from me again. I love you more than anything your mind can imagine.

14. Our love is in a beautiful state of randomness. It’s a blessing to find myself smiling whenever the thought of you comes up in my head. That’s all I ever wanted to be yours forever.

15. You make me so happy, you make my world lovely, and you make my life worth living. You’re the sweetest person I want to be with forever. I miss you, baby.

Short Love Messages for Her

16. For you, I’ll do everything to keep you close. If I lose you, I’ll be losing everything. I love, cherish and adore you. I can’t wait to be with you.

17. I love and cherish you because you’re my lover, my backbone, and the one who will do anything to see me smile. You’re my one in a million.

18. You’re my one in a million. Just like a flower, you watered me all through the drought. I’m forever grateful and happy calling you my boo.

19. I’m forever thankful and happy calling you my boo because you opened up my heart to love. It’s just funny, but no one has ever done this to me.

20. No one has ever touched my heart and painted it with the color of love, giving it this feeling of having everything in the whole world.

21. Gentle like a dove, it’s hard staying without you. Your love makes my heart shiver. I’m happy being the only one in your life. I miss you, darling.

22. If you could hear my heartbeat from a thousand miles, you’ll be able to know that my heart beats for you. I love you, baby.

23. Since I’m yours and you’re mine, I don’t want to be anyone else’s. Let’s stay together forever.

24. Heaven is bright and blue like our love. It’s a divine union and ordained by God. I love you, baby.

25. I can imagine the smile on your face as you go through this text. I love you with all of my heart, baby. The distance can keep us apart, but not forever. I love you, honey.

26. Everything you say is true. This love is a blessing to me every day. I will always have you right here in my heart. I love you very much.

27. If I could wish for anything. I’ll want us to return to the garden of Eden, where everything is a clear attestation of love.

28. You’re natural and the best out of many. Thank you for always warming my heart with your kind words. You’re the one I see in my dreams, and I cherish you forever.

29. The feeling of uncontrollable joy, smiles, fulfillment. These and more, you make me feel. I remember all, and I love you more.

30. You’re always on my mind at all times. I miss you and the positive feelings you bring to my world. You are the best every day.

Short Love Messages for Him

31. Just like a movie, you make all my dreams come true. You make my life beautiful. You’re the best thing that happened to me, darling.

Short Love Messages for Him
Short Love Messages for Him

32. I pray we remain together till the very end; loving and caring for each other.

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33. I can’t stop loving you, my dear. That’s because you and no one else deserves my love. It’s just too precious for someone aside from you.

34. Our union is a gift from heaven. That’s why I + You is equal to blessing. You are the best.

35. Don’t promise me another thing. You’ve already fulfilled the promise you never made (being my everything).

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36. Love isn’t about your money, body, or connections. It’s about finding that missing part of you. I found mine in you.

37. Let’s teach the world how to love.
You gave me the most expensive gift.
Giving me love was everything I need and more.

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38. Love is wonderful.
Just with you in my heart all day.

39. I feel happy thinking of you, and It’s exciting loving you.
Being with you is one thing my whole body wishes for all day.

40. You live here in my heart, and I will never let you out of my world. The love I have for you is beyond anything you can think of in life.

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Short Love Messages for Boyfriend

41. If other girls have seen how special you are to me.
They would probably stage a coup to have you.
But of course, I won’t let them see that. I’ll keep you to myself forever.

42. Love doesn’t cost money, but your heart.
I’m giving my heart to you because I’m sure it’s safer in your hands.

43. Looking back at what we’ve been through, I will go through it again only if you’ll stand by me.
You’re my angel.

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44. You entered my life like its a farmland. You made my laughter grow and filled my life with more joy.
I can’t stop loving you, honey.

45. Hey dear!
You’ve been found guilty of adding more meaning to my life. You will be judged right beside me and sentenced to life imprisonment in my heart.

46. I’m never scared of love because I can count on you to ensure my heart from any pain.
I love you, my darling.


47. You are my angel, and I feel like I’m right beside you this very moment.
I love and cherish you, my sweetheart.

48. Sometimes! Things should be simple,
Like I just picked up my phone, texts you about the feeling I’m having right now.

49. At first, I thought love was about finding someone I can live with forever.
You proved to me that true love is finding someone I can’t live without for a day.
I can’t live without you, my baby.

50. The memories we share are memorable. This includes the shortest moments that are engraved on my heart forever.

Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

51. We are together because I asked God to give me someone special, with who I can share my good and bad moments for the rest of my life. You are so lovely because you perfectly suit me.

52. I’m giving off all the loving left on me.
Don’t panic because I will be giving them to you :D.

53. Let take a moment to pray for someone special,
You know you are the exceptional one right from day one.
I love you, dear.

54. Not like I don’t love myself,
I feel that I love you more.
You will remain my angel.

Short Love Messages for Girlfriend
Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

55. Everything in life “Goes on,” but our love is unshakable.
It will remain and grow forever.

56. I say ‘I Love You The Way You Are’ because I love both the good and bad sides of you.
You are simply sweet.

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57. When everything doesn’t make sense.
Your love puts me back together.
You are a rare gem.

58. I believe you each time you pronounce your love for me because everything you say is special to me.
I’ll always love you.

59. You were meant to cure my pain
Because your love is an antibiotic medicine that I need all the time.

60. It’s all special because you’re my girl.
My love is always here for you, my sweety.

Short Love Messages for Wife

61. The most expensive things aren’t the most precious. That’s because you’re worth the whole world, but you were given to me freely by nature.

62. Out of the blues, you came into my life from nowhere. Out of many, only you got my attention. I love you, endlessly, and there is nothing I won’t do for you.

63. The mornings are now brighter, and the evenings are far exciting and my nights are lovely because I now think about you in the morning when I wake up, spend my evenings with you, and dream about you when I sleep at night.

64. Anywhere you go, I will go, and my love will follow. Anything you do, I will do. I’ll be there with you when you need me because I love you with every of my heart, baby.

65. When I look into your eyes, I see the love words can’t explain, and I feel happy. True love is sweet. I never knew I would find one, and I never knew I would find you.

66. I never had a slight idea of me finding happiness soon, but the moment you stepped into my life, I found love and felt joy at its peak. You are my everything.

67. I feel complete knowing that I’ve got someone special to love with my whole heart. You are the best in everything you do.

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68. When my heart beats, I think of you. When the sun comes up, you will still be on my mind. When the night comes down, I will be with you. All through my day, you have been the only thing on my mind and the only thing that matters to me.

69. I love you with all of me, and there is no denying that you are the motivation behind my success. I adore you as long as I live.

70. Your love means everything to me. Your intentions are never mistaken or misinterpreted. You have been the one for me right from the start because, since that day we met, everything in my life fell into its place.

Short Love Messages for Husband

71. You are the missing part of me that I’ve been looking for. But the day I met you, my life changed for the better. You will be getting the best of me forever.

72. It’s a punishment if I am to forget you. Because you have given me many memories to remember, think about, and love. I adore you every day, darling.

73. You are my partner forever because since you graced into my life, everything changed, including how the sun shines in the morning and how the moon comes out at night.

74. You have been my backbone and my umbrella when it’s raining. I am the most successful person on earth to have found your love. Nothing will change my feelings for you as no one can divert my love and attention from you.

75. Every day of my life is worth celebrating as long as we remain one. Nothing can be more fulfilling than a fun-filled day with you. Thank you for bringing out the best in me.

76. I am grateful to nature for everything, most notably the eyes to see you during the day. The lips to kiss you and a heart to love you. Loving you is the best thing my heart has ever done.

77. Your smile has been my sunshine during my gloomy days, and your body, the perfect spot to rest on when I’m down. I am grateful to you for being the rock in my world.

78. You gave me something to live for every day. The memories of us are stored in my heart today, tomorrow, and forever, I’ll always cherish you with all of my heart.

79. You have always been with me all through this journey. You kept telling me “it will be alright,” and “I love you.” I’ve felt good knowing I have someone as sweet as you in my life.

80. I’m going to love you like no other and care for you like you are the last I’ve got on earth. I cherish you with my whole heart because the love you shower on me is exceptionally awesome. I love you, honey.

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