10 Signs You Are Attractive to Women

Do you ever wonder if women find you appealing? Here are signs you are attractive to women.

Most times, guys face the problem of having to figure out if a lady is genuinely into them or is just being all-natural and friendly without the intent of flirting, or even a possible interest in them.

For a guy who seems to be in such a dilemma, there are numerous telltale signs he needs to be conversant with to discern between a lady who is attracted or a lady who is merely exhibiting a natural and healthy form of relationship.

A little research, be it online or behavioral investigation of women, will prove that ladies are not complex beings as it’s widely speculated. They have a way of perfectly disguising their feelings and interest in signs that can only be deciphered by one who knows his onion and who considers every detail.

The behavior of female folk and her reaction to the issues of relationship is constructed to a large extent by the society. The society as it is today highly patriarchal, has culminated in relegating the female folk. It is also keeping her shut out when she has much to say. Instead of being dumb and silent as the society prefers, she fabricates a different mode of expression. She could achieve this through signs and signals.

The unintended consequence of this societal embargo on speech for the female folks is that even the brave who have decided to open up and express themselves emotionally to their male counterparts is considered cheap, wayward, or with a little or no improper home training. It’s a painful stereotype that has forced many into bottling up their emotions with the hope that the guys read their minds and bring up proposals, and not the other way round.

How then does a lady send out that “I like you” or “come get me” signal that once understood by a guy, springs up a chemistry that may or may not stand the test of time?

10 Signs You Are Attractive to Women

These are signs that women show when they find you appealing. You should always look out for these signs because sometimes, they are obvious.

Body Language

Signs You Are Attractive to Women
Signs You Are Attractive to Women – Body Language

Firstly, you must be conversant with the use of body language, as this could go a long way in revealing the mystical when it comes to women.

She Locks Eyes With You

She Locks Eyes With You
She Locks Eyes With You

When a girl finds you attractive, she uses her eyes as a microscopic weapon to pick you out like a pin in a haystack.

Now, she definitely would look at several people too, but in the case of the target, she locks eyes more with him. She is watching even when he isn’t. The locking of eyes could be so strong that even when you aren’t aware, your body automatically alerts you that you are being watched closely by someone, how mystical.

She Glances Steadily At You

Signs She Finds You Attractive - She Glances Steadily At You
Signs She Finds You Attractive – She Glances Steadily At You

If she is constantly glancing at you without removing her eyes, it can be a close sign that she finds you attractive.

The power of her eyes on you can also be deployed through steady glances that she makes so evident that even people around would first find strange, and on a second thought, decode who the real target is.

She deploys a more open sign if that sign doesn’t convincingly send the message she is passing across.

The use of steady glances is a way of communicating thoughts with this target of hers. She seems not to get enough of his presence. The more she looks, the more she is motivated to look more to feed her desire and give credence to the thoughts in her mind that her target is desirable.

Hysterical Laughter


When a lady finds a guy attractive, she seems fascinated by even his simplest of acts. For example, when he says something a bit funny, she seems to laugh more and finds the joke more hilarious than the others. That’s a way of showing support and interest in what he does.

She smiles more often at him even when there is little or nothing to laugh about.

She could either laugh hysterically at your jokes, and she also tends to depict a shy or an uneasy attitude.

She knows what she wants. Yet, the feeling that she seems to be more into her target makes her uneasy, presenting her as a blend of coyness and desire. All these are fully displayed only when a guy she finds attractive is close to her.

Asking Intimate Questions

Asking Intimate Questions

Furthermore, if she is into you or finds you attractive, she may have been close to you and admire something or two about you that makes her want to be even closer. So, when it gets to this stage, she could go more intimate with you when she asks questions during conversations.

Her questions will bother with your likes and dislikes, as well as to know people close to you.

Don’t be mistaken. Most ladies won’t waste their time asking intimate questions during conversations with a guy who she is not attracted to.
These questions only help her solidify her interest and gives her a bit of confidence and insight into a guy she finds attractive.

During this bout of conversation, she also tends to exhibit a keen interest. She listens intently and attentively and, in the process, is still deploying eye-locking, straight stares and glances. She could be lost just staring at you most times and could be into you more than the conversation itself.

Increased Show of Concern

Show of Concern
Show of Concern

When a lady finds a guy attractive, she finds herself acting in ways that either fuel her admiration for the target guy and devise possible signs and codes to make sure the guy notices her.

One way she shows you she is into you is her sudden interest in your well-being, and also, her increased show of concern towards you. Once a lady finds you attractive to the point that she begins to send signals, she is ready to do all it takes to get you.

She might increase the rate at which she calls you, your level and topic of discussions will also seem to change gradually. She also becomes more observant and is always wanting to know how your day went and stuffs.
Calling you might seem to be a regular, but when it gets to the point where instinctively you’re sure she is going to either call or text you, that could be a big hint of her being attracted to you.

She Frowns More When You Are Around Other Ladies

Frowning Lady
Frowning Lady

Ladies naturally are protective of what is either theirs or what they consider theirs.

When a lady finds a guy attractive, she automatically has considered him hers in her mind and sends her message via signs to him to alert him of her interest in him.

This desire of hers makes her wary of other girls around him who may also find him attractive too, and this might herald a show of envy and jealousy when she finds her crush close to her supposed rivals.

A lady can be all cool and happy when she is around a guy she is attracted to, but notice her reaction when another girl comes close, chats all freely with the guy, and even takes what she considers a large chunk of the guy’s time.

She doesn’t hide her disgust towards her rival because trying to hide it will only make it more visible. This could be an enormous sign that she is attracted to you. If she isn’t drawn, she might be uncomfortable, but not to the extent of being infuriated or disgusted.


Signs You Are Attractive - Preening
Signs You Are Attractive – Preening

According to behavior analyst, Jack Schafer, ladies have a way of slightly touching the arm of someone when they are having a conversation. This touch doesn’t necessarily connote an invitation to a sexual encounter, but just a mild indication of interest.

A lady might focus more on an act that makes her have a direct contact with you like helping to adjust loose ends on your clothing, like your collar or button, or a quick adjustment of your tie, anything to make her all touchy with you.

This act is termed preening.

The act of preening can be administered on her target and also on herself. When a lady finds you attractive, she also uses the same action of touching or perming her hair and adjusting her shirts. She becomes conscious of how she looks, and this is a way of appearing all nice to impress and not look too bad. It could also denote her shyness or nervousness when she is around you.

Act Of Coyness

Looking Away
Looking Away

When a lady has figured out a male that ticks all the boxes in her head, and she also is ready to mingle, watch out for how she blushes hysterically either when you talk to her and when you touch her lightly on the arms a bit deliberately.

Her response could go a long way in telling you if she is attracted to you. She might seem a bit uncomfortable and move away from you, but if she is into you, she probably might feign disapproval, however, still wishing you did it again.

It all lies in the little details because she might be moving away, but her body language, most notably her facial expression might be speaking a different language, “a come get me” plea. When you notice this sign, be rest assured that there is more to it.

The Isolation Technique


Sometimes, a lady may find you attractive to the point that she feels so nervous when she is around you. To some, the desire to be around their target seems to supersede their nervous feelings, so they stick around. While to others, they might not be as strong as the former, so they try as possible to be away from the guy they are attracted to and keep this attraction of theirs rooted in their minds. They long to be close, but they also want to hide their timidity, nervousness, and weakness, bound to show up anytime he is around.

In other means, they sometimes summon the courage to come all out and face their fears, but this time, they pretend and act like the guy they are attracted to do not exist to them.

They might even pick out another guy who they do not find attractive and start up a false conversation. Anything that would conceal her nervousness when she is around a guy she is attracted to is okay by her.

The isolation technique works out well for some, but is not the most common telltale sign of feminine attraction to guys, but it sure holds its secret. When she suddenly distances herself from the group, or seems to be more of an introvert suddenly, then, she is either not comfortable with something or someone around. It can be her little way of bottling her emotions, which seems to be exposing towards someone she finds attractive.

The summation of all the telltale signs, and the green light beaming all displayed by the women who find certain men attractive all boils down to their body language when they encounter these men, either close or a bit away.

From the way she looks at the guy, the way she talks to him, the attention she gives to him, the sheepish smiles, the hysterical laughter, the tingle in her body when he brushes her with his skin. Other things like her uneasiness when he is around her and the way she feels when he compliments her are all signs.

These reactions of hers fluctuate because even if she is seemingly attracted to you, she is still aware that she shouldn’t be giving out many signs and blowing her cover in the process. So it takes a smart, sensitive, and intuitive guy to decipher these codes and use it to his advantage.

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