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50 Sweet Love Quotes for your Girlfriend

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Sweet Love Quotes for your Girlfriend: Little things do mean a lot. They may not mean that much to you but believe me when I say they will mean so much to your girlfriend. Here are sweet love quotes for your girlfriend. Are you so interested to make her smile? here are the sweet quotes that will make that wish a reality right away.

Every average man’s wish is to make his partner smile all day long and I am very sure that you are not that different from the average man. So get the best sweet quotes for her, sweet love quotes for her, sweet love quotes for your girlfriend.

Sweet Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend

1. When I see you smile, I knew almost instantly that my life is now complete. You are the only spice I need in life to have a perfect future. I love you every day my princess. You and you alone make my life feel brand new.

2. Your beauty is out of the world. Just looking at your face brightens my day. You make my heart feel so much joy. You will be my ride or die as long as we still breathe. I always know that you are special and you have never stopped showing me that I was never wrong.

3. Being with you has taken my life to a point of no return and I now feel like I am in heaven just by kissing your lips. Having you in my life is like a dream come true because I can’t really tell what I did right to have you in my life. I love you, my angel.

4. Thanks to the most beautiful angel in the world. You have made my life what it is today and I am totally grateful for the love you have showered on me unconditionally. I love you and that is all that matters to me. Keep shining my dear.

5. Ever since you came my way, things have been going my way. You have directed all the good things in life to come my way. There is no going back in my quest to give you the best love. You are the epitome of beauty and a symbol of good life. I love you.

6. I am here for you. All through your journey in life, I will be here for you to lift you when you slip and love you when you want it. Until the day I die, I want to show you a special kind of love that can’t be found anywhere on earth. You are my rainbow.

7. Looking into your eyes, I could see my future. Without any doubt, you are the most amazing thing I have ever kissed and the most adoring thing I have ever held. I love you, not because of the beauty that has blown my heart away but for the awesome person you are.

8. I have waited all my life to find you. Now that I have found you, nothing will take you away from me ever. I will shield you from the hot sun and I will cover you when it is cold. I will love you as long as my heart beats and our future will be the best description of a perfect love.

9. Smile baby, the heaven rejoices and my world brightens when you do. For coming into my life, my world will forever be grateful for the unbeatable love you have showered on me daily. I love you with my whole life and nothing can take this love away.

10. I will always be here to love you because I have checked all through and found no one who could give you the kind of love your world asks for. Count on me because I will surely show you how golden being my queen can be. You are a priceless baby.

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Short Sweet Love Quotes for your Girlfriend

11. We have spent a lot of our time together making lovely promises to ourselves but I am not done with my beautiful plans for you. When the time is due, I will not only make you the mother of my kids but the one that will own my heart forever.

12. Without a battery, a phone is lifeless so is my world without your love. I have kept tabs on the right things that I have done in my life and showing you my love have been noted as the only thing I have done perfectly well. I love you forever.

13. You are never out of my heart because you were engraved there. All the days I have spent with you has been the best I have ever had. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I will keep loving you as long as my heart still beats.

14. Your presence in my life has erased how it feels to be alone. You have taught me that the best moments in life are the one that was spent with the special people we meet. You have given me that awesome feeling of love and I will love you forever.

15. You have earned my love and my trust forever. I will love you with all my strength because you are the only one who deserves the best love in the world. Even in my worst situation, the thought of you brings a smile to my face.

16. My love for you will never cease because you are the best thing that ever happened to my life. I cannot trade anything for your love. Your love has shaped my life for the better. I love you every day my princess and we will have a beautiful future together.

17. You are the reason for my constant outflow of happiness. I love you from the tip of your hair to the last toe on your feet. I can’t explain to you how much you mean to me because every day is a clear attestation the true love exists.

18. I can’t come up with the right words to describe the kind of love you shower on me. I love you and I love you every day. My world and my whole essence rotate around you and I can’t wait to make it official. I want to make you my queen forever.

19. Your presence makes my heart leap with joy. You are a diamond sent to my world from heaven. I love you and I have no regret saying it because you changed my world for the better. Even in my darkest hour, I count on you to be there for me.

20. There is nothing comparable to the love of a man whose life is carved out from the love of a woman. You are my special kind of woman that knows how to do the things I like and I am forever grateful that you are in my life. I love you so much.

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Cute Love Quotes for your Girlfriend

21. You are a blessing to my world and I thank God every day I wake up in the morning for the awesome gift of having you in my life. I love you baby and it keeps growing with the passing of each day.

22. You got my heart like a magic and painted my worlds in the colors of love. ANything that makes you happy will I do. Thanks for being my sun in my darkest moments in life. I will always call you my life saver.

23. You have no idea how the little things you do makes me happy. I don’t have to figure out how my life with you will be at the moment will be because the things you have done has cleared any doubt of any unfavorable future.

24. I might not give you all the things you want and desire, but be rest assured that my love and affection will forever be there for you just when you need it. You changed my world and I love you dearly baby.

25. The moment I saw you, there was no mistake of where my heart belongs. I looked deep into your heart and I immediately feel the bond grow. You are just too special to me and I am not trading our love for anything in the world.

26. I want you to know just one thing in this world. There is no woman that comes close to being awesome as you are. You are the most amazing person I have ever met and every moment I spend with you gives me more reason to keep loving you.

27. I never believed that love can be this engulfing and mindblowing. I will be with you when the sun goes down and there is no mistaking that I will fight with you when you fight and smile with you when things get better.

28. You are my baby every day and here am I, the perfect gentleman you can ever find on the whole wide world. You deserve much more than the world can offer and I will always be there for you whenever things go wrong.

29. All I wanted was happiness. You gave me more than I asked and wanted. Your love has drowned me and I am feeling fulfilled doing this. The joy you have given to me can never be robbed by any situation. Your love is everything I want to pull through in life.

30. You have made me the better man you see today. I know that I am not there yet, but I am steadily pulling closer. Whenever I look at you, all I see is the picture of an angel. You are a bundle of happiness, peace, and joy-packed in one. I love you, baby.

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Quotes for your Girlfriend

31. If you realize how special you are to me, there will be no course to doubt my love for you. I love to look into your eyes because only from there do I see the beauties of the world. I love you so much that I feel my heartache.

32. I look at you and smile. It’s not like I can tell the reason for my smile, but because it just feels good looking at your beautiful face. You are everything my life needs at this moment. I love you like never before.

33. I know that my dreams came true when you accepted to be mine but I still had to pinch myself whenever you are close to me to be sure that I am not daydreaming. I am not leaving you for anything in the world.

34. My patience for perfect girls is now a reality because you are a combination of the qualities I need in life. Thank you for coming into my life, it really changed everything I have once believed in things I really wanted in my life.

35. When you tell me you love me, I feel like, the heaven we always pray for is right here on earth. I am not perfect but I feel like I am better to be the man of your dreams. Loving you is one thing I want to do. I want to fall deeper in love with you.

36. There are gifts that are priceless and those that are mere gifts. You are a priceless gift from nature and I am so happy that I got the chance to meet you. Making you smile every day is enough achievement for me. I love you, dear.

37. Nobody compares with you. I can’t find the special one that can fill in the spot you occupy in my life. There is no denying that you are the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I now believe that any day spent with you is certainly a better day.

38. You are one of a kind and the one that makes my heart go fonder. On this journey of life, nobody can take away the feeling that boils deep inside my heart. I will be showing you all the sweet love I have in stock for you.

39. There is something special about you that has pulled me out of my comfort zone to fall deeply in love with you. I am the luckiest man to grace earth because true love is hard to find this day and you have given me all of yours without breaking a sweat.

40. If I sleep and dream of you, I would go back to sleep to have a more enjoyable moment with you. I don’t really care how it happens, but I am certain that we will be spending the rest of our lives together. I love you, baby.

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Sweet Love Quotes for Her

41. I love you but I love your smile more because it seems so special like it is made in heaven. I can tell that my life has transformed ever since you came into it and I can’t imagine what it is like to stay without you.

42. I must confess, your smile is so cute that it melts me from the inside. I am so lucky to have the girl with the prettiest smile in the whole world. You had the chance to chose the more handsome guys around and the wealthiest, yet you chose me.

43. Your voice means everything to me. Waking up in the morning to hear you speak to me will make my day complete. I feel like I am on top of the world knowing that you are mine. I love you to the moon, baby.

44. You fit me completely. You do the things that gladden my heart. You understand me so perfect and I want you to know that I am loving so much like never before. You are the queen of my heart today, tomorrow and forever.

45. Your tenderness sweeps me off my feet. I have never felt true love like you have shown me. Falling in love with you is the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life.

46. When I am quiet, the memory of all the fun things we did together creep into my heart. I know I am in love with you but I can’t tell how deep my love for you runs because each time I try explaining, I always run out of words.

47. Staring at you before I go to bed is enough for me to have a good night sleep with plenty of sweet dreams. If I had my way, I won’t let you out of my sight even for a second. I love you with all my heart.

48. When you became mine, it seems more like a play but I have never been this serious in my whole life fighting so hard to make sure you remain in my life. My love for you is unexplainable.

49. The passing of each day gives me more strength to love you. When I think of you, my heart skips several beats. You are perfect for me because I am the luckiest man on earth to find you as a soul mate.

50. The way you talk, smile and laugh give me joy. When I am with you, I can’t even give a reason why I feel so excited. You are an angel sent from heaven to make my life better.

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