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Cute Friendship Messages for Friend: In the course of human existence, we must have friends (those who understand our flaws and ugly pasts correctly but still stick around us. Those who saw our weakness but vowed to be the source of our strength). 

A friend can be anyone. Your brother or sister can be your friend at the same time. Also, your lover can be your best friend, which is normal. Appreciate them for being in your life with these cute friendship messages.

Celebrate every July 30 as best friend’s day. Send cute friendship messages to that special friend.

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Cute Friendship Messages for Friend

1. Our friendship is pure, and all the moments we spend together will forever be cherished and buried in my heart. We’re friends forever.

2. Sometimes people break up, love ends, but friendship doesn’t end. It has a way of staying alive because memories are forever. I love you, my dear friend.

Cute Friendship Messages for Friend
Cute Friendship Messages for Friend Image

3. Roses are red, violets are blue, and our friendship is forever. Nothing can come in between us. Happy friends day

4. When the world goes still, you have the only shoulder that I can cry on. Thanks for being there for me despite my flaws.

5. We’ve been close to each other, fought each other, and cried together. I don’t think I can do this with someone else because you’ve shown me how amazing it is to have a friend.

6. I will make any required sacrifice to keep you as my friend because you’ve won my heart in ways I can’t explain. You are the best friend I ever had.

7. I won’t stop caring about you because you taught me how to love. Thanks for being that friend everyone wishes for, but few have. I am one of the few.

8. True friends are hard to come by and hard to leave. We’ll remain friends no matter what life throws at us.

9. True friends are the ones who give you reasons to be good. I wonder how I would have done this alone. You’re a friend indeed.

10. “Friendship matters” I only realized this since we became best of friends. You’re a blessing to my world.

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Cute Friendship Quotes for a Friend

Cute Friendship Quotes for a Friend
Cute Friendship Quotes for a Friend

11. Best friends are pictures. Place them on the best spot in your life.

12. A good friend is one who’s aware of our shortcomings but loves us anyway.

13. A friend can be compared or interpreted as the masterpiece of nature.
(They are exceptional).

14. Our friendship remains a sheltering tree that sheds us from the hardness of life.

15. Have friends that make watchers jealous and discard watchers that spoil friendship.

16. Friends are the ones who pray for you to grow, not the ones who wish you ill luck.

17. True friends stand with you, even when they know that what’s ahead looks impossible.

18. Special friends are the ones like quilts that never loses its warmth.

19. Watchers hear what you say, just friends listen to what you say, but a best friend listens more to what you didn’t say and understands every bit of your emotions.

20. Friendship is like a ring that has no end nor beginning.

21. Treasure the real friends you have. You may regret it if they leave because they are one of the essences of living.

22. Friends leave footprints in your heart, but real friends never leave any prints because they’re forever in your heart. You’re a friend forever.

23. Life is dry without love. The world is empty without humor, and living looks impossible without good friends. You’re a friend like no other.

24. Living is fun with friends because special friends stay together and never say goodbye. They see beyond the flaws and love unconditionally.

25. Having a faithful friend worth more than having all the money in the world because money finishes, but friends remain till death.

26. You don’t find good friends easily, so if you have any good friends, cherish him (her).

27. Friendship mostly turns to love, but love doesn’t return to friendship—just a simple fact.

28. With good friends, joy is multiplied by two and also griefs divided by two. You can never go wrong on true friendship.

29. You know a true friend when he or she stick around on your worst day, see your worries as theirs while trying to cheer you up.

30. Only real friends warms the heart, strive to make you happy, and spend hours figuring how to make you smile.

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Friendship Messages for Friends

Friendship Messages
Friendship Messages for Friends

31. Books, just like friends, should be few and well-chosen for best results.

32. Make your life a house that your heart can live in forever with a door open to receive friends and a garden full of memories of many good things.

33. Telling you that we’ll be friends forever is a promise I don’t know how or when it will be fulfilled but must be fulfilled.

34. If you are a flower, I will let you grow and won’t pick you so that you’ll remain with me forever because you’re a bundle of blessings.

35. Friendships come with a lot of challenges and decisions, but I will do anything for you because there are a thousand and one reasons why I should be your friend forever.

36. Nobody can replace that spot you hold in my heart as my best friend. Whenever I look at the challenges that lie ahead of me, I am happy to have you as my friend.

37. A wonderful friend like you is a gift Gold can’t buy. You’re a rare blessing that is very true like its made in heaven.

38. I hold your friendship close to my heart because its among the precious things in my life. Having you in my life is among the best things I can’t stop being grateful for until my last day.

39. Our friendship has drifted apart before, and I think that’s why it’s more substantial and more valuable now. I love you, my friend.

40. True friends are always meant to be in your life no matter what. Its never a coincidence. It’s a miracle that has no explanation.

41. It’s not easy doing it alone. That’s why you were given to me by God as a special friend. And I appreciate and adore every effort you put into making my life better.

42. At times, I wonder what I’ve done to deserve you as my friend. You’re a blessing I can’t explain.

43. I’m annoying, I’m selfish, but yet you stick with me. Now I’ve changed, and I’m never letting you go because you’re a friend like no other.

44. Only if good friends like you are all over the face of the earth, life would have been amazing.

45. You have been like a star, I might not see you all the time, but you’re always there for me. Thank you for being exceptional.

46. If real friends like you are created with pricetag, I don’t think I would ever afford such a precious friend like you.

47. What we have is the perfect definition of friendship. You’re just calm, understanding, and simply loving. I adore you every day.

48. You remain true to our relationship in all we have been through. You’ve proven to be indeed a friend. For your role as a perfect friend, I’d say thank you and cheers to the many more years we have ahead.

49. The thought that I can always count on you to be there for me gets me going. You’re the best friend I’ll ever have because, with you, I can face every challenge that lies ahead. Rain or sun, you will forever be my friend.

50. I am grateful to be your friend. I’m delighted that you come when I need you. You deserve more, yet you are there for me all the time. Thank you, dear, for always showing me the goodness in having a true friend.

51. Having you as a friend is a blessing because each time the thought of you crosses my mind, I smile because the moments I spend with you remain the best. I can’t thank you enough for being the best thing in my world.

52. Being your friend is a golden opportunity, and I am never taking it for granted. It’s evident that friends like you are hard to come by, and I am happy to have you in my life. Thank you for being the best.

53. It amazes me how far we have gone together as friends. We are better together than being apart. Your friendship is like water to the thirsty, and I am not taking it for granted.

54. For the marvel your friendship entails, I will always be grateful. It’s terrific to have an awesome friend who watches out for you without complaining and gives out without withdrawing. I pledge to devote more love and attention to our friendship because you are a friend like no other.

55. The depth of our friendship and the strength of our togetherness are the reasons why we will keep being close pals forever. You fit in perfectly in my life like a missing puzzle and always ready to help. I appreciate you for everything you do.

56. You will be my friend till my last days, because your friendship lacks comparison of any sort. If I still have a chance to select my best friend In my next world, it will always be you. You have a particular spot in my heart.

57. I may not deserve this friendship, but I’m grateful to have you in my life. You’ve loved and cared for me in ways I can’t repay you, but you know that I’ll forever cherish and adore you. Having you in my life is everything, and I can’t trade this friendship for anything in the world.

58. I can’t describe how amazing your friendship has influenced me for good, but I hope you understand that your kind is rare. You are not perfect, but you remain the best person in the world to have as a best friend. Even if we disagree to agree, you remain my best friend.

59. You have always keep your shoulder for me to lean on during the rainy days and your hands, still stretched out to catch me in case I slip off. You’ve done so much, and words are not enough to describe the things you do for me. Until my dying days, you will remain my friend.

60. Thank you for being more than a friend. I can’t appreciate you enough for being there for me. The moments I share with you are the reminders I need to remind myself that I am blessed to have a best friend like you. You’re special to me, and I will never take this friendship for granted.

61. The inspiration you give me every day is what keeps me going. Your friendship is divine because its rare to come by. For the energy and time you invested in keeping this fire of friendship burning, I am entirely grateful. I will always be there for you because you have always been there for me.

62. The ship in our friendship will always sail on the ocean of love. No matter what happens, you will always be my friend, and we will get to our destination without losing each other. For all your patience in staying and watering me with love and care to grow, I say a big thank you.

Cute Best Friend Quotes – BFF Quotes

Do you need some cute best friend quotes or some best friends forever quotes? We have something you will love.

Sometimes I sit and imagine what we would be without the friends we have in our lives. I am not exaggerating when I call them the ‘mirror of our life’ because of the unmeasurable contribution they bring to us.

Everyone has got a friend no matter private their lives might be, that is why we have these cute best friend quotes. Scroll down to see some short cute best friend quotes and Best friends forever quotes.

Cute Best Friend Quotes
Cute Best Friend Quotes – Images

If there is someone in your life that has been making considerable effort to see you excel through life challenges, He or she is the person worth being your friend.

Cute Best Friend Quotes

1) Being your friend is like a silent, unbreakable bond I can never deny, I want you to know you are a friend that is worth keeping forever.

2) In other to have an exceptional or perfect friend, you also need to be excellent and extraordinary too, but nobody is perfect though, so we have to learn and accept the shortcoming of others as well. Happy friendship to us.

3) The kind of friends we choose to live with determine our physical, emotional and intellectual development that may have both negative and positive impact on our personality. You are that best friend I have never thought of having. I love you.

4) Good friends are not those we use for the selfish or personal purpose, but those that make us happy and understand the true meaning of friendship. Thank you for being unique.

5) Friends are not those we should only care and love when they are with us, but also when they are away; it makes us understand the value of true friendship. I truly appreciate you always.

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6) Friends are those people that have something in common; they are those people that are ready to do stupid things with you. You are a true friend.

7) A true friend is those that correct us not wanting to know the consequence of our actions and praise us when we are worthy of the praise they are the mirror through which we see ourselves.

8) Good friends are one of the most challenging things to find in life when you get them; we have to value them like life because they are ready to share our pains and happiness.

9) Friendship is the greatest gift anyone can ever receive in the world. If you have good friends, you have a good life.

10) The most exciting part of friendship is to understand and also be considered in all situation. You know my silence and know the right things to say when my world is clouded.

11) All human want that special someone to make them feel special, love them, sacrifice and encourage them all the time. Only good friends do that. You are a good friend, and you have always been.

12) Good friends show their worth in times of trouble and danger, and not in times of happiness and celebration. They are still there when you need them. You have been there always, and I appreciate your effort.

13) Sometimes we wonder why we attach so much value to friends, but we should not forget they are the ones that keep our legacy alive when we are gone.

14) Great friends are the ones that ignore our failures and focus on how to achieve success together. I value your friendship every day.

15) Having a great Friendship is not measured by time frame but those who came and never left our side in time of trouble.

Simple Cute Best Friend Quotes

16) Being a good friend to someone is a responsibility we wish to carry for them never an opportunity that comes and go. I hold the memories we have created because it is the best thing in my life.

17) There is nothing impossible for those who have the right friends around. Good friends are motivation and inspiration to those who value the art of friendship.

18) Choose a friend that will level you up, not those that make you feel comfortable; when you know within yourself, you have more to offer.

19) Good friends are the excellent representative in our life, and they are there to fill the holes in our life, they carry us when we lack legs to walk, speak for us when we require mouth to talk and make us feel like we are never alone.

20) Being a good friend requires the art and importance of timing, it requires us to know when friends are ready to play and when they are not when they are in need and when they are not. You are one friend I wish to keep forever.

21) If anyone must learn the secret to true friendship, then it is to stay connected, loyal, truthful, faithful and not been jealous of the good things that happen in the life of friends.

22) Great friends are people that bring benefiting ideas, happiness, and decrease misery, by doubling our joy and sharing of our pains without anything been attach.

23) The benefit of having childhood friends around is that we all have the liberty and freedom to behave in that old childhood way, without been insulted or seen has been childish. Thanks for the incredible experience we had together and cheers to the awesome memories we are yet to create.

24) The love and bond between real friends never go apart even when it suppose to, because of the respect and value they have for each other. I value the energy you have given to this relationship. It has been the force that propelled it to its current stage.

25) You hardly see true friends judge each other, but are they good at judging other people together in such a way you will think they are in the movies.

26) Good friends are these fantastic set of people, which makes us feel we are highly favored and honored before God our creator. I want you to know that you are a fabulous friend.

27) Friends are those people that make us feel we are hundred percent, even when we know we are not, they are light to our dark days, and they are always there for us even when we things go wrong.

28) Friends are like a diary. They are quick to remember us for our good and bad days, and they are those that keep us in check of where we are coming from and where we are going in life. You are a friend worth dying for if the need arises.

29) Life can be so funny sometimes, that it can take a very long time for us to know who our real friends are, but get yourself involve in a scandal, and see who will go and who will stay. I love you, my dear friend.

30) Never be too fast in having a strong bond with someone, till you discover the person is worthy of your friendship, and when it so be consistency and firm. Be loving and kind because true friendship is rare.

Short Cute Best Friend Quotes

31) I don’t think I would be any good today if not for the handful of friends, who were there as advisers, parent and motivations, that refuse to allow me to fall, even when I want to fall. Thank you for being among these set of people that made life worth living over and over.

32) Good friends are those people that express their passionate speech to us while we are still alive not while we are dead.

33) One of the greatest gifts we can ever receive in life is the company of new friends. These are because they come with new energy to nourish our soul. I pray to God to provide us with loads of energy to keep this fire burning.

34) Real friends are people who make us see beauty in all we do; they are the most significant people in our lives when it comes to breaking obstacles and achieving greatness in life. I admire you for being a great friend.

35) Real friends are not those that keep account of what they have done for us, nor take credit for all they sacrifice; all they want is to see us happy, and I feel fulfilled knowing that you are my friend.

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36) There is no regret in friendship whether good or bad because they are in our lives to carry us through the various stages of life, both smooth and rough.

37) The art of getting the best from a friend is to stop expecting them to be perfect, accept them the way they are and they don’t mind moving a mountain for your sake. Every new day is an opportunity you have never failed to utilize in showing me how wonderful it feels to be your friend.

38) The most amazing thing about friendship is that they grow separately with growing apart. Wherever and whenever friendship meets, the art of connection continues. Our friendship is bound to last forever. I love you so much.

39) There is a certain extent to which our parent can tolerate us, encourage us, motivate us and sacrifice for us, but the love of a good friend has no limit. It lasts a lifetime if the friendship is real. Thanks for being there for me.

40) The best type of friends are those that create opportunities, appreciate nature, understand the concept of loyalty and sacrifice and are willing to pay the price wherever they go. You are my best friend, and this friendship will last until eternity.

41) Real friends are those people that renew and purify our souls; they are the true definition of love and affection in the time of trouble and pain. You have always been a true friend.

42) The art of friendship is not in the school curriculum, nor preach at the church; it is a natural phenomenon that can never be explained or predicted by anyone.

43) They are a strong bond in coming together; building together, fighting together, achieving together and succeeding together, this idea came from the value of friendship.

44) True friends bring great pleasures to work, love in coming together, excitement in the meeting, joy in our home and hope for the future. The best moments in my life were the one I had with you.

45) True friends give us reason to smile in the face of difficulties; they bring hope even when hopes are lost. They come with good memories we can never forget in life.

Best Friends Forever Quotes – BBF Quotes

46) Friends are those special set of people that makes us believe in ourselves first, even when we know ordinarily we cannot do what they are motivating and encouraging us to do. I love you for being true to me through your words and actions.

47) The loyalty, care, love, believe and motivation we get from friends can make this insane world looks like a pretty loving place to stay. I must confess that I am ready to live forever only if you are there for me as my best friend.

48) some people are poor, while some are rich, some are sick while some are healthy, some are weak while some are strong, these are only through the activities and cooperation of friends, the sick can feel healthy, while the poor can feel rich.

48) When you come across great friends, they are no rooms for social differentiation or class status between them. They always carry each other along and celebrate each other success. They are worth emulating.

49) He that has good friends will forever appreciate the art of friendship because they have succeeded in breaking through religious and traditional barriers which are the primary thing dividing our society today.

50) People believe that the most significant trait to the relationship is distance, but I think distance give us reason to value and respect each other whenever we meet again. I am willing to wait as much as I live, to share more awesome moments with you, my friend.

51) Being in the association of great friends, you will never realize you were making memories, instead you will think you were having fun, till the day you see them no more, and all the memories will be what you live to remember for decades of years to come.

52) The highest and purest form of love is friendship. It is the form of love were we seek nothing in return, help is given without any kind of condition. It is the part of love that one enjoys giving and sacrificing.

53) There are great people that come to our lives with great pleasures, and laughter to refreshen our heart and soul. Those people are the light to our world and the music in our heart. They are the friends that come to our aids in times of trouble and join our celebration.

54) There is a connection between love and friendship. Friendship is the bases for a successful relationship, and without friends, you can never have a perfect relationship.

55) Friends can be dynamics times, they can encourage you to do evil with full support and can also contribute to one success, but one thing is for sure, real friends don’t run away when you get into trouble. They stick with you and find solutions.

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56) In choosing friends, we should learn to choose the right ones, because they have the power to create and make us a better person in life. You are the right person in my life right now, and I appreciate all you have done for me.

57) True friends can make extraordinary things look ordinary if the art of doing it with the right ones is mastered. You are the magic that happened in my life. I can’t thank you enough.

58) Friends are those set of people that cherish one another’s hope and value one each other dream without any atom of jealousy. They learn how to control and channel the energy for suspicion to other productive things.

59) The art of friendship begins at that moment when one person says to another ‘I thought I was in this alone,’ and they reply by saying ‘no, we are in these together.’

60) When in the company of good friends, it is good to walk with them in darkness rather than walking alone in light, because they are the light to our night. You are the light in my dark world.

61) Sometimes we think it is what we have in life or have achieved in life that makes us who we are. To some extent they do, but a great friend makes us enjoy all our possession.

62) Having great friends have taught me a lot of things in life. It has taught me to see the opportunities in our loss, it has taught me how to find peace with the people close to me and cherish the art of friendship wherever I go.

63) Good friends are those that help us find those essential things we thought, we have lost in our lives. They help us to find our hope, courage, and smile. You are a good friend.

64) There is no perfection in friendship; it just has to do with tolerating each other flaws and making the best out of them.

65) Everlasting friends go long periods without speaking and yet never question the friendship because they came to understand that friendship is not built for self-interest.

Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

We all have best friends we should appreciate every day, and it’s necessary to let them know how much they mean to you with simple things such as texting them.

In life’s trying and happy moments, we often find comfort in our best friends. They are unique, just like our lovers, and should be appreciated all the way.

Your best friend is one who will fight your battle without you calling out for help. If someone close to you leaves you in your mess to sort it out all by yourself, then your guess is as good as mine. They don’t deserve to be your best friend.

Here are lovely best friend paragraphs copy and paste it for them on their Facebook timeline, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you have got any other social media you both interact with, make sure you share these cute best friend paragraphs with them there.

***Please, use the table of contents***

Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

1. Knowing that you are there for me at all times is all the assurance I need. You are a friend worth keeping until the end of time, and I’m here for you, no matter what comes our way. You will be my best friend and the only one who I will do anything to make happy.

2. When everyone has doubts about me, you give a thousand reasons to defend me. When I am making the gravest mistake, you are there to warn me. When I am in the middle of mishaps, I will always see you lending out a hand to pull me up with a smile on your face. I love you, my dear friend, for everything.

3. You are my best friend that feels my heart and hear the unspoken words. Each time I reminisce about all I have been through, my heart gladdens me because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can say it over a billion times. I love you, dear.

4. You are a friend that is worth much more than money because you have identified my shortcomings and decided to fill in for me. I love you so much because you are my better half. Thank you for being my friend, even with my flaws.

5. Thank you for ignoring my flaws over the years and being my strength in weakness. You are a friend everyone keeps praying to have, and I am here so lucky to have you. A large part of my heart is held primarily for you because your friendship is everything.

6. After looking back at all we have been through, I am more confident now than never before that you are a rare treasure that should be adored. You have been my backbone and my inspiration. My secrets are safer with you than they are with me. I love you, friend.

7. Nobody is flawless, but you are perfect for me. Nobody is perfect, but you overlooked my imperfections and remained a friend I can trust. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I love you the way you are. Happy friends day.

8. All my life, if there is something I don’t want to let go of, it will be you, my friend. I don’t want to break this bond of friendship with you because you are the best the world could offer. You are a friend like no other. I love you, my dear friend.

9. You are a friend that is closer than a brother and much loving than family. I can call you my blood because you have always seen me as your own, and I have no worries because you have got my back forever. I pray that our friendship lasts forever.

10. Thank you for being a worthy friend. I want you to do this today, worry less of your problems, and pray more. Know that God has your back, and right after God, I am always there for you. Until my last breath, I will be your friend.

Best Friend Paragraphs You Will Love

11. May our friendship last forever because you have always done more than my expectations. Thank you for the support and help that you have shown me over the years. I want you to know that you are the best among the rest.

12. You are a guardian angel in human form. You are always there to beat me into shape and help me see the bigger picture. When you are with me, every challenge is dismantled because I don’t get to face my problems alone.

13. Being with you motivates and inspires me. If I am to repay all that you have done for me all this while, I will need to break into the central bank because there is no money enough to pay you back. My heart will remain grateful and devoted to this friendship forever.

14. You have been all the amazing things that I am not. When I look at you, I see more of a superhuman because you do the things I never imagine doing. I wonder how my life would be if you weren’t there for me. You are a friend I can’t give up on forever.

15. I can never repay all the awesome things you have done for me, but my heart is eternally grateful. Even if you are far away from me, my heart still cherishes you. I love you so much, and I want you to know that I miss you.

16. Our bond will last until the end of time because you are a special friend that I will stand with all through my time on earth. Time may fade, but the bond I share with you will never fade. You are for me, and I will always be there for you. I am grateful to be your friend because it’s a privilege that I never imagined.

17. I want to thank you for being the balance I needed in life. I feel so happy knowing that I can rely on you. At this point in my life, nothing matters to me than the love we share. Your friendship is everything to me, and you’re the best in the whole world.

18. You inspire me to be better, and that is one thing I admire about you. The way you come up with ideas when I am blank leaves me in bewilderment. Whenever I kneel to pray, I thank God for bringing such an awesome personality into my life. Let’s make a toast to the togetherness we share now and the one we will share forever.

19. Thank you for being one person I can count on during my toughest moments. For the assurance that things will turn out right and the ginger to face my fear, I can’t thank you less. How you effortlessly bring out smiles on my face on a bad day is one reason I can’t trade you for anything in the world.

20. Nothing can break the bond we share because I can face anything for your sake. All we have been through has strengthened our friendship rather than tear us apart. This friendship means so much to me than mere words can say. We will remain pals forever.

Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste for Him or Her

best friend paragraphs copy and paste
Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste Image

21. Looking back to all we have faced in the past together, the fights, misunderstandings, and the happy moments we shared. It is not news that we have transcended the realm of friendship. When I look at you, my heart accepts you like my blood. You are family to me now.

22. We all know those who will stick by each other’s side when the storm comes raging. I will stand by you because I am sure you would do the same for me. When I found you as a friend, I knew I had everything I needed in life.

23. A true friend is worth more than what money can buy. You are a true friend because you never fail to show me how valuable you are at every given opportunity. Only my heart knows the depth of my joy, knowing that you are a friend I will be keeping to the end.

24. You know how to do the smile magic no matter how moody I am. You always know the right words and the right time to say them. You still touch my soul whenever you speak. At times, I wonder what I did to deserve you in my life.

25. Dear friend, I want you to know that every moment we spend together is always incredible. I enjoy the time we share because they are truly memorable for me, aside from loving you, which I do. I value and respect you any time, any day, because you are a friend of value.

26. When recalling the goodness of the Lord in my life, I feel so blessed to have you as my friend. You are one contact I promise myself never to let go of in life. Even if time keeps us apart, my heart will always remember a friend who has done so much for me.

27. All the time, you have been there to the rescue without giving me any intention of any doubt. You are the only thing that ushers in a good day. You seem to have it all figured out because it doesn’t cost you anything to get me laughing out my energy.

28. Even if you are sometimes a pain in the a$$, I still value and respect you because when I look around, there is nobody else that can do the things you do for me. My love for you is just unconditional. Have a great day, my friend.

29. If I ever hurt you, I want you to know that I am sorry and will never do it again. It is never my intention to hurt you because you are so dear to me. You are precious to me, and I will always treasure you. Xoxo.

30. Your friendship keeps me going, and your helping hand strengthens me to keep breathing. Thanks for all the difficult times you stood with me. They mean a lot to me. You are a friend, indeed, and I love you with all of me.

I Love You Best Friend Paragraphs

31. for holding on to our friendship, I want you to know that I am grateful, and I love you. I have never believed anyone as I have trusted you. I know that you do all the things you do with the best interest in heart, that’s why you will be my best friend forever.

32. When I asked God for a best friend, I never thought for a second, you would be the one, but you came along and changed everything. I am happy to have you in my life, not just as a friend but as a best friend.

33. The years we have spent as friends have taught me a lot of valuable lessons that have shaped my life. Thanks for being consistent, and for the sacrifices you made for my sake, I know I can’t repay you for every one of it, so I will continue praying for God to bless you without measures.

34. We might disagree and fight over some silly things, but I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am in having a fantastic person as a best friend. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. For always being real and genuine to the course of a best friend, I say a big thank you.

35. When we solve problems and face challenges together, I know that not only are two heads better than one, but two reasonable minds are better off in making decisions. Your love and devotion to our friendship is the very thing that makes a difference.

36. Just as threads are interwoven into fabrics, so are we interwoven in the bond of friendship. You have been my friend, and I lack nothing because you give me the love, care, and attention every relationship requires. You are a friend like no other.

37. The affection you show me is genuinely heartwarming and exciting. I have never known that someone can love the other so much, and yet they aren’t from the same parents. You are a friend that has always been around to help me up when I am down, and I am grateful for the love.

38. For continually giving me a listening ear, for wiping off my tears, for always talking sense into me in the form of advice, I want you to know that I do not only appreciate them, but I also love you for doing them. You are a friend I want to share my life with, my best friend forever.

39. You are a blessing to my life, and I am blessed to have a helping hand that is willing to walk through the dark moments of my life with me. I am blessed to have such a naughty friend who gingers me to be better than I was yesterday.

40. You are not only my best friend, but you are also the best friend in the world. Your kindness and tenderness beat my expectations, and I am honored to have met someone like you. Thanks for everything, best friend forever.

Long Paragraphs for Best Friend

best friend paragraphs
Best friend paragraphs image

41. Good friends are like rare gems that are hard to find. They are even harder to leave and impossible to forget. You are one of the best people I’ve ever met, and I want to promise you that no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, never hesitate to reach out to me as I’ll always be there. Real friends always stay together and never let each other down.

42. I bless the day our path crossed because that was the day I found a fantastic person who will continue to hold a special place in my heart. You have shown yourself to be a wonderful person with a heart of Gold. Your presence in my life has brought about greatness and beautiful experiences that I’ll love to have over and over again. Every moment spent with you is outrageous, I always long to be in your friendly company, to have the long talk that still has us laughing or smiling at the end of it. I’ll continue to stay true to you and have your back because that’s what friends do.

43. It all happened like a flash, me meeting a total stranger who changed my life positively and ended up meaning so much to me. Our first meeting never gave me a hint that we were going to make it this far. You’ve shown yourself off as a trustworthy friend, a confidant, a lovey-dovey, a shoulder to lean on, and a figure to look up to every day. Our journey so far has been incredible, and I wish to journey on with you. I love you, and I will continue to stick to you even through tough times.

44. Even when things don’t seem to go well, you always find a way of making things work out. You are still there to provide your loving shoulder for me to lean on, and your advice is always the best solution to my problems. What would I have done without you, my best friend? You are such a fantastic darling. Words fail to describe you, but I know that you’re extraordinary. I love you and promise to always be there for you, just like you have ever been for me.

45. Your friendship is so valuable I can’t put a price tag on it. It worths more than the most beautiful Gold or silver. Having someone as amazing as yourself as a friend is such a fantastic privilege. You are always there to help just when I need you, you always make sure I have a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear to hear all my rants. My love for you is one of its kind, and this is just to let you know that no matter the situation you find yourself in, I will always be there for you. I love you more than you can imagine, and I hope to spend many more years being friends with you.

46. A thousand friends cannot replace you. If there is a rare and beautiful friend in my life, it should be you. The tender love and care you’ve shown to me is way more than any that I’ve seen or heard of in life. I wish to be as amazing to you just as you have been to me. I promise to be a shoulder you can lean, a great comforter, and your best advisor. You mean so much to me, and I never want to see you hurting. I wish our friendship goes on and on and gets stronger every day.

47. Every minute spent with you is worthwhile. Throughout the years we’ve been together, you’ve shown great features that I can’t find words to describe. Being friends with you is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. You’ve done nothing but be a great comforter, a wise adviser, and a wonderful person to talk to about things. Just like you have been there for me as a good friend, I promise to stand by you no matter the weather, through hard and trying times, and be a fantastic friend as yourself.

48. The people you meet are either a blessing or a lesson. You, my dear friend, is a blessing I can’t stop being grateful for having you as my best friend. Words fail to express how lucky I am to have you as my friend. You’re a wonderful person, a confidant, a fantastic friend all in one. You’ve been a pillar of help since we became friends. I want to assure you that I will always be there for you just as you have always been there for me. I will do all that it is even if it means moving mountains to make you happy. Your loving self deserves the best of the best in this world. I love you to the moon and back, and I promise to be a great friend, you can always look up to in life.

49. Just like the Gold and Diamonds, It is so rare to find a friend like you, but you are even worth more than these gems. There isn’t any day that I wake up to a new day and don’t thank God for sending a fantastic figure like you to my way. I feel so lucky to have you as my friend, you’ve done more than words can comprehend, and I want to let you know that you have a special place in my heart. I love you now, and I’ll continue to love you even forever.

50. Your coming into my life has changed my life entirely in a positive way. Our journey has been quite a great one, and it’s worth the time. You’re a fantastic figure, and you complete me. I love every moment that I’m with you because you are a selfless friend who is always ready to put his(her) life in line to make sure things are alright. I love and cherish you. I pray our friendship to continue to blossom so I can spend many more years with you.

Best Friend Paragraphs with Emojis

51. I feel blessed to have a fantastic friend like you🥰. Every day I wake up feeling thankful to God for sending an angel like you, down my way🤗. I cherish every moment with you more than anything in the world😊 . You made me see myself the way I do today. Thank you for lifting my spirit, making me understand that I can be a better version of myself and taught me how to be the best at all times❤️. You’ve done nothing but be a fantastic friend that I can look up to always🥺. I promise to be amazing as you have been, so you can have someone to boast to the world😍. I love you as always.

52. No one knows and understands me as much as you do🥰. You’ve seen me at my worse, yet you stood by me and continued giving me your love and support❤️. Finding a friend like you is so hard, and every day, I remain grateful that I have someone like you to call my friend😘. I would continue to reciprocate your love and care as long as I live🍀. You stay in my heart now and forever😚. I love you, best friend.

53. No matter how stormy the weather may be, I promise to stick with you forever😎. You are worth more than all the precious stones existing, and you mean so much to me🥰. You’ve shown yourself off as a unique friend, and you spell out the true meaning of friendship by your commitment, love, care, and reliability😚. I bless the day we came across each other. I would count that day as one of my lucky days because that was the day I found a true and amazing friend🤓. I will pray for our friendship to attains greater height😊. I love you so much, and you will remain a person of amazingness in my heart❤️.

Best Friend Paragraphs with Emojis
Best Friend Paragraphs with Emojis

54. A friend who stays with you while in need is indeed a true friend. You have been a great help to me. Even at my worse, you still stood by me, caring for me and giving me the support that I needed. You have no idea how much you mean to me. In my heart, not even the precious gems that exist on earth compares to you. With you, I always find a reason to smile even at tough times. You a strong backbone that encourages me and pushes me to achieve better things. I hope our friendship soars higher and more significant. Dear best friend, I want you to remember that I love and cherish you.

55. Times are worth spending when it’s in the company of such a fantastic friend like you. You are one of the best things that have happened to me. Your tender loving and care cannot compare to any other. You have shown me, selfless love, and you’ve never judged me for my choices. You’re the best of your kind, and I’m lucky to have you as my friend. I pray for our friendship to go on and on, with an even better experience. I love you, my best friend.

56. Who is a true friend? You’re a bag of awesomeness, and you love selflessly. You never dwell on my shortcomings and judge me for them. You never turn your back on me, and you always available whenever I need you. Being in your company is one of the best feelings ever because there are so much fun and happiness. A true friend is YOU. I will not be ungrateful, not to reciprocate your kind and loving gestures towards me. I love you, best friend.

57. On this beautiful day, I want to appreciate your love and kind gestures towards me. I appreciate the fact that you haven’t given up on me despite my shortcomings. You still care about me and always encourage me to push higher. I want you to know that you mean so much to me, and I won’t fail to reciprocate your loving attitude and kind thoughts & gestures towards me. This friendship is everything to me.

58. You are one of the few people who makes me happy. Your love for me is so true, and your support had helped me at all times when I needed it. I feel fortunate whenever I think of our friendship. I hope our bond grows and lasts longer. I love you, and I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you, my friend.

59. I will remain grateful to God for making me come across you. A friendship like the one we share compares to nothing in the world. Thank you for always being there for me, you hold a special place in my life, and I am not letting go of this friendship forever.

60. Even if I travel through land, air, or sea, I don’t think I can find a friend as amazing as you are. You have an unusual place in my heart. I love and cherish you as much as you can imagine. I can’t begin to say all the beautiful things you have done for me since you came into my life, But I appreciate them all. Through rough and trying times, I vow to be by your side forever. I hope our friendship attain greater heights, and may our love wax stronger even if we don’t get to see each other often. I love you as always. Cheers.

Long Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

61. It’s been many years since we became friends, and we are still together. I appreciate you for being one of a kind. Your loyalty, care, and compassion are on top of the world, and I am grateful for all the times you stood by my side. Thank you for being a confidant and a comforter. I want you to know that I’ll always be with you no matter what. I promise to be a true friend and have your back just like you’ve had mine all these while.

62. Meeting you made me realize that true friendship doesn’t lie in partying, grooving, and wasting precious time. Instead, it embedded in being there for each other, considering each others feeling, caring, and loving each other. My friendship with you has exposed me to the vast and beautiful things I never imagined. I will be a terrible friend if I don’t reciprocate all the love and care you’ve shown me.

63. Having a friend like you is a thing of joy because you’ve always shown me that you are someone I can count on anytime. Life has taught me how important it is to cherish every moment. Right now, this friendship is one amazing thing I can’t trade for anything in the world. Thanks for coming into my life, and bringing so much goodness.

64. The best gift that God has sent to me is you. You have touched my life positively and helped me more than I can say. You’ve cared for me and showed me so much, love. You’ve been a soft shoulder to cry on when I am sad. Words fail to help me appreciate all your loving-kindness upon me. I hope our friendship lasts forever. I love you very much, my dear.

65. My dearest friend, you are the one who makes me happy. You mean so much to me, and I won’t trade you for anything in the world. I promise to stand by you at all times, to be a great comforter as you’ve been to me. I will love you with all of me because you deserve it all.

66. A friend like no other, I appreciate your loving presence in my life. Words have failed me as I can’t find any to express how amazing you are. I promise to be with you no matter what the situation may be. Our friendship has come a long way, and it isn’t over as it only just begun. Together you and I would achieve great and beautiful things, I believe we can and we will. I love you as always.

67. Dear best friend, I want you to know that you mean a lot to me. You’ve touched my heart in many positive ways, and I will never trade you for the finest or most precious stone in the world. Your love and support have helped me much, and I sincerely appreciate them. I will strive to make sure the friendship between you and me last till eternity.

68. You’re a true friend, and you never let me down when I seek your help. I can’t begin to express my feelings on how lucky I am to have you as my friend. Every second spent with you always leave a smile on my face. I am not the best, I do have my flaws, yet you stick with me no matter the circumstance. I am grateful, and you will remain so dear to my heart. I love you so much, my dear friend.

69. Even though the skies are grey, and times seem harsh, I’m always calm because I know I have someone who will be with me through all these times. My best friend, you have been a significant figure in my life that I will always remain grateful for having. You’ve lent your shoulder to me so I can cry on them when I’m in distress. I will do my best to make sure I will be a great friend to you.

70. My dear, you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I find everything about you amazing, and you are such a great and wonderful friend whose presence I appreciate in my life. Whenever you need any help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to reach out to me as I will readily offer any support that I can. I love you, and I’m pretty sure you have no idea how much you mean to me.

71. Without an iota of doubt, I know that having someone as amazing as you are as a friend, there would be no more sad songs in my life. Even during the ups and downs of life, you have always been there to keep me going. You are one in a million, and you mean so much to me. I hope our friendship goes on and on because I have no idea what my life would be like without you in it. Together I hope we make the world jealous of our friendship. I love and cherish you now and even forever. Thank you for bringing happiness into my life.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Best Friend

72. Sееing уоu in thе mоrning is thе mоѕt bеаutiful thing I could think of right now. Seeing your lоvеlу ѕmilе аnd beautiful eyes reminds me that I do not only have a thoughtful friend but a cute one also.

73. The night hаѕ аlrеаdу gоnе and taken аwау dаrknеѕѕ and fears. Thе ѕun uѕhеrѕ in another nеw dау, whiсh will bring you loads оf opportunities tо bесоmе happier. It’s time tо wаkе uр аnd let’s face this day together. Good morning tо you.

74. Thеrе аrе ѕоmе аmаzing things that I admire: ѕtаrrу sky, sunrise and you. It’ ѕ timе tо wаkе up аnd ѕhinе as bright аѕ you саn. And I bеliеvе you can. Good mоrning.

75. Every timе I tеxt or саll уоu in thе mоrning mу spirits feels alive. Thank you for always being there for me when I need you. I believe that our friendship is the purest thing in the world.

76. Whеthеr it iѕ a hеаdасhе, ѕiсknеѕѕ, or hangover, thе wоrѕt оf mornings bесоmеѕ cute аnd hарру when I think оf a wоndеrful friend like уоu. I hope уоu will receive thiѕ message with lоtѕ оf hаррinеѕѕ. Gооd morning, friеnd.

77. As thе brееzе frоm the morning аir touches уоur face, аlwауѕ hаvе it in mind thаt ѕоmеоnе far away iѕ thinking of уоu and wiѕhing уоu a great dау аhеаd. Good mоrning, friend.

78. Nobody has a perfect life, but I feel rеаllу blеѕѕеd because I hаvе a vеrу ѕuрроrtivе and thoughtful friеnd who iѕ always bу mу ѕidе no mаttеr what. I wiѕh уоu a wоndеrful day ahead.

79. Whеn I see you in thе mоrning, I think tо mуѕеlf “what have I done to dеѕеrvе a friendship this bеаutiful” thеn I wаkе uр, make mоrning соffее, аnd nоt fоr a second dо I ѕtор appreciating your presence in my life.

80. Whilе I’m ѕtill lуing in bеd, I recall the memorable events we have been through in life. You are indeed an awesome friend that means the world to me. I am happy to have met you on this journey of life.

81. To a fantastic friend. Knоw thаt even whеn I’m nоt there with уоu, I still think about уоu, аnd I hоре thаt you have a memorable dау because if уоu aren’t smiling and being hарру, nеithеr am I.

82. Dear friend, I’m so hарру ѕееing you in the mоrning because whеn уоu ѕmilе, it gives me hope. The thought of the wonderful times with you brightеnѕ mу dау likе thе mоrning ѕun. Whаt аm I saying? It brightеnѕ it еvеn mоrе. Have a great day.

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