Best Messages For Lovers


Here are some of my promise to you messages, poems and quotes for lovers.

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I Promise to Love You Quotes

1. My promise to you in the morning is to love you forever, take care of you during the day and repeat the two processes at night because you’re my angel.

2. My promise to you; I promise to treat you right, without doubts or regrets.
I promise to love you forever without looking back.
I promise to share my life with you.

3. You mean more than the world to me, I promise to be there whenever you need me.

4. I’ll fight your wars and love you like no other.
This is my promise to you because you mean the world to me.

5. You’re that part of me I cherish every day.
You are that soft part that turns my world on.
I promise to be the best you ever had.

6. You have been my desire every day. The treasure that has shaped my life.
I love you with my whole heart and I have this promise to make to you, I will love you forever.

7. I promise you, sweet love, every day because you are the one my soul longs for.
How I feel for you cannot be explained but I know it’s real.

I Promise to Love You Forever Quotes

8. Everyone can make promises but when you look into my eyes, everything you wish to know is written there.
When you look into your heart, you will know that I am the one.

9. I’m not claiming to be your Mr Right but I know I’m the one for you anytime, anyway.
I don’t want to miss you because I promise to love you forever.

10 Remember the first time we met, the sweet memories we shared. They were the best I’ve ever had with anyone.
I promise to give you my love every day.

11. I don’t want to leave this spot I hold in your heart, I don’t want this love to die, I don’t want to stop looking into your eyes and I don’t want to stop loving you.

12. I promise to give you an ear when you talk, an arm when you’re cold and a heart that will love you forever unconditionally.

13. I promised to love you but I will give you beyond that, I promised to care for you but you will get more than care.
I promised you my world, here it is…

14. Be my Queen, I promise to be your King.
Be my girl, I promise to give you True love that you have never felt before.

I Promise You Quotes

15. I will give you all I have for you deserve more.
I will love you unconditionally because nobody on earth deserves it than you.

16. I love you so much so I give you my word, to love you forever till the ending of time.

17. My promise to you this morning is not to give you everything you ask for but to cherish this love we share forever.

18. I promise to give you my best.
Sometimes I don’t keep it but my best will I give you forever as you remain my better half.

19. I long for your love every day. This makes the feeling I have for you grow stronger.
Deep inside my heart, I promise to keep you forever.

20. it’s never easy to be happy but I promise to make every happy moment we share to be memories we will remember all through our lifetime.
We are far away from each other now, I promise we’ll be together someday.

21. promises are made and broken but my promise to you will stand until eternity. You have given me so much to live for. There is nothing in my world if you are not there.

Promise To Love Her

22. I know humans forget the promises they make, but I want you to keep my promises in your mind and always know that I will never fail you.

23. Forever, I promise to be there. Forever, I promise to love you with my whole heart. Promises may lull the heart into accepting something that is unsure, but I will definitely make this a reality.

24. While it is easy to make promises, my heart has no peace until the very last promise I made to you is fulfilled. I have a thousand miles to walk and a million oceans to cross just to make you smile.

25. Broken promises may hurt, but if I broke any of my promises, I am sorry because I never meant to. I promise to make things better in every little way I can.

26. No matter what we face together, what keeps ringing deep in my heart is the promises you made to me. They are the strength that my body feeds on and the hope my mind rests on.

27. The future is immeasurable. I can not ask you for anything other than blissful days in the future with you. I love you and I promise to continue doing that all throughout the days of my life.

28. Even if your days doesn’t promise you anything, my love promises you everything. There is nothing on earth I have to capacity to acquire that won’t be given to you. You are a goldmine.

Promise Poems

29. Promises and hopes are twin brothers that make the heart gladden when fulfilled but not fulfilled all the time. We all live on promises of God and the hope of a better future.

30. I promise never to bore you with too many words of promise. I promise to be there even before you call my name. You have given me so many sweet moments to remember in my lonely day. You brought the heavens down to me on earth.

31. I promise to stand by you, i promise to give you my love, i promise to live for you all through my days on earth.

32. There is nothing left if your love is missing in my world. You mean everything to me and life has never been this sweet. I promise to love you without relenting.

33. I know it is easy to make promises and hard to keep them, I will make them anyway because I can’t stop myself from imagining what a life of me and you would look like.

34. If there is a word much better than amazing, then it will be the right words for you because you have truly shown me that love is the most beautiful thing on earth. I promise you, my love. (Promise Quotes)

35. I want to do everything I promise you because you are special. I saw you and fell for your charms, you are amazing and I cannot stop myself from falling in love with you over and over.

I am nothing without your love,
I am nothing without your care,
I am nothing if you are not in my life.

You are my essence of living.
I am nothing without you.
I love you.

You remain my king.
You make up the air I breath for I am nothing without you.

Let’s live forever because life is sweet.
I am forever with you because I am nothing without you.

I am Nothing Without You Messages

• I want to show you off to the world.
No gift has the same value as you.
You’re a gift from nature and I’m proud to call you my lover and soulmate. I love you.

• Shut your eyes and ears from the world but never shut your heart even if the world is against out love, the heart knows where it belongs.

• When I say ‘I love you’ all parts of my body agrees to it.
When I say I need you, I really mean it because I cannot imagine being in my world alone.
You own my love, you own my heart.

• In your eyes I see a thousand stars. In you heart I hear a thousand beats, but in your world i see just the two of us.
I don’t want you, I need you in my life.

• Call me Mr right, because I’m the right one for you. Reaching for your heart seemed like reaching fr the stars.
I tried and succeeded because you reached fr my hand when it got to its end.

• Your love is my inspiration. Your care is my motivation.
Having you in my life is my long range goal that changed life.

• When you fall in love, you either change because of love or love changes you.
On our case, your love changed the way I see the world and I’m happy for sharing a wonderful life with someone special.

• You’re rare because you’re special.
There is something about you I can’t explain.
It could be your smiles your walk or the way you talk.
I can’t yet decipher but I know that thing about you made you the special one I wish to be with forever.

• I’ve always wished for bliss, happiness and joy.
That’s why I after you for only you can introduce those things to my world.

• You don’t need to touch my chest to feel my heart beat.
You don’t need to see my heart to see my feelings for you.
You don’t need to be close to know that i love you.