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Sweet Dreams Quotes

1. All I wish for you
The night is a moment I’ve got to send you sweet wishes while starring at the moon and stars.
Sweet dreams is all I wish for you as you rest your head to sleep.

2. A lot of things I want to wish you
Wishes come true when you wish them with pure intentions.
My love for you is pure, so are my wishes for you.
A lot of things I want to wish you tonight and one of it is to sleep tight and have sweet dreams my love.

3. The sweetest of dreams
I love you with my whole heart and I wish you life’s goodness with all of me.
Tonight, I wish you the sweetest of dreams as you sleep.

4. Join me in dreamland
A wonderful day is getting your sweet love and care all day long.
A complete night is dreaming of me and you together.
As you sleep tonight, be assured of joining me in dreamland.
Sweet dreams my dear.

5. Have the sweetest dreams
I love you everyday and miss you every night.
One day, we will be together to tell each other ‘goodnight’ while starring at each other but tonight, have the sweetest dreams when you sleep.

6. Goodnight & sweet dreams
Can I say goodnight to a lovely Angel without wishing you sweet dreams?
Can I wish you sweet dreams without a goodnight?
I’m giving you both goodnight and sweet dreams.

7. Without you
Recounting events of the day, I remembered how it would have been empty without you.
What a boring day it would have been without your motivation.
Thanks for being there for me. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

8. How you make everyday of my life
Lying on my bed, all I could think of is you.
Playing like a tape on my mind, your sweet thoughts and unforgettable memories.
You make everyday of my life worth the struggle. Goodnight my sweetheart.

9. The best among the rest
Goodnight to the only one I can think of all night long without getting bored.
You are the best among the rest.
You are the star shining bright through my window. Sweet dreams honey.

10. My thoughts tonight
Everything I do, I think about you.
I always make a spot for you to fill in every of my activity.
Right now, the spot is in my heart and you have been on my thoughts tonight.
Sweet dreams my love.

Sweet Dream Messages for Him
Sweet Dreams to Her

11. The best way of getting a certified sweet dreams and a cool goodnight rest is by hearing your voice before I close my eyes.
I will spend my whole day loving you and my whole night, dreaming of you. Only when that happens will I know that I have a perfect life.

12. This text is a VIP ticket to dreamland, as soon as you open it to receive my invisible sweet wishes for the night, close your eyes and say my name, you will see yourself drift off to dreamland in a jiffy.
I still want you to know that I love you unconditionally baby. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

13. You have spent the whole day, not just sacrificing for our relationship, but loving me totally.
Now, you want to continue in dreamland. I want to assure you of a totally amazing dreams as you sleep. We will meet in dreamland to keep sharing this never ending love.
I can’t wait baby.

14. All you have done for me today won’t go unappreciated.
I want to use tonight to thank you for the sweet unconditional love you give to me.
Its the best that has ever happened to me. I can’t describe what your love has done for me, all through this while, I want to wish you sweet dreams as you sleep tonight.

15. Sleep with happiness because what awaits you in dreamland will sweep you off your feet.
Always know that my love is forever yours and it will be yours as long as we exist.
Have a pleasant night rest and be rest assured of the joy that comes with the morning sun tomorrow.

16. You will be sleeping tonight because your body needs rest, but this rest comes with an experience that you will never forget in a hurry.
The dream that accompanies tonight is the experience and may you have a sweet wonderful dosage of experience because I love you baby. Goodnight.

17. Everyday is enough to enjoy your love and care.
Every night is another wonderful moment to dream of you and connect with that untold part of you.
I am looking forward in seeing you in my dreams as I sleep. Goodnight my angel, sleep tight.

18. After spending an awesome day, my night is filled with loads of thought about you and my night rest is void of nightmares because it is filled with sweet dreams that any human can think of.
I can’t hold back my emotions tonight as your love is all my world needs.

19. Lying on my bed, all the silly thoughts you can think of is displaying one after the other on my heart.
I can’t stop picturing the grin on your face when we were sharing those moments.
I have never seen a smile fit someone that perfectly that I wish to see it happen again.
Goodnight baby, have sweet dreams.

20. I pray everyday for our union and I pray every night that you sleep off thinking about me and wake up still thinking about me, that way I will be sure that you slept with the thought of me in your heart.
I love you my sweet boo.

21. Thank you so much for all the love you showered on me during the day and the wishes you send to me at night.
Of all the wishes, seeing you in dreamland is my favorite because I can’t wait to carry your love over this world to the other world.
Goodnight rest is all I wish you, sweety.

22. If all my wishes would come true tonight, you will be wrapped by my arms as we sleep, that way I will be sure that we will remain connected even in dreamland.
Even if you can’t be in my arms tonight, I am sending doses of sweet dream and a goodnight wish down your way.

23. For all your deeds of love all through the day of our lives.
For all your incomparable tenderness. I can’t help but send you sweet wishes all through the days.
I am wishing you a goodnight and a fantastic sweet dream as you place your head on that pillow to sleep tonight.

24. On my behalf, have a wonderful night sleep.
May the night breeze be tender on your skin.
May all you dream of as you sleep be filled with sweetness.
I owe you a life time of thankfulness for loving me.
You deserve nothing less than an undisturbed night rest my dear.

25. Thinking of you tonight wasn’t stressful, because the beautiful stars in the sky this night reminds me of how your face gleams all through the day.
I can’t forget how memorable you made today to be.
Goodnight my honey. May you have just cute dreams as you sleep.

26. Hey sweety,
If you are lost on what to dream of tonight, just remember that I’m committed to you forever and the only thing that will remain true and sure is my devotion for you.
Goodnight sweetheart and have loads of sweet dream because you mean the world to someone.

27. Sweet dreams from me. The only person in the world with sweet intentions for you.
May you sleep safe in the arms of this cool atmosphere of the night.
May the angels refreshen your body as you sleep against the activities of the new day ahead.

28. With love sealed in a text, I am wishing you sleep dreams as you sleep.
I know you will wake up, feeling better and stronger because the energy your body consume in loving me can be compared to nothing.
You made me better, that’s why I will always love you morning, afternoon and night.

29. Every star in the sky tonight reminds me of a wonderful person I have in my life.
Your star is the brightest and I am so happy to be committed to you.
You have given me so many things to think about.
You are the perfect description of love. Have a pack of sweet dreams as you sleep.

30. Even till tonight, I still wonder what else do I need that you haven’t given to me.
There is nothing and you are my everything. My undying love is for you to keep.
Be happy always because the heart that loves you is wishing you a goodnight.


Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend

Here are some of the cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend and make his night memorable.

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Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend 1

1. Every moment spent with you is golden. My love for you grows day by day. Goodnight baby, have a calm night rest.

2. Being far from you is only temporary because after the fall of darkness comes the morning sun that will unite us in another blissful day. Goodnight love.

3. Right on my bed, I’m imagining your cute face with an awesome smile.
The best smile that makes every day of my life worth living.

4. Your smile gives me joy and strength. My day is a product of your motivation. Thanks for being my backbone. Sleep, tight baby.

5. Your assistance in everything I do gives me satisfaction that means the world to me. I love you baby and will always do. Goodnight.

6. As you lay to sleep tonight. May tonight be beautiful like your face.
I assure you that the love we share will be a bond that will last all through our life time.
Together will we be, as long as I breath. Goodnight my dearest.

7. Let my goodnight text be an ecstatic display of affection from me to you.
Everything I do and say to you is done with love which burns from the depth of my heart.
We will bond together and stronger for the challenges ahead. Goodnight my moon.

8. I know your day was fantastic because mine was.
You made my day special with the undiluted love you shower on me every day.
May all your wishes come true as you lay your head to sleep because you matter to me.

9. Here is my goodnight wish for you, bore out of my expansion of outlandish care for you.
May the night be beautiful like your cute face.
Ever since you took charge of my heart, everyday seems to slip away quickly. Goodnight Sweety.

10. You don’t have to experience sweet dreams only at night, I wish you sweet dreams everyday and every night because you you are the winner of my heart.
As you sleep tonight, may the cool breeze be gentle on your skin.

Cute Goodnight Messages to Text Your Boyfriend

11. I want you to keep this as a secret between me and you, your love is my love because all day the smile on my face was due to your unrestricted care and abundant love you give to me.
As you relax tonight, I wish you the best in dreamland.

12. I’d look at your photo before I goto bed, because I want to remind my memory the face of the special person who owns my heart.
Sometimes, I dream when I sleep and wake up smiling, but can’t really recall details of the dream.
I know that seeing your face before I sleep is the reason. I love you baby.

13. There is avalanche of reasons to have a goodnight sleep, one of them is the love that unites us.
Just as you will be closing your eyes, let your mind remind you of my unshakable love that will be forever. Sleep tight my cutie pie.

14. Our love is forever present like the night breeze.
May all the day’s worries be set aside with the coming of dusk.
If nothing from the day impresses you, know that my love never lost its form from the first day we met.

15. I can’t spot the perfect set of words to express how the day went, but tonight is about you.
May sweet dreams accompany you to bed tonight.
I May not be there to kiss your lips goodnight, but I’m sending it from my end. Have a blissful night my love.

16. All of our fun memories and sweet words we say to each other rings on my heart.
I remember all of it tonight and I wish I’m right there with you so as to wrap myself around you all through the night. May your night be peaceful.

17. From the depth of my heart, all I could say is a big thank you, thank you and thank you again for being the best thing in my life.
May you have the sweetest and unforgettable night rest as you sleep. I love you.

Cute Goodnight Messages

18. Its late but your thought is still on my heart, I wish I had my head on your chest rather than this pillow.
Do have a peaceful night. I love you

19. The nights are boring if I can’t feel you right next to me.
As you rest your body, may sweet dreams be all you have tonight.
Goodnight love.

20. I miss you during the day, I miss you more at night because I get to share my bed with no one. But I will wish you a goodnight rest.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend 2

21. I wished you would hold me right now.
I wish I could be in your arms as I close my eyes to sleep.
I also wish you will a wonderful night rest as you drift off to dreamland.

22. Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be In your arms tonight and be the first to say good morning to you tomorrow.
I miss you.

23. I dream of you every night, while I sleep.
I think of you when I’m awake.
I miss you every moment.
Goodnight my star. Sweet dreams.

24. A kiss of love to you my cutie pie to say goodnight.
You are my diamond, I can’t wait to join you in dreamland.

25. Tomorrow seems far because I can’t wait to touch and feel you in my arms. Goodnight my one and only.

26. I give you two things tonight, the moonlight and my kisses.
You will look wonderful wearing both to bed.
Goodnight my Darling.

27. I had a sweet dream about you the previous night.
I’m eager to close my eyes and continue our adventure in dreamland. Goodnight my love.

28. I can’t tell you how much I love the way you make me feel, but I can tell you to have a wonderful sleep as you close your eyes.

29. The moon will always be full and bright every night because you’re my queen and you will be cool and right because I am your king.

30. As you switch off the light to sleep, remember that I’m wishing you a blissful night rest.

Cute Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

31. Goodnight my Darling, remember to run into my arms when you have nightmares for I will be one call away as you sleep.

32. Your lips, your eyes, your face.
They are all I think of tonight, but I will send you a goodnight wish as you sleep.
Have many sweet dreams.

33. The night is unique because its the better part thinking, loving and dreaming.
As you rest your head, know that I’m thinking, loving and hoping to dream about you when I sleep.

34. The spoken words of the day takes a new and deeper meaning at night because the night is special.
All the memories we had are coming back to me tonight.

35. The thought of you brings me heavenly dream and a blissful mind because the love you give to me cannot be compared to anything.
Goodnight my dear.

36. I maybe wrong and you might be right but what matters isn’t who’s right but what makes our love stronger. Goodnight.

37. Dream is the bridge between fantasy and reality.
It touches the heart and soul. I hope you have the sweetest dream as you sleep tonight.

Goodnight Love Messages

38. There are millions of people texting and chatting with their phone. But there is just one amazing person reading this. Goodnight dear.

39. You are the only thing I think about at night.
You do so much for me and I appreciate. You give me love and happiness, may you have a lovely and happy dream tonight.

40. You’re always in my heart, awake or asleep. You have made my heart your home and my world your world. I will love you forever. Have a peaceful night rest honey.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend 3

41. ‘Goodnight my love’
That’s for you alone.

42. I can’t sleep without saying goodnight to you because you mean everything to me.
Goodnight to a precious jewel, i pray we meet in dreamland.

43. I hold my pillow tight when I think of you.
That’s a sign of how much I miss you lying next to me. Goodnight.

44. As today comes to an end, you are the positive thing in my heart and I’m grateful for having you in my heart.

45. The night is wonderful, for without it, I won’t have the opportunity to dream of you.
I wish you sweet dreams.

46. You shine brighter than the moon and the stars combined.
You are the sun in my world, you shine even when you goto bed.

47. Beautiful dreams, stars, the moon; these are the beautiful things that makes me love you every night.

48. I’m never too busy to wish my Darling a goodnight.
Have cute dreams of us.

49. Nightmares are gone. When I close my eyes, think of you, everything becomes perfect again.

50. I love doing this every night!
Thinking of you till I drift off to dreamland.

Cute Goodnight Paragraphs for your Boyfriend

51. My special wishes for you this night: may your dreams be filled with sweet love, special comfort, and romantic thoughts of me.

52. My night maybe silent, beautiful and calm but Its never complete without wishing the most adorable person in the world a goodnight rest.

53. As I stare at the stars tonight, I spotted you among the thousand as the brightest.
Goodnight baby.

54. Luck came my way when you got into my life.
Everyday I’m grateful for the person I say goodnight to, the previous day.

55. There is a million yesterdays and a trillions of tomorrow, but there is only one tonight. Have a goodnight my boo.

56. Smile and be happy for today is in labour.
Close your eyes and sleep in your cozy bed for what awaits us will be lovely.
Goodnight Darling.

57. The oark is never dark because we have the moon.
Your life is never empty because you have me.
I will never sleep because I am yet to tell someone special, Goodnight.

58. The sun’s duty is to warm the world and the moon is to light up the night, the stars are to remind you of what we share and my duty is to love you forever.

59. While you prepare for this journey, all through the night to dreamland.
Blow wishes and kisses to all the special people in your life, because wishes come true when it comes from someone special.

60. G – Goto Bed
O – Off the lights
O – Out of Tension
D – Dream of just me
N – Nice Sleep
I – Ignore your worries
G – Get up tomorrow
H – Have a blessed day ahead
T – Thank God for the night well spent.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend 4

61. Love is not about how hard it is to sacrifice something for someone, but knowing its hard to find someone who deserve your sacrifices.
Goodnight dear.

62. Tonight is special.
Tonight is beautiful.
Tonight is the best.
This is because i have you to send a goodnight kiss and wishes to.
I love you baby

63. Beclouded with your thought this night.
I can’t think of anything than to tell you Goodnight my darling.

64. The bed is so soft like I’m in your arms.
I know you’re about to sleep, so here is my Goodnight kiss to you.

65. Although you might not see my face to know the expression on my face/heart.
I miss you so much and I’m telling you Goodnight.
Plus sweet dreams.

66. When you ever feel bored and want something to keep you happy.
Just close your eyes and imagine me beside you.
Goodnight my dearest.

67. Its all dark and silent.
Let’s continue our love in dreamland.
Goodnight and dream of me.

68. To make sure you have a nice rest.
I’m wishing you a wonderful Goodnight wish.
Sleep tight my lover.

69. I’m not asking the angels to watch over you tonight because I’ll always be around to keep you safe this night.
Goodnight sweetheart.

70. I wish you a nice sleep filled with sweet dreams and a strong body to start up the new day ahead.

Cute Texts to Say Goodnight

71. This days seem great because you’ve been part of it.
Thanks for being my love.
Goodnight my love.

72. I’m in your eyes.
In your heart.
And behind you wishing you a goodnight as we await the love and happiness tomorrow holds.

73. Your face, your unique smile, your beauty all portray how special you are to me and how important you are to the world. I will now kiss you goodnight as you close your eyes to sleep.

74. Take a view of the sky from your window.
See how bright the stars are, can you count them?
That is how much I miss you and even more.