Love Messages for Her


Love Messages for Wife: Say something lovely to the woman of your dreams and let her know how much you love her.

Simple things like sending of love messages and calling of pet/sweet names shouldn’t be done only on special days. You can send her a cute text on a random day to let her know that she’s the best thing that happened to you.

That isn’t too much to ask for, is it? I doubt you’d say YES.

Scroll down to find the romantic love messages for your wife.

Love Messages for Wife

1. You are the motivation that keeps me going and the reason behind every good thing that happens in my life. My wife, you are the best gift from nature. I love you with all of my heart.

2. You’ve made our house, a home, and our relationship into a beautiful family. Without you, my life will be incomplete. You give me that sense of fulfillment anytime you are with me. I love you so much, my best half.

3. My darling wife, you are the secret of my happiness and success. You remain the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You captured my heart with your love and care. I love you so much, darling.

4. You are the woman of my dreams, the woman who made our beautiful family a reality, and the woman that gave meaning to my life. You are the best in everything, and I can’t love you enough.

5. It’s not easy to describe my feelings for the woman who gives me happiness and joy every day of my life. The mother of my children and the queen of my heart, I will love you forever. You are my one and only wife. We will be together till eternity.

Love Messages for Wife
Love Messages for Wife

6. Being your husband is an honor for me, and I’m so proud to have a wife just as beautiful as you. You brighten my day with your smile and beauty. I can’t get enough of your daily love and care. I cherish you every day, baby.

7. To the most loving wife, I will never let you go no matter what life throws at us. I will always be there for you when you need me and support you in everything you do because you are the best in the world. I love you, sweetheart.

8. My heart yearns for you more than anything in my life because you’re the rose that makes my world beautiful. Your smile, your touch, and your heart are what I ever wanted. I’m so glad I found you and brought you into my life as my wife. I love you.

9. I love you from the depth of my heart, and nothing can change this feeling. Your smartness and beauty swept me off my feet, and I can’t stop myself from loving you more and more. Your presence in my life makes me feel anew. I love you so much, baby.

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10. The most amazing thing about you is that you are still by my side, supporting me in every decision I make. Looking at our children and I feel so happy and proud of the woman who made all these come true. I love you, darling.

11. We made our marriage a quest of love through happy and sad moments. We vowed to be with each other forever. We’ve managed to keep our flame of love still burning. I love you so much, my lovely wife.

12. Loving you, and having you love me, has made me feel worthy of living a complete life. I would rather spend one lifetime with you here, than face all the ages of this human earth alone. I love you so much, my dear.

13. I love your wonderful sense of humor. You are so beautiful, smart, cute, loving, caring, and most of all, patience. You are the one who can make me laugh, smile, and happy. I love you, my dear wife.

14. My lovely wife, every time I watch you walk into the room, you take my breath away, because you make me happy when you smile. I don’t know how, but I think the more I am with you, the more I fall in love with you.

15. You make being married fun. It’s exciting to know you care for me. Being your man was the best decision I’ve ever made in life. You make my life so beautiful because you are beautiful. I love you, wifey.

Romantic Love Messages for Wife

16. No one can love you as much as I do. I’m so fond of you, and at the same time proud to be your husband. You’re the most amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, and beautiful woman in the world. You remain the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, darling.

17. When I call you my better half, I am not flattering you in any way. You bring out the best in me at all times. Your understanding, your direction, and your management, they all amaze me. I always count on your love to brighten my day, and I trust it will at all times.

18. My happiness on earth is waking up every morning with you by my side. I love you with all my heart because you complete me and make my mind brighten. I’m so happy that you are my missing rib, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

19. My baby, I always look forward to sharing more marvelous moments and big occasions with you. They will be the moments that will be engraved in our hearts forever. I desire to spend the rest of my life loving you because you’re an angel.

20. I’m grateful you are thoughtful, understanding and I’m grateful you are so much fun to be around with, but most of all, I’m grateful you are my wife. You make this little world of mine come alive at all times. I love you.

21. I love you every day because you are the one for me. My love continues to grow stronger and stronger with the passing of each day. I cherish you so much, and nothing will take away the love I have for you, my better half.

Romantic Love Messages for Wife
Romantic Love Messages for Wife

22. Nobody can believe that I love you the way that I do because it’s hard to imagine that a love like ours can ever exist. I am honored to share my life with you now and forever.

23. I have always wished and wanted to have children that are wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, smart, and lovely like you, my wife. You made all these a reality, and I can’t appreciate you enough. Thank you for making my wishes come alive. I love you.

24. The chemistry is there for the world to see. Your love has engulfed my heart, and there is no redemption. You’re the queen of my heart and the mother of my future. Loving you seems like the perfect work to do till eternity. I love you every day, baby.

25. My wonderful wife, You’re my daily motivation and inspiration. You give me this inner joy that I can’t explain with words. Your presence brings calmness to my mind, and when I hear your voice, my world comes alive. You’re just so astonishing, and I will spend my whole life showing you how much I love you.

26. When I look at you, I wonder what I did to get such a precious gift like you from God. You’ve been a blessing in my life, and this is just to say I love and cherish you, my lovely wife.

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27. You are that woman who transformed my imperfections into perfections. I know that nobody is perfect, but you make me better every day with the touch of your love and kindness. I love you so much, my dearest wife. You are the best.

28. Being married to you is a blessing to my life because you’re the best companion, my missing rib, and my source of peace. No words can describe who you are to me. Just know that I love and care for you as long as I live, my queen.

29. My mind lights up every time I see a smile on your face, and each time I get up by your side. You brought the brighter side of light into my world when you came into my life. We will be together forever. I love you, baby.

30. There is nothing happier thing than having you as my life partner. I’m fortunate to be your man, my love. Thanks for your magical love and support. I know that it will continue like this forever. I love you so much.

Cute Love Messages for Wife

31. The best decision I’ve ever taken is to choose you to be my wife. I’m thankful to God for bringing you my way. I pledge to always put a smile on your lovely face, and nothing is taking away the feelings I have for you. I love you, darling.

32. My boss at home, thanks for making me a good husband and a disciplined person with your sweet governance. You give me reasons to keep doing my best at all times. You can’t imagine how much I want you. I love you, my sweetheart.

33. My dear lovely wife. Your love, affection, loyalty, respect, and friendship are the qualities I’ve found in you that melted my heart. Thanks for coming into my life and making it the best place in the world. I adore you.

34. My cutie pie. I want you to know that all of my affection, love, and attention is for you. No obstacle or circumstance can separate us, and there’s nothing that can stop me from loving you. I love you, and will always love you forever.

35. You’re my heartbeat and lovely wife. Seeing your face when I wake up every morning is the best thing that has happened in my life. You are always on my mind even when you’re right in front of me. My love for you has no boundary. I love you forever.

36. My lovely wife, you came into my life with a bundle of fulfillment and happiness. The things you do make me love you more with the passing of each day. I’m happy to be spending the rest of my life with you. Our love will grow old with us.

37. My sweet wifey, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, not only for your lovely face but also for your kind personality. You’re my love, my strength, my power, and my everything. My love for you will never die, even after our death.

38. Your entrance into my life makes it more beautiful and enjoyable. You’re the reason why I smile to myself. It gives me pleasure to witness your happiness and achievements. You were, you are and always will be my dream woman. I love you always.

39. For all the joy you brought into my life, the kindness you’ve shown to the kids and me, and the sacrifices you made to be with me, I am grateful. I tender all of my heart to you; you can feel the depth of the love I have for you.

40. You are so sweet, and the judgment of my heart tells me how much loving and kind you are since the day I set my eyes on you. Thank God you’re mine, and no one can take you away from me. Cheers to the beautiful days that await us ahead.

41. My heart beats endlessly because of the gratitude I feel knowing that you’re my partner for life. You’re the most adorable thing in my life, and I will always let you know. You bring out the best in me, and nothing beats the feeling of love I have for you.

42. Right from the beginning, you came into my life. I knew things would get better. Nothing will separate us until the end of time. You bring peace to my heart and have been the source of happiness in my world. I cherish your smile because it brightens my world. I love you forever.

43. I love your smile because it takes away my sadness, and I desire your kisses because they are the antidote to my anger. You are the comfort and joy I cherish most in life. I love you, my darling. Your joy and happiness remain my number one priority.

44. You’re the most adorable woman on earth, my cheerleader, and an amazing wife. I cherish everything about you with all of my heart, and I can’t wait to see what the future has for us.

45. Your love gave my life the direction it has today, and I’m glad to face life’s journey with you. Going to my workplace every day with the thought of you always makes my day easier. I love you, my cute wife.

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46. You’re the only woman in my life that I chose to live with forever. You remain that special flower that will last forever in my love garden. Thank you for being the light in my world. I love you.

47. Your love is always fresh in my heart, and I will remain so for the rest of our lives. I just can’t tell the reason why I am so much in love with you, baby, but it’s the best thing that happened in my world.

48. To the sweet mother of my kids and lovely wife, I love, cherish, and adore you. You are the joy and fulfillment that my life has always wanted. I love everything about you, and nothing will change the feelings I have for you. Life is beautiful with you.

It is time to show how much you love your partner with these loving you SMS. If you are searching for love SMS for her or some love SMS to her, then you are in the right place.

Your relationship needs love and attention; just one out of this compiled love messages SMS will do the trick of giving her the care she needs.

Loving You SMS

1. Your love is a flame that has consumed my heart. I will last till eternity. Even when candles and woods, melt and burn away, I will always love you from my heart.

2. I will send you a smile that will last forever.
My love for you will last until the end of time because you captured my heart and you are the best lover that I couldn’t find all these while.

3. My love for you is not a responsibility; it is an activity that I plan to do for the rest of my life.
My love for you is not a game, and I won’t play with your heart.
I that have felt true love call you my love.

4. My heart beats for you at all times.
All I want is a world that has a sweet feeling of love.
I want to spend the rest of my life, loving you, baby.

Loving You SMS
Loving You SMS Image

5. The sun can’t visit the earth but sends its rays.
The clouds can’t come to the river but send the rain.
I can’t be with you but I’m sending my love to you.

6. Aside from needing food, water, and air, I need your love and care daily.
I feel like the best fortunate man in the world to have your love. You make every day of my life worth reliving.

7. My love for you revolves on:
Understanding, a pure heart to care, and someone special to share the rest of my life with, the thought of you makes me happy. You are all I need.

8. Call me selfish, but I’ll still want you to be mine even if loving you become a crime.
I want you in my life because ever since you came into my life; I have tasted how sweet being in love can be. I love you.

9. You scare me the way you look into my eyes.
You scare me the way you say ‘I Love You.’
The way you scare me makes me love you more.

10. Let me be that tear that will conceive in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips.
I want to be all that matters to you.

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11. Your love is heaven. I’ve never imagined such magic of love could happen on earth.
I never believed I would be in love until you showed up in my life.

12. Every one of your words,
Every of your touch,
Each time you kiss me.
All these makes my soul burn and yearn for you even more.

13. Like the petals dripping with the morning dew, you blow my mind.
Like the pure joy in every season, you glow to my admiration.
Nothing compares to your beauty. I love you.

14. You will remain the love of my life.
I feel blessed for having found you, and I promise to love and cherish you every moment of my life. You remind me of the good things in my life.

15. You bring much love to my life.
My beautiful, wonderful Sweetheart, I will give you all my love because you mean the world to me and I am ready to love you forever.

Loving You SMS for Loved Ones

16. There are times you make me happy, and there are times I feel like the relationship is crashing,
But whatever time it is, I will always love you, and I know deep down me I will love you till eternity.

17. I wish I can hold you tight right now and let you feel how my heart beats for your love.
You remain that amazing thing anyone would love to have in their life.

18. I will be yours until the end of time because my love for you will never waiver or dwindle.
You rule my heart, my soul, and my whole being is yours.
I love You, my Sweetheart.

19. The love my heart feels for you is more than I can explain.
It grows intense with every passing moment we spend together.
I love you now and until my last breath.

20. My love for you is magical. Giving you my affection and care is a duty I will gladly do because you the thought of you warms my heart.
I love you with all of my heart.

21. I can’t stop loving you, my dear.
This because you and no one else deserves my love.
It’s just too precious for someone aside from you.

22. Our love was ordained.
That’s why I + you equal to blessing.
You are the best in the world.

23. Don’t promise me another thing.
You’ve already fulfilled the promise you never made (being my everything). Having you in my life means everything to me.

24. Love isn’t about your money, body or connections.
It’s about finding that missing part of you.
I just found mine in you.

25. Let’s teach the world how to love.
You gave me the most expensive gift.
Giving me love was everything I need and more.

Romantic Love SMS for Her

26. I know we are not sitting juxtapose each other, but I feel your presence all around me.
I’ll always value you deep within my heart and love you daily and forever.

27. Just like the fire burning in the rain,
I want to live inside of you.
Inside your sweet loving heart, I want to be with you forever. I love you.

28. I’ll live to give you my body, my soul and my spirit.
I’ve got to live to give you all my love.
I will live to be the right man for your life.
I love you, baby.

29. Scented candles, beautiful roses and the bundle of love.
That’s all I daydream .”.
You are the best girl that has ever gotten into my heart, and
I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

30 I feel on top of the world when I hear these best three words from your lips: I Love You.
Even if you tell me ‘I Love You’ a thousand times, I won’t get tired of hearing it because it is a tune to my soul.

31. I can’t even imagine spending a day without you.
It will be worse than 30 minutes walk under the hot Sun.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you because the thought of you makes my day memorable.

32. I’ll always let you know that you’re my sun, my moon, my stars, and my joy.
Baby, you’re a blessing to me, and I love you all through the days of my life.

Romantic Love SMS for Her
Romantic Love SMS for Her

33. I’ll pray to God to keep making you happy because seeing you all happy and smiling makes my day beautiful.
Seeing your beautiful face is the most fantastic thing in my life.

34. A blessed day starts with a thought of you, and it gets fun when I hear your lovely voice.
You are the best thing in my life right now.

35. I love all the beautiful things in life, but I loved you more because you’re the definition of awesomeness and your love is HEAVEN.
My heart lights up with the thought of you.

36. Ever since you became mine, all I wanted and will continue to ask for is your everlasting love.
Am I asking for too much, baby? I should know because I love you more than I love myself.

37. Even for a moment, the thought of existing without you isn’t an option. It scares the living hell out of me.
I want to love you, and I’m not d!cky about it.

38. I am in love with you, and everyone thinks I’m crazy.
I think it’s divine because you’re a blessing to me and humans.
Thanks for your undying love every day.

39. Deep inside, I desire to be with you, doing nothing but staring at you because the world is beautiful with you in my life. When I look into your eyes, I see the beauty of life.

40. I feel eager living another day on earth because you’re making each day seem like a honeymoon.
What more can life offer? Thanks for the basket of your love that you give to me daily.
I love you, dear.

More Love SMS for Her

41. Imagine the scent of delicate crushed petals.
The subtle yet distinctive scent.
These are what I want to enjoy while having you close to me.
I love you.

42. Loving you is beautiful, even if I try to hold back all the beautiful feelings that seemed too incredible to be real.
You ask for my love, and it is always at your service. I love you, my angel.

43. Your love is pure like the heavens, sweet like the chocolate and smells like the distinct floral fragrance of rose petals.
Thank you for being there for me when I need you.

44. I dare not imagine life without my beloved.
You made my life, a world where dreams come true and the future becomes happily ever after,
I love you big time, my angel.

45. I don’t have to be at the altar to let you know that I will love, honor and cherish you.
I’ll do that every day, and I’m starting now. I love you dearly.

46. I give up, I’ve loved you from the first day I met you, and I am not giving up on you yet.
Can I be your lover for the rest of my life?

47. Baby! You’re a blessing from God.
Because you’re such expertise in loving me and I have never been this happy to have someone in my life.

48. Since many believe that love is expensive to maintain.
I don’t mind being wretched to be with you.
When I am with you, the world’s richest man doesn’t feel half the happiness in my heart.

49. The day I met you, the dead love inside me came alive.
Loving you awaken the force inside of me. I have never felt good loving someone this much/
I love you, my dear.

50. You finally outspanned my defense and made me the prisoner of your love.
Take me anywhere you go because I can’t survive without you. I have dedicated my entire life in loving you forever.

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51. If you didn’t shower your love on me, I might not have been the beautiful person you see today.
I am taking this moment from my busy day to say ‘thank you for loving me.’

52. Love is pleasing and pleasurable only with someone ordained with natural sweetness like you.
I adore you, my gold.

53. The exciting feeling of loving you plus the atmosphere of calmness which you bring along equals to a glorious future ahead.
Baby, I feel blessed being your man.

54. If only others had a beautiful love life like me, everybody would want to be in love for the rest of their lives.
You have given me enough love and spiced up my life beyond my imagination; I love you with all of my heart.

55. I’ll take you around the world.
I will buy you things that will blow your mind away.
I’ll make you smile hard enough to forget your sorrows.
Most of all, I’ll love you forever.

Beautiful Love SMS for Her

56. Even when the world gets cold, and you feel left out. Always note that you’re surrounded by people who love you and can do anything to put a smile on your face.
I am one of them.

57. I find joy and calmness when I’m around you.
I can’t explain, but I love every bit of it.
I want you to know that my love is forever with you.

Beautiful Love SMS for Her
Beautiful Love SMS for Her

58. Everywhere I go, there is always something to remind me of you.
There is this magic that makes my thoughts end up being about you.
Everything about me points to you.
I want to spend my life with just you because I love you.

59. Even if I have nothing other than love to offer you, I will want us to celebrate this very moment.
That’s the only gift life gives us. I love you heartily.

60. You have no idea how you make me feel.
You ignite that spark of love that I never knew I had.
I will always love you boo.

61. Love is wonderful.
Just with you in my heart all day.

62. I feel happy thinking of you.
It’s an exciting activity to love you.
I understand beyond doubts that all of my life revolves around you.

63. You live here (in my heart).
Never for a second imagine me sending you out of my heart because of rent. You will live there for the rest of my life.
Much love, dear.

64. If other guys have seen how special you are to me.
They would probably stage a coup to have you.
But I won’t let them see that. I’ll keep you to myself forever.

65. Love doesn’t cost money but the heart.
I’m giving my heart to you because I’m sure it’s safer in your hands, and I love you will give my heart the best love that it can’t feel anywhere in the world.

66. My heartbeat, I’m entrusting my heart to you because you’re the only one with the safest hands to keep it.
You are the girl in the entire world that knows how to love me the way I deserve.

67. You must be an angel from heaven because you brought peace and happiness to my heart since you entered my life. Thank you for appreciating the little things about me.

68. I’ll keep watch over your steps and be close by when you need me. I love you, and nothing will change the way I feel about you.

69. Life’s precious moments are the ones spent loving someone who makes life worth living repeatedly.
You make my life worth reliving again and again, and if I have my way, I will do it again with you.
I’ll love you forever.

70. My life has been colorful because I believe in your love.
It is the best decision I have ever made.
Having you is just amazing because you make every one of my dream come true.

Cute Love SMS for Her

71. Hi boo,
A little bird told me you just started a new day, so I dropped this text, wishing you a great day ahead. Never forget that I love you with every strength in me.

72. It’ll be amazing, having you right in my arms throughout the day. But I’ll leave that till the day I will see you.
Enjoy yourself, baby. I love you always.

73. You are everything I ever wanted even when I wasn’t sure of what I needed.
I trusted you, and that meant a great deal for me.
You have my love and trust. I will remain loyal to you until eternity, and I adore you.

74. Love means respect, adoration, and commitment.
While others underestimate these, I’m giving them to you without hesitation.
You are my princess.

75. You are my present, and your love is my future.
I can feel myself touching the sky, just because you are my lover.
Thank you for giving me the best love in the world.

76. One can’t see true love in words that come from the mouth and sweetens the ears.
But a conversation that comes from the one heart and covers the other’s heart.
I will always love you because you give me the sweet feeling my life remains grateful for, you are my one in a million.

77. I know how beautifully you made my life,
How precious you are to me, and how amazing my world has become since you came in.
I will love you today, tomorrow and next.

78. Since the day I learn that remembrance is a gift no one can steal, ‘I will keep the memories of you and I.’
I’m sure more sweet memories await us soon. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

79. Even if I’ve loved very few and liked many, nobody compares to you because nobody is as unique and delicious as you.
So I love you, even if it’s my last assignment on earth.

80. Life won’t be memorable without that first smile from your beautiful face.
I’ll trade my last penny loss to watch you smile all day.
You have the cutest face in the world when you smile.

Love SMS for Her

81. I Love and cherish you in every blink of the eyes, in every beat of my heart, with the last strength I feel inside.
My whole heart yearns for your love all day.

82. I can’t describe how the thought of you quicken the pace of my heartbeat.
It sends smiles to my lips and makes my world light up.
I love you, and nobody is getting between us.

83. Angel! I love your eyes, and I’m so in love with your ways.
I adore your style.
What more can I love than you.
I love you.

Love SMS for Her
Love SMS for Her

84. Been pondering on why I love you so much, then I came up with the answer. I love you because you are the best thing in the world. My heart is your home forever.

85. You have that unique smile that nothing competes with,
You’ve got that unique face that I can’t wait to see as the day breaks.
You’ve got that special lover that will love you forever. (Love SMS for Her)

86. My love is forever yours.
My heart is your property.
My body is at your call.
Baby, I can do anything to show you how much I love you.

87. You represent the blue sky that assures me of a bright day, the sun that comforts me that everything will be fine, and the moon that sings me to sleep.
You are everything I need.

88. You were there when I needed you.
You are one vital ingredient that spice up my life.
What else can I well than loving you forever?

89. There is no competition because you rule my heart.
The thought of you made my day worth the stress.
Knowing that I have you as my lover forever keeps me calm.

90. You are unique, even the heavens know.
I feel just so appreciated being the one you love.
I love you, darling.

100 Love Messages for Her from The Heart

91. Looking back at what we’ve been through, I will go through it again only if you’ll stand by me.
You’re my angel and I place nothing above you.

92. You entered my life like it is your farmland.
Made my laughter grow and filled my life with so much joy.
I can’t stop loving you, honey.

93. Hey dear!
You’ve been found guilty of adding more meaning to my life.
You are to be judged right beside me and sentenced to life imprisonment in my heart.

94. I’ve never been scared of showing you how much I love you because I can count on you to protect my heart from any pain.
I love you, my darling.

95. You are my angel, and I feel like I’m right beside you this very moment.
I love and cherish you, my sweetheart.

Love SMS for Her in English

96. I love you, and it seems like it has existed long.
I love you and won’t stop loving you because nothing feels good than showing you how much I love you.

97. Boo! You are a bundle of sweetness, joy, sunshine, and fun.
You are all these rolled into one. I love you so much.

98. Only if you can imagine how much I love you.
You would know that nobody on earth has been this lucky.
I love you.

99. I won’t swim an ocean or climb a mountain to show you how much I love and cherish you.
I’ll love you till you realize it.

100. I can say everything else, but each time I say ‘I Love You.’
Believe me, it never came from my head. It came from the heart.
Have a great day.

101. If you miss me, I miss you more.
If you need me, I need you more.
If you love me, I want you to know that I love you so much that the stars envies you.

102. Your face reminds me of the future.
Your voice, so cute like the singing birds and each time I think of your lips, It makes me want you badly.

103. I can’t control my feelings when I’m right next to you.
Like magnetic, you pull me off my guard into the center of love.
I can’t help but helplessly fall for you.

104. Your love is intoxicating like red wine.
Your presence speaks volumes even when you say, nothing baby.
You make me feel high.

105. Since I’ve met you, I’ve seen the sun, and you’re just the perfect match of what true love is all about.
I can’t explain with words, but I think you’re the best.

106. That crazy feeling you get, knowing that an angel is reading this text right this moment.
I can’t even state the difference between you and the morning sunshine.

107. I feel you each time the thought of you pops into my mind.
It keeps popping that I can’t do anything all day than to type this text telling you, “I Love You.”

108. You remain the only reason I take another breath.
Life sucks, but it sucks less with you.
I will say this to you every second, every day without getting worn out.
I love you, dear.

109. I will always remain grateful to your parents for bringing a bag of blessings like you into existence.
You will remain the best blessing in my life.

110. You are my sunshine in the morning and my moonlight at night.
Seeing you make me happy. Your presence turns my world around.

Please share these Love SMS for Her if they made sense

111. Seeing you happy makes me happy and seeing you sad makes me sad.
You are my emotion controller; the reason I should smile every moment. You’re special.

112. We look good together because everything you do transforms my life differently.
May we never go wrong because I can’t afford the expense of living without you.

113. I peeped into our future and saw many sweet memories we will share.
You can be the mum, and I can be the dad & we will share love forever in bliss.

114. You are a jewel to treasure, an asset that I will treat with the best care in the world.
You are an angel that lives among men. I love you because you give my life a face.
I would have been faceless without you.

115. Everything makes sense now just because you are in my life.
Everything is so inviting because you invited me to your world.
You give my life sense for I would have been senseless without you.

116. Losing you would be the most significant loss in human history & I won’t live a single day with such a tag.
I will guard your love and keep you forever with me.

117. Our relationship is an investment. I will fuel it with the sweetest and cutest love and care that heaven can give.
I will forever be by your side if you need me.
Take my hand, be my one and only.

118. Your face is divine because it has the cutest lips ever, the brightest eyes that light up my heart and the most beautiful nose ever.
Everything about your face is unique & I want to see it every day.

119. If love is a drama, I will forever wish to act with you for the rest of my life.
If I am a book, you are my chapters. My world found peace when you said yes to me.
I will love you with all I got.

120. Love has no end; it grows to infinity and makes everything beautiful during its time.
All this happens only when the love is watered to grow.
I will love you forever.

150 Deep Love Messages for Her 

121. If loving you is a crime, then I wish to be captured because that is a law I will break.
I love you, my angel. Being in love has never felt this good.

122. Your love gives me that feeling of being in heaven while on earth.
It is the best feeling in the world that words can’t explain. You make me feel like a king.

123. Even at this stage of my love for you, all I want to do is love you more.
This love is nothing like I’ve felt before.
I feel complete because my heart beats you.

124. You are my missing rib because you complete me.
The vacuum of my life is what your love fills up.
Without you, my world is a dream.
Love me today let it become a reality.

125. Love is blind but true love sees all imperfections but understands.
I will love you forever without a change of mind because the right side of you makes me realize that no one is perfect. I love you dearly.

126. When you touch me, my heart jumps out.
When you are not around, my world becomes cold and lonely.
Your love has become an essential part of me that should be available always.

Thank you for checking out these Love SMS for Her. I hope you will send some love SMS to her soon. Share them if they made sense to you.

Letting your girl know how you feel about her doesn’t cost much. With some sweet love messages to your girlfriend, there is no doubt that she will respond right back.

Every girl deserves to be loved the right way and what better way will you reaffirm your love for your girl than through sending her some cute love messages and romantic texts. We have the sweetest I love you note that will make her happy.

Go through our table of contents and select the right love text from the right sections for her.

Send these sweet love messages to your girlfriend, and you will be happy you do;

Sweet Text Messages You Will Love

1. Baby, you’re a star. Even if other girls shine high above, you remain the brightest thing that shines around me. I love you.

2. I wish you the best out of life. I am always around for you because I was made to make your world colorful.

3. Love is for special people because it comes from a special heart to make the world a special place.
I’m happy to have you in my world.

4. All I want to do is to kiss your soft lips, hold your hands and be with you forever. I love you very much.

5. I would have described love as a jinx if you weren’t here with me, having you in my life made me understand that love is the greatest in the world. I love you forever.

6 There is no light in my world.
There is no sun during my day nor the moon at night, but I have you, I have everything.
Thanks for being there for me.

7. It’s beautiful, it’s adorable, and it’s sweet
The love you give to me daily is the best thing I have ever felt. I love you, my angel.

8. Just for you to acknowledge my love, I’ll stand and wait in the world’s longest queue to have a moment with someone sweet like you. I love you with every of my being.

9. You’re the Queen of my heart, that’s because you’re special.
You’ve filled a space no one can fill. I love you my sweet boo.

10. Each time I look at the sky, I realize how lucky I am to have someone so kind as you as my girl. It is an honor to be your man. I love you, baby.

100 Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

11. You’ve left a mark no one can erase from my heart.
Out of the ocean of memories, all I can think of is being with just you for the rest of my life.

12. I feel your presence even when I’m alone.
Its an atmosphere I wish to dwell in forever. The thought of you gets me going at all time.

13. Love is the sweetest word, but it’s not all that sweet if it’s shared with someone not special like you. Loving you is one thing I will do for the rest of my life.

14. What I need to live has been given to me by love.
Why I needed to live has been shown to me by you.
I am created to love you for the rest of my life.

15. The dearest person in the world is you.
That’s why I’ll keep loving you till my last breath.
Nothing is taking my love away from you.

16. Good people live in the world, beautiful people exist, but amazingly blessed people like you live in my heart, where everything is gorgeous.

17. You’re precious, that’s the reason you are in my life, where wondrous things are being taken care of, I cherish you, my love.

18. I want to promise you three things;
1. I’m with you at all time.
2. Still with you when you need me.
3. Will always be with you as long as I breathe.
I love you my boo.

19. The greatest punishment I’ll serve is not being with you while you give your love to another man. I wouldn’t wish to experience that all through my existence.

20. Love is like a wire that connects our hearts.
Never break this chain, because you’ll be breaking my heart forever. My heart carves for your love at all time.

Sweet Love Messages to Your Girlfriend

21. The more I ponder on why I’m so in love with you, the more I love you.
It’s unfathomable, but you’re my job.

22. Take me to anywhere you are, because I find peace of mind just by staying right beside you. Seeing you calms my aching heart.

23. Life has its ups and downs, but your love has made life look more beautiful even when I am winning this moment and losing at the next second. You give my life purpose

24. I love you and will always stay with you as long as the sky remains blue. You are my sunshine, and whenever you wake up, my world lights up.

25. I adore you;
Your beauty and your kind heart.
It’s rare seeing an angel loving a mere human. I love you with everything in me.

26. Whenever I go, whatever I do, I will always have you in my heart, because you’re my motivator, my inspiration, and the sweetest thing that makes my heart bubble.

27. I want to be the king of your heart, the ruler of your world because I have the basket of love and care to make everything lovely and sweet.

28. I’ll give you everything good you desire.
All the care you carve for and 99 percent love that every woman wishes and pray for, I will give you all of my attention and affection without relenting.

29. You’re my bone, my flesh, my world.
Nobody cares for my heart better than you do. Thanks for continually loving me. I love you, sweety.

30. I stopped worrying about what the world throws at me since the very day you told me that I meant the world to you. It’s so lovely to have the most beautiful girl in your life. I love you, cupcake.

100 Amazing Love Letters to My Girlfriend

31. Till the day it becomes official, I will never stop giving you a thousand and one reasons to spend the rest of your life with me.
I love you, and I’m not mixing worlds about that.

32. Just like Romeo’s love, mine is stronger and determined I’m never giving up till you’re mine forever.
I love you, my dear.

33. There is no explanation because you are my life’s motivator and also, you have given me something to live for, and the future is not complete if we don’t end up with each other. Loving you is the only thing I have ever done right.

34. Whatever or wherever you find yourself, know that I’m just a stone throw, I’ll be there at your call to meet all your needs, I love you. My love for you grows every single day.

35. Every second I spend breathing is worth the moment, just because I’m living under your sweet love. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.
I love you.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Her

36. The sun’s job is to light up the earth, and your work is to light up my world. Hey love, its time to wake up and start shining. Good morning dear.

37. Wake up to the song of the birds and the smell of fresh flowers. Open your eyes and see how beautiful the morning is, have a great day ahead.

38. I enjoy doing this every morning, that is telling you good morning and praying for you to have a great day ahead.

39. I have three wishes for you this sweet morning:
I wish you favor, many friends to love you and God to bless you on this new day with smiles. Have a good morning.

40. I told the sun, the flowers and birds to welcome you to another day. Please accept this with a smile and open heart because today will be awesome. Enjoy this beautiful morning.

100 Good Morning Paragraphs for your Girlfriend

41. I’m just texting to wish you an excellent morning, filled with petals of roses, a basket of smiles and the light of the rising sun. You are the reason for such a beautiful day.

42. A day is another chapter of one’s life which comes with its new topics and sweet moments for life.
So wake up and enjoy today because every time spent is lost for good. Good morning boo.

43. I slept off last night smiling because I will be dreaming of you and I woke up this morning with a smile because I will be spending the new day with you.
I can’t wait to see your cute face today.

44. Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you more than a did the previous day.
Today gives me a chance to shower you loads of cares and an opportunity for our love to grow.
I can’t wait to see you today. Good morning.

45. You are always on my mind every moment. I can feel you on my mind this morning because the morning reminds me of how beautiful you are, I love you, baby.

46. Saying good morning is a way to start a new day, so I say good morning to you, let us begin the day together. Set the pace of the day and have a power filled day

47. If you know how sweet it is to wake up with your thoughts on my mind every morning, you will wish the morning never ends. You are one thing that never leaves my mind, not in the morning.

48. Every morning comes with a special package.
Here is one from me, reminding you that you are one precious thing in my life and I wish you a fantastic day.

49. A positive attitude and a joyful heart can turn around your morning to a Good one.
Of course, you need a good morning text from me to make it work correctly. I love you.

50. It’s always a beautiful day.
A fulfilling morning and a memorable moment as long as we are together. I miss you, darling.

51. Wake up sweetheart, be my inspiration today.
Your love is all I need this new day. It is one thing that keeps me going. I wish you a good morning.

52. Baby, add value to your face with a smile and let love add value to your heart.
Allow me to add value to your life this morning with my love and make sure you have a good morning.

53. Your love lights up the whole sky every morning.
Good morning my princess, I just wanted you to know how much I care about you all the time.

54. You have a purpose in life, always remember this when you open your eyes every morning.
Let’s grow this awesome love we have together.

55. Do your heart still beat? Are you reading this?
If you are, I want to let you know that I love you and I wish you the best of today. Good morning.

56. You have woken up! Welcome as you live to be alive, to breath, to think, to enjoy and to love someone special this morning. I love you. Have a nice day.

57. I woke up this morning, and my heart told me to write you a text, and I wrote, ‘Good Morning My Love’ and sent to you. I pray the day smiles at you.

58. Our happiness isn’t in other peoples’ control.
We are in charge of our happiness, but you are in charge of my love. I love you this morning, and I love you for the rest of the day.

59. The smile becomes laughter and life becomes a celebration when you have someone as unique as you as a lover. Good morning darling, make today the best day of the week.

60. You remain my morning sun because you fade up all the stars around you with your presence. In my world, you are the only thing that truly counts. Have a Good morning, my special one.

61. Make a difference every new day.
Define a day’s goal, because one of my goal for today is letting you know how much you mean to me.

62. We have achieved many good things together, shared many sweet dreams and hoped for a better and brighter future but my day isn’t complete till I make it official.

63. I think of you when I wake up because you were on my mind before I slept.
On this new day, remember that your eyes were placed in the front for it to look ahead. Good morning.

64. I send you faith this morning and discard doubts from your mind.
Doubts create the darkest moment in sweet mornings while faith brings the most beautiful moments in our darkest hour. Have a good morning, my love.

65. Ever since I met you, I have lived my life every day trying not to be perfect because you discovered my flaws and yet gave me your love. I love you, dear.

66. The night has passed with its moon and the morning just arrived with its sunshine.
Angel, get up from that bed and look at the sky!
I wrote ‘Good Morning’ on it.

67. Fill every new day with smile and love.
They are the most expensive because money can’t buy it but the commonest because it comes freely.
Good morning sweet.

68. The secret meaning of every morning, either cloudy or sunny is HOPE, the hope of making yesterday’s wrongs right. Have a fulfilling morning.

69. The sun and the moon are fighting all because of you, while the moon is missing you, and the sun is wishing you the best of today. Good morning.

70. Today will be memorable because you are the first thought that came to my mind today.
You are the light of my new day and the music that rings in my mind. I love you, baby. Enjoy this good morning.

71. I woke up this morning with a smile, wondering what you wore to bed last night, you look fabulous in my dream. I imagine how amazing you look this morning.

72. Open your eyes, stretch your body, open your mind and receive the love I sent for the day. Have a beautiful morning.

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her

73. My heart is clouded with the thought of you this night.
I can’t think of anything than you. I wish you a good night rest, my Love.

74. The pillow is so soft like my head is on your laps.
I know you’re about to sleep, so here is my goodnight kiss to you.

75. Although you might not see my face to see the expression on it, you can feel my heart even from a million mile.
I miss you so much, and I wish you good night, plus sweet dreams.

76. When you ever feel bored and want something to keep you happy before you sleep, close your eyes and imagine me beside you. Good night my love.

77. It’s all dark and silent right now, let’s continue our passion in dreamland.
Goodnight and dream of me as you sleep.

78. To make sure you have a nice rest, I wish you a fantastic goodnight rest. Sleep tight, my angel.

79. I’m not asking the angels to watch over you tonight because I’ll be around to keep you safe tonight.
Goodnight, my sunshine.

80. I wish you, sweet dreams and a healthy body to start up the new day ahead. Goodnight darling.

100 Cute Goodnight Texts for Her or Him

81. Every day of my life is exciting because you are part of it. I want to thank you for being my love. Have a good night rest my love.

82. The noise of the day is gone down, and you’re currently in the arms of your bed enjoying the cool breeze the night brings.
I want to top it up with sweet wishes. Have a good night rest my angel.

83. As you read this text which I type out of love.
Let it touch your heart tonight and remind you of my undying love for you.
You remain one of the essences why I keep living.

84. Every night with the appearance of dark clouds and moon, I will let you know how you stayed on my heart all day.
It was a beautiful activity, having you inside my heart as I face the day.
Here is a good night kiss from me as you close your eyes to sleep.

85. The night is probably a perfect moment for me to show you the care which grows during the day.
Here is a bag of love – Goodnight, my sweetheart.

86. Can I think of anything other than you? No.
Not when you’re in my heart, mind, and head.
You’re my darling, and I won’t get bored letting you know about it.
Good night and sweet dreams.

87. From me to you is a simple wish.
From me to you is a packet of smiles.
From me to you is a tank of love that will last you forever.
I love you honey, goodnight.

88. This moment, the thought of you flows like a flooded river on my mind.
You are the thought dominating my mind this night. Good night, my gold.

89. I know you can make a story from the following:
– Cool breeze
– Soft bed
– Sweet music
– Goodnight
– Sweet dreams.

90. I want to round off the day by thanking you especially for being on my mind all day despite the day’s activity.
I want to wish you the best of the night with sweet dreams.
Muah, I love you.

91. There are sweet dreams, and there are bigger dreams which are better,
both of them are sweet and special.
I wish you sweet and bigger dreams as you sleep tonight.

92. What else can be done at a cold, lonely night than to think about how precious you are in my life.
Like the moon, you brighten my night when the sun is away.
Goodnight dear, sleep tight.

93. If I eat, I wish to eat with you.
If I run away, I wish to run with you.
If I’m to sleep, I wish to sleep beside you because anything done with you is sweet. Sweet dreams.

94. My alarm cannot beep forever,
My body may not live forever, but my heart will love you forever.
As you sleep, remember that I love you very much.

95. If I am to assign one star to every reason why I need you in my life, then I will run out of stars because there are a billion reasons why I need you in my life and the main reason is that I love you. Have a good night.

96. I think of you tonight and discovered how similar you are with nature.
Your eyes shone like the stars. Your body is calm as the evening breeze.
Your voice, so sweet like honey. I love you tonight, tomorrow and forever.

97. What better way can I say goodnight and sweet dreams than sending you a carton of care and a sack-full of love.
Just for tonight. Goodnight dear.

98. There are thousands of stars and moons around the galaxy, but just like the sun, there is only you.
I love you, darling.

99. I want to be the first person you share your love with and the last person you leave.
Can I have your love forever?

100. As I stare at the sky tonight, I can’t find the brightest star.
I then remembered that the brightest star is in my life.
Have a Goodnight rest, my superstar.

101. You are the wallpaper for my heart and sending you this message is my way of expressing my love for its beauty.
Nighty my love.

Sweetest, I Love You Messages for Girlfriend

102. You are fantastic every day in every way.
I am lucky to have you in my life because I have felt how sweet it is to love someone and be loved back.
You are my special one.

103. Your understanding of me wows me, and the relationship we share is the best I’ve ever had.
You keep showing me how beautiful it is to love someone completely.

104. No matter what happens at the end, all I want to know is that I am yours and you are mine.
Our love will stand the taste of time because we will be united by heavenly bliss.

105. You got into my heart unexpectedly.
Factory reset my world and changed my life in ways humans can’t understand.
I will say, your love made me the person I am today.
It is the best thing in my life right now.

106. You made everything around me better, starting from the air, the smiles and the joy from my heart.
I can’t thank you enough because your kinds are rare.

107. I am hopelessly in love with you, and I am not afraid to say it.
All we have been through together has bonded our feelings forever.
I will always thank God for sending you my way.

108. Life without you is a journey without a destination.
I can’t imagine doing everything we did together alone.
I love you, baby. I can’t even explain it.

109. My love for you will last forever because you are my everything and I mean it.
All the fun moments we share reminds me that life is lovely.

110. I give you my heart forever because it can’t be in a better place other than your hands.
Nothing can ever change the wonderful feeling I have for you.

100 You Are My Everything Quotes for Lovers

111. You and I are meant to be together.
From the first day I met you, I knew I have found my soul mate, my significant half, and the missing part of me.
I love you, honey.

112. I am going to hold on to you.
That’s because you are the only one I need. The only thing my heart carves for and the only person I love with my heart, body, and soul.
I adore you, my love.

113. Saying ‘I love you’ isn’t enough to show you what’s happening inside my heart.
Baby! You give me this wonderful feeling that makes my tummy do flips, and my hands shake.

114. I knew your love was right because I’ve never loved someone this much.
My heartfelt joy and my body felt peace when you entered my life.
You are everything I have ever wanted and needed.

115. I call you my heart and my world. I just realized that you are my everything.
The most amazing, loving, kind, adorable, handsome, cute and perfect lover.

116. An ideal way to start a day? Your voice.
Its the sweetest and cutest thing ever.
Please call me as I wish you a great day ahead.

117. I have seen love but not as powerful and incredible as yours.
Yours is fantastic, perfect and great. You have the most exceptional love every guy wishes for, I am lucky to have your love. I love you.

118. Even if I say ‘thank you’ a thousand times and ‘I love you’ a million times, It won’t still be enough.
The piece of your heart you gave to me was the best I ever got from love.
I want to say Thank You Every Minute.

119. I couldn’t ask for anything better than the love you gave to me.
It’s a fantastic experience to share this incredible feeling with someone special like you.
I love you.

120. If other girls are better, then you are the best.
If other girls are the best, then you are something above the best.
Whatever the other girls are, it can’t be compared to what you are and what you represent in my world.

121. Always do the best of your ability and never stress yourself out too much.
Always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

122. The least of my worries are a million dollars or gold jewelry. Neither do I want the moon or stars.
All I want and keep needing is your love.
Take care, my sweetheart.

Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend: Get some lovely long sweet messages to send to your girlfriend, long texts to send to your girlfriend and sweet long words for her. Here is one long sweet message for girlfriend she will love.

These Long sweet messages will allow you to express exactly how you feel to your girl and that is all that should matter right now. Show your baby how much you love her and make your relationship blossom.

Long sweet Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Let’s help you out on this. Use our table of contents to scroll faster and efficiently.

Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

1. My unconditional love is for you alone.
A love that’s unexplainable that is all I feel for you.
I don’t why or how, but just open up your heart and let the love flow.
I will love you as long as I breathe because you are one amazing thing in the world.

2. There are thousands of fishes at sea, but there is a handful that is precious.
My angel, if you’re a fish, you’ll be a precious one. I will always love you, my darling.
My life felt an amazing touch when you became my girl.
You bring out the best in me. Have a nice day.

3. It’s a beautiful day here so far.
Its already lightened up by just having the thought of you.
Thinking about you is one fantastic thing I can do all day without getting worked out.
I am ready to give you my heart. You can have my heart for the rest of your life.
You are just amazing, and I can’t seem to get enough of you.

4. My heart is yours. Make your beautiful wishes to it.
Make it that heaven you dream of and the home you wish to have.
I will always love you because no girl in the world deserves this love.
I won’t rest till I am perfect for you. I love you so much.

5. A little part of me reached out to you, and you made it whole.
The whole of me reached out to you, and you made me the happiest person on earth.
I can’t stop loving me because you have taken over the part of me that sends blood all through my body.
My heart is your new home. Be kind to it.

6. I love you, and I won’t stop saying it to the world, I love you inside out.
Your beautiful heart got me glued to you. I can’t leave you for anything in the world.
You’re entirely irreplaceable, my dear. I love you so much.

7. Let’s savor this happy relationship so treasured by human and ordained by God.
This love is the best thing that can happen to any man on earth.
You have made me the happiest man on planet earth, and I am so grateful for the sweet and amazing memories we are creating.
My love is forever yours.

8. Whether the soul lives within the heart or the heart beats within the soul, I wish to let you know that my love for you is true.
You live inside of me as I live in you and nothing is going to change this.
I am ready to spend the rest of my life loving you because you are a gem that is worth keeping forever.

9. The longest distance ever is a step away from touching your face.
The most annoying situation is missing to see your smile and the most painful of all is not getting your love daily.
My love for you is real, and there is no denying that I will love you for the rest of my life.

10. I asked for an angel, and you came my way.
You’re my reflection, the only one who deserves my attention.
You will get my complete love with no distraction.
I am ready to shower all of my love on you. There is nothing on earth that will keep me from loving you.
You are the most fantastic thing I have ever felt.

100 Inspirational Messages for Long Distance Relationship

11. I still give thanks to God for letting one of his angel(you) come my way.
That’s the only medium He employed in making my world beautiful.
You are the blessing to my world, and I have never felt this better.
You have opened my eyes to a new world. sincerest
I love you so much.

12. You’re always on my mind.
I don’t bother remembering you because I find it hard forgetting you.
You are a goldmine, and when I found you, I found the part of me that was missing.
You are my heartbeat and my jewel.
I love you with every part of me.

13. I find delight proving my love to you.
I’ll do that over and over again without getting worn out of sweet words to say to you.
Your heart is cloth with a robe of affection. I can’t recall how much you have made me happy. It is so numerous to remember.
I love you to the moon and back, and nothing is stopping us from being with each other.
You light up my world at all time.

14. Your love is forever because you’re in my heart always.
At times I wonder how life would have been without you in my life.
Just like the morning sun, you brighten my life. I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you.
I love you my angel and will forever do.

15. I want to hold you every moment, kiss you each time I see your lips and carry you on my thought every day because you have that particular kind of love that’s rare to find.
I can’t wait to have you in my world officially.
I know the future is smiling at us. I love you, angel.

16. ‘I love you’ may be the most comforting words for lovers these days but each time I say it to you, I want you to believe me because every inch of my body agrees that you are special.
My body believes in love, the same way my heart beats for you. I am so ready to love you forever.

17. You’re a unique soul that fulfills my very essence.
Your love for me overflows, leaving me speechless and my heart falling for you more and more.
I will keep loving you with every joy in my heart.
When I look at your face, I find this fulfillment that my life is bound to be better than it used to be.
Thanks for making my life the paradise that it is now.

18. If your love is a glass of wine, it will taste like Ruby.
If your love is a flower, no doubt it will be a rose.
If your love is money, then it will be the American dollar.
I love you, sweety, your love means everything to me.
Your love is everything I need to be the best. I can’t stop myself from going crazy for you.

19. I love you, and I know this within my heart.
I will love you forever. I only want you to know this because my heart is made up.
I am ready to show you how it feels to be loved by someone.
You have brightened my world in every aspect, and I can’t love you less.
Have a beautiful day, baby.

20. Our love is heaven.
Our meeting was divine.
Giving you my heart was the best decision I’ve ever taken because I’ve never had a single regret about it.
I will show you the world and how beautiful true love is.
Have an awesome day, my baby.

Long Good Morning Messages for Her

21. Start each day thinking about how much more you can do for the newly arrived day.
How much more can you do for our love? Because it is what defines my day.
I love you with the rise of the sun my Darling, and I will love you forever.
Have a beautiful day ahead.

22. You have been a sweet person in my life.
You have claimed that particular spot in my life. I now love you entirely without a doubt.
There is nobody I love other than you.
All these and more do I realize with the break of dawn.
I will love you forever.
Good morning my princess.

23. The queen of my heart, the ruler of my heart I love you more every morning because it seems the new day comes with loads of fresh love.
Keep your troubles and worries afar as what the day hold is Worth more than anything.
I reaffirm my undying love for you. There is none like you.

24. Every morning has a moment to remember every sweet memory we’ve had.
When you remember all the moments we had, keep them in your heart all through the day. It will save a smile on your face for me all day.
You have filled the emptiness inside of me. I am whole again.
Good morning, have a fantastic day, dear.

25. The morning is beautiful not just because of the goodness that accompanies the morning, but for the yet to be known love that you have in your heart I will be consuming during the day.
What I feel for you is nothing but love because you have given me the feeling of heaven. Good morning sunshine.


26. Yesterday is behind with the problems we shouldn’t have and the morning is here with the precious moments we have been waiting for all night.
Open your hearts to the goodness the morning arrived with, and start the day with joy and happiness combined, kickstart this day and allow the heavens to smile at you.
I love you my morning, Angel.

27. Yesterday’s mistakes, today’s experience.
Mistakes increases our experience and experience decreases our errors.
Here is a new day to learn from our mistakes and for the world to learn from our success.
Make it a fantastic day by smiling always.
I wish you the best out of today.

28. Every morning presents us with two choices to make; to continue sleeping and dreaming big or to wake up and chase our dreams in other to realize them for the benefit of our love.
I am up already, and I hope you are ready to begin today. We have a lot to accomplish together.
Make a wise choice my love.

29. Take a break and enjoy this bright morning, for you will see other mornings but not one exactly like this again.
We worry for a better tomorrow without realizing that this morning was yesterday’s tomorrow.
Let’s put that behind and enjoy the moment at hand.
I wish you the best of the day. Enjoy life.

30. Good morning my love! The morning is like a plain sheet we are the ones to write something meaningful on it while keeping it clean or to mess it up worrying about our pass.
As you write something worthwhile, always know that my love is for you every morning and every night, it won’t reduce either.
I am your man, and nobody is taking my space in your life.
Have a beautiful morning.

100 Good Morning Paragraphs for Her

31. My butterfly, I want you to know that you are amazing and your beautiful smile tops it all. My love for you is not debatable because I will love you until eternity. I am committed to giving the best of everything in me. I love you baby, and I want you to step out of your bed with that on your mind.
Go ahead and have a lovely day.

32. Each time I think of you and the awesome memories we have created together, I feel nothing less than fulfillment. When I found you, I found a part of me that has been missing for ages. I am grateful for the care and love you have given to me without giving up.
I want you to start this day with every sense of purpose, but you have become my life motivation. Good morning, my jewel.

33. You are my perfections. You have clothed me with your love and showered me with the kind of care I can’t find anywhere in the world.
The thought of being your man for the end of my life is enough inspiration to have a fantastic day. I love you, baby, there is no denying.
Have an awesome morning.

34. When I think of you, I know from the inside that you are perfect for me, and I don’t deserve the unconditional love you give to me, but you still love me anyway.
Let’s make a toast to the love we share, this morning. It is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. The love you give to me is the greatest love I have ever seen.
Thanks for all the sacrifices you have done for me. Good morning.

35. You have made me the luckiest man on earth because I know that love of this nature doesn’t come around commonly.
Everything you do shape my life, so if you think my life is awesome, I have you to thank for it. Here is another beautiful morning to let you know that you mean everything to me. Enjoy the packages that come with the morning.

36. You have no idea how I feel right now, knowing that I have another day to spend with one awesome queen.
I devote myself to be the best boyfriend you have ever had. I will do anything possible to keep you smiling all day.
Here is my good morning. I wish you the best of the day.

37. Good morning to the queen of my heart, you are the food to my soul and the one I will always love. I can’t stop thanking God for making it all possible for our path to cross.
Coming into your life is exactly like me joining the winning team.
Thanks for giving me those unmeasured doses of merriment that I can’t find anywhere in the world.
I love you with my whole body and soul.

38. Waking up to the thought of you is the most fantastic thing and the most awesome feeling ever.
I am blessed, and I can feel it whenever we are together.
I am living the life I prayed for because you are mine. I love you so much.
Have a fulfilled morning that is rich with love.
I will always make the world know how much you mean to me.
Good morning love.

39. Good morning to one lovely angel.
You are my addiction because your thought is the first thing that comes to my heart when I open my eyes in the morning.
If there is one thing I want to do for the rest of my life, it will be showing you how much my world revolves around you.
Have a great day, my dear.

40. With love in my heart and the divine attachment I have for you, I say a pleasant good morning to the girl who made my dreams come true.
Loving you has been a wonderful experience that changed my life for the better.
You re the spice my life has right now. Enjoy this awesome morning.

Long Goodnight Messages for Her

Romantic Couples

41. The moon may not show up to light up your night. The stars may be absence to beautify your night, but I’m always present to be your missing moon that will light up your world and that special star that will make your world beautiful.

42. I am falling for you every second. I can’t get my mind off you even for a min.
You have made every day of my life magical. I am happy sharing my precious moments with you, and I can’t wait to do that for the rest of my life. Goodnight baby boo.

43. I am far away from you right now, but I will be close to you as soon as the dawn breaks.
My love will rise like the morning sun and shine over your world tomorrow but before we enter a brand new day, remember how much I love you. Have a
Goodnight, my sweet.

44. Happily ever after will our love be.
Morning, afternoon, and night, I will shower you with love and care you won’t find anywhere in the world.
Despite what happens, my words to you this night remains; I will love you forever.
Goodnight, and have sweet dreams, my dear.

45. I thought of you, the smile and laughter that shaped my day and I concluded that I already found the one for me.
You are the lost angel that belongs to my world
You will remain that vital part of my world forever because I am never ready to let go of you.
Goodnight, my wonder woman. You mean the world to me.

46. Your support for everything I do empowers me.
Your smile encourages me, and your talks motivate me to keep breathing.
You are my significant half that no one can replace.
As you close your eyes to sleep this night, may my goodnight wishes ring on your mind.
I love you, always. I wish you a good night, my Darling.

47. Tomorrow is guaranteed to be a better day for you because you’re a product of nature.
Nature derives inspirational from your beauty.
Close your eyes with confidence and anticipate for the best tomorrow morning.
I’ll give you my love tonight, tomorrow and forever.
I look forward to seeing your beautiful face as the sun comes.

48. Your love shines brighter than the stars.
Your love is the only heavenly feeling I’ve felt on earth.
I promise to keep what we share alive
As you sleep tonight, open your heart and have the sweetest of dreams tonight.
Remember that my love for you is real and nothing can come in between us.

49. May you have a beautiful night rest, free from the troubles of the day.
As you close your eyes, sleep with a pure heart and your night will be filled with bliss.
I wish you the sweetest of dreams and God’s amazing blessings.
Have a good night, my sweetheart.

50. Let all your worries go as you sleep.
Allow nature to handle your problems for you as an angel that you are.
I can miss anything but can’t miss texting you a goodnight wish, telling you to sleep tight and have sweet dreams. I love you.

51. Here is a goodnight wish from me: As long as you dream about you and me, all of your thoughts will come true.
As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I am kissing you from this side of the world, and I hope I see your beautiful face tomorrow.
I love you so much. Have a good night sleep.

52. Ever since you became mine, my life has never remained the same.
You are a rare gem, and I am honored to have you as my girl.
I wish you all the comfort the night can offer.
Have a fantastic night rest, my princess.

53. To the only girl that makes my world spin faster.
You know the right thing to do at every given moment.
You have gradually become my strength and at the same time, my weakness.
No matter how it feels, I do love you, and I wish you the best of this night as you close your eyes to sleep.

54. After the stress of the day, I want the most awesome person in the world to have a wonderful goodnight rest.
Nothing gives me joy than knowing that the one who lives in my heart has been so amazing.
I am grateful for the love and care you have always shown me. Enjoy the night, baby.

55. Whenever I look at the sky and see a star, you are the next thing that comes into my heart.
You shine so brightly like the sun, and there is this joy I get, knowing that I have the most awesome girlfriend in the world.
I wish you a lot of sweet dreams that will make your heart flutter in happiness.
Have a good night, my baby.

56. The thought of sleeping and waking up to be with you leaves me excited and hopeful.
The feeling I get from the mere thought of compares to nothing in the world.
It is the sweetest feeling in the world.
Your love has given me the joy I prayed for and the happiness I have always carved for all my life.
Have a good night rest, and I hope to see your glowing face tomorrow.

57. If I could hold you in my arms as I sleep, it will be a dream come true.
Since I can’t hold you this night, I will pretend to keep you while I hug my pillow.
I have this abundance of love for you, and I can’t wait for the morning to come.
Have an amazingly good night sleep. Wake up strong tomorrow.

58. I can’t wait to make this relationship official.
It is becoming torture to sleep and wake up alone.
Until the day I sleep with your head on my chest, I won’t give up.
I will keep making myself better for you until you become mine forever.
Have a good night rest, my queen.

59. I try to be there with you but I can’t.
I want you to go to bed knowing that I will meet you there.
We will create more awesome memories to add to the ones we create physically.
Do have a fantastic night, my love.

60. Before I fall asleep thinking about you, I want you to know that I love you as you have never imagined.
My love for you isn’t going down tonight; it is increasing.
The thought of how soft your lips feel when it meets mine drives me crazy.
You mean the world to me and I am praying for the angels to watch over you as you sleep.

Long Sweet Messages for Girlfriend

61. I place no one above you because no one seems to gather the lovely and sweet nature you got.
I can’t stop thinking of you because a mere thought of you leaves my heart with so much unexplainable joy.
I love you, baby.

62. You don’t need to wear the best clothes in the world to be the best.
You don’t need those makeups to be beautiful.
You’re just so sweet and straightforward.
I will love you more directly and sweetly.
There is nothing that gives me joy, than knowing you are officially my lady.

63. Even if things turn blue, we’ll always take it slowly, sharing it between two beautiful hearts.
You are a lady with a heart of gold, and I can’t just imagine how beautiful our future together will look like, It is something I always look ahead for every day.
I love you, honey.

64. The rain came, the storm came, and I was broken but when you came. You gave me that heavenly boost.
That was all I have ever needed.
In your love, I find all I carve for, secretly.
Thanks for giving me, love, it changed my life for the better.

65. Several people believe that forever
Never exist, but I don’t only see
Forever for us. I see us together
And forever. I love you, baby.

66. You are my butterfly, the beautiful part or me that makes my world whole.
You are nature because everything revolves around you.

67. Love of my life,
The Angel in my world,
My heart is open to you.
It will remain your home forever.
I love you, dear.

68. Your name is a word of hope.
Your love is all I need.
Your world is my world,
Your hell is my hell for we are one. Together, forever.

69. You are all I have.
It’s never too late because the world is waiting for our love.
Romantically made in heaven for just you and me.
I will love you, forever and ever.

70. You are my love, my life, and my soul.
You bring so much happiness to my world, and your sweet love represents how much you mean the world to me.

100 Love Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

71. You are my reason to live, and you build my strength.
Being with me through my ups and downs has stretched my heart in loving everything about you.

72. The joy you bring to my heart is incomparable.
The fire you fuelled in my life cannot be measured.
Through start to finish, you will remain the one.

73. You’re the air that I breathe.
I love you so much because you are my everything.
You are everything, and you mean everything to me.
I feel so complete knowing that you are my girl.

74. You mean the world to me, that’s why I say ‘I love you.’
I will always love and care for you because you are in my heart and my heart will be for you.

75. You invaded my heart like a warrior and uncovered all my fears. Your tender love has filled the part of me that is missing.
You are the reason for this sunny day.

76. You have given me the sweetest and best of love, I am guaranteeing you my heart, for it will beat for you till the end of time.
I can’t wait to show you how awesome my love for you.
It will blow your mind away because I won’t stop loving you for anything in the world.

77. Your love is admirable, your beauty is desirable.
Your ways are so sweet and irresistible.
That’s why I will give you my love and respect because you are all I need.
The future will be bright enough for our unborn kids and us.

78. You gave me love, so real and sincere.
That unique kind of love that is transparent and inviting.
That beautiful love that is meant to be part of my life.

79. I run out of words while expressing my love for you.
A million word won’t explain but when I say ‘I love you.’
I only want you to know that my heart belongs to you.

80. You are unique, the one whom I know will be there till the end.
You have given me that hope I have looked forward to for ages.
I will love you without relenting.
I know that there is so much waiting for us ahead, I can’t wait to share a more beautiful life with you.

More Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

81. Just a tender kiss from you, that alone will make my day, fill my world with bubbles and plaster a smile on my face forever.
Baby, just a hug from you will push away all obstacles and objections in my life.
Baby, I need a smile to brightens my day and make my heart feel loved.

82. You are the definition of beauty; your love is the sweet and beautiful thing that happened to my life.
You have proven to be the best for me over and over. I can’t thank heavens enough for bringing you my way. Thanks for being the best.

83. Your love warms my blood and keeps it flowing all through my veins. I have a lot of unforgettable memories, all thanks to you.
Your love has taken over me entirely and makes me very happy every day I live.
The energy you give to is a great source of motivation that I’m not facing life alone. I love you, baby.

84. I feel happy mainly because you have been there for me just when I needed you.
The fountain of good vibes, nobody can take the spot you have in my heart.
As you keep loving me like no other, I will keep cherishing and honoring you like a goddess. Thanks for this affection and attention.

85. My bundle of joy, I’m devoting to you, every of my affection and attention. My most profound and most accurate feelings are all yours because the love you give to me cannot compare to anything in the world.
There is no happier feeling in the whole world than a sense of certainty that someone somewhere loves and wants you despite all of your flaws.