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Inspirational Easter Messages and Quotes 2020

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Inspirational Easter Messages and Quotes

1. Easter is a season to rejoice because we have a reason to smile. Jesus has risen. Shout with joy and happiness because we have a new life and new hope. Have a blessed Easter.

2. Because he lives, we have a reason to live. You owe your life to God. Live responsibly. Have a wonderful Easter and be the best you can be.

3. Jesus laid down His life and took the suffering just for our sakes. He suffered to wash away our sins. What better sacrifice could compare to this? So let us praise him and thank Him for his blessings. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter.

4. There would be no point in any other holiday without Easter. Inspire others to give glory to the Lord at all times. Happy Easter.

5. Because he has risen, may this Easter engulf your soul with joy, peace, happiness and be bright with blessings. Happy Easter to you.

6. Here I wish you an Easter from the depth of my heart, Easter that touches your heart and lives in your thoughts. May it be a sweet reminder of just how special you are. Happy Easter to you.

7. May this Easter bring new hope, joy, and promises. May you be blessed with love and happiness today. Here is a beautiful day to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Happy Easter to you.

8. I wish you and your family a warm and happy Easter celebration on this glorious day. May the resurrection of Christ visit you and your family with abundant blessings. Happy Easter.

9. I pray that the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ brings to you and your family loads of grace, happiness, and joy. Happy Easter to you and those that matter to you.

10. Share the comfort and warmth in your heart with those around you. Celebrate and make merry, for the Lord has risen from the dead. Happy Easter to you and your family.

11. Have a moment of silence and offer prayers to God. He hears our prayers most time through our silence. Have a happy Easter celebration.

12. Easter symbolizes the new beginning of natural spring and brand new blessing, life, happiness, and joy. Easter has no end because we will keep celebrating our Lord Jesus every day. Happy Easter.

13. The cross is the symbol of sacrifice to live. The Lord died for us out of love, but today he had risen. Let us rejoice, for he is alive. Happy Easter.

14. The promise of Jesus Christ is true and today is the celebration. It has been fulfilled, so let us celebrate and be happy because our Savior has risen from the dead. Happy Easter to you.

15. Jesus Christ has given us way more than what we asked for, so let us be thankful and give praise to him for the gift of new life and hope. Have a blessed Easter.

16. All I ask is may your celebration of this Easter be with the joy that Christ brought with his resurrection. May the love of the father touch you. Happy Easter.

17. I send to you and your family warm and sincere wishes that come from the heart on this glorious day of Easter. Happy Easter.

18. May your heart experience love, peace, happiness, and joy this Easter. May it never go away. It will forever remain with you. Have a pleasant Easter.

19. I wish you and your family a peaceful and joyful heart. I’ll pray that all your heart desires becomes a reality and may you realize all of your aspirations and hope. Do well to have a pleasant Easter.

20. Our Lord Jesus is always part of our soul and life. There will never be a day that he won’t be a part of it. We will always be in his heart. Let us thank and praise our risen Lord for his sufficient and unfailing blessings. Have a beautiful and blessed Easter.

Inspirational Easter Messages for Friends

21. The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ has given our life meaning and direction. Here is the opportunity to start over, no matter the situation. I wish you and your family a happy Easter.

22. Jesus Christ promises never to leave and to live with us forever. Let us place our hope and trust in him because we are safe in him. Have a joyous Easter.

23. Our Lord Jesus has given us the best gift that no one could provide us with – the gift of life. So let us celebrate and rejoice, for he has risen. Have a pleasant Easter.

24. May your Easter be filled with lots of blessings, present from the Easter bunny, favor from our Lord Jesus Christ and importantly happiness that will last forever. Happy Easter to you.

25. This Easter will bring countless blessings from the Lord to you and your family. I pray that the Lord will change your life into something more beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

26. We all have reason to rejoice this Easter because Jesus has risen. From the depth of my heart, I wish you and your family the happiest Easter of all.

27. Spring is arriving with the message that Jesus has risen. May this message bless you with everything you desire. Here are lots of warm hugs and wishes to you, my dear friend. Happy Easter.

28. The love of Christ for us made him laid down his life for us to spend eternity. It is the greatest love in the world. I wish you a Merry Easter.

29. May Christ’s message of eternal life fill you with sweet emotions. Sincerely, I send my heartfelt wishes to you and your family.

30. In every simple patch of green beneath our feet, in every blooming flower, and every beam of bright sunlight, we celebrate the spirit of the risen Christ. Easter blessings.

31. We honor our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his son Jesus Christ. Happy Easter to you and have a blessed day.

32. May you feel the Lord near you and may all your prayers be answered not only on Easter but every day of your life. Happy Easter. Have an amazing day.

33. Your home will be blessed with the joy and peace of Easter and every other day of your life will see the impact of this day. Happy Easter.

34. Today is one of the most blessed days because the Lord has risen. May you have the Easter celebration that touches your heart like a prayer and blesses your life with the gift of amazing grace. Best wishes to you.

35. Easter brings us the hope that lingers in our hearts forever. I know you feel blessed because of the new life you got today. I want you to have a heartfelt Easter.

36. May the Lord’s blessings come upon you in this felicitous day of Easter, and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success, and happiness.

37. Easter brings the moment to thank those who form a unique part of our lives and have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for being part of my life. Happy Easter.

38. May the lovely festival of Easter bring you lots of joy, happiness, faith, and hope that you have never felt before. Have a wonderful Easter.

39. Let us be prepared for the returning of Christ because Easter is the time to repent from all our sins and thank God for all his blessings over us.

40. The joy and peace from God will bring light to your home. May this Easter be the best for you and your loved ones. Happy Easter.

Inspirational Easter Messages for Family

41. Jesus came back to earth to ease our fear. That’s the promise of Easter. Therefore let’s celebrate his resurrection with complete cheer. Have a Happy Easter.

42. Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless. God blesses all those who believe and trust in him. May the light of faith in God grow each day. May you have a pleasant Easter.

43. How fortunate we are for the Lord Jesus came into the world to free us from our sins, for his endless love is bestowed upon us. Happy Easter.

44. Whenever you are in doubt to find the road ahead full of thorns, look upwards towards heaven. Faith is all that makes the Easter spirit. Add belief to everything you do and have a happy Easter.

45. The aroma of the delicious foods, the cheering of the glasses of drinks makes me miss you more on the holy occasion of Easter. I miss you, dear. Have a wonderful Easter over there.

46. May the company of your loved ones, the success is borne out of your effort, and the favors of God give you a joyful Easter. May this holy season be a witness to your blessings, prosperity, and happiness. Happy Easter.

47. Love, peace, and contentment and many more are my wishes for you. As this Easter welcomes you to a new beginning of appreciation, may it fill your heart with new hope. May you be blessed with everything bright and cheerful. Happy Easter.

48. May the Easter bunny hop into your life with all the happiness in the works. I hope you get an Easter basket filled with joy, love, and peace. Many wishes of Easter to you and your family.

49. Easter opens up the miracles of spring. This miracle allows you to start anew. The Savior’s death saves you from everything evil and spiteful. Always have your heart in the right place. May the Lord show you the right path of life this Easter.

50. Easter gives us the message that no matter how much you try you can never put the truth in the grace, so never abandon hope but rather pray your beliefs to get stronger this Easter. Happy Easter.

51. The sunny days are here, May God Almighty gift you the best of both worlds and may this Easter be the most comfortable ever for you. I wish you a thrilled Easter.

52. My heart has unexplainable merriment as I see the blooming flower, the brightness of the sun, the singing birds, the white of nature celebrate the rising of our king. Have a beautiful Easter.

53. Because our God is a living God, we have a living hope. Here’s to love, joy and peace. May you enjoy the best of God this Easter.

54. Easter spells out beauty, the rare vision of new life, let the hills and valleys break forth in singing Christ the Lord is rising today. We are the Easter people, Happy Easter.

55. A meaningful and mist joyous Easter holiday full of God’s blessings is my wish for you today and as you celebrate may heaven join in you celebrating the sacrifice Jesus made for us all.

56. Be thankful, glorify God, offer yourself to be of service to God. God’s love is exceedingly above all that his son has died to save your soul. Happy Easter.

57. And what is it that we can give Christ? Nothing but prayers and trust. For Jesus Christ lived among us, has died for us, he has risen for us. What a beautiful day of Easter. God has proved his power, to let you and I live longer. Happy Easter.

58. Go around and spread the good news, hop around and be full of joy. This day is a day to enjoy, a day that the Lord has specially made for you and I. The new life we are given today so that each day will be a blessed day. Happy Easter.

59. He showed us the way. He has long paid the price, and yet in our hearts, his name shines on. May the blessings of the Lord shine upon you on this holy day and may he always keep you in his loving care. Happy Easter.

60. The glory of our savior shall strengthen you and may His graces shine upon you on Good Friday and always. Be appreciative of this day for today the lord displayed his love for us and thankfulness brings about fruitfulness, thankless brings fruitlessness and Thanksgiving. Expand your capacity to receive more from God. Happy Easter.

Best Inspirational Easter Messages

61. I am the witness to his fearless death. I am a token of his last promise forgiveness. May the mercy, peace, love, the grace of the Lord surround you and be with you on Good Friday. Happy Easter.

62. May the promises of Easter, to renew us each day to restore our last hope, fill our heart with peace and joy and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success, and happiness. I wish you a happy Easter.

63. What a profound and memorable moment, what an excellent season. Our Lord who sacrificed all for us rises. Hallelujah. He is Alive.

64. The stone was used to block the tomb. He rose, all the same, filling our lives with joy, peace, and hope. May this Easter find us worthy of the rise, Lord. Have a splendid Easter, both you and your family.

65. As we celebrate the love of Christ this season. We are forgiven, we are saved. May this Easter signal the beginning of beautiful things in our life. Have a happy Easter. 141. For Jesus died to save your life by so doing that you owe your life to God. Live it in honor of him who died to protect you. Happy Easter.

66. Easter teachings I bring to you. Let’s learn to share with others for God is so good for he shared his son to use and as you adhere to these teachings. May you blessed with a home filled with harmony, joy, and love. Happy Easter.

67. Bring all your burden to God the father. Let him soothe your pain and calm your confused mind. Fill your heart with joy and cheer this Easter. For God has risen from his death to save us Always.

68. We are the Easter people and Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless. Hallelujah is our song because Christ rises. Happy Easter.

69. Do not abandon yourselves to despair for the resurrection of Christ gives meaning, direction, opportunity to start over no matter what circumstances so as from this earth, this grave, this dust Christ rose so shall God raise you. Have an excellent Easter.

70. For Jesus rose from the grave to ease our fear, that’s the promise of Easter. Celebrate his resurrection with complete cheer. Have a happy Easter.

71. Keep God closer to you for God is good and that is what Easter reminds us of, have a happy Easter.

72. The true meaning of Easter is love, and this is the time to spread that love given to us by our father in heaven to the ends of the world. Spread the good news that Jesus died and resurrected on the third day. May you and your family enjoy this Easter love.

73. I wish you and your family the most memorable Easter holidays as your faith in Jesus is renewed this Easter season. May you have hope for the future and strength to overcome. Happy Easter.

74. As the light of the Lord shine into your life and return you to God’s everlasting love, enjoy all the tasty treats and wonderful company of loving family. Wishing you a thrilled Easter.

75. As the blessings of God fill your home this season, teach yourself to be given. Share your blessings with others. For that is the true essence of Easter Sunday. This Easter, I wish you and your family to have a meaningful, prosperous, peaceful and blessed life.

76. For Jesus lived, he gave his precious life for us, and he died, he died in the cross to save us, for Jesus rose, he has risen for us. He will be back, for he loves us. Let’s rejoice and be glad. Happy Easter.

77. For Jesus dies to save your life by so doing that you owe your life to God. Live it in honor of him who died to protect you. Happy Easter.

78. Thinking of you at Easter and wishing you the best of the season. May your heart be joyful, may your life be meaningful. Have a blessed Easter.

79. His resurrection daily gives us hope. Therefore, we are not hopeless. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the risen king. May all that your heart desire come to you may all your prayers receive answers. Wishing you and your family a pleased Easter.

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Here is the origin of Easter and the reason we wrote these Religious Easter messages for your loved ones.

It’s called Easter or Resurrection Sunday. A Christian occasion for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. They described this event in the New Testament, that Jesus resurrected on the third day of his death.

Easter occurs after the forty-day fasting and prayer.
Happy Easter 2020, this year’s celebration falls on April 12, 2020.

Religious easter messages

Religious Easter Messages

 1. A joyous Easter to you! May the light of Christ illuminate brightly in your life, both today and forever.

2. May the blessings of God and his amazing grace be with you as you celebrate this Easter with thanksgiving in your heart. Have a blessed Easter.

3. Christ has risen! Now, our lives and hopes can be renewed. I hope the spirit of the holiday renews your life and your aspirations as you celebrate.

4. Christ has always been a part of our lives. He has promised not to abandon us, so let us give gratitude to Him for his bountiful blessings upon our lives. I wish you a joyous Easter.

5. Christ shed his precious blood to set us free. How lucky we are. Rejoice with gladness, for His resurrection marks a new beginning in our lives.

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6. I pray the miracle of Easter showers you all the happiness, fulfillment and love you’ve always asked for, and I wish you a bright and colorful celebration.

7. Easter is here! A day we can reflect and give thanks to God for all His great deeds in our lives. Celebrate this Easter with a peaceful, cheerful and joyous heart.

8. A beautiful Easter to you! I pray that you feel love and happiness during the holiday. The promises of Christ will strengthen and renew you.

9. Let your heart be joyous as Christ has given us the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. May this Easter bring to you and your family eternal happiness and fulfillment.

10. Rejoice for Christ has risen. He made a promise of resurrection, and it assures us of a better tomorrow. I hope you and your family have a joyful Easter.

11. As we celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection, I pray your heart absorbs the blessings that come along it. I wish you the best of the day.

12. Christ has fulfilled His promise of resurrection. I pray that your heart encounters warmth. God will illuminate every dark part of your life.

13. Easter symbolizes a renewal of life, hope, and happiness. I wish you a Happy Easter celebration.

14.  My wish for you this Easter is that God Illuminates your path and fills your heart with warmth, love, and joy. Happy Easter to you and your household.

15. Christ has risen, and his resurrection will unfold His goodness in our life. You are one person who matters to me, so I wish you a happy Easter.

16. This Easter day is the hope of many new beginnings, love, and happiness. May the essence of the day never depart from the things you do throughout the remaining part of the year.

17. May you experience joy and peace as you celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I pray that your home experience the divine encounter that our Lord Jesus lives forevermore.

18. I wish you the renewal of life this Easter season because Christ the savior lives forever. I hope you have more joy than you have ever had in the spent part of the year.

19. I wish you more joyful celebrations, brighter days ahead and more blessings from God as you join the rest of the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

20. Happy Easter dear. May every bit of today fill you with plenty of love and happiness. You remain a blessing to the world.

Religious Easter Messages for Card

21. I wish you and your family the happiest Easter celebration of a lifetime. Here is my truckload of peace and love to bond your family together.

22. I love Easter because I get to send more sweet wishes to the ones who matter to me. Always remember that it’s a day to feel the Lord’s blessings in our life.

23. May the surrounding air lighten your mood and bring peace to your soul. No matter what life throws at you, know that the Lord lives forever.

24. Let this Easter remind us of the need to be grateful. Christ’s sacrifice and the joyful resurrection should be enough to keep every worry off our hearts today. It’s a new dawn. Happy Easter.

25. Have a blessed Easter Sunday as you celebrate the father’s sacrifice through the son, Jesus Christ. Look up to the beautiful sky and spot the ray of hope for today and every day of your life.

26. May this Easter bring you to God’s warm love and trust in his living grace this Easter. You will be renewed and strengthened according to the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter.

27. Have a fabulous Easter with love and happiness, joy and peace, bright feelings and may your heart experience the pleasure of God’s blessing. Happy Easter, dear.

28. I pray that this Easter will bring you new hope, new faith, new goals, new aspirations, and new life. Have a wonderful Easter, my dear.

29. Here, I am sending my warm wishes to you and your family. May the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ bring hope to you and your family all year round. Happy Easter.

30. Let the Lord bless you abundantly and may his resurrection bring to you and your family abundant happiness that you have never felt before throughout your existence. Happy Easter.

31. The spirit of hope and joy that Easter brings will help you find contentment in all little things around you. Let there be a restoration of lost faith in the Lord. Happy Easter.

32. Our dear Lord Jesus gave his life for the ones he loves. Let us rejoice and be glad he has risen. He has given us enough reason to live. Happy Easter.

33. I call upon the goodness and favor of the Lord in all you do. May the Lord send his guardian angels to protect you, and may the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ always be with you. Happy Easter to you and your family.

34. Let the goodness of the Lord shine brightly on your face this Easter. Let his blessings and favor be on you immensely on this special occasion. May you have a pleasant and enjoyable Easter.

35. The resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ has brought inner peace and satisfaction to our hearts. From the depth of my heart, I want to wish you a splendid and gracious Easter.

36. May this Easter never bring sadness to your life. May all your sadness forget you. May all your sorrows be eliminated. And the Lord will always bless you. Happy Easter to you and your family.

37. Easter day has come with lots of happiness and peace of mind. The awesomeness of the Lord will visit you at the point of your needs. You are free because our Lord has paid the debt in full. Have a prosperous Easter.

38. The Lord has sent his choicest and most special blessing upon you and your family this Easter day, and may you be blessed with inner peace. I send you and your family my best regard.

39. I just wanted to wish the unique and sweetest person in the universe loads of blessings and favor that is just as sweet as you this Easter day. Have a wonderful Easter.

40. At last, the day that all have been waiting for has finally come. The day our Lord Jesus resurrected. The tomb is empty now. May the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ fill our hearts with compassion, joy, love, hope, and endless blessings. Happy Easter.

Religious Easter Messages for Facebook

41. Happy Easter to you. As you and your family celebrate this day, God’s blessings will fill your heart. Remember Christ’s perfect love for all humankind, let it be at the back of your mind that this love will fill your soul with hope all the days to come.

42. Today, we celebrate the father’s greatest sacrifice through his son Jesus Christ who died for all humanity. Happy Easter to you and your family.

43. The trees are blooming, and the flowers, sun, moon, and stars are celebrating the spirit of the risen Christ. He is up, and because of that, we have hope. Happy Easter to you and your family.

44. Today, Jesus is alive, and the tomb is empty. He is no longer in the grave. I pray as he has risen, there will be a recovery of every lost thing in your life. Happy Easter to you.

45. This day is an opportunity to celebrate the unique person who Jesus Christ is, remember that he died because of his love for every human. May the love of Jesus always dwell in your heart, forevermore. Happy Easter to you.

46. Because our Lord is alive today, and because we have a living God, therefore we have a living hope. Love, joy, and peace are here for us to share. May you enjoy this Easter with happiness and fulfillment. Happy Easter.

47. As we celebrate (commemorate) the death and resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, may the reason for this season not be lost. Do well to have a wonderful and pleasant Easter celebration.

48. Easter is all about the love our Lord Jesus had shown to us selflessly. Never forget this undying love. He is the reason for this season. Let the hope and joy that cometh with Easter live with you forever. Happy Easter celebration.

49. Today, as he has risen, we celebrate him. May your heart experience peace of knowing him. I wish you the fulfillment of God’s blessing. Enjoy the day.

50. The sun, the bird, humankind of different places and languages are celebrating the resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. He is our savior. Have a beautiful Easter celebration.

51. Hallelujah, Jesus is alive. Hosanna to the Lord, the tomb is empty. Death could not hold him captive. He lives in us. He has risen and will reign forevermore. Happy Easter.

52. This Easter, may all the miracles you have waiting for a very long time locate you. May the Lord grant your heart desires. May the Lord bless you with more grace and eternal salvation. Happy Easter.

53. Make merry and rejoice. Celebrate with people and don’t forget to put a smile on someone’s face. He is alive today, and we are free forever. It is a remarkable season. Our Savior died for us and had risen. Hallelujah, he has taken our worries away. Happy Easter.

54. He has given us another chance to renew our faiths, and we should be grateful to Him. His death has cleansed us from all of our sins. Now celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

55. Easter brings happiness, Easter brings blessings, Easter brings compassion, Easter brings inner peace, Easter brings renewed hope, faith and joy. Do well to have a pleasant Easter.

56. Easter is a beautiful day to celebrate all the wonderful things Christ has done for us. It is also an excellent time to enjoy all of your meaningful blessings. Happy Easter.

57. All those that believed in God will surely be blessed. Let the light of faith in God grow each day in your life. Have a happy, peaceful, pleasant and fun-filled Easter.

58. The reason he came into the world was to die because of our sin and make us new again. All we pray this Easter is for him to save us both now and forevermore. Happy Easter.

59. Let the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring us closer to the new life Christ wishes for us. Here I pray for you to have an Easter filled with love, peace, joy, and blessing.

60. It is not all about eating or even dressing up for the church. It is all about the hope that we have because there was an empty tomb. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Religious Easter Messages Quotes

61. Easter is a reminder of Christ’s undying love for us. It reminds us that hope must never be lost, for as dark as the road may seem, there is always a light that lies at the end. May all your prayers be answered. Have a pleasant Easter.

62. Easter signifies God’s blessing to the world. It is a way of telling us he loves us and that love and hope still exist in the world. Happy Easter.

63. On this Easter day, rejoice, free yourself from all doubt. Make today the best day of your life and be grateful to God for all his blessings over us. Happy Easter.

64. Let us follow the footstep of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. For in him all our queries will be solved. I wish you a beautiful Easter celebration.

65. The reason for the death of our Lord was to reconcile with our father. Let us reconnect with God so that the rising of Christ won’t be in vain. May the joy of the season fill your life with laughter and peace. Happy Easter.

66. Christ is our hope of glory. May the glory we wait never elude us. So also cast our burden unto the Lord, for he cares a lot for you. Do well to have a pleasant Easter.

67. Christ died that we might have everlasting life. May this Easter bring you closer to the father. May this Easter find us worthy of the risen Lord and may the hope of future glory fill your heart and home. Enjoy this feeling this Easter brings.

68. The stone that was used to block the tomb wasn’t a barrier to his resurrection. He has our lives impacted with joy, peace, and hope. Have a splendid Easter.

69. As the Lord has risen, may your heart be filled With Gladness. May darkness and sorrow depart from your life forever. Have a fun-filled Easter.

70. I am taking out this time to wish the sweetest person a sweet Easter. May your faith in God grow and reach a great height. Happy Easter.

71. We are all thankful for the risen king. He has ascended to heaven, and we have a hope of a better life. We are not hopeless. Happy Easter from me to you.

72. Jesus Christ laid down his life for you and me that we may live abundantly. Through him, salvation came. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of love. Have a happy Easter.

73. Spread the good news, the excellent message that Jesus has risen. We have hope today. May our lives conform to the faith we have found in Christ. Happy Easter.

74. Jesus Christ came as a sacrificial lamb for our sakes. May this Easter be a lovely one for you. Happy Easter to you and your family.

75. Let us take a moment of sober to reflect on the sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do well to have a glorious Easter.

76. May your heart be filled with gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This Easter will bring the greatest feeling of recovery and joy. May this Easter season shower you with harmony, love, and peace. Happy Easter, dear.

77. Let us be grateful for his unshakeable faith in humanity and immense strength because Christ has risen. Happy Easter, dear.

78. May our dear Lord resurrection bring us blessings that will be cherished and be a point of reference. Let the season carry loads of happiness and love. Happy Easter.

79. May the holy spirit bless your heart and soul this Easter. Celebrate the day and make merry on the triumph of the resurrection of Christ. May your home be experience happiness, peace, and hope. Happy Easter.

80. He has given us another opportunity, so let us praise the Lord for this opportunity. A chance to become a better person. May his love fill us with renewed hope and eternal love. Happy Easter.

Religious Easter Messages for Friends

81. May this Easter beautify your heart and bring peace and joy to you and your family. May the resurrection of our Christ fill your heart with love, hope, and comfort. Happy Easter.

82. Let us be grateful to the Lord for his loving blessings. May this beautiful season bring you the greatest feeling of gratitude, love, compassion, hope, and faith.

83. May this Easter be fun-filled. My earnest prayer for you is that God’s blessing will shower upon you and your family. Happy Easter to you and your family.

84. On this glorious day, I want to wish you sincerely a happy Easter. May it be a joyful and peaceful one with a loving heart. Enjoy this beautiful season.

85. Hurray, it’s Easter time. Jesus had risen from the dead. He brought salvation to humanity. May this day be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success, and happiness. Happy Easter.

86. Jesus is alive. He came to the earth to give life. So every one of us may continue to live. He lives in us. Happy Easter to you and those that matter to you.

87. Through God’s divine grace, may this Easter Sunday bring the inspiration of new hope, happiness, prosperity, and abundance. Happy Easter, dear.

88. He died so we can live again. What manner of love is this? Let us celebrate his love. For he has risen after conquering death.

89. Let our heart rejoice, sing and be glad because Easter gives hope for tomorrow that will always linger in our hearts. I wish you a beautiful and pleasant Easter.

90. Easter is an opportunity to be thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all he has done for us. It is an excellent time to enjoy all your meaningful blessings with your family friend and loved ones. Do well to have a fabulous Easter.

91. I wish you and your family a fantastic Easter. May it bring to you and your family good health, happiness and lots of love. May all your dreams come true. Happy Easter, dear.

92. Easter signifies the renewal of life. May you feel the bright, joyful, and glorious blessings God offers you during this Easter holiday. May you experience the hope of new beginnings, life, and happiness during this joyous Easter holiday. Happy Easter.

93. May the spirit of the Lord fill your home this Easter and all the rest of your days. I wish you a thrilling Easter that has plenty of love and happiness.

94. Here’s to hoping this Easter holiday brings your family health, happiness and lots of love> I pray you and your family experience the happiest Easter of all time. God bless you now and always.

95. Happiness and unwavering faith shall the Lord bless your home with this Easter. May all of your dreams and wishes come true. I am sending you happy hugs this Easter. Happy Easter.

96. Easter is more than just rice and chicken. It is also about peace, love, and family. I wish you a bright Easter celebration that has the blessings of the Almighty.

97. Easter teaches us the meaning of faith and what it is to feel the Lord’s grace in our lives. May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

98. Easter is the hope that this season enfolds in everyone’s homes. It’s not just about the Easter egg or bunnies. May God’s blessing come overflowing. Happy Easter.

99. As you celebrate Easter, may you remember God’s perfect and infinite love for all humankind, and may that love fill you with hope for all the days to come. Happy Easter.

100. Easter is here again and so is new life and faith. Let your heart rejoice and be glad. Shout with joy and celebrate this great day. Have a blessed Easter.