Sweet Love Messages for Boyfriend


These are the love messages for boyfriend long distance that you will love. These long-distance relationship messages for boyfriend should make your boyfriend happy. If you are wondering if these love messages for boyfriend long distance will be enough to make your man happy, there are also some cute things to say to your long distance boyfriend.

There are many ideas concerning long distance relationships. Several people believe that a long distance relationship is not realizable, but we have seen long distance relationships work and lead to happily ever after. The distance faced by two lovebirds has often made little things become the sweetest thing ever. Usual stuff like holding hands, eating together, taking a walk together and smelling each other’s hair often seems to mean a whole lot.

I often feel that the distance between couples make them appreciate the little things we often overlook in a close relationship. Long distance relationships often rely on phone calls, text messages and email to communicate, that is why we compiled these love messages for boyfriend long distance for your lover who is far away from you.


Love messages for boyfriend long distance
Love messages for boyfriend long distance

Love Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

1. There are a thousand miles between us, but my heart is there for you always because you are everything I need. I love you with my whole heart, and there is nothing I won’t do to be with you once more.

2. Time doesn’t fly anymore. Days doesn’t run anymore. There is no sun in my sky anymore, and your absence kept my heart feels empty. My lover, your lack has kept my world in the dark. I love you, baby.

3. The distance is killing me. Even if I act like I am fine, my heart isn’t because you aren’t around and my days are dull. Sometimes I wish I have the superpower to teleport and be with you anywhere you are now.

4. I can’t wait for the day I will be in your arms and have my face painted with kisses from your soft lips. That day will be the best day of my life because I have been daydreaming of having you here with me.

5. There is no competition because you are far away. The distance doesn’t separate us because my heart went along with you. I will wait for you to return. You should know that you will be coming back to my heart.

6. The days are long because I keep counting down to the day I will get to see you again. I know we have what it takes to stay tight, but I must confess that missing you isn’t easy.

7. Minutes turn to hours, hours to a day and days to a week. But the thought of you has never left my mind. I will wait for your return but until then know that my heart beats and waits for you.

8. I know that I will find my way to you someday because I seem to be missing you more than I breathe in air. I hope to see you soon and felt that soothing scent of yours. I can’t wait for you.

9. I now understand that the toughest things in life are not the things that affect you physically but those little things that affect your emotions. Missing you is the toughest thing I have to face all through my lifetime.

10. I love you here, there and everywhere. So no matter the distance between us, be assured that I will always give you my love and affection. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes and no matter what it causes me.

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11. the universe can’t keep out apart for so long because the universe knows that our hearts have meshed up to be one that cannot be broken by anything in the world. All I can do right now Is to wait for you to come back to me.

12. My heart contains all the things I want to do to you. I can’t wait for the day I will sleep and wake in your arms. I know my heart is safe in falling in love with your charms. I love you every day even if I don’t get a chance to kiss those cute lips.

13. If I had a chance to do something right now, it would be to appear right by your side. The miles in between us might be a test of our love, but I don’t care if I failed or passed, all I want to do is be with you right now.

14. the more I miss you, the most I understand that you are the one that my world needs. I love you, and I have no word to describe the kind of feeling in my heart. No matter the distance, my love for you is here to stay.

Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend
Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend

15. We are never really apart because I know that my heart still beats for you. I know that my life is built around you because your thoughts never left my mind all day long. I love you, baby. I can’t explain why.

16. Soon we will be together, that’s what my head tells me, but my heart can’t wait for that day to come. But my hopes are high because we still share the same sun and the same air. I know that you will be here sooner than I imagine.

17. We are always together because I still see you when I sleep and when I am awake, all I do all day is to daydream about you. I can’t imagine a world without you, and I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

18. Without you here, I feel like I am suffocating. I lay down to sleep, and the memories of you keep playing in my mind. I can’t wait for that day that my eyes will set on your face and my stomach will experience that butterflies again.

19. Every single day, I pray and hope that we be together real soon. I have missed you way too much that my heart aches whenever something strikes up the memory of you. I know the wait will be over and you will hold me to your warm embrace soon.

20. There is no life without you, but I am still surviving with your absence because I have the hope that you will come back to me in no distant time. I can’t stop missing everything about you.

21. When I think of you, I feel like I am missing out on everything on earth. You give me so much happiness, and I can’t wait to hold your hands once more. I love you, my baby.

22. If I can text you my heart, you will see how much it has aged from missing you. If I could fax you a flower to let you know how much I miss you, you will have a garden of flowers. I miss your presence, and I can’t seem to fit into life without you here.

23. I miss the times we sit around and gist. I miss the moments we smile while looking at each other’s face. I miss creating fun memories with you, and I can’t wait to have you back here.

24. I pray that the distance gets shorter and shorter with the passing of each day. But before the day I get a chance to sleep and wake in your arms, I want you to know that I love you more than anybody can imagine.

25. You mean the world to me and your presence in my life gingers me to face all my fears. I love you, and there is no explanation to why I am so into you. My sunshine, I can’t wait to have you close to me.

26. Nothing changes as long as I keep breathing. There is no doubt about where my love lie. There is no doubt who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and you top the list of my priorities. I love you beyond human assimilation.

27. As long as I think of you every single day, there is no distance that our love can’t conquer. I will love and cherish you in my life. You remain the best thing that happened in my life.

28. Distance cannot break our love nor can missing you kill me. I will wait for you my love because I know that what lies ahead for us beats what is in the past. I love you till infinity baby.

29. No matter how complicated our relationship might be at this moment because of distance, I will never give up on you because I cannot survive the thought of living In the world without you as my lover.

30. I am deeply in love with you, and I am not lying about this. You bring a lot of happiness to my world, and I am not ready to give it up for anything in this world. I love you beyond anything can measure.

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31. You are the reason I want to keep living forever.
You are the reason why my world has those beautiful colors right now. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

32. You may not understand how much you mean to me, but I promise you that I will not stop loving you for anything in the world.

33. You are my king, and I want you to know that your face is the only thing I can think of when I am bored. I can’t even imagine being in this world without you.

34. Your love is the motivation and the inspiration to keep pushing through the pressures of this world. I will be waiting to see your cute face once more.

35. I love you, and I can equally type it with my eyes closed. Until the day I get to see you again, know that I have never imagined giving up on the love we share.

36. Even though you are far away from me, my heart has never stopped loving you. As long as my heart keeps beating, I will wait for you to come back to me.

37. What we have is beautiful and amazing that is why I can’t forfeit the memories we have created together. I will love you until my last breath because you are one superman nature gave to me.

38. We are far apart, but my heart beats for you. I know yours beat for me because each time I hear your voice over the telephone, I feel the seem feeling I get when we first met. I love you completely.

39. I cannot compare the happiness I felt around you with anything in the world. You had given me the whole world when you became my man. No matter the distance, you will always be my man.

40. Nobody fits in, and nobody competes with you. You can fill the position you occupy in my heart. I have always known that you are priceless and I promise never to take your love for granted.

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41. I may not see you every day, and I may not get to be with you every night. I may not be there to tell you how good you look before going out, and I may not be able to have breakfast, lunch or even dinner with you. I may not be around to play silly games with you. To play with your hair and tease you because of the distance between us but I want you to know that distance can’t change the way I feel about you. You’ll always remain deep in my heart because loving you was never a mistake and will never be a mistake. You have my heart and I have yours, have it at the back of your mind that I’ll always love you and adore you.

42. Managing the distance is hard, I know, this is why I’ll always seize every opportunity to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean the world to me, you’re the last person I think of at night and the first person I think of every morning. I miss you even in my sleep, and I wish you were here darling. Always remember I love you!

43. Although we might be miles away, I still feel close and connected to your heart. I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder because I miss you more than ever. It’s difficult coping without you here but I have no option than to do that. I wish you were here, I may not be there with you, but I miss you so much.

44. Although we are apart, I still find myself thinking about you every second. You are a wonderful kind who makes every aspect of my life better. Being with you has turned my life around for good, I can’t wait to be with you again. I miss you so much dearest, love you!

45. You occupy the most important position in my heart that nobody has ever taken. You make my life beautiful, and I love the way you do it. You make me feel loved and cared for at all time. I can’t wait to be in your loving arms again, I miss you so much. The love and sweet memories we share keeps me going, I love you to the moon and back!.

46. Yeah, the long-distance is surely killing me, but the love we have for each other keeps reviving me. Whenever I think of the sweet memories, we’ve shared my heart can’t help but seek more. I miss having you around, you’ve exposed me to great happiness, and so much love, my life without you is incomplete, I can’t wait to see you again my love. I wish you good health and happiness greater achievements, lots of love from me to you.

47. This distance is so hard on me but again I feel it only brings our heart closer, we may not be together right now, but we won’t be apart forever. Even when you’re far away from me you still make me feel good, but I won’t lie, I miss your presence.

48. The fact that you are far away from me doesn’t change the reality that you are holding all of my heart. I can’t think of anyone but you because you’ve occupied my head, my mind, and my heart. I miss you so much dearest, I miss all the times we’ve spent together, I wish to see you soon, but distance is the only barrier in our way. Notwithstanding the distance, you remain in my heart. I love you!.

47. With you, in my heart and me in your heart, the distance is not an issue. Though I miss you. There’s a part of you living within me, and I can still feel your love even though you are far away from me. Your sweet voice still runs through my head, and I miss your warmth and companion. I still love you as always darling, do take care of yourself for me. I love you, baby.

48. The distance between us doesn’t stop me from loving you, and it doesn’t stop me from thinking about you all day, it doesn’t stop from wishing you well. It only prevents me from feeling the warmth of your body, but the warmth of your kind heart keeps me going. Always remember I love you to the stars and beyond!.

49. You may be out of sight, but you’ll never be out of my heart, every morning and noon you’re always on my mind. You’ve occupied a great space in my life and l will love and appreciate you every day of my life. I should let you know I love you and I miss your presence, see you soon baby do take care of yourself, my love.

50. This message is a friendly reminder that I still love and cherish you. You might be absent from my sight, but you’re not absent from my heart. Deep down in my heart, I believe your love for me has waxed stronger than before just like mine, I really can’t wait to see you again, I love you my dearest!.

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51. The sun is far from the Earth, but that doesn’t stop it from shinning upon the Earth, you may be far from me, but your adorable self doesn’t skip my mind. You’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last person I think of before falling asleep at night. Even in my dreams, I get to see you and hold you again. You have indeed occupied a great space in my heart, and I love you now. I will love you for the rest of my life. Take good care of yourself, darling.

51. No matter the distance you will forever remain in my heart, you are a special one to whom I love, Cherish and adore. My heart is elated just by the thoughts of you. You have become a permanent resident in my heart. Every day my mind is coming up with thoughts about you. You are the bright light that shines through my path and makes it possible for me to progress. I love and miss you badly.

52. Having you far away from me has turned my day into months and months into years, I can’t help but count down to the day we will meet again. I miss you so much. Deep down in my heart, I know you’re mine no matter how far we are from each other.

53. Remembering all the good memories, we shared makes me crave for your presence more. I miss having you as my company, and you are an adorable soul, kind-hearted and loving, I want to remind you how important you are to me. I love you dear, and I can’t wait to be in your warm embrace again.

54. I’ve known you were the very right person for me and I’m very sure distance can’t change that. I’m grateful for the beautiful times we’ve spent together, I’m looking forward to the times I’ll spend with you in the future, but for now, I’m missing you never like before. Always remember I love you so much.

55. Distance means very little to me compared to the love I have for you, How you got to mean so much to me still wows me. Love has no boundaries, even when we are apart, I want you always to have it in mind that I’ll always be with you. I’m missing you badly. Love you baby.

56. We may be far apart, but your heart is with me, I can’t forget your heartwarming smile, your tender love for me and your beautiful soul. You make me happy, you’ve made my life beautiful, you are the most adorable of all, the sweetest of all sweethearts. I love you so much, dearie!

57. Distance is indeed a barrier but distance doesn’t stop my heart from thinking about you because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Loving was and is still a great and wonderful decision. I don’t regret one bit. My heart is filled with so much love from you even while you are away, you’ve captured my mind, and all I can think of is you. The thoughts of you give me so much joy, and rest of mind and I can’t wait to be with you again.

58. Being far away from has left me longing for your touch, your voice and, the excitement of being in your company. You’ve shown me, love, you ignored my flaws and still found me worthy of your love. I miss you badly and can’t wait to reunite with you. I love you.

59. We may be far away from each other, but our heart remains connected. I always have you on my mind, thinking about your love, your adorable face, your soothing voice, and your tender hands. If I could wish for one thing, it will be that I see you and be in your warmth again. I miss you so much, always remember that I love you so much.

60. Despite the distance I can still feel your presence with me, I can feel the warmth in my heart, and it’s making me long for you, I adore and cherish you, and I can’t wait to be with you again. Do take good care of you for me. Lots of love darling.

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Cute things to say to your long distance boyfriend

61. The distance changes no fact that you’re my only true love. Words are incapable of expressing how I feel for you. You have become a good part of me that I cherish so much. Loving you has never and would never be a mistake. Continue to be a blessing to me, I love and miss you so much dearie do take care.

62. If it’s only possible for me to see your face and hear your voice so that I’ll keep them in dreams, the distance between us has got me missing you more than I could have imagined. I listen to myself calling you in my sleep, and your love has overwhelmed me. I hope to see you soon. Dearie, take care and don’t forget. I love you so much.

63. Out of sight but not out of the heart, the distance may be much, but my love for you is strong. You’re an angel, and I’m grateful to God for bringing you into my life, you have shown me love and given me a reason to trust. You came into my world and rescued me, your voice soothes my heart and I always long to hear it. I love you forever, and I don’t want you to forget that. I miss you so much, please do take care of yourself, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

64. I don’t cry because we are kept apart by distance, distance sharpens love while presence strengthens it, it means nothing when two hearts are in love. True love doesn’t imply that we’re inseparable rather it means being separated and nothing changes, the fact that you’re out of sight doesn’t make me love you less instead it has kindled my love for you. I miss you.

65. The distance between us may be as vast as the ocean, but my heart can cover them all, the space between us may be so much more, but I love you even more. I can bear the distance, but I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t miss you and you alone I miss me and you together.

66. My love for you has grown with your absence. I wish to set my eyes on you once more. No matter how far you manage to go the distance will never be able to erase the good memories we’ve shared. There is so much sweetness in what we’ve shared, and I can’t forget that in a hurry, I really do miss you and can’t wait to be with you again.

67. Distance is a test of love. True love is loving someone when you’re apart but somehow feeling warm and calm inside because you’re close in heart. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but felt with the heart. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to let you know that though you may be far, my heart is with you.

68. When it feels cold outside, my heart reminds of your love. It is the only thing that lights me up from the inside. No matter how long it takes, the feeling I have for you will not die. I miss you more than anything in the world. You mean so much to me words can’t explain.

69. I love to win all my battles with you because you have gradually grown to be a part of me that I can’t give up on. The distance may keep us apart for now but not forever. I feel empty without you, but I know that we will be together soon. I love you, my man.

70. You are my strength and at the same time my weakness. Being far away from you has thought me to be strong and at the same time break me from the inside. I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me at all time. I can’t wait to have you right here with me.

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71. There is always a tomorrow to hope on for. I won’t stop loving you even if there are millions of miles between us. My heart is all yours at all time. No second goes by without something reminding me of how much I want you. Come and set my soul free from missing you all the time.

72. I know that I am lucky to have you as a lover. You are miles away, but you still make me feel good. The love you give to me is golden, and I can’t afford to let it slip. You are far away, but I have never stopped loving you. You are the best thing that stands present in my life. I love you forever.

73. Only if you can hear my heart beating right now, you will know every movement from there beats for you. I must admit that you are priceless. I do wish you are here with me even if the beautiful memories we have created together always put smiles to my face.

74. Sometimes I stay up late in the night thinking about you, some other time, I go to bed and dream about you, but at all time, you are the one on my mind. You are my sunshine and my comforter. I love you beyond the distance we face. I will care for you no matter what happens.

75. You know that your love means everything to me and this distance is keeping two love worlds apart. I know it is not forever, but I still miss you. When I finally hold you in my arms, I will never let you go. I love you so much, baby.

76. The thought of you sends waves down my spine. You are one person I have no regret of giving my heart to. I don’t mind loving you throughout the days of my life even if you are thousands of miles apart from me. I love you no matter what happens.

77. I miss you more than anything in the world. You make me feel good and on top of the world. My heart might ache from missing you, but it will not get tired of loving and cherishing you. Your absence might be felt physically, and I know that my heart is with you no matter where you are right now.

78. I don’t get to see you physically, but I see you in my thoughts and dreams. It is real because I feel better after connecting with the memories we created. Your hands might not touch my face and your lips might not press my lips but your love will be safe in my heart, and it will be there until you are finally back to me.

79. Soon, we will be together. I feel it in my heart, and I know it in my heart. You are far away, but your love keeps me going. Knowing that you are okay and happy over, there is the only pill that reduces the pain of missing you. I can’t wait to have you here with me.

80. No one truly understands how I feel inside, but I will let you know. When I wake up in the morning with the excitement of seeing you in my dreams, only to realize that you are not yet back kills me from the inside. You aren’t here to comfort me, but I will still be there for you. I love you so much, and I can’t imagine letting you go.

Best Love Messages To Send To Him Or Her

Do you have a fantastic partner and want to make him or her happy? Send some of the best love messages for him or profound love messages for her to your lover.

You can imagine that beautiful smile on your face when those highly anticipated goods you ordered online arrives your doorstep. That’s the same way your partner will feel happy receiving romantic love messages from you.

Best Love Messages To Send To Him Or Her
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Here are the best love messages you will surely love and the romantic love messages that will surely make your lover happy.

Best Love Messages

1. All thanks to you.
You finally succeeded in making me crazy about you.
I don’t think there is an end to my love for you.

2. I know love is hard to find, but yours seems like the simplest but yet most significant achievement a man can boast of,
I love you so deeply that words can’t explain.

3. I find joy in you, and in everything you do.
I can’t stop myself from loving you because you are irreplaceable.

4. I am yours, and you are mine (no cheating).
We have so much to share when we are together, and I can’t wait to share the future with you.

5. You won’t believe what happened the last time you told me “you loved me.”
My heart was screaming “I Love you too.”
I can’t keep the thought of you off my heart.

6. I won’t stop caring, I won’t stop loving you, and I won’t stop saying this,
you mean the world to me.

7. I have never tasted something warm, sweet and strong like your love.
It is the best feeling ever.

8. I hate you for making me fall in love with you.
It gets stronger as the day goes by. I can’t just help it.

9. If I had a chance to choose my lover in my next world. It will be you
because of people as unique as you are rare to find. I love you.

10. It grew slowly from chatters to friendship, from friendship to Bond (love) and our bond will last forever.
I love you sweetheart with everything in me.

11. You’re an example of goodness.
You bless my life with happiness that money can’t buy.
I can’t ever think of letting you go because you’re special.

12. Knowing that someone, somewhere cares and celebrates you is a perfect definition of love.
I’m happy being in love with just you.

13. When you love someone, you offer them everything.
I love you, and I’m offering you my love, my heart, my world.
I love you, my dear.

14. I pledge to love you. Through life’s ruins and rough moments.
I love you through thick and shallow situations.
I pledge to love you until you ask me why.

15. Sweet and charming; these are your attributes.
Beautiful and adorable; these are your features.
With you baby, I’m a winner.

16. Being in a relationship is fun especially when you are in it with the right person.
You are one person who understands and completes me. I can’t stop adoring you, baby.

17. I have never felt this way, until the day we met.
Ever since it has remained the most memorable day of my life.

18. I never believed in love, until you came my way.
You broke all my defenses and drowned me in the ocean of your love.
I love you so much.

19. You won’t understand how much you mean to me at a glance.
But when you ponder on it, deep down.
You will see how much you complete me. I love you.

20. I pledge to love you without stopping for a moment.
You are my boo. The one my heart loves until my last moment on earth. I love you, honey.

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Best Love Messages To Send To Him Or Her

21. Being yours remains the best decision I have taken in a while now.
I see nothing, more beautiful than you, my baby.

22. Don’t doubt my feeling for you.
My love is all for you and nobody else.
I bet you don’t know how crazy I am about you.

23. When God created you, he did it without any error, just the way I wanted.
I have no other obligation than to love you forever.

24. The moments I spend with you are all beautiful.
I don’t wish for them ever to end because they form the memories in my heart.

25. It’s known that the heart knows what it desires, but I see that your heart want the warm feelings we share. I love you.

26. I try to figure out why I’m so into you.
I ended up finding that you are the one for me and me alone.
I can’t stop loving you, not even for a second.

27. Take a moment and enjoy your day
because I am praying for you already to have all that life offers.
I love you, baby. Have a great day.

28. Your love is undeniably the best.
You’re one of a kind — the best and only person to love till the end.
I will always love you.

29. Same way the ocean has no end
and birds survive without farming.
The way humans exist despite life’s difficulty.
I ‘ll love you till my last breath.

30. Nobody can describe the level of what I feel for you.
Not even me, but I know its enough to love you so far you breathe.

31. You’re my diamond!
Other girls are bright, but you’re the most colorful.
You believed in me when others didn’t. So I’m giving you all of my love.

32. Ever wondered why the heart is red, the bright sky is blue, and the cloud is white?
That’s because out of billions of persons in the world, it’s you I care about, I love you, dear.

33. I want to ask for one thing. I want my heart to be your world. I am ready to give you the best care your heart will be grateful for, and if I have you in my life, it will be just perfect.

34. Sometimes, I don’t want to love you; at the same time, I don’t wish to hate you.
Other times, I want to love you completely.
Its like I want to throw you off a hill then rush to the bottom to catch you.

35. Don’t believe me when I say I will give you everything you desire.
It will be a big lie.
But don’t doubt me when I say, I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.
I mean every bit of it.

36. I love you very much and will try with my last breathe to be the best man for you.
To turn your frown to smiles and love you forever for you are special.

37. Why you chose me is beyond my explanation.
You had the option and wanted me.
I will love you as long as I live.
I will desire you as long as I breathe.
I will keep you by my side forever.

38. You will always be the better half of me.
Just like my favorite song, I play and aloud.
Loving you can never be wrong.
Its the best beautiful thing can happen to humanity.

39. Darling, there are things I want to do to have a fulfilled life;
I want to be there for you,
To be the best friend you ever had.
To bring out the very best from you.
To love you forever.

40. The closer I come to you, I can’t go back.
The more I come, the stronger our love.
I now realized that it would be impossible, living my life without you.
I love you.

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Best Love Messages for Someone Special

41. I promise to love you as much as possible.
Loving you is one of my most significant achievement.
I love you, and I will always cherish the time we spend together because they mean everything to me.

42. Money isn’t everything; true love is too.
That’s because it’s hard to find someone so special.
I found you, and I’m keeping you in my life, forever.

43. We were given two hands to hold someone special,
Two eyes to see precious things and a heart to love.
I will hold, see and love just you.

44. Never worry for a moment about your worries.
Worries are like the moon!
Yesterday it increased, today it reduced and may not be seen tomorrow.
Enjoy the moment and worry less. I love you.

45. I’ll never let you be even for a second!
Life would be without reason if I do and I can’t afford such.
I cherish you my, dear.

46. I want to mean so much to you, the way you are the world to me.
I don’t know, but I wish to mean everything you want on earth. Let’s share this beautiful life

47. Your Love is killing because it came like a wave and pushed me over my limit.
Filling every moment with unimaginable sweet memories.

48. You will remain the special one in my life because no one fits the position you hold in my life.
Nobody can fill the gap you’re filling right now in my heart.

49. Baby! I feel like I am in heaven knowing you are mine.
When you are within my sight, I feel so happy.
I can’t just describe the feeling you give to me because you complete me.

50. Wherever you wish to go, I want to go too.
Because you are my air on earth.
Just like a diamond, not everyone can afford you.
I will take out time to let you know how much I love you.

Best Love Messages for Lovers
Best Love Messages for Lovers

51. Every moment with you is golden.
Time flies, memories build, and my world gets beautiful.
If I am to make a wish, I’ll wish to be your lover forever.

52. I will call you my queen because you’re perfectly my kind of girl.
I love you sweet.

53. You are my choice.
You are my type, you are my angel, and you are my world.
All I am meant to do is to keep loving and to cherish you until the last moment.

54. Your face brightens and radiates beauty.
It brightens my day, mind and my world.
I can’t wait to see your face again.
I love you, my sweetheart.

55. You fly like a bird in my world.
You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
Like a crown, I will fight for you.
All I need is your good loving.

56. Like a thief, you sneaked into my heart and changed its settings.
Now you’re the one that rocks my world and makes my temperature rise.
Its all because I am in love with you.

57. I know that love can be universal, but your love is so rare.
It came like a heart attack, and I can’t get control of my head.
Can I be your patient?
To get your love forever.

58. Loving you comes with this beautiful feeling of fulfillment.
I feel so much joy knowing that someone so special will be reading this text from the other end.
I love you.

59. All I want and will ever want is you.
Take me along to anywhere you’re going. I feel better by your side.
I love you, honey.

60. Each time I look into your beautiful eyes, I feel this rush, deep inside me.
I know your smile can melt any ice, but having you as mine forever will make my world.

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Love Text Messages for Him or Her

61. Love takes time to build up. It’s like a flame when lighted, and nobody can quench.
I love you my dearest, and nobody is keeping us apart.

62. Even if things get tough and life’s journey seems hard to move a foot.
I’ll always let you know how much I love you.
Even if life gets tough, you are one reason I’m happily living another day.

63. A cute day has 24hours,
A wonderful week has seven days,
A happy year has 52 weeks. And having someone special like you will make my life beautiful.

64. I thought it would be easy finding someone to love me despite my flaws, but I felt pure love when you showed up in my life and brightened my heart.
You make every day I spend with you a joyous one.

65. True love can only be felt and not seen. I’ve felt and seen true love from you. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.
I don’t know how to explain it, but I think its just beautiful.

66. So many beautiful things in life come in twos.
That’s why my heart reached out to yours to make it two.
I know it will be the union of two beautiful things.
I love you.

67. If I could wish for 1000 things to come true, one of it would be hoping for you to give me your whole care and affection forever.

You top the list of amazing things in my life.

68. Simple things become special when its given freely from the heart.
Real affection is a dream come true. Its a simple thing from your special heart.

69. As time has the power to change ordinary coal into a precious diamond.
So is your care and affection! As it has all, it takes to make my world that imaginary heaven.
You are the best thing in my life, dear.

70. I wish you the best out of life but not without me in your life.
Because I’ll also wish to be the one standing next to you as my wishes come true.

71. Even if we fight and quarrel, I’ll always care and cherish you in my heart because the best relationships in the world have fought more battles than enemies.
I value you, my Gold.

72. Real affection doesn’t guarantee happiness, but if you decide to be happy, you will experience true love.
That is seeing everything beyond the imperfection.

73. Even if I forget everything and those I share laughs with in life,
I promise not to forget that special you that I cried and shared feelings with, on my rainy days.
You are the best I’ve ever had.

74. The sun sets and rises every day so that I’ll always have a new day to love you once more.
I can’t stop giving you my care and affections because you are the best I ever wished for all my life.

75. I trust you more than I love you.
I can’t trust someone I love, but I will forever love someone I believe.
You are special.

76. With your beautiful face, you blow me away from earth.
Your naturally beautiful and I want to show you just how much I love nature by loving you.

77. You’re the perfect definition of sweetness.
When I look at your beautiful eyes, cute nose, the most kissable lips and finally your cute heart I can’t explain how much I love you. It is way beyond your imagination.

78. You know that you’re sweet when all the people around you are happy being with you.
You know you’re sweeter when I’m happy having you.

79. Every day, I thank Nature for giving me a lover girlfriend (boyfriend) like you.
I can’t say much than being grateful for having you in my life.

80. Just like the pureness of the water from the spring.
Your face is like the brightness of the cloud.
You are the one for me on earth. I want you.

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Best Love Messages to Say I Love You

81. A day should be made up of Prayer, food, work and YOU.
You top the list because you spice my life with sweetness.

82. There is no perfect time to tell you this than now.
You’re the best lover heaven can offer and the sweetest thing I’ve ever earned.
You are just the best ‘bag of goodness.’

83. Look beyond my eyes and see my innocence.
Peep beneath my lips and forgive my broken promises but look deep into my heart and see the eternal love I feel for you.

84. I’ve Tried loneliness, and I’m back, I don’t wish to get far from you again, my sweetest boo.
I promise to be there with you no matter what it takes.

85. Have you ever won anything worth being proud of in life? I won your heart, and it has been a time most significant victory in my life.

86. I always wish to be with you all times because I find peace in you.
Nothing compares to the happiness I feel knowing you.

87. The best moments I have alone are the ones with you around me.
You bring joy to my heart and peace to my world.
I love you, sweetheart.

88. Loving you wasn’t an option.
I will open my heart to you to show you how much I love you.
You worth my love and more.

89. I don’t feel a thing when you hurt me because I know that before it gets sweet, it gets bitter on its way. I love you.

90. When I review all I have achieved during this little period; you stand out of all my achievements.
You’re precious.

91. Times, I get lost wondering if I deserve you.
I don’t, but you’d still be with me and love me so much.
I love you too.

92. Nothing can pay the cost of separation.
That’s why I can’t afford to lose you.
I’ll always love you, my baby.

93. Those we shared and cried our feelings about are the special angels in our life because they matter.
I’m not surprised you’re one of them.
I love you, my dear.

94. Seeing beyond life’s imperfections is happiness.
Look into my heart and see how warm my love for you is. Even if I’m not perfect.

95. Memories is a kind of gift that even unhappiness can’t steal or hard times clear.
The memories of you and me is an attested prove of our love.

96. Never lose faith in your life because even if I’m a million miles away, I’m always with you.
Though not physically but I am forever on your mind.

97. I’m always going to love you like I’m losing you.
This love is going to be stronger like I’m saying goodbye, but I’m not leaving.
I’m staying in your heart forever.

98. Let our love blossom, like the morning flower.
Let it beautify our world & scent up our lives.
I love you without explanation.

99. As the flowers cover the garden during the summer, so will my love touch every aspect of your life.
I love and cherish you, my love.

100. Set your worries aside for I am praying for your happiness.
So enjoy every second as the day reaches its end.

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Best I Love You Messages

101. I am fresher, brighter and better than before.
I will do anything to keep your love because with you there is no sad end. Just endless hope.

102. I will like to have a special place in your heart.
Because its a land where sweet wishes become realities and dreams come true.

103. While memories break us time without number, I will cherish the sweet moments of our life.
They are the irreplaceable moments of my life.

104. I’ll promise you every good thing in life, but I won’t fail to do one, LOVING YOU till you get tired of love & my care.

105. I’ll live life my way, but I’ll have you in it.
That’s because you are blessed to make everything in life beautiful.
Come and make my life beautiful, my dear.

106. Even if you can think of the past, you can’t go back.
Share every sweet moment of your life with special people around you. You are adorable.

107. Never will my soul wander,
Never will my body ache, why?
Because you’re here to stay forever. I want you in my life, sweetheart.

108. True love is about sacrifice.
So I’m giving my heart, my body, and my soul to love forever.
I love you, my baby.

109. I gave out all I had, and I got you.
You are a priceless jewel, an epitome of beauty, a symbol of a good life.
I love you, my dear.

110. I owe you a million smiles,
Here is one smile; let it remain 999 000 00.
I’ll give you a smile for a day.
I love you, my smiling queen.

Best Love Messages for Lovers
Best Love Messages

111. Make my wish come true by holding me in your warm embrace next time we meet.
Kiss me with your passionate lips and hold me close to your loving heart always.

112. Ever wondered why the ring is round with no end?
That represents our love that will be forever with no end.
I love you, my sweet lover.

113. Look into my heart and see the feeling inside. Touch my chest and feel my heartbeat.
Words alone can never express what happens there.

114. I will be loving you forever and always.
Just in case you don’t know, my love is made for you alone.

115. Counting the most natural things that happened in my life in recent years.
Falling in love with you is one of them.
I think you are perfect for me.

116. With a smile, you turn my bad day to a good day.
My lover and best friend. The love I feel for you will remain unbreakable.

117. I love you.
I know this because I love the ‘Y,’ I love the ‘O,’ I love the ‘U.’
Putting them close to each other affirms my feeling above.

118. All I can think of right now is you, I remember your beautiful smile, and it makes me miss you more.
My lovey-dovey, I love you forever.

119. I saw love when I found you.
I’ve read about it in books, watched it in movies, and yearned for it until I met you.
I love you, dear.

120. I will remind you of my love for you every minute, every hour and every day.
I will do this all my life because it’s my job.

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Best Love Messages for the One I Love

121. Wherever you are, my love will be with you.
Here or there, near or far, morning or night.
I will love you every day my princess.

122. My love for you cannot but be imagined for if I’m asked to show you how much I love you.
You will be surprised that I will run out of space.

123. I loved you, I love you, and I will love you always & forever.
It grows every day because I love you more with the passing of each second.
My love is for you alone.

124. I love you as much as words can’t describe, as much as numbers can’t count.
I love you way beyond you can imagine.

125. I loved you with my whole heart today, but I know that my love for you tomorrow will be stronger.
Keep our love alive by giving me your heart because I will be guarding it with my life.

126. I’m not promising to provide you with a perfect love like in the fairy stories.
I will give you the truest of love that its happiness covers the pain you felt on this love adventure.

127. Simple love question.
Do you love me as I love you?
A. Yes.
B. I love you more.
C. I will love you forever.
D. A, B, C.

128. The happiness of love can be neverending and highly satisfying especially when the two persons in love passed through love’s challenges.
I will always be yours.

129. I love your perfections but love you more when I saw your imperfections because I found a part of you I can complete.

130. Love is beautiful, even with my last breath, I will let you know how much I love you and want you forever.
You remain my sunshine.

131. I love you not because I want someone to live with,
I love you because I can’t live without you and I will love you forever, my precious boo.

132. You know that you are my sunshine.
You know that my life revolves around you.
You know that I will love you for the end of my life because you mean the world to me.

133. I love you with all of me. When I think of you, all the love songs automatically seem to be about you. I can’t say how much I love you because it is beyond my understanding.

134. I love you for all you have been and for all you will be. I am glad that our parts closed. Being in love with you has changed my life for the better.

135. If I had met you a long time ago, it would have spared my heart the pain it felt in the past. You are everything I need in a lover, and I can’t stop saying ‘I love you.’

136. Your love has made everything possible in my life. If there is one thing I am happy about right now, it will have you in my world of possibility. I love you like no man’s business.

137. My strawberry, your name is one thing on my lips, and I can’t get the thought of you from my mind. I can’t wait to be yours officially. Nothing will beat the feeling I will get from being yours forever.

138. I am grateful to God for having the opportunity out of over a billion people on earth to be in love with you.
You have no idea how much this means to me.

139. Everything about you is perfect to me. Every day I spend after meeting you seem like a beautiful gift to me because I have a complete 24hours to keep loving you.

140. When you smile, everything about you looks gorgeous. I can’t get my eyes off you, neither can I get you off my thoughts. You are just amazing, baby.

Romantic Best Love Messages

141. Only if you could see the things I see in you, there will be no questions about my love for you. I love you for real, and it isn’t stopping for anything in the world.

142. When I think of the wonderful moments we have created, there is no doubt that true love is not just beautiful but sweet also. You are everything to me.

143. This relationship is the best gift nature has ever given to me. I am willing to take any risk for the sake of this union. I love you with all of me.

144. You are the piece of me I’ve been looking for when I met you, and I fixed the puzzle. I felt complete because you brought in the light I needed in my life.

145. I admire you a lot, but I am more thankful for the goodies and the amazing moments you brought into my life. I love you, honey, I am so sure of it right now.

146. You have the most awesome personality. The little things you do so well glue me to you. I can’t think of anybody else that is worth being my partner than you. I love you so much.

147. You are a wonderful person, that is why you brought a lot of wonderful blessings into my life. You are simply the light of my world right now.

148. Even when you know all my flaws. You know me from the inside out but yet never used it against me. You have shown me that love is beyond perfection. I love you so much.

149. Life is a challenge. Thank you for helping me grow rather than being another challenge I will have to go through. I know that the future will smile at us because we are perfect together.

150. You have been real to me with your love and unconditional care. I can’t ask for something more than the ones you have given me. Your love is everything I have wished for; you are the best.

151. How your love has acquired so much strength within my heart remains a mystery. It grew slowly, and now, I can’t seem to feel happy if you aren’t around with me. I love you, dear

152. If there is only one wish, I would be able to make on earth. It will be to be with you at all time. Staying without your hug, kiss and hearing your voice is like being in a military facility.

153. Your face with that wonderfully beautiful smile is all I think of all day long. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.

154. The world has a lot of pains and sufferings but seeing your face every day makes me forget my worries. I love you so much.

155. Knowing that I will be seeing you later today gingers my spirit to be at my best. I am so happy that I met you in this life.

156. I love you so much, and I am ready to do this in my next life, only if it is with you. I can’t think of anything or anyone that can fill the void you occupy in my life right now.

157. I can’t think of a much better way to have a fantastic evening than lying down next to you. I love you so much because you are now more than a lover to me.

158. You have taught me what it is to love from the bottom of one’s heart. What I feel for you right cannot be measured with any instrument. I can’t wait to grow old with you as my partner.

159. I am willing to wait as long as it is just to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. It might be hard for me, but I will survive whatever it takes just to be yours. I love you unlimitedly.

160. I will be perfectly fine if I am with you now, but I will try to be cool right now even if it feels like the weight of the whole world is on me for missing you. I love you.

161. All I needed was your love and nothing else, and you have done so well in making me feel on top of the world with the amazing love you give to me.

162. Your love is the warmest thing that has kept me stable even in the dark situation I found myself. You have done so much for me to be grateful for, I love you.

163. I love the way you love me because it has made me appreciate myself. Thinking about you makes me happy. Finally, I got to experience how it feels to be in love.

164. I dreamt of an amazing future. It’s funny that I saw my future in you the first time I set my eyes on you. I can’t get over you.

165. I can’t forget the first time I kissed your lips; it felt like heaven. They are the softest thing I have ever tasted. I love you way too much.

166. I want to be in your arms because I have never felt so safe compared to when I am in there. I want to hold your big body and let you know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

167. You were just planted in my mind because I get to see your beautiful face each time I close my eyes. I know I am in love, but I don’t know how deep it is.

168. Whenever I look at you, I still get the feeling I had when I first asked you out. My love for you keeps waxing stronger and stronger. You are a lover I will keep forever.

169. Loving you gives me the courage I couldn’t get anywhere in the world because I am working so hard to be perfect for you. I love you, handsome.

170. I used to think that my dreams are better off than reality. It all changed when I met you. Nobody has ever made me feel this good, and I have you to thank you for the smile on my face.

171. Thinking of you all these while is a nice way to keep me busy. Your face is the best replacement for worrying about my problems. I love you, baby.

172. I am intoxicated by your love because I can’t seem to think straight ever since you came into my life. You changed my life for the better baby.

173. Thank you for always looking out for the best in me. You are the best motivation that has never stopped working for me. I love you, baby.

174. You are my future so, therefore I am nothing without you. I no more fill the emptiness in my life any longer because you complete me at all time.

175. You have given me a reason to keep living. You have loved me unconditionally. You have shown me time without numbers that true love do exist.

176. I wake up every day feeling strong and ready. I have never felt so eager to fight through life challenges. You are the favorite part of my life.

177. Just knowing that you are happy over, there is enough to make me feel complete. Knowing that you are okay means the world to me.

178. Wherever you go, I am coming with you. Nothing can come in between us, and nothing will break our connection. You are a lover and a friend.

179. You broke my defenses and penetrated my heart. Your love is just too charming. How on earth do you expect me to resist you? I love you, and I have no explanation to make.

180. I appreciate every day you have spent with me. They are the unforgettable moments of my life. The love you give to me has changed everything I felt about life. I can’t afford to lose you to anything in the world.