Thinking of You Quotes and Images

Here are some of the best thinking of you quotes and images that you can ever find on the internet. These are the perfect quotes to show those relevant to you that you think of them at all time.

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Thinking of You Quotes and Images

1. The day is still fresh and pure, but I’m here thinking of you today already. How much of you will I picture about all today?

2. On every new day, we think of things that matter to us. You matter to me, and I’m thinking of you today.

Thinking of You Quotes and Images
Thinking of You Quotes and Images

3. It will be a whole day because I’m thinking of you today and you will always be I’m my thoughts.

4. You are still on my mind. From my heart, I will give you all my love. I only want you to know that I’m thinking of you today.

5. I thought of you yesterday, and you are on my mind today. I know that tomorrow won’t be any different because you mean the world to me.

6. I can’t remember anything aside from the moments we share. I can’t do anything without your love, and I can’t live my life without you.

7. You are one person that never leaves my thought. I keep thinking of you every day starting from the first day we met.

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8. I spent the whole day with you and my entire night imagining how the future will be with you in my world.

9. You are in mind even if I don’t get to see you every day. I want you to know that my love is for you forever.

10. Your care and affection leave prints on my heart forever. Nothing can erase these great prints you left In my world. I love you.

Thinking of You Quotes with Images

11. Today just kicked off, and you are the first thing that came to my mind. All I feel I can do all day correctly is carrying your face on my mind. You are the most beautiful thing in the world. I love you.

12. A day started with you on my heart is a fulfilled day. A moment without you is like a year of no sunshine. Even if you are not here next to me, you are on my heart, now and forever.

13. I’d wish you to put a smile on my face because a day without you is a year without the rain. You have proven to be the one for me over and over. I want you in my life.

Thinking About You Quotes and Images
Thinking About You Quotes and Images

14. It’s just you and me today and forever. My life revolves around you because I hear your voice in my head. I heart you like no other.

15. I feel like holding you right now, and I hope I can kiss your lips right now. You are one surprising thing in my life at the moment. I love you, cutie.

16. “Can I stop thinking of you?” My head asked my heart. “No, you can’t,” my heart replied. “Why” my head pressed. “Because you are my everything,” my heart concludes. I love you, baby.

17. Each time I think of you, I feel my face light up and my heart flutter. I’m glad I finally found you because I’ve spent a great deal of time looking for the person that compliments me. You are perfect for me.

18. We are on a journey. An express road of true love and on this journey, we are truthful to each other because, from the depth of my heart, I love you, baby. You are the only thing I have been thinking about today.

19. As much as you care for me, I care for you. As much as you love me, I love you more. I want to see you at all times because you mean the world to me.

20. Without your love, there will be no us. Without you, there will be no me.
I love you very much baby because since I met you, my life has been filled with unlimited bliss. I feel it each time I think of you.

Thinking About You Quotes and Images

21. Every beat of my heart is for you. Listen to my rhythm of the beating heart and hear it saying, “I love you” I’ve been made better with the love you give to me.
I can’t stop myself from loving you more and more.

22. Our love deserves more than just a quote. Our union is going to be a blast because I’m giving in everything I have my heart, my soul, my body. I can’t stop thinking of you today. I love every part of you.

Thinking of You Quotes With Images
Thinking of You Quotes With Images

23. With or without you by my side, my heart beats for you. From your head to your toe, I love every bit of you. You are everything I prayed for and more. For the first time, I’m enjoying true love.

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24. How you became mine still beats me. Life can be demanding and frustrating, but I give you my word. I won’t only have you in the thoughts today, but I will also be there with you to face your fights if you need me.

25. You have been on my mind most times than before, and the heart is beginning to get familiar with the fact that you are mine forever. I love you, baby.

26. Thinking of you today is the best feeling ever, but I can’t figure out what I’m thinking about right now. I feel I’ve missed you so much. Baby, I need you.

27. You are on my mind always. The thought of you makes my body come alive, and I enjoy every bit of this feeling.

28. People with beautiful hearts are rare to come by and very hard to leave. I’ve never done anything worthwhile than thinking of you today. I feel like the happiest person on earth.

29. Ever since I started thinking about you, I’m never bored anymore because I have something unique to fix my heart to all day. I love you, my darling.

30. If I had a chance, I’d be there with you because you are here with me. I feel you in my heart, and I can always think of you whenever I wish to all day.

Cute Thinking of You Quotes and Images

31. I’ll wait till the day you end up in my arms before I can stop thinking of you. Until that day, I want you to know that you are on my mind right now.

Thinking of You Quotes Images
Thinking of You Quotes Images

32. The amount of time I spend thinking and dreaming of you baffles me. I think I’m crazy for spending so much time, but I can’t help or stop myself from thinking of you today.

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33. Those cute eyes, beautiful nose, kissable lips are the best in the world. I can’t stop thinking of you, baby, because I don’t want to lose the image of your face. I love you.

34. My heart doesn’t think about anything else if it has an important thing to remember. It’s even hard thinking of anything when you stole my heart without a trace.

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  1. I think of you at all time and it is the best memory ever.


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