50 When I’m Gone Quotes (2022)

When I’m Gone, Quotes is a collection of the best quotes to express your feelings when you’re unrequitedly in love with someone. These quotes includes thoughts of all sorts, from animated film characters, classic books, and famous poets.

So you have unreciprocated love for someone? We all have been there. Whether it was a friend, a neighbor, your classmate, or even a colleague, we all have had someone that interested us, and we tried everything to make them our lovers. But unfortunately, in most cases, it ends up in nothingness.

The worst thing is that they hardly realize they were using you, or they just realized and shrugged off when you told them that you loved them. So what do you do when all you get is silence or a cold shoulder?

when i'm gone quotes
I will be gone, and you will miss me

When I’m Gone Quotes

“When you’re out of my mind, all I need is your presence. And when you’re here with me, all I want is your absence.” – Anonymous

1. Everyone has a purpose. I wonder how you feel when I’m gone? I wonder if you will miss me? I wonder if you will cry? I wonder if you will remember me?

2. I have seen the light of a thousand different facets, but I have loved you with all of them. You leave me so broken-hearted.

3. When I’m gone, I hope you miss me, I hope you think of me, I hope you feel my love, but most of all, I hope you know I loved you with all my heart and soul.

4. I hope that you miss me, even though we are not together. I hope you miss the way we kissed, and the things we used to do. And I hope that you miss my tender loving care.

5. I will say my goodbyes now because I won’t say them when I’m gone. I’ve had enough, and I’m not coming back, I’ve got my ticket, and I’m gone for good.

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6. I can’t help but wonder how you will feel when I’m gone. I know you’ll miss me, but I won’t be here forever. I know you’ll think of me now and again, but I will be far away from this place.

7. When I am gone, I promise to be a star and shine for you, and I promise if you look in the night sky, you will see me shining brightly for you. You will miss me, but I won’t be coming back.

8. I’ve been gone for a long time, leaving you for another world. I wonder if one day you’ll miss me as I missed you. I’m sorry I hurt you; it was your fault; I love you too much.

9. I’m all yours and no one else’s. I’m the one who thought your eyes were beautiful, and I held you safe. I’m something you’ll regret losing.

10. It’s not goodbye; it’s just that our time has come. To part ways so suddenly, I hope you feel some love in your heart when I’m gone.

11. You’ll miss my smile, and you’ll miss my jokes when I’m gone, you’ll miss the good times, you’ll miss my love, you’ll miss my hugs, they’ll make you feel better,

12. I hope you will miss me. I want to be the one you spend time with always. But you will chance upon my face. I won’t be the one that you miss.

13. I don’t think you will realize it, but I will be gone leaving you with one less friend, one less voice, one less smile.

14. I hope you know I loved you, even though I never said it. I hope you know I did my best to show you that I cared. I hope you know I cried when you left me. It hurt.

15. There is so much to say, but I don’t know where to start. I secretly pray that you will realize just how much I was there for you when I am gone.

16. Everybody will miss me when I am gone. But, I hope you remember me with a smile when I am no longer here.

17. No longer will I be a part of the human race in my life, but perhaps in yours, will I be immortal.

18. May you live as long as you can, understand that I always cared. When I am gone, remember that I tried to live a happy life, you will always be in my heart.

19. I hope you miss me just as much as I miss you. I hope you miss me when I’m far away. I hope you miss me when you’re all alone and miss me in your dreams.

20. I took a chance, and I let you into my life. But, unfortunately, I was a fool, and you took full advantage of it. You got what you wanted, and once you had it, you left me feeling broken and alone.

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21. One day you’ll miss me as I missed you, a day you can’t recall, a day you won’t remember, a day you’ll live to regret because I’ll be long gone.

22. Tears are flowing as forever changes. You’ll miss me as I missed you, but it will be too late.

23. We have all been loved at some time or another, some of us more than others, and some less, for some reason.

24. Life is short, and time is fleeting. I want you to know that I love you and wish the joy of the universe to you.

25. I was there for you when you needed me the most, I was there to pick you up off the ground, when you felt like you were failing, I was there to hold you, but I’ll be gone one day.

26. Why not show some love to the world, because after I’m gone, you’ll be all alone.

27. When I am no more here, remember me in all my glory, my love for you will live on, my devotion is eternal, my affection knows no bounds, my care is immense, I love you all.

28. I will be gone and lost, but you will never forget me. You will miss me, but I will be gone.

29. I will be in your thoughts, I will be in your dreams, I will be in your heart, I will be in your soul, and I will be with you always.

30. Everybody has had a particular person who they felt was special. Who touched their hearts and made their lives whole. And when they’re gone, you realize how much you miss them.

31. Everybody I know, somehow we’ve drifted apart. We’re no longer the best of friends if we ever were.

32. When I’m gone, I hope you feel some love in your heart because I’m always just a thought away.

33. I hope you miss me when I’m not around; I hope you dream about me when you’re sleeping. I hope it doesn’t hurt much when you think about me. I hope you think about me while I am gone away,

34. When I am no more here, remember all the good that I have done, not the bad, remember my many jokes, not the few that fell flat.

35. When I’m gone, I leave behind a legacy. A legacy of love and happiness. The love I’ve given and the one I’ve spread, the love I’ve done, and the affection I’ve shared.

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36. I know that you will be thinking of me; even if you don’t think about me, I will be in your thoughts.

37. You will miss me when I’m gone, but I’ll be back again when you need me the most, and the times you think of me, you will wish I was there with you.

38. I went looking for the sun, I found you. I went looking for adventure, I found you. I went looking for a love to last for all time.

39. My love for you is like an ocean. I love you for all eternity, with all my heart, but I will be gone with my feelings.

40. My love, I will be gone, not because I don’t love you, but because I do. My feelings are strong, and it’s no secret. I will be gone, but my love will always be here.

41. When I’m gone, I’ll still be listening to my songs, but I’ll be listening to yours too. I’ll still love you like the night, but I won’t be waiting anymore.

42. Even if it’s difficult, I will stop loving you, but I can’t help it. I will still love you, but I have to accept I will never be yours.

43. I’ll still love you, but I have to accept; I’ll never be yours, so I say goodbye.

44. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I’ll never forget you, even if we’re apart.

45. Let me tell you a story of how my heart has been broken, I will stop showing you how much I love you, but I will continue to love you.

46. I’ll still love you, but I have to accept you will never be mine. I will always love you, and perhaps we can be more than friends one day.

47. I will be gone with my love, leaving behind my feelings. I will leave my emotions for you, searching for the love I desire.

48. You know I love you, and you know I care. You know I want to be yours, but it can’t happen here.

49. I’ll never forget your kisses, nor the way you made me feel. Holding you in my arms was like a dream come true. Though it’s not to be, I’ll always love you inside and out.

50. I will sleep, and I will dream. I will see you in the morning, and I will love you a bit more, but I will be gone with my love.

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I love you, but I have to accept that you’ll never be mine. I’ve got to admit that your heart will never be mine, and I have to agree that you’ll never be in my life.

I am going away, leaving you behind. I’m sorry, and I must depart. I cannot deny, It’s tearing me apart, but I must leave.

Final Thoughts

If you have not yet said ‘I Love You’ to that special person, then do it today. That person will appreciate it a hell lot n never forget the time you’ve shared with him / her. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because there may not be one.

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