50 You Are Amazing Messages for Him or Her

If your partner underestimates how amazing he or she is, it’s time to remind them. Here are some of the best you are amazing messages and quotes for your lover.

It’s time to be kind with words to that one person that means the world to you. Make them aware of their strengths by changing their mindset with these messages and quotes. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your partner something special but you don’t know how? Well, now you can. They deserve to know that they are amazing, and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

You Are Amazing Messages and Quotes

1. Do you know why you are amazing? It’s because you love me more than anyone can and understands me when nobody does. You know how to do the right things at the apt time. My love for you will never dwindle, or will it dry up. I’ll spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

2. I showed you the road to my heart. You got hold of it and treated it like a precious piece. The things you do, gladdens my heart and make me wish to spend forever with you. Just like a rose flower, your sweet scent fills my stomach when I’m right next to you. You’re an amazing person, and I can never replace you.

You Are Amazing Messages for Her
You Are Amazing Messages for Her

3. I’ll give you all my love because there is no one like you. Loving you is one exercise my heart enjoys doing because your presence makes my heart pound faster and fills my stomach with butterflies. I vow to love you at all times and keep you safe forever because you are amazing. (You Are Amazing Message for Her)

4. Thank you for making me feel loved and safe. I’ve always wanted to have someone love me completely without judging me. You offered me your unconditional love in exchange for my heart. Of course, I’d give you my heart because you have proven to worth it. You’re one amazing person I’ve ever seen. (You Are Amazing Message for Him)

5. I know I was in love with you because of your brilliant display of awesomeness, but I never knew it would be this strong. My feelings for you slowly grown into this beautiful relationship that we are in currently.
We are never apart because our hearts keep beating beside each other. I call you my soul mate and best friend. The most amazing person in the world.

6. I could have easily said, “I love you” but, that’s not all my heart feels. I would have said “thank you,” but this can’t explain the gratitude in my heart. When I met you, I knew I found the one for me. You brought happiness into my life, and I will do everything to keep it. You are amazing, my love.

7. I am never alone in my world because you are always here for me. Even when the world turned its back on me, you stood by my side as an angel. Your love means more to me than anything. Every day, I recount how lucky I am to have you. Such an amazing person in the world to have as a companion.

8. You’ve been an amazing person to me; you made me fall in love with you once more after my world crumbled. You consistently add something new to my life every day. You’ve substituted my tears for laughter. Without your endless love, I’d be empty with no focus in life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

9. My promise to love you is never on hold. Everything you do makes me happy more and more. I desire your affection and wish for your love forever because your love completes me. I see nobody else in my life other than you. I am forever under your love. It is the sweetest thing I’ve ever had.

10. You make me feel like the only person in the world. Even the richest and most powerful persons have never been held in such high regard. I’m grateful that you make me feel appreciated. That’s the more reasons why I’ll desire your love forever. My heart and my soul belong to you.

11. From the specialness of our love, I know we’d be together till the end. You’re the one meant for me. The heavens have blessed our union because it has been filled with unlimited bliss. Each time I look into your eyes, I feel like I have arrived and have found my happiness. You are my everything, and I can’t stop myself from loving you.

12. I’ll love you every single day because you are amazingly special. Never for a moment have I thought of having someone else aside from you. I wish to spend every second and every minute of my life by your side. Yes, you are the one for me. The flames of passion burn deep inside of me. I’ll love you forever.

13. When you hold me in your arms, it seems like I am wearing my best dress because your arms suit me perfectly. That shows that I am meant to fit in perfectly in your life, baby. My sweetheart, I love you more than words can explain, and the sky is my witness. How can’t I fall in love with you when you are this amazing?.

14. I know how amazing you are when I constantly lost myself thinking of you every single moment. I know you feel the same way for me because my feelings for you have skyrocketed to the skies. Until my breath goes off finally from my body, I will continue loving you. You mean everything to me.

You Are Amazing Message for Him
You are an amazing person message for him

15. I’ll wish to show you how much I love you. You’d be wowed with the abundance of care I’ll show to you if you let me. I am ready to love you without withdrawing. I’ll keep loving you without regrets because you beat other persons who yearn for my love. My dream is to spend the rest of my life with you.

16. The beauty you add to my day shows that you are amazing. I want to sing for you from my heart and watch you dance to the tune of love. I will be there when you need me and show you an abundance of care.
Just the mere thought of you makes me smile sheepishly. Ever since I met you, I have never wanted another. I love you so much.

17. I love you so much, and I hope you feel it. My love for you never runs out, and this keeps me wondering.
No one’s capable of replacing you in my heart. You’ve been the miracle that happened to my world. The greatest feat I’ve ever achieved is being close to you. You’re my darling.

18. You may not be my first love, but I know you’d be the last because meeting you made me realize that I’ve reached the end of my search for love. Together, we will grow like the seed planted in the gardens but won’t die off. My prayer is to grow together, sharing our good and bad moments. I know it will come true.

19. I’ve always wanted a life with you. A dream come true because I will die loving you, my baby. The perfect moment of the day is when I get to spend time with you. Your voice sounds beautifully like the tune of my best song. Nothing moves me like the awesomeness you ooze.

20. A day with you is worth more than a room of gold. Many will wish for a beautiful rose, but I’d wish for your cute smile. The light in my dark world, you make my life find its meaning once more.
If I say I love you, it would sound so common, but always know that my body, heart, and soul are in love with you.

21. I have never seen a word so strong enough to express my love to you. My everything, your love, light up my world always. I will do everything and go to any place to have a place in your heart forever. Nobody understands the feeling in my heart, but I know that my love is yours to keep forever.

22. All the good times we had shared keeps coming back to me. You are so amazing, my dear, with everything you do. You’ve given my heart something to ponder on. I won’t forget you, my baby. I’m the happiest man in the world, all thanks to you.

23. Your name makes my heart skip a beat. That’s the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. How much I love you, nobody knows, but my heart does know. Forever and always, you will be the one for me because you make my life better every day.

24. You light up my heart with the sweet words you say. I feel more than happy to share many moments with you. The love of my life, there is nobody that can contest your position in my heart. I have stronger faith that our love will be between us till we grow old.

25. Of all the sweet gifts you gave to me, loving you is always my favorite. You’ve been my motivation. The only one close to my heart. My forever baby, my heart sings in joyfulness when you come around. Mr amazing, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for your love.

26. After the day’s stress and events of the day, your thought remained on my heart. You are amazing for being the symbol of goodness in my life.

27. You’ve been amazing since you came into my life. I know you will remain a blessing to my life till the end. I love you.

28. My love is for you forever because you have been special to me. I can’t explain how amazing you have been with words. You’re a rare gem. A valuable diamond.

29. Every moment I spend with you, here is a thank you for making those moments worthwhile. They were the best moments of my life so far.

30. Thanks for being my inspiration because all I have achieved today wouldn’t be a success without your amazing love and care.

31. You’re the mirror to my soul because each time I look into your eyes, I see how amazing my world has been with you in it. I love you, and I swear with every of my breath, I do.

32. A heart needs a beat, the arms need a hug, the head needs a shoulder to lean on. All I need is you and you alone.

33. You are one amazing person. I thank God every day for crossing paths with you.
Your love is the best I’ve ever felt. You are one amazing person I pray to fall in love with within my next life.

34. If a kiss can explain how much of an amazing person you are, then I will take every moment to kiss you because you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever known.

35. My heart skips several beats when you mention my name. That’s to show how special you are to me. How amazing you are to my world.

36. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me during my tough times. You’re an angel in human skin, and it’s a blessing to have such an amazing person in my life. I love you.

37. You’re more than a best friend to me, and I can’t love you less. Thank you for being priceless and irreplaceable. I can’t imagine every single day of my life without you. Keep being amazing, dear.

38. Knowing you have made every second of my life memorable. I can’t forget the times we laughed and cried together. They remain the best days of my life. You’re the best thing that has happened to my world. I love you.

39. For all the times you’ve shown me care and encouragement, I can’t appreciate you enough. You’re so amazing that I’ll choose you over a box of chocolate. You’ll never understand how much my love for you has grown.

40. Every day might come with its challenges, but it’s satisfying knowing I have you to talk to no matter what. You’re amazing in every way possible, and my world is happier with you around me.

41. You might not understand how much your words of encouragement lift my soul, but I feel on top of the world knowing you’re in my life. Thank you for being non-returnable and a sweetheart.

42. I can’t explain how it feels, but my heart loves you more than you can imagine. My body and soul cherish you because you’re amazing, and I’m with you on every step of this journey of life.

43. It’s difficult knowing you without getting addicted to your awesomeness. Every thought of you is my way of connecting with you. My heart is filled with so much love and admiration for you. I cherish you, baby.

44. I think God blesses people according to their wishes because my biggest wish was to have amazing people in my life. I got you, and there has been no regret so far. I can’t even figure out how to face my days without you here.

45. Looking at the stars tonight, you’re everything my life needed. I know my world would be darker without you being here with me. Thank you for being amazing and blessing every moment with you.

46. Each conversation with you is like a therapy session because I feel refreshed afterward. Thank you for every moment. The laugh and the cries we shared have shaped my world better. In every way, you’re amazing.

47. You’re always on my mind because you’re amazing. It’s difficult not to appreciate how much my world has gotten better with your presence. I cherish you more with the passing of each day, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life.

48. Thank you for being everything I wanted and more. I will be the most ungrateful person if I don’t appreciate how much every moment with you is worth. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence. I will do my best to be everything you want.

49. You deserve everything good and more. Gradually, you’ve grown to be the best human in my life. You’re one person I never knew I needed, and it’s a blessing to have you in my life. I love you every day.

50. You’re always on my mind because you remain the most special human I’ve ever met. I love you the more with the passing of the day, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re amazing in every way, baby.

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