100 You Are My Everything Quotes for Lovers

You can make your partner feel loved with these you are my everything quotes, here are my everything quotes for lovers.

If you are out of the right words to express the exact way your partner makes you feel, you now have these you are my everything quotes to help you do the magic.

We have organized the right words to fit into whatever situation or stage of your love life. Go ahead and check out these quotes. Share with your friend if you find it interesting.

You are my everything quotes

1. You are the perfect description of awesomeness because I can’t pinpoint one flaw that can separate us.
Everything I have is you, everything I will become is with you.
My baby, you are my everything.

2. I know I can count on you for everything because you have proven your love over and over. Thanks for being the shoulder to lean on. I love you.

3. You keep me in love every moment.
The sweet care and your gentle touch soothe my soul.
You are my everything baby.

4. Nothing can be compared to you because I can’t find anything more valuable than you and your love.
You mean the world to me.

5. Everything reminds me of you, each time I say ‘i love you,’ I want you not to know that I’m missing you, but you are my everything.

6. We were made for each other because all I do every day is love you more and more.
You are my world.

7. Till the day my heart stops beating my love will always before you because you are my everything.

8. I will love you forever no matter what people say.
My love for you will grow forever because you are my everything.

9. I call you the source of my joy because you make my heart beat. Slowly, all of me is now in love with you.
You are everything to mean.

10. All I will do every day is love you because you love me feel like I’m the most fantastic person in the world.

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11. I love you because you are my everything.
I adore you because you mean the world to me.
You’re a jewel that never compares with money.
I love you forever.

12. There are a thousand and one things I wish to do in this world, one of them is giving you all of my love until we are nothing but memories.

13. I am at my best when you are here with me. Loving you is the best experience in the entire world.

14. I smile when the thought of you crosses my mind, you mean everything to me in every way.

15. Your love is motivation and an inspiration to me and everything related to me. You are my everything.

16. The cold nights and the sunny days never deny me the opportunity to think of you.

17. When I say I love you, I mean every bit of it because you mean everything to me.

18. Some days are unique and some days that are just there but every day with you is better than everything in the world.

19. The joy of being with you outstand the pain of waiting for you to come back to me. My life with you is just perfect.

20. You are the joy my heart feels, and you make me comfortable in your world. Thank you for being this special to my life.

You are my world quotes

21. Other things in my life might be necessary, but you top the list of the fantastic things in my life. You are my princess, and you are my world.

22. The days I get to spend with you are the best days of life. When I look at you, I see my life in you.

23. The thought of you brings me closer to heaven. Being in love with the right person makes the world beautiful.

24. The idea of you in my life reminds me that love remains the most beautiful thing in the world. You are my world.

25. Holding onto you has been an activity I will do for the rest of my life. You are my world, and it is ever beautiful.

26. My heart is under your care, and I am ready to spend the rest of my life letting everyone know that you are my world.

27. Money controls the world but the things you do control my world, I am the happiest person on earth.

28. Dreaming about you is one awesome thing but being with you, in reality, is far better. You are my world.

29. If there is anything I need in life, it will be your love. It is the best thing that can happen to any man.

30. I feel complete and on top of the world, all thanks to your daily love.

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31. My heart is always open for you, come live in it with every of your best because I keep falling in love with you over and over.

32. You are the song my body dances to, and you are the only person that makes me feel on top of the world.

33. Thanks to you, my world is colored with your love. Thanks to you, my life has a new meaning.

34. Our relationship is about to hit the skies because you have the best love that only heaven can give.

35. You were born to be mine right from the first day I set my eyes on you. I find the joy I seek in you.

36. Either way, the thing goes, you are mine, and I am yours, we won’t lose each other to anyone else.

37. I have made up my mind, and I am ready to be yours now and forever.

38. I find my love in you, and I found my life in your world, every day is a blessing to love you even more.

39. My happiness has always been in your world. Loving you is the most important thing that matters to me right now.

40. Your love has removed the limits I can achieve. You have given me the keys to be on top of my games, and I love you.

My everything quotes

41. In case you are wondering how much you mean to me, you are my everything. You came into my life, and everything became brand new.

42. I am your biggest fan because you have painted my heart with your love. I am happy to have met you.

43. The things you do for me makes my life amazing, but it is nothing compared to the feeling your love gives to me.

44. Love is beautiful, but your love is much more beautiful than the morning sun. We will be together no matter what happens.

45. My heart beats faster at the thought of you because you are the reason for my smile.

46. All we need is more time when we are together. When we are right next to each other, every other thing falls into place.

47. I need just you in my life and nothing more, you are a blessing, anytime any day.

48. You are part of my life and an essential part of it. I need you at all time because you are everything my life needs all the time.

49. I want to be in your life forever if only you will be my lover until the end of time. Looking up to the sun, moon, and stars, I know you are my everything.

50. I don’t only want to hear you talk about your love for me, and I want to see you prove it because you are my everything.

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51. The heart is always open and willing to love when the one who means the world to you is in it, I love you, dear.

52. My love is always here for you, and my heart will continue to beat for you. My care and affection are still for you.

53. In the nearest future, it will be just the two of us. Our love will be the light that the world will look up to when referring.

54. You don’t need everybody in your life. You have me already, and I will love and care for you than a thousand people will do.

55. You make me fall in love every single time I look up to your face, and it is one thing I can’t get control of, I love you.

56. Our love is beyond the flaws we both accumulate, despite our faults, I will always give you my best, I hope you do the same.

57. My heart is for you and nothing is taking it away. I pledge my love for you at all time for the rest of my life.

58. My mission isn’t just to love you for a while. I will give you the best love and care in the world. We will create the best love story for the world to see that true love do exist.

59. I will never stop loving you, my love for you will never dwindle even for a bit. I will give you all of my affections today and forever.

60. I need you all the time because I am addicted to the best love in the world only you can give me.

You are the love of my life

61. I don’t magic, but I know that the love you give to me all the time is magical.

62. Life is better with you in my world because your love is a necessary dose of awesomeness I need every single day.

63. Your love is the drug to cure me of all of my worries and heartaches. I will wait for your presence in my life forever.

64. Falling asleep and waking up in my arms is one reason I want you to myself all the time.

65. True love covers the actual meaning of love because the feelings are real and pure.

66. True love is about the pains and happiness, the struggles and the successes. I am having the best of love in my life right now.

67. You give me the best fun in the world with the things you say and the things you do. I am glad to have you in my life.

68. I need to find perfection in you, all I want to see is the willingness to look beyond our flaws.

69. Having you in my arms even after the disagreements and fights is one thing that makes me wish to spend the rest of my days on earth with you. I love you, my butterfly.

70. You know that your presence in my world makes my life worth living over and over.

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71. In you, I have seen a soulmate. When you are right before me, all my worries disappear, and the only thing I think of becomes you.

72. Together we will remain until the end of time because we are stronger when we are together than when we are apart.

73. In you, I find life, and I am staying with you forever.

74. I found true love when I saw you. I love you the way I have loved nobody. I am complete with you.

75. Love comes with suffering. What matters is if the person in your life is worth the suffering

76. Your love is a life changer, I’ve never had this urge to make myself better as I have right now.

77. The word LOVE changes everything when it is true and pure.

78. When you find the right one for you, even the world’s most significant problems won’t kill that feeling.

79. True love is forever real and pure in every way. It is the best thing that can happen to two hearts.

80. Never blame nature when you lose a love that is true, life can never separate two souls that have beautiful intentions.

81. I don’t mind being anywhere as long as you are there with me, I will be fine.

82. Reality might not support true love, but two willing hearts can make real love work.

83. True love favors those with tender hearts and strong determination to make their feelings work.

84. I found world’s priceless asset, your love. I want to love you as long my heart still beats.

84. You give me the feeling only heaven can provide, you give me the sense of true love, and it is the best thing in my life right now.

85. If there is one thing that worries me, it will be the thought of losing you to someone else. I want to be everything you need.

86. My love for you will always be the same even if I go grey and my memory starts to fade.

87. Your beauty caught my attention, but the love in your heart kept me in this river of love.

88. I will confess my feelings to you, both today and every other day of my life: I love you with everything in me.

89. I want to love you, hold you forever in my life until we are no more.

90. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you that I have nothing in my heart than pure love.

91. I wouldn’t wish to spend any more day of my life without seeing your face. Your love is the magic my heart needs.

92. Assure me that your love will always be there for me when I need them because I spend every day making myself better for you.

93. You may not always get the amount of the love you give, but you will never have lesser of the love you give to me.

94. I am holding your heart, and that is the only thing that matters to me. I want you in my life as long as I live.

95. I love you with every of my strength, and I will love you forever because you have the best heart in the world.

96. Trust and understanding are the essentials of love, and you have them and many more things that make my world beautiful.

97. True love never dies because it never leaves the lives of those that truly loved each other.

98. If there is one thing I will choose to do over and over again, it will be to love you with my whole heart because you mean everything to me.

99. Your love is magical because it makes me a better person than I was a day ago.

100. I want to be your prince because you are my princess. I want to be in your life because you are already in mine.

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