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You Are So Cute Quotes – You’re Cute Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Just scroll to Your So Cute Quotes if you need the quotes and messages quickly, but I’d advice you to keep reading..

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Your So Cute Quotes for Her

41. Your face is just like your morning wish, so sweet and warm. I could wish to spend my whole life with you because the feeling in my heart is never ending.

42. I wish to see your beautiful face right now because your beautiful smile seem to take away my pains and your cute lips makes me want to kiss.

43. Your arms is my island of peace.
Come sooth me to blissfulness. My heart goes to you because everything about you is so cute baby.

44. Every hour we spend together is truly out of the world.
I love you with all of me because I want to have this feelings forever.

45. Every good thing in my life is form you.
Always on my mind is your incomparable love that you give to me every now and then.

46. Every small thing you do for me is never forgotten.
I treasure you as much as I treasure your love because you treasure me enough to love me.

47. Only if you know how charming and sweet your voice is, you will love it more than me.
Only if you know how much I love you, there will be no doubt about it.

48. Your glowing face, your friendly smile, your beautiful eyes.
Dame! I can’t get my eyes off your cute face.

49. Your love brings this warmness that can be compared to nothing.
Being around you is heaven. I love you darling.

50. Your love is never contested by anything, you give me joy that money can’t buy. You make me so happy that I can’t think of anything than being with you forever my baby.

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