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You Always Make My Day Quotes – Messages for Him or Her

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Here is you always make my day quotes and messages for him or her, you complete my day.


You make my day quotes & Messages

1. Thank you for making my day
From your smile, I know your love is real.
From your talks, I’ve got the assurance of your care.
You are a blessing to my world. The wonders in my life is an attestation of this.
Thank you for making my day.

2. Another heaven on earth
Sometimes I wish to shout out to the whole world how wonderful and pure your love has made me shine but I always have a second thought.
The heavens may get jealous that you are creating another heaven on earth.

3. A blessing I can’t deny
‘I love you’
That came with all proudness because what you give to me can’t be compared to any love ever on earth.
Everyday of my life is a blessing I can’t deny. I love you with all of me.

4. Having you in my life
Your love is beyond me, nothing can measure it.
Its simply out of the world. I sing everyday for this wonderful luck, having you In my life.

5. Everyday is worth living
I love you very much, with the passing of each day.
I love you way more than you think because you make everyday of my life worth living.
Even a life time of loving you isn’t enough to pay back your love.

6. Best thing that ever happened
Each and everyday, my wish for you is to be happy.
I want to shower you with the best care in the world and love you forever because you turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

7. You are my world
You are mine today, you will be mine forever because I want to enjoy your subtle touch, kiss your cute lips and feel your body everyday.
You are my world.

8. What I feel for you
Words can’t describe what I feel for you, Imagination can’t describe it. What I feel for you is simply out of this world.
I love you baby.

9. Everyday of my life
The feeling of appreciation that you make everyday of my life worth living can’t be explain because I can’t find words that qualifies it.
I will love you better than I did yesterday.

10. Entwined by fate forever
Having found you completes me.
Seeing you everyday makes my day golden.
What other friend do I need than you?
Our lives has been entwined by fate forever.

11. Its just me
My world is empty without you
my heart is broken without you
my eyes can’t behold lovely things that makes me smile without you
it’s just you

12. Beyond words
I lost my head, my mind, my whole self just because you doubted my feelings.
I felt my life crumble, and my heart shattered into uncountable piece. I neared death just then I slept off.
Pls don’t try this with me, I will die of heart attack. I love you beyond words

13. You’re all on my heart
You came into my world like the flash of a lightening and won me over, I never felt I’d love you this much but you’re all on my heart and the one who makes my day.

14. You’re on my mind
You always make my day with your beautiful body, the moments I spend thinking of you got me wondering if I’m on your mind the way you are on mine.

15. Keep being special
Everyday is blessed with you in my life. You are the reason for my smile even during my rainy days. Keep being special baby.

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16. For making my day
I can’t find the right set of words to describe how wonderful you are. I love you for always making my day.

17. Best of the bests
Because you always make my day fun and lively, I will love you forever and always because you symbolize the best of the bests in my life.

18. Thanking You
You are the only one who makes my dreams come true.
My whole heart is filled with joy and I can’t do more than thanking you because you always make my day.

19. How happy I am
I know we will enjoy a day like this someday. I can’t describe how happy I am sharing this moment of my life with you.
You are simply the best among the rest. Thanks for being there.

20. Sense of love
Holding your hands, kissing your lips, hugging you all through the day gave me a sense of being loved. I can only thank you for being the special one that I needed. Thank you for making my day.

21. Dreams do come true
Money can make some people’s day, but its just you I need to make my day.
Dreams do come to pass, mine came true when you came into my life.

22. Being with you
I feel on top of the world, when I’m with you.
You have always been the only thing that makes my day. Being with you is enough to complete me.

23. You light up my world
Like nobody else in the world, you light up my world with your care and affection.
The only spot I wish to be is in your arms. I love you.

24. I’m glad that I met you
You have always completed me.
I’m glad that I met you when I did. I can’t stop loving you, not even for a second.
I will always be true to you all through the days of my life.

25. A sun on a cloudy day
You are my angel when I’m in need.
You shine like a sun on a cloudy day, your cute soft voice keeps my fears away.
Your love is the only thing that makes my day.

26. Just like a flower
You don’t only make my day, you make my world.
Just like a flower, you make me bloom in the spring.
I call you the drive that makes me want to wake up everyday.

27. My important factor
You are my Darling, my important factor.
I can’t imagine a life without you.
You always give me a reason to smile, when there is no room for laughter.

28. Reason to smile everyday
I call you the wonder of my life, because of your input to my world.
I kneel and pray to God for giving me a reason to smile everyday.

29. I will be with you
Whenever you are around me, I feel my world glow and my face beam with joy.
I will love you till the moon and back.
I will be with you till the stars goes out.

30. My superb husband
I can never stop thinking about you because you have been the reason for my smile.
My superb husband, I will forever love you, because you make me feel complete.


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